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157. Presenting: ‘Who Cares Wins’ with Lily Cole and Christiana Figueres

Outrage + Optimism

Today, a special bonus episode in your feed from British model, actress, climate activist and podcaster, Lily Cole. In this episode of ‘Who Cares Wins’, Host Lily Cole interviews Christiana Figueres on how to maintain daily optimism, why more women in leadership will deliver a better world, and how systemic change and a livable future can begin with me and you. Enjoy the episode! Click Here to listen to more episodes of ‘Who Cares Wins’ Who Cares Wins with Lily Cole Apple Podcasts | Spotify — Lily Cole Instagram | Facebook | Website — Keep up with Christiana Figueres online Instagram | Twitter Tom Rivett-Carnac Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn Paul Dickinson LinkedIn | Twitter — Follow @OutrageOptimism on social media and send us a message! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn Don't forget to hit SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss another episode of Outrage + Optimism!


6 Jun 2022

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Christiana Figueres: On Female Leadership

Who Cares Wins with Lily Cole

What would be the environmental impact of having more women in positions of political leadership? Joining Lily today to explore this question amongst others, is a woman who has created monumental changes across the globe. Christiana Figueres has been at the forefront of international environmental policy, including as the lead negotiator of the Historic 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Christiana is a Costa Rican diplomat; the co-founder of Global Optimism; and co-host of the Outrage and Optimism podcast. CreditsProducer: Kelsey Bennett Audio Editor & Designer: Kit MilsomMusic by Cosmo SheldrakeArtworkBethan SherwoodLinkshttps://www.outrageandoptimism.org/http://christianafigueres.com/https://www.globaloptimism.com/ https://womendeliver.org/womensleadership/ https://www.actionaid.org.uk/our-work/emergencies-disasters-humanitarian-response/climate-change-and-gender https://www.jstor.org/stable/30044614


30 May 2022

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Ellen MacArthur and Christiana Figueres — fix the economy, fix the climate

The Circular Economy Show

Renewable energy is vital in order to address climate change, but it’s only half the story. Almost half of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the way we make and use things — we need a circular economy to tackle those emissions and achieve the targets set out in the Paris Agreement.In this episode, Ellen MacArthur is joined by Christiana Figueres, Global Optimism Co-founder and former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Together, they discuss the crucial role of the circular economy in the fight against climate change, financing climate action, Christiana’s role in the Paris Agreement — and why we should be optimistic about the future.--Find out more about circular economy and climate changeFollow Christiana on TwitterHear Ellen on the Global Optimism podcastLearn more about the Ellen MacArthur Foundation


8 Mar 2022

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Being the Change We Want to See in the World: A Conversation with Christiana Figueres (Episode #21)

