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Episode 21 - Ashley Scott Meyers

With Miska

Ashley Scott Meyers Ashley Scott Meyers is a filmmaker and a podcaster, and I have been listening to his SellingYourScreenplay.com podcast for a few years now, and I have enjoyed it a lot. Having Ashley as a guest on my podcast is a great opportunity for me to ask him all the questions that I have thought of when I have been listening to his podcast.This is a wonderful talk about the realities of being a filmmaker in LA. Ashley tells openly how he is making it happen, and he also gives excellent advice to anyone who is thinking about filmmaking or moving to LA. An inspirational talk.This is wonderful! Enjoy!Ashley’s SellingYourScreenplay.com websitesellingyourscreenplay.com/

1hr 14mins

16 Nov 2020

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IFA 002: Selling Your Screenplay with Ashley Scott Meyers

Indie Film Academy: A Filmmaking and Screenwriting Podcast

Ashley Scott Meyers joins us to talk about how he has been able to build a career as a screenwriter outside of the Hollywood system. Ashley has created a blog over at www.sellingyourscreenplay.com and hosts a podcast dedicated to talking with other screenwriters who have been able to option and sell their work. We discuss the nuts and bolts of selling a screenplay. How options work?What do producers typically pay for screenplays? What you can do to attract producers and what turns them off. Here's a little more information about Ashley. From sellingyourscreenplay.com. My screenwriting journey begins the moment I thought I figured out how to sell a script. While I always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to write a screenplay, because I had no idea how to go about selling it I was never motivated enough to put pen to paper and actually write something. Proud Member of the IFH Podcast Network!For more great filmmaking and screenwriting podcasts:👉 http:///www.ifhpodcastnetwork.comAccess IFH Academy's Film Distribution: Confidential Course👉 http://www.indiefilmhustle.com/letmeinListen to more at Indie Film Hustle:👉 http://www.indiefilmhustle.comRead the Making of this film in Rise of the Filmtrepreneur: How to Turn Your Indie Film Into a Moneymaking Business👉 http://www.filmbizbook.com

1hr 13mins

15 Jul 2020

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How To Get An Agent And Manager With Ashley Scott Meyers

The Bite-Sized Storytelling Show

Ashley Scott Meyers is a screenwriter and blogger/podcaster at SellingYourScreenplay.com. He has optioned and sold dozens of spec screenplays and had numerous writing assignments from a large array of producers and can be found on IMDb here: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0583488/ - Join Commaful: https://commaful.com/ Explore more storytelling advice: https://commaful.com/advice/


23 Jun 2020

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SYS Special: Diving Into Ashley Scott Meyers' Production, Rideshare Killer

Curious About Screenwriting Network

Episode 310 In this very special episode, host Ashley Scott Meyers goes into detail on the development and production of The Rideshare Killer, a movie he wrote and directed. The Rideshare Killer is a Horror/Thriller with a cast that includes Eric Roberts (Runaway Train, Hustlers), Tuesday Knight (A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master) Victoria De Mare (Killjoy 3).


27 Jan 2020

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SYS Podcast Episode 310: Ashley Scott Meyers Talks About The Rideshare Killer

The Selling Your Screenplay Podcast

Read 'SYS Podcast Episode 310: Ashley Scott Meyers Talks About The Rideshare Killer' at http://www.SellingYourScreenplay.com. In this very special episode, host Ashley Scott Meyers goes into detail on the development and production of The Rideshare Killer, a movie he wrote and directed. The Rideshare Killer is a Horror/Thriller with a cast that includes Eric Roberts […]


6 Jan 2020

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Episode 50 - Ashley Scott Meyers, Screenwriter

Transmitter Podcast

Ashley Scott Meyers's screenwriting credits include The Pinch, Man Overboard and Rushlights, among a list of other films. Meyers runs the website sellingyourscreenplay.com, which offers tips, advice and services to help polish and sell scripts. He also hosts a podcast with the same name. 

