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The Power of Podcast as a Business Growth Strategy with Jessica Rhodes

Onya Mic Podcast

A new week, a new episode from the Onya Mic Podcast where we serve you fresh marketing insights and tactics to help you gain massive influence in your business. In today’s episode, Ashley Monk is joined by Jessica Rhodes who pioneered the podcast booking industry back in 2013. Ashley and Jessica discuss how podcast hosting and guesting create an opportunity for businesses to deliver value to their audience and attract more growth. Here are some of the key takeaways from this episode that you would not want to miss: Tips for those who are on the fence about podcasting Why podcasting is a networking strategy How to pitch yourself and consistently show up An encouragement from Jessica for you to start pitching yourself out there as a podcast guest, or even create your own podcast: “Get out there. Use podcasting both for your business growth and to feel your soul. We are so much more than our businesses, and we are so much more than our expertise. Take that opportunity and speak about the things you're passionate about even if they’re not your expert topics. Find out more about the amazing work Jessica is doing. Visit the Interview Connections website: https://interviewconnections.com/ Are you looking to revamp your marketing strategy? Let’s connect: https://onyamark.involve.me/form Onya mark, get set, grow!


31 Oct 2022

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Why Podcasting Is a Great Tool to Grow Your Health Coaching Business with Jessica Rhodes

Healthy Hustle

Podcasting is a fantastic way to grow your business and share your message with those who need to hear it! But, don't get me wrong, podcasting is so much more than pressing a record button and talking away. Being a podcast host (or podcast guest) requires thinking on your feet, tailoring your content to your listener's needs, and staying innovative. Sounds easy, right? In this episode, I am talking to Jessica Rhodes, founder of Interview Connections, the world's first (circa 2013!) and leading podcast booking agency and co-host of Monetize the Mic. Jessica is passionate about helping business owners feel empowered to thrive in the role most aligned with their unique talents and strengths. During our conversation, Jessica and I broke down the benefits of having a podcast (and being a guest on other podcasts), how to find the right podcasts to pitch to, how to get interesting people on your podcast, tips for keeping listeners engaged, and so much more!  I guarantee you will get tons of value from this episode, so hit that play button!  Connect with Jessica: Website: www.interviewconnections.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/InterviewConnectionsPage Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/interviewconnections/ I have the perfect gift for you! In my brand new Clean Eating Hacks list-builder & marketing kit, you have everything you need to build an email list of raving fans and potential clients. 5 Clean Eating Hacks Guide: Build your list with a lead magnet that everyone will want! ($200 Value) 3 Cover Images w/ Canva Template: Easily brand and swap the cover in no time at all! ($100 Value) Opt-in Page: Get new subscribers with high-converting opt-in page copy. ($150 Value) Thank You Page: Deliver your guide with a clear direction on what to do next. ($75 Value) 3 Follow-Up Emails: Nurture your subscribers and build the trust you need to turn them into clients. ($300 Value) If you’ve been keeping track, that’s a total value of $825! But I’m giving it to you for free! When you sign up, you’re also going to get a ton of support from me. I’ve created video guides to walk you through every step. Download this fantastic resource for both you and your clients here:https://yourhealthcoachbiz.com/dfy-5-clean-eating-hacks-list-builder-email-marketing-kit


23 Sep 2022

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Being a Good Podcast Guest: Interview Best Practices and Jessica Rhodes’ Podcast Entrepreneurship Journey as the Creator of Interview Connections

Podcasting Smarter

In this episode of Podcasting Smarter, we're speaking to Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connection, a podcast booking agency, about starting her podcast business, how to be a great guest and what podcasters should look for when booking guests.   In this episode we'll cover: How Jessica got into podcasting and started Interview Connections in 2013 Tips & best practices for being a good podcast guest Common crutch words to avoid during an interview What podcasters should look for when booking guests and how to be a welcoming host Setting expectations for guest and episode promotion How Jessica started to get clients and built her company within the podcasting industry  How she learned what to charge clients and build up her rates  You can get in touch with Jessica Rhodes and find Interview Connections here.  ... Podcast Smarter is the official in-house podcast by Podbean.  Podbean is a podcast publishing and monetization service, hosting almost 600,000 podcasts.  If you’re looking to start your own podcast, monetize your podcast and livestream directly to your listeners, you can set up an account at podbean.com To contact Podcasting Smarter with questions get in contact at podcastingsmarter@podbean.com 


