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Episode 1,393 with Kareen Mills - Behaving Around Money

Breakfast With Champions

Thank you for joining us on Breakfast With Champions! Today we hear from Kareen Mills, a money mentor or moms working to help you make peace with your money! Helping you multiply money, time and impact! 

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30 Sep 2022

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Ep. 89 Balancing Motherhood and Modern Entrepreneurship - with Kareen Mills

Everyday Wellness

In this episode, Cynthia and Kelly sat down with mother, mentor and entrepreneur Kareen Mills. She is the host of the Motherhustler podcast, is part of a group of entrepreneurs focused on female business owners, and stands out as an accomplished business strategist. Her main focus is on enhancing, inspiring, and educating women.


28 Mar 2020

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159: Your Story Creates Connection Kareen Mills

Embracing Intensity

When I first heard today’s guest speak at a live event, I knew that I had to have her on the podcast. Her story of growing up in the Philippines in less-than-ideal circumstances is a powerful one that she is eager to share. Let’s learn more about how connecting with other people’s stories can transform lives. Kareen Mills was born into a large family. The dream of coming to America was her escape from a not-so-healthy childhood. Her podcast, Being Motherhustler, is a tribute project to her mom and grandmother. Her podcast is ranked in the Top Ten at Entrepreneur.com’s list of 20 podcasts that will help you grown in 2020. Being Motherhustler was also named the #1 domestic violence podcast by Feedspot.com. Kareen was named one of the Class of 2018 Accomplished and Under 40 by the Vancouver Business Journal. She still maintains a day job, managing a $50 million bank branch. The reason Kareen is so passionate about financial wellness is because hers was nonexistent until she learned one of life’s tough lessons from financial ruin. This experience provides Kareen a platform to make a difference in people’s financial lives today. Kareen is a master networker who co-founded Game Changers Global Network, LLC, and The Woman’s Network. She is quickly growing her Motherhustler brand online and offline, and she holds space for the Motherhustlers and women through events, retreats, and group coaching programs. In addition to these endeavors, Kareen serves her husband and two sons as a wife and mother. Show Highlights: Why Kareen is intensely passionate about holding space for women in domestic violence How Kareen grew up as a victim to Philippine culture, which teaches women to be enslaved to their husbands and never to leave--no matter what How Kareen was able to heal through connection and her project to honor her mom and grandmother How people carry their childhood struggles with them into adulthood and future success How Kareen’s intensity translates into her love for collecting other people’s stories and intense thoughts and conversations Kareen’s thoughts about nasty people and how she learns from them How Kareen wants to know what happened to people to make them mean and nasty to learn their stories Why it’s up to us to receive our intensity with either positivity or negativity How becoming a mother helped Kareen understand better what her mother went through and why she did what she did How Kareen gives grace to mean people because we never know what they go through behind closed doors Why you have to ask people about their story, which is really their struggle The cultural factors that affected Kareen growing up: her judgmental, Catholic background and the brand-conscious, materialistic culture How Kareen had to suppress a lot of her intensity before she went through healing How Kareen’s intensity has gotten out of control many times over little things How Kareen uses her fire for good in holding space for women like her mother How setting a routine, working out, reading, and writing things down help Kareen harness the power of her intensity A favorite book to recommend: The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews How Kareen helps others use their fire by encouraging them to tell their stories because that’s where your fire comes from Kareen’s vision: mothering the world and teaching networking skills Resources: Find Kareen on social media: @kareenmills

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3 Feb 2020

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Life Lessons of Stinky Chicken - With Kareen Mills - EP0123

365 Driven

Kareen Mills defines the word "Hustle" because of her relentless effort to make this world a better place. She is a business strategist and host of "Being Motherhustler" podcast, which was ranked in the Top 20 by Entrepreneur Magazine, for 2020. She is a philanthropist and works tirelessly to help children, cancer victims, and those who grew up around domestic violence. In this powerful episode, you'll hear a beautiful story of a mother's unconditional love.