The Way Out Is In

Welcome to episode 21 of The Way Out Is In: The Zen Art of Living, a podcast series mirroring Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s deep teachings of Buddhist philosophy: a simple yet profound methodology for dealing with our suffering, and for creating more happiness and joy in our lives. In this episode, the presenters, Zen Buddhist monk Brother Phap Huu and lay Buddhist practitioner and journalist Jo Confino, are joined by special guest Christiana Figueres – one of the architects of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, student of Thich Nhat Hanh, and valued member of the Plum Village Sangha. Ms. Figueres is an internationally recognized leader on global climate change. She was Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) from 2010 to 2016. Today she is the co-founder of Global Optimism, co-host of the podcast Outrage & Optimism and co-author of the The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis book. She is a member of the B Team, non executive Board member of Acciona, and non executive Board member of Impossible Foods. Read more about her many achievements here. In light of Thich Nhat Hanh’s passing earlier this year, the discussion includes collective leadership; guidance; spiritual awakening and nourishing our spiritual dimension; dependent co-arising; saving lives through teachings; and being a community without Thay, and what it means to continue and represent his legacy.The participants also reflect on the impact on their lives of Thay’s passing, and ways to continue their teacher in a world that is in crisis and in great need for a spiritual dimension. And what next for the Sangha? Christiana Figueres shares deeply about what brought her to Plum Village, both now and years ago, during her first encounter with Applied Buddhism; her journey to spiritual practice, to overcome a personal crisis; the historical context of making contact with Thich Nhat Hanh; and the transformative power of Buddhist teachings – such as the art of deep listening – on the negotiation process during the Paris Climate Change Conference. Additionally, she addresses the Global North-South divide; victimhood; and strengthening the arc between the inner and outer worlds. Jo shares what it means to be a “serious” practitioner; being spacious; “coming home”; and befriending our past. Brother Phap Huu talks about Christiana’s importance to the Plum Village community, and the significance of her presence during the week of ceremonies after Thay’s passing; the four-fold sangha; channelling Thay as a collective community; interbeing in action; practising the art of community; and transmission. The episode ends with a short meditation guided by Brother Phap Huu to bring us back to the present moment. Co-produced by the Plum Village App:https://plumvillage.app/ And Global Optimism:https://globaloptimism.com/ With support from the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation:https://thichnhathanhfoundation.org/ List of resources ‘Christiana Figueres Cites Thich Nhat Hanh’s Influence in Paris Climate Talks’https://www.lionsroar.com/christiana-figueres-cites-thich-nhat-hanhs-influence-in-paris-climate-talks/ Waldbrölhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldbr%C3%B6l The Paris Agreementhttps://unfccc.int/process-and-meetings/the-paris-agreement/the-paris-agreement Global North and Global Southhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_North_and_Global_South Dharma Talks: ‘The Noble Eightfold Path’https://plumvillage.org/library/dharma-talks/the-noble-eightfold-path/ Christian Science https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Science European Institute of Applied Buddhism (EIAB)https://www.eiab.eu/index.php?index=90 The Way Out Is In: ‘The Three Doors of Liberation’https://plumvillage.org/podcast/the-three-doors-of-liberation-episode-18/ Quotes“The community is Thay’s masterpiece.” “Thay is always teaching us and giving us this opportunity to still come together and see the beauty of connection.” “We tend to think that, if we are on a path of spiritual development, it only has to do with me, but doesn’t have anything to do with the outside world. And it does. They are completely interwoven with each other.” “With our thoughts, we create the world.” “I would never want to send my children to a place where there is no suffering, because, in that place, my children will never be able to grow.” “You know what? The sangha is not perfect, and there is beauty to it because we can continue to learn from each other, we can grow with each other. We have suffering. We have difficulties. We look at it. We learn from it. We evolve from it.” “We carry our wounds with us. They are part of who we are. They are what make us a whole person.”  “When I feel at home, when I feel my own presence, when I’m aware of my own wounds, then I can have a very beautiful relationship with other people.” “I can be friends with my past. I can be friends with my suffering. I can make peace with it. I can honor it. I can see the sacredness in everything.”  “If we want to see history, just look at Thay. He didn’t allow himself to be exiled to drown in despair and suffering; he was patient. He embraced. He cultivated. He contemplated. And he grew into that. So, in a way, this step-up moment is really channeling the insight that Thay has offered us and making it a part of our journey.” “We don’t need to put Thay on a pedestal. Of course, we love and we respect Thay and we honor him, but what he would want from us is his insight to continue in us. And I think that’s really important.”  “Transformation starts with the being and then the doing comes later, not the other way around.” “The spiritual dimension is that bridge where we can connect to seeing us as Mother Earth, seeing us as the suffering, seeing us as the person cutting the trees, seeing us as the oil being spilled into the ocean. We are the fish that is suffering. We are the birds that are drowning in these oils. We are the animals that are being burnt and have no home.” “We’re really there; you look at someone, you listen to them, and you’re giving them your trust, you’re giving them your presence, you’re giving them your energy, and that’s very recharging.”

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17 Feb 2022

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What it will take to stop climate change, With Christiana Figueres

World Review from the New Statesman

The New Statesman’s environment and sustainability editor, Philippa Nuttall, speaks to the leading climate change diplomat Christiana Figueres. They discuss whether Cop26 went far enough, what it will take to turn the pledges into action, and what role the fossil fuel industry should have, if any, in the transition to a carbon-zero world. If you have a You Ask Us question for the international team, email podcasts@newstatesman.co.ukFurther reading: Protests, nature protection and plant-based meat: ten climate and environment predictions for 2022 The emotional journey of Alok Sharma: how climate action got personal for the Cop26 president Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


3 Jan 2022

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Christiana Figueres & Mary Robinson: A Stubborn Optimist & A Prisoner of Hope On Climate Action

10x Bolder: The New Leadership Playbook

When the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen collapsed, devastating diplomats, scientists and activists concerned about the health of the planet, the glass appeared nine-tenths empty. Together with many others, these two women worked tirelessly and brilliantly—against frighteningly low odds—to get 196 UN member states to unanimously sign the 2015 Paris Climate agreement. Ahead of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), listen to their story.


