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65 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Josh Smith. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Josh Smith, often where they are interviewed.

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65 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Josh Smith. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Josh Smith, often where they are interviewed.

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Josh Smith

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Blues rock guitar virtuoso, singer-songwriter and producer, Josh Smith, is hailed the world over as a master guitarist with raw talent and power to spare. Blending his signature mix of blues, rock and jazz into dynamic original songs, Smith is known for his incendiary live performances, whether at the Grammy Awards or the Kennedy Center Honors with Mick Jagger, Raphael Saadiq and others. 

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Nov 11 2020 · 48mins
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Josh Smith live interview from his Flat Five studio in Los Angeles

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The American guitar player and singer Josh Smith (joshsmithguitar.com) was my guest for a live interview from his Flat Five studio in Los Angeles. Here is the full recording of this Skype call. Josh Smith interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video is available in the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and below: […]

The post Josh Smith live interview from his Flat Five studio in Los Angeles appeared first on The Guitar Channel.

Oct 01 2020 · 35mins

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#105 Josh Smith- Master Bladesmith

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00:00- Intro

2:00-Hank's Bear

8:00-Excitement that Comes w/Success

12:00-Using the Gym as a Catalyst

24:00-The Journey into Knifemaking

28:00-Becoming a "Journeyman" at 15 years Old

33:00-Master Bladesmith at 19 years Old

38:00-Reinvention after Disaster

43:00-Damascus and High End Design

45:00-Samurai Blades

47:00-Best Damascus at Blade Show

50:00-How it Feels to Make Blades for Art, and For Use

55:00-Evolving and Building Montana Knife Co.

1:00:00-Launching a Production Blade

1:10:00-Traveling the World for Knives


1:25:00-Social Media and The Struggle

1:27:00-Kids Responsibility


Sep 30 2020 · 1hr 37mins
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Josh Smith

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The tables are turned in this episode as the interviewer becomes the interviewee; Roxie is joined by Josh Smith who is known for honest interviews with the biggest names across the globe. Josh talks us through his defining moments which led him to be the hero his younger self needed through learning that your greatest asset is your individuality.

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Sep 08 2020 · 57mins
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Josh Smith

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Josh Smith is one of the most respected guitar players on the planet, receiving awards and accolades from venerable sources too numerous to list! Greg and Josh discuss Gear (what else!), the new landscape for live musicians, Derek Trucks, and Josh's long career path from child prodigy to a bonafide guitar hero. 

4:47 - The uncharted territory of live-music during a pandemic, and virtual gigs
9:12 - Josh’s new live DVD, “Live at the Spud”
16:15 - Josh’s journey; from Florida to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. From learning the Blues early on, to fronting bands before he could drive
20:46 - Josh’s long-time friendship with Derek Trucks
26:43 - Touring Europe: to use your own band, or not to use your own band - that is THE question
36:30- The beauty of exposure on the internet, and finding an audience in places you never dreamed
38:25 - The importance of jamming without ego, and making room for everyone to shine in their own light on stage
46:52 - Gear! Guitars, amps, and pedals!

Total Length: 61:45

Dedicated to helping musicians achieve the truest sound possible whenever they plug-in.

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Aug 27 2020 · 1hr 1min
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How Josh Smith Started Gigging At 12 Years Old And What Lead Him To Becoming One Of The Best Guitarists Alive Today

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Josh Smith is a living guitar legend, who started his journey at the age of 6. By the time he was 12 years old, he was out playing gigs with adults and soon after fronting his own band touring regionally in Florida. After high school he moved to LA with his new wife and began a career as a touring & session guitarist, as well as continuing to front his own original projects. Josh is hands down one of my favorite guitarists around today, in this episode we talk about how came up as a young guitar player, what its like making a living today and his favorite gear to use on stage. 

Follow Josh on Instagram @joshsmithguitarzan

his website http://www.joshsmithguitar.com/

Aug 21 2020 · 1hr 7mins
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Josh Smith

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Josh Smith is the guitarist for Northlane and is the co-owner of Open Door Management.

On this episode:

2:35 - Lockdown and cycling

14:55 - Focus and the inner bitch voice

22:48 - Having a disciplined approach

38:27 - Working with David Bendeth and Will Putney

58:18 - Northlane’s live stream

1:17:30 - Working on multiple things at once

1:34:45 - This is in fact a guitar podcast

1:40:30 - Going from a local band to national to international

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Aug 03 2020 · 2hr 1min
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Josh Smith - Improv Guitar Lessons, Performance, & Interview

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Josh Smith talks about his Improv guitar lessons and In The Jam available on TrueFire, performs, and answers questions. To learn more and watch the video from this live session, please visit truefire.com/live.

About Josh:

Josh Smith was born October 7, 1979 in Middletown, Connecticut. Before he was 1, his family relocated to Florida, eventually settling in Pembroke Pines, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. At age 3, he received his first guitar and at 6, he started taking guitar lessons.

Josh was exposed to the blues at an early age. He listened to a variety of artists, such as Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Albert King and T-Bone Walker. He also started going to concerts, including the Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen.

By 12, Josh was playing at established professional blues jams in South Florida, such as Musicians Exchange Café in Fort Lauderdale and Club M in Hollywood, FL.