15 Sep 2022

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‘Monetizing the Mic’ with Jessica Rhodes

PR Talk

We’re going meta in this episode of the PR Talk Podcast by taking a deep dive into podcasting with Jessica Rhodes, founder of Interview Connections. Since 2013, Jessica’s company has helped entrepreneurs land podcast interviews that lead to measurable return on investment (ROI) outcomes. During this conversation, Jessica chats with host Amy Rosenberg about the important role podcasts can play in a PR outreach strategy, how pitching these opportunities differs from other media types and more. Read the entire write-up at https://www.veracityagency.com/podcast/monetizing-the-mic/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Jul 2022

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Zero-Proof Entrepreneurship with Jessica Rhodes, Co-Owner of Interview Connections

Next Level Leap

Running a company is stressful. Add on the responsibility of being a parent and spouse, and that stress increases. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress, but not everyone has the strength to realize that they may in fact be hurting themselves in the long run. My guest today Jessica Rhodes, Co-Owner of Interview Connections, shared her story about overcoming a major obstacle in her life. We talked about: Some of the most monumental moments that helped grow her business to where it is today How the decision to stop drinking helped her both in business + life What she sees for the future of podcasting If you feel you can relate to Jessica, be sure to tune into this episode! Learn more about Jessica here: https://interviewconnections.com or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessrhodes45.  If you've been loving the Next Level Leap podcast, would you just stop what you're doing right now and give us a quick review? In the Library Tab under Shows, click on the podcast subscription and scroll down to Ratings & Reviews to give it a star rating. Click Write a Review, if you wish, then click Send when finished. We appreciate your review so much. Thank you!


5 Jul 2022

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𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡! - Get Booked on the BEST Podcasts with Jessica Rhodes

She's All That Video-Podcast

Getting booked on the best podcasts for you and your marketing goals is a key element of your media and speaking campaign strategy.  We're talking with Jessica Rhodes, founder of Interview Connections, who is an expert in that - and a speaker at the Break Through with Media summit, June 14-16 - and in this conversation Jessica shares the role it plays in your strategyhow they came to be a leading expertsome examples of people using it effectively, andmore!We're going even deeper on this at the summit - and all the other facets of your media, speaking, PR, and publicity strategy.The BREAK THROUGH WITH MEDIA Summit is a FREE, virtual event, June 14 - 16, offering live interactive sessions with experts in the fields of media like television, podcasting, radio, magazine and news, speaking, publicity, and PR to help entrepreneurs, authors, and start-ups quickly understand how they can step their brand up to more prestigious, credible platforms, stages, and pages.We want to provide an interactive expo experience for you to get the big picture, see the opportunities for you, and meet knowledgeable experts that can make this the year you have the break through you've been dreaming of.💥 REGISTER FREE at https://breakthroughin22.com/You can find Jessica at:  https://interviewconnections.com/


11 May 2022

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Ep:75—An Interview with Podcast Expert & Author, Jessica Rhodes

The Author Factor Podcast

On this episode, I am having a conversation with podcast guesting expert and author, Jessica Rhodes.Jessica is the leading expert on how to leverage podcast guesting for increased brand awareness, more leads and higher profits. She created the podcast booking industry in 2013 when she founded Interview Connections, the first and leading agency of its kind.Jessica is the author of the book, Interview Connections and the upcoming book, Monetize the Mic.On this episode, Jessica discusses how book authors can leverage a podcast guest strategy.Learn more about Jessica by visiting InterviewConnections.com.