19 Oct 2021

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S3 Ep 36: The Definitive Decade w/ Christiana Figueres

Think 100%: The Coolest Show

The Global South is paying the price of the climate crisis caused by the Global North. This pattern of environmental injustice has repeated itself for decades. As we usher in a new decade, it must be the Global South and frontline communities that lead on solutions for the climate crisis. To kick off Climate Week NYC 2021, The Coolest Show Host Rev Yearwood sits down with Christiana Figueres, a globally recognized leader on climate action, to discuss how we can take actions to go from positions of disenfranchisement to positions of power. Christiana Figueres is the founding partner of Global Optimism and former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. She also steered the global diplomatic effort that culminated in the 2015 Paris Agreement. Support Global Optimism today: http://www.globaloptimism.com/ The Coolest Show – brought to you by Hip Hop Caucus Think 100% PODCASTS – drops new episodes every Monday on environmental justice and how we solve the climate crisis. Listen and subscribe here or at TheCoolestShow.com! Follow @Think100Climate and @RevYearwood on Instagram, Twitter, and Instagram.


20 Sep 2021

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2.1 Accountability, Optimism, and Human Rights - Christiana Figueres and Mary Robinson

Planet Reimagined with Adam Met

Welcome back to Planet Reimagined! On this first episode of season two, we're in conversation with Christiana Figueres, a UN climate leader and key architect of the Paris Climate Agreement, and Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. They have both been crucial actors in the climate movement. The three of us talk about holding corporations and individuals accountable, connecting academia and activism, and incorporating human rights into our response to climate change. We also discuss optimism: Mary as a prisoner of hope and Christiana as a stubborn optimist. Christiana and Mary are two of the most well-spoken, influential climate advocates—you won't want to miss this. Christiana is currently working with Countdown, a collaboration with TED that provides a list of actions that individuals can take to lower their emissions. Mary is currently Chair for the Elders, a collection of human rights advocates brought together by Nelson Mandela in 2007. You can find Christiana on her podcast Outrage and Optimism and Mary on Mothers of Invention. Reminder that we plant a tree for every subscriber, so go ahead and hit that button! Executive Produced by Sustainable Partners, Inc. Edited/Produced by Shelby Kaufman Associate Produced and Engineered by Sophie Ewh Music by Ryan and Jack Met of AJR All Rights Reserved, Sustainable Partners, Inc.


16 Sep 2021

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Episode Six: Climate Dialogues with Jerry Brown: Featuring Christiana Figueres

Climate Dialogues with Jerry Brown

In episode six, Institute Chair Jerry Brown speaks with Christiana Figueres, one of the chief architects of the Paris Agreement in her former role as the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Figueres is an internationally-recognized leader on international climate policy and author of the book, “The Future we Choose.” The pair discuss the role of the U.S. and China in combating the climate issue, COVID-19 recovery efforts, and the need for international climate finance.


26 Jul 2021

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The Future We Choose w/ Christiana Figueres & Tom Rivett-Carnac

De Dépendance Podcast

In this episode we talk to Christiana Figueres and Tom-Rivett-Carnac. Christiana Figueres is the former UN climate chief and the architect and public face of the most pivotal climate agreement in history, the Paris Agreement. Tom Rivett-Carnac was Chief Political Strategist for this same agreement. Together they wrote a book – The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis – on what can still be done stave off the worst and manage the long-term effects of climate change. They show us that amidst the doomsday reports there are reasons to be hopeful, that some sectors - like power generation and light transport - are transforming quickly, that global mindsets are shifting, and that cities could be the forerunners in the transformation we need. They provide a cautionary but also an empowering account on the agency that we still have to turn things around. 


26 May 2021