When Josh was 13, the Rhino Cats, house band at Club M, asked him to be the lead guitarist. Musicians Exchange owner Don Cohen was so taken aback by the talent of this young musician that he offered to help manage and develop Josh’s career.

The Café was renowned for bringing in the best national touring blues bands, and Josh was quick to learn how to approach these blues greats, many of whom would invite Josh to sit in with them, thinking it may be a “novelty” to have a 14-year-old kid playing the blues. The novelty quickly wore off and was replaced by musicians stopping, watching and listening as this “kid” wailed out blues licks better than many of the touring guitarists on the circuit. Josh began sitting in with such greats as Jimmy Thackery, Tinsley Ellis, Kenny Neal, Lucky Peterson, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Johnny “Clyde” Copeland, Double Trouble, Joanna Connor and Kim Simmonds, among others. Jimmy Thackery said of the 14-year-old, “Josh is three heartbreaks away from being a true blues guitar genius.” At 14, Josh released his first CD, Born Under a Blue Sign , and at 15, he released his second CD, Woodsheddin.

While performing all over South Florida, Josh Smith and the Rhino Cats quickly became one of the most in-demand blues bands in the area. In 1994, while Josh was only 15, they received the Florida Jammy Award for best blues band and were selected as XS Readers Choice Winners in 1995 for best blues band. In 1996, then a senior in high school, Josh was put on the cover of the national magazine High School Senior , which hailed him as an “Up and Coming Guitar Legend.” That same year, Washburn Guitars Int’l recognized Josh’s talent and offered him an endorsement. They flew Josh to Chicago and guitar luthier Grover Jackson built him a custom guitar.

Although Josh was an honor student, after graduation from high school in June 1997, Josh followed his heart and began pursuing what he was best at. His first national tour ensued with his newly formed power trio, Josh Smith and the Frost. Josh was now the band leader and vocalist, so he not only had to continue developing his guitar chops, but had to concentrate on his vocal prowess. In September 1997, Josh enlisted world-renowned producer Jim Gaines, whose credits include Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Luther Allison, Steve Miller and Jimmy Thackery, to produce his third CD, Too Damn Cold.

By 1998, Josh had completed four national tours with his band. In January 1998, Billboard Magazine took note of the rising young talent in a Continental Drift article. In February 1998, Josh was asked to support B.B. King on a number of theatre dates. In March 1998, the TV show Chicago Hope purchased the rights to the tune “32 degrees” from Too Damn Cold . An international CD release, The Mentos Freshmaker Tour , included the title cut, “Too Damn Cold,” in the spring of 1998.

Josh toured nationally all of 1999 and in October of that year, he entered the recording studio again with Jim Gaines and produced Woman , his fourth CD. This CD was released and well received in the spring of 2000. Josh continued to tour the East Coast from New York to Florida through 2001 with his band. In June 2002, he married and he and his wife decided to move to Los Angeles. Josh was ready for something new and wanted to be around a variety of musicians. He also began being a sideman.

Within a year of moving to L.A., he was retained by Virgin recording artist Ricky Fante. He played nationally and internationally with Ricky for the next two years.

In May 2006, Josh recorded his fifth CD, Deep Roots . A more traditional blues CD, his music was once again well received by Blueswax and Blues Revue magazine. Josh continued to play with a variety of artists, such as actress Taryn Manning, Universal hip-hop artist Benny Cassette and Tara Ellis, to name a few. In January 2007, Josh was hired by 2006 American Idol winner Taylor Hicks to be his lead guitarist. They completed two national tours from February-September 2007 with monthly dates and charity events until June 2008 when Taylor started Grease! on Broadway. In July 2008, Josh was hired by Raphael Saadiq. Since that time, Josh has played such high profile gigs with Raphael as backing Mick Jagger at the Grammy Awards in 2011 and the Kennedy Center Honors in December 2011. Josh continues to tour nationally and internationally with Raphael.

Josh released his 6th studio CD, “Inception,” in 2009. This is an all-instrumental CD with a variety of genres that was once again well received by the public and critics alike.

In 2010, Josh was signed to Crosscut Records, a label based out of Germany. Crosscut re-released Josh’s CD, “Deep Roots,” as “I’m Gonna Be Ready.” In October 2012, Josh’s CD, “Don’t Give Up On Me,” was released in Germany.

Josh continues to live in the Los Angeles area with his wife and two children.
Jul 30 2020 · 1hr 31mins
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GuitarWank Episode 218 July 22th 2020 Josh Smith & Bruce Forman

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GuitarWank Episode 218 July 22th 2020 Josh Smith & Bruce Forman

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Jul 22 2020 · 1hr 17mins
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EP. 82 - Northlane (Marcus Bridge & Josh Smith)

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Quantum Flux. Australian metal-core giants, Northlane are our guests on Episode 82 of Sappenin' Podcast! Marcus Bridge and Josh Smith join us for an episode full of wild stories and deep conversations. Get all the gossip on their new single 'Enemy of The Night', taking the band to the next level with latest record 'Alien', extremely personal lyrics, taking business risks, unbelievable and candid ideas for a post pandemic tour, pure Aussie mannerisms, strange rumors, and so much more including... cricket! Oooh yes, we cover everything! One of the alternative scenes real titans at the moment and we had a great time getting to discover their jouncy. Turn it up and join Sean and Morgan to find out Sappenin' this week!

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Jun 18 2020 · 1hr 16mins