19 Aug 2021

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088: Using Podcasts to Share Your Expertise, with Jessica Rhodes

Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Do you want to speak in front of more audiences? Podcasts enable you to share your expertise and have great conversations which raise your visibility - all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are yearning to start your own podcast, or are wondering how to become and guest on other people’s and what you need to do, this episode will give you lots of tips. I am speaking to Jessica Rhodes, the leading expert on how to leverage podcast guesting for increased brand awareness, more leads and higher profits. She created the podcast booking industry in 2013 when she founded Interview Connections, the first and leading agency of its kind. Imagine spotting that opportunity! We talk about getting in front of the curve with business ideas too! But primarily, we’re talking about everything you need to know about making use of podcasts - including attracting corporate clients. We discuss: How podcasts enable women to speak without travelling How you never know who is listening to a podcast interview with you What podcast listeners are looking for Starting your own podcast v. being a guest Whether to start small or head for the big name podcasts How to make your own podcast run smoothly Useful links Find out more about Jessica Rhodes at https://interviewconnections.com/ Listen to Monetize The Mic at https://interviewconnections.com/podcast Get in touch with Jessica to discuss your consulting business Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


9 Aug 2021

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Jessica Rhodes: Interview Connections 5 Years Later

The Sound Off Podcast

Yes it has been five years since we had Jessica Rhodes from Interview connections on the podcast. Since then Jessica has grown the business to a six and now 7 figure business. How did she do it? Small steps and "grind and grit". In this episode I reconnect with Jessica , 5 years in between episodes and ask her about some of the business moves she has made like getting a physical office space, partnering with Margy Feldhuhn, and working with female business coaches like Kelly Roach and Ali Brown. Jessica also notes there's a difference between scaling to 7 figures as opposed to 8; it's a different set of strategies to get to 8.Both Jessica (president) and Margy (CEO) have their own podcasts. You can find Jessica's "Monetize the Mic" here - and Margy's "We Get It, Your Dad Died" here. There was so much I didn't know about building a company in the podcast space when I first started back in 2016, but simply following Jessica and paying attention to how she operates, I learned a lot. There are about 7 people who I follow like that. It's not unlike listening to your favourite radio performer to hear their show every day - and learn how they connect.If you are in radio and wondering why you should listen to the show:(1) Because Jessica got to the top by not worrying about the copy cat competition.(2) Because you don't have a podcast and should consider guesting on podcasts if you aren't going to podcast.(3) Even if you have a podcast, learning to be a guest will help you become a better interviewer.Follow Jessica and everyone at Interview Connections on the Facebook Group Thanks also to the people who make this show possible every week including:PromosuiteJustin Dove at Core Image StudiosMegatraxSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


13 Jul 2021

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EC 63 : with Jessica Rhodes The First and Leading Podcast Booking Agency

Entrepreneur Conundrum

VIRGINIA: [00:01:28] Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey. And I think it's really cool how you saw a wave and rode it and it worked out really well for you. VIRGINIA: [00:05:37] Do you feel is your ideal client?VIRGINIA: [00:06:57] Do you find that there's kind of a common mistake that a lot of them are making. VIRGINIA: [00:09:41] So what do you guys do to get in front of your guys's ideal clients? VIRGINIA: [00:11:15] So do you guys have any big goals that you're wanting to achieve at the next one to two years?VIRGINIA: [00:14:08]  Is there any other roadblocks that you kind of feel like are in the way at all? VIRGINIA: [00:16:16] What's the best advice that you've ever received?VIRGINIA: [00:18:03] So what's the best advice you've ever given?VIRGINIA: [00:19:25] Is there anything that you'd like to share with us that we haven't asked you yet?Jessica RhodesInterview Connections | The First and Leading Podcast Booking AgencyInterview Connectionshttps://www.instagram.com/interviewconnections/monetizethemichttps://www.linkedin.com/company/interviewconnections/ Virginia Purnellhttp://facebook.com/distinctdmhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/virginiapurnell/ Virginia PurnellFunnel & Visibility SpecialistDistinct Digital Marketing(833) 762-5336virginia@distinctdigitalmarketing.comwww.distinctdigitalmarketing.comBook a Free Call http://bit.ly/DDMBookACall


7 Jun 2021