1hr 3mins

23 May 2019

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AME Radio Show - Kolten Kirschke & Ashley Scott Meyers

AME Radio Show

Kolten Kirschke - Kolten is a triple threat in the entertainment industry. He's an actor, dancer and singer. He currently dances for a non-profit group called Tru Crew. He's working on a full length album coming out in 2019 and he just released his newest single off the album "Pick Your Life". Even at a young age he's making his dream into a reality and having fun entertaining his audience. We talk to him about his music and passion for the arts.Ashley Scott Meyers - Ashley is the director of a movie called "The Pinch". He's pursuing his love for film being behind the camera and creating stories he knows you will want to experience. We talk to him about "The Pinch" being a first time director and more!


23 Feb 2019

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Ashley Scott Meyers (the Pinch 2019, Action | Crime | Thriller; writer/director

Jamie Roxx's Pop Roxx Talk Radio Show

Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Filmmaker Ashley Scott Meyers  (the Pinch 2019, Action | Crime | Thriller writer/director) to the Show! www.sellingyourscreenplay.com/the-pinchAmazon Prime: https://tinyurl.com/y7srmspoFrom the writer of Ninja Apocalypse and Rushlights, and starring Gunner Wright, comes The Pinch!Synopsis : When a low level mobster is nearly rubbed out by the boss, he decides to take the bonus he was promised by force, so he kidnaps the boss and demands a hefty ransom. From writer-director Ashley Scott Meyers (Rushlights, Ninja Apocalypse), and starring Gunner Wright (G.I Joe, the Dead Space game franchise) and James Aston Lake (Deadpool), the indie thriller is part Misery, part Goodfellas, combining gritty gangster action with heart-racing suspense and thrills.Meyers is a screenwriter and blogger / podcaster, running the successfully screenwriting outlet sellingyourscreenplay.com.


31 Jan 2019

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DecayMag Sessions EP 22 The Pinch. Exclusive Interviews: Ashley Scott Meyers, Gunner Wright

Artuz Fitness Audio Experience

DecayMag Sessions EP 22 focuses on the Crime, Drama, Thriller The Pinch. The episode features an exclusive interview with the film director, writer Ashley Scott Meyers, and actor Gunner Wright Introduction 00:00:09 The Pinch First Impressions 00:03:21 The Pinch Protagonist Impressions 00:3:28 Exclusive Interview director, writer Ashley Scott Meyers 00:24:02 The Pinch Antagonist Impressions 01:25:00 Exclusive Interview actor Gunner Wright 01:34:00  The Pinch Final Thoughts 02:00  

2hr 11mins

30 Jan 2019

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BPS 004: How to Sell Your Screenplay with Ashley Scott Meyers

Indie Film Hustle® - A Filmmaking Podcast with Alex Ferrari

Today’s guest is screenwriter/podcaster Ashley Scott Meyers from Sellingyourscreenplay.com. Ashley is a working screenwriter in Hollywood. He also spends his time running a popular screenwriting blog and podcast. His focus is on helping you sell your screenplay. Here’s a bit of his philosophy in his own words:If you ask 100 different screenwriters how they broke into the business you’re going to get 100 different answers. There is no “right” way to break in. So my philosophy has always been simple: try as many different angles as possible and figure out what works best for you.Below are two short lists of things you should be doing to try and sell your screenplays. I’ve listed them in order of what I think is most effective (your results may vary). One thing to keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list. You should be thinking of other ways you can market your material and doing those things, too. If you would like to share any of your ideas please email me as I’m always curious to hear how other writers are successfully marketing their material.Also, you may not be able to do everything on these lists, but the more you do the better chances you’ll have. If you’re serious about success, however, you’re going to need to try most of these things, otherwise you’re not going to be giving your screenplay, or yourself, a real chance to succeed.Things you can start doing today.Make phone calls to agents, managers, and producers pitching your materialWrite query letters for your screenplays and snail mail, email, or fax them to agents, managers, and producersScour sites like Craig’s List and other online resources for people looking for screenplays and send them your query letterEnter screenwriting contestsTry and connect with agents, managers and producers on social media sites like Twitter and FacebookLong term items which you should also be doing.We get into it in this interview so take some notes on this epic conversation. Enjoy!


30 Mar 2018