1hr 2mins

27 Jan 2020

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70: Solo with Kareen Mills - It All Began With The Wallpaper

Being Motherhustler

Sharing to the world my journey about our transition from one house to another and the solution that we have in the interim because of the gap between selling the previous one to buying the next one. We are currently hotel living and have been here for 4 weeks during the recording of this episode.  It's been challenging but never tough.  I grew up sleeping on floors growing up in the Philippines so hotel living for me is a luxury. I also just turned 40 and on this episode I share what winning and truly winning means. I hope you have fun listening to this journey! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here www.linktr.ee/kareenmills --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beingmotherhustler/support

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23 Jun 2019

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56: Flow, Not Force with Kareen Mills

Being Motherhustler

Over the weekend I spoke about Leadership and something tripped me up during my speech. Listen to the most amazing outcome and how some of the greatest nuggets come out during adversity. I told myself to be calm.  Take a deep breath and keep connected to my core and keep connecting to the audience. It wasn't easy.  It was one of the toughest speech I ever had to do because most of it became impromptu. But it came out beautifully and it was an amazing experience. Listen how I transitioned the trip up into some of the most amazing content I have ever put out. Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here www.linktr.ee/kareenmills Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at www.linktr.ee/kareenmills to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beingmotherhustler/support


22 Mar 2019

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25. Kareen Mills - Balancing Motherhood and Hustle Mode

University of Adversity

Kareen Mills is the founder and host of Being Motherhustler Podcast. She is also a speaker, author, and mindset coach who strives to inspire mothers to do amazing things. In this episode, Kareen tells us about her emotionally striking stories that led to her change in lifepath and ultimately her success. She recalls her touch childhood and constant challenges that she rose above. In all her adversity, Kareen remembers the strength of her mother which inspires her to empower other mothers to take action in their own lives. She reminds women to put themselves as a priority along with their children by providing help and advocacy. Kareen speaks for all women when she says that being a mom should not stop her from reaching her dreams and not letting her dreams to stop her from being a mom. Connect with Kareen:Connect with Kareen on Instagram and Facebook.Check out her podcast Being Motherhustler Connect with Lance:Subscribe on Messenger to get the latest episodes and tips straight to your inbox! Connect with Lance on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. About University of Adversity PodcastLearn how to overcome failure and tragedy, while becoming your best self with the University of Adversity podcast. Join your host Lance Essihos as he interviews successful individuals that have fought the hard battles to overcome life’s obstacles. Lance started the University of Adversity podcast after overcoming his own adversities shared in episode 01. Join him and thousands of other entrepreneurs in learning how to use Adversity as a fuel to ignite your inner flame and live the life you have always desired. Tune in weekly for a dose of positivity, strength, and real-life practical advice to achieve your life goals.

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25 Feb 2019

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37: Grow Whole Not Old with Kareen Mills

Being Motherhustler

This year I turn 40 and as you all know we think 40 is old when you're 20 but once you hit 40 you look at 80 and you freak out because when 20 was half of 40 it wasn't such a big deal but when you turn 40 and realize that's half of 80 it freaks you out, just for a minute and then I just went LOL and said I'm ready! I'm really excited to turn 40 this year and one of the things I'm changing in my life is to be more present than I already am including the practices I do at airports while traveling. Recently I visited my Mom and Sister in Los Angeles and I read a lot.  I unplugged a lot off electronics and just dove deep into reading. The airport can be very boring when you're traveling so I want to share some of the tips I have just in this most recent travel to Los Angeles. Of course there is no one way of doing this.  I think in this travel as short as it was, I learned so much by making a firm decision to just unplug and be very intentional about it this time. Enjoy this episode Motherhustlers! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here www.linktr.ee/kareenmills --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beingmotherhustler/support


13 Jan 2019

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Episode 30- From Insurance Agency Owner to Lifestyle Entreprenuer with Kareen Mills

The Captivatingly Confident Podcast

Kareen Mills is an author (The 6th Sense- How Ordinary People Can Transform Into Extraordinary Entrepreneurs) and host of the podcast Mothering the World With Real Motherhustlers. She shares her story of overcoming obstacles and getting out of her own way to find her true passion and calling! 


3 Dec 2018