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TPS009 | How To Successfully Incorporate Public Speaking Into Your Private Practice with Nicole Sublette and Kingsley Grant

The Psychopreneur Show: Help Therapists Make More Money with Less Clients

Speaking in public is often cited as the number one fear of adults.  Jerry Seinfeld said, "That would mean at a funeral, people are five times more likely to want to be in the casket than giving the eulogy." Can you imagine that? Yet, those who have mastered the art of public speaking as a way to take their message to a wider audience, are reaping the fruit in more ways than one. As is the case of our guest - Nicole Sublette - who shares how she has incorporated public speaking into her private practice and is consistently generating additional income. Listen to what she had to say.


14 May 2021

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TPS005 | Why Some Therapists Should Not Be In Private Practice with Kingsley Grant

The Psychopreneur Show: Help Therapists Make More Money with Less Clients

Going into private practice is not the solution for some therapists who want to get away from working for an agency or the equivalent of one. Yes, they are tired or even feeling burnout from the demands placed upon them, and being compassionate as they are, always want to show up and give their clients their best. However, they are finding it more and more difficult to get going. Some days they wish they could just stay in bed or not see any clients. But it's not financially feasible. So, what do they do for a solution? Start their own private practice and then realize it comes with its own set of challenges. This they are not ready for. Some have humbled themselves and raise the white flag and return to what they are used to ... working for someone else. Why? They were not cut out to work for themselves or manage a business. They still have an employee mindset which is not going to cut it when it comes to running a practice as a business. They cannot be blamed because this was not something they were taught in grad school. I know, because I cannot recall one of my classes being geared towards running a business called a private practice. In this episode, you will discover some of the other reasons why some therapists should not be in private practice because of what it takes.


14 Apr 2021

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The Black American Immigrant Experience | Blackish | Part 3 | What Do You See? | with Kingsley Grant

Arise Church with Brent Simpson

F. Andresh Czonka, an immigrant from Hungary now a naturalized U.S. citizen living in Illinois said this: "Americans are afraid. I see the fear in their eyes; I hear it in their voices. They lock their doors. They lie to protect themselves. I feel so bad for the country. But I feel so bad for the individual people; they seem to hurt so much, to be so alone. My country had problems. But we had an inner strength that is missing here. We had a different group of things we wanted to achieve, different things that we considered important and valuable. I wish this for Americans, to have the inner strength that God can give. When I came to this country, I was excited to be an American and to be with Americans. I looked at your country and felt it was the best in the world. And since my childhood I have believed that your country was blessed because of your faith in God and you’re chasing for the right things in life. But now I think differently. Americans don’t have much real faith in God. This surprised me. I thought when the tough times come; Americans make it okay by praying to God and being connected with Him. But this is not the case. Not many people pray. People here think they can do it by themselves. This saddens me, because I am a man of faith. I know I cannot do it except by the grace and power of God."  (If Things Are So Good, Why Do I Feel So Bad? pg. 27, 31 by George Barna) Prepare to learn some powerful truths from the experience of immigrants to America in this message from Arise!


21 Feb 2021

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TPS002 | How Therapists In Private Practice Can Make More Money With Less Clients by Kingsley Grant

The Psychopreneur Show: Help Therapists Make More Money with Less Clients

Therapists in Private Practice can use the traditional methods to make more money without adding more clients, in one of the following three ways or all of them. Raising your fee Adding more clients and thereby doing more hours Becoming an agency and adding other therapists to the practice Which do you use? I know that there are other additional services that can be added such as training, speaking, writing a book, coaching, and so on. These are great ways in and of themselves. I have done a combination of them. They can be lucrative and serve as great add-ons to the practice. However, in most of these add-ons, you have to be present. You're trading hours for dollars. I find this to be unsustainable.  In this episode, you'll discover a more efficient way that you can employ without adding more client hours to your day.


18 Feb 2021

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16. Let's talk about Black Live Matter with Kingsley Grant

Creating The Future with Brent Simpson

Welcome to episode 16 where we talk about Black Lives Matter! Many years ago, the LGBTQ movement leached itself onto the civil right movement. Virtually every black person I know is irritated by this fact. However, irritated or not, LGBTQ has become the new black. And that is why we MUST be able to differentiate from Black Lives Matter affirmation from the Black Lives Matter organization/movement. Let me be clear: We must affirm that Black Lives Matter - Where there is racism, injustice, and police brutality, we must fight together to heal our nation’s wrongs.But here’s the think, the Black Lives matter organization is anti-Christian, anti-family, and is trying to pave the way for the LGBTQ community. If you don’t believe me, just read this from their “about us” portion of their website. “We are guided by the fact that all Black lives matter, regardless of actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, economic status, ability, disability, religious beliefs or disbeliefs, immigration status, or location. We make space for transgender brothers and sisters to participate and lead. We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence…. We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure… We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking.” “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” – the male/female mom/dad family is not Western, it’s everywhere across the globe… and when disrupted, we end up with chaos. If you’ve never see the statistics of kids growing up in two parent compared to one parent homes, then look them up. It’s abundantly clear, kids do better in two parent, mom and dad, (nuclear family) homes. Clearly, BLM is not just about dismantling white privilege, but “heterosexual privilege.” BLM is a movement that's moving far beyond many realize. Hate speech is ambiguous. It is hard to define. Obvious hate speech, which is purposely derogatory and/or inflammatory, and should never be tolerated about anyone made in the image of God. But now hate speech has gone, and is going, way beyond that. Now anyone who dares to disagree with me is hating me… or worse, hate speech has become anyone who ever said something I don’t like. The truly frightening thing about this is that on the back of the BLM truck is the LGBTQ agenda. Where BLM goes, LGBTQ goes. So as BLM fights to tear down statues, monuments and institutions (sometimes there’s a cause for this) that are deemed offensive, our LGBTQ friends will soon be right behind them ready to “dismantle cisgender privilege” and freeing us from the “tight grip of heteronormative thinking”… and where is the most obvious place to start? The Church. Anyone who doesn’t agree with my LGBTQ friends agenda will be seen as the enemy and be deemed as haters full of hate speech. Therefore, Churches that teach that the practices of the LGBTQ community is sin will need to be shut down. Even lovingly saying they are wrong will be hatred that needs to eradicated… and thus The Church, as we know it in America will be in a battle for survival against a culture dead-set on removing “homophobia.” It's crazy how some who demand tolerance are so intolerant. Let him who has ears listen! Be forewarned, THIS is not far away… Months, not years. Some will scoff at this and think I’m crazy. Some will think I’m homophobic and should shut up… which helps make my point. Others will wake up and recognize the warning signs.We must affirm black lives and fight for justice together. However, we must also denounce the Black Lives Matter organization/movement. A poison that helps one day but kills the next is the most dangerous, because we are tempted to share it with another. Any good that it does, will quickly be replaced by its evil agenda.For more info on Kingsley Grant: https://www.kingsleygrant.com/ For more info on Brent Simpson: http://brentsimpson.com/ To follow Brent Simpson on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pastorbrentsimpson/ For more info on Arise Church: https://myarisechurch.com/


6 Jul 2020

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The Emotelligent Leader Kingsley Grant Building Effective Teams

Beyond the Rut Podcast

Kingsley Grant is providing the cure for toxic work environments and helping leaders unleash the human potential to build effective teams. See the full show notes at BeyondTheRut.com/213.Beyond the Rut Podcast and The Shadows Podcast are members of Lima Charlie Network whose mission is to empower others to reach new heights in leadership, self-development, and communication by connecting our audience with a network of podcasters and thought-leaders focused on sharing tools for impactful improvement. Visit LimaCharlieNetwork.com for more information!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/beyondtherut)


18 Mar 2020

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Join Kingsley Grant on the PirateBroadcast


Kingsley Grant is a speaker, author, and podcast host of The Kingsley Grant Show. He focuses on helping leaders rapidly turn around toxic work environments via the skills of emotional intelligence


26 Feb 2020

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The Art of Emotelligence with Kingsley Grant

The Little Inner Voice Podcast - Find You | Be You | LIV Happy

Entrepreneurship will always come with a lot of ups and downs. Today's guest, Kingsley Grant, says the key is managing your emotions through emotelligence. Kingsley also opens up about some of the challenges he's faced starting and growing his business. More on Kingsley Grant at his website: https://www.kingsleygrant.com/ Are you an aspiring or early stage […]


8 Jan 2020

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144 - Engaging in Emotional Intelligence in Your Business with Kingsley Grant

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

Kingsley Grant is an accomplished keynote speaker, an author, a leadership coach, and the creator of The Kingsley Grant Show podcast. Kingsley coined the term “emotelligence”. This word, the compound of emotion and intelligence, is the descriptive term of someone who accurately identifies, understands, and manages their emotions and uses those emotions to make intelligent decisions. A person in tune with their emotelligence is more skilled at decision making, relationship management, and much more. Get your copy of Kinglsey’s book, The Emotelligent Leader, through his website, kingsleygrant.com, now!


14 Dec 2019

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Emotelligent Leadership, the Missing Link to Your Effectiveness as a Leader & Entrepreneur, with Kingsley Grant

The Entrepreneurial You

Kingsley Grant is the founder of Kingspire Communications, a growth mindset company based in South Florida. He has taught 21st Century Leadership skills to Leaders and Business Owners and have consulted, coached and mentored high-performance professionals and executives; authored an Amazon #1 Best Selling book and is a contributing writer for platforms such as Huffington Post, Addicted 2 Success, Thrive Global and The Goodmen Project.  Show  Notes: In this episode of The Entrepreneurial You podcast my guest, Kingsley Grant goes in detail about Emotional Intelligence and how leaders can leverage it to be more effective. So is Emoteligent Leadership taught or nurtured or is it an innate thing? Kingsley shared this startling statistic from a recent study, “85% of our financial success is due to skills and human engineering and the ability to communicate, negotiate and lead”. This means that majority of our success is due to nurture and not nature. What is Emoteligent Leadership? What is its impact on the bottom line, why should we care? Where do leadership and management overlap? These are just some of the questions I asked. Listen to the episode to inspire you to become a more emotionally intelligent leader. Connect with Kingsley Grant 7 Steps to Turning Your Passions & Skills Into Doing What You’ve Always Wanted To Do Email Website Instagram LinkedIn Book your spot for Leadercast Kingston 2019 – 40% OFF Visit our Sponsors: Jamaica Stock Exchange Thanks to Rondel Village for allowing me to record this podcast episode on their location. Email them NOW for your getaway Rondel Village Website Email: Heneka Watkis-Porter


12 Dec 2018