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Episode Six: Climate Dialogues with Jerry Brown: Featuring Christiana Figueres

Climate Dialogues with Jerry Brown

In episode six, Institute Chair Jerry Brown speaks with Christiana Figueres, one of the chief architects of the Paris Agreement in her former role as the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Figueres is an internationally-recognized leader on international climate policy and author of the book, “The Future we Choose.” The pair discuss the role of the U.S. and China in combating the climate issue, COVID-19 recovery efforts, and the need for international climate finance.


26 Jul 2021

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The Future We Choose w/ Christiana Figueres & Tom Rivett-Carnac

De Dépendance Podcast

In this episode we talk to Christiana Figueres and Tom-Rivett-Carnac. Christiana Figueres is the former UN climate chief and the architect and public face of the most pivotal climate agreement in history, the Paris Agreement. Tom Rivett-Carnac was Chief Political Strategist for this same agreement. Together they wrote a book – The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis – on what can still be done stave off the worst and manage the long-term effects of climate change. They show us that amidst the doomsday reports there are reasons to be hopeful, that some sectors - like power generation and light transport - are transforming quickly, that global mindsets are shifting, and that cities could be the forerunners in the transformation we need. They provide a cautionary but also an empowering account on the agency that we still have to turn things around. 


26 May 2021

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134. Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac with Brady Walkinshaw: The Stubborn Optimist’s Guide to the Climate Crisis

Town Hall Seattle Science Series

In 2015, the United Nations gathered for the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference. What resulted is arguably the most significant global agreement on the reduction of climate change: The Paris Agreement. On Earth Day 2016, 174 countries signed the agreement, including the United States (which withdrew in 2020 but officially rejoined in February). But what exactly does the Paris Agreement do? And what are the consequences if those ambitious goals are not attained? Two leaders on climate change who led the negotiations, Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac joined us in conversation with Grist’s Brady Walkinshaw to answer those questions, and more. Asserting that climate change is the most urgent and consequential issue humankind has ever faced, they shared from their book The Future We Choose: The Stubborn Optimist’s Guide to the Climate Crisis about how the choices we make in the next 30 years will determine the kind of word we will live in for generations to come. With cautious optimism, they outlined two possible scenarios for our planet: one that describes Earth in 2050 if we fail to meet the Paris climate targets, and the other where we live in a carbon neutral, regenerative world. They advocated for confronting the climate crisis head-on, with determination and optimism. Beyond imagining three decades into the future, they presented actionable calls for what governments, corporations, and each of us can and must do to fend off disaster. Christina Figueres is an internationally recognized leader on climate change. She was Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 2010-2016.She successfully directed the international negotiations from 2010, culminating in the historic Paris Agreement of 2015, signed unanimously by 195 countries. Together with Tom Rivett-Carnac she is a founding partner of Global Optimism, a purpose driven enterprise focused on social and environmental change and host of the podcast Outrage + Optimism!. Tom Rivett-Carnac is a leader in the fields of international diplomacy, energy policy, and climate change. From 2013 to 2016, Rivett-Carnac was Senior Strategy Advisor to the Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, a position he held up to and during the successful negotiations in Lima (COP 20) and Paris (COP 21), which resulted in the unanimous signing of the Paris Agreement. Together with Christiana Figueres, he is a Founding Partner at Global Optimism, a purpose driven enterprise focused on social and environmental change and co-host of the podcast, Outrage + Optimism! Brady Piñero Walkinshaw is the CEO of Grist, a leading national environmental media nonprofit dedicated to climate, justice, and solutions. Grist reaches an audience of millions with vital journalism and Fix, Grist’s Solutions Lab, lifts up the leaders and the ideas to solve the climate crisis. Before joining Grist in 2017, Walkinshaw represented central Seattle in the Washington State Legislature and spent several years at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Buy the Book: https://www.elliottbaybook.com/book/9780593080931 Presented by Town Hall Seattle and Grist. 


5 May 2021

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#1: Christiana Figueres & Tom Rivett Carnac on how to save the world from the climate crisis

New Scientist: The Big Interview

Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac are two of the most influential people in the global climate movement, and led the negotiations for the historic Paris Agreement in 2015. In their new book, ‘The Future We Choose’, they set out the best and worst case scenarios for the future of our planet, based on the decisions we make now on carbon emissions. In this passionate conversation, Christiana makes it clear that the power to change the world is in our hands, saying. “We have to unleash our stewardship of this planet, to bring it back into the safe zone.” Tom explains the excitement of being at the fulcrum of such an urgent cause, with the chance to do something remarkable, adding that “people need to realise the privilege of living at this moment”. Christiana and Tom tell host Rowan Hooper how they met, how they both came to practice Buddhism, and what their hopes are for the future of the planet. Find out more at www.newscientist.com. And you can hear Christiana and Tom’s podcast, Outrage & Optimism, here.


4 May 2021

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Episode 11. Christiana Figueres interviews Djamila Ribeiro

Changing the Face of Politics

In this episode, Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Co-Founder of Global Optimism, interviews Djamila Ribeiro, Brazilian black feminist philospher and journalist, about her work to advance the rights of Black women in Brazil.


1 Apr 2021

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Climate Optimists - Christiana Figueres, Global Optimism

Klimaoptimistene (Climate Optimists)

Erik Solheim and Jens Ulltveit-Moe invite inspiring personalities from around the world to share their perspectives on climate solutions. The renowned Costa Rican diplomat Christiana Figueres, who was instrumental in orchestrating the Paris Agreement, shares her unique insight on how it came to be, and the way forward.


11 Mar 2021

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Episode 10. Ambassador Roya Rahmani interviews Christiana Figueres

Changing the Face of Politics

In the 10th episode of the series, Ambassador Roya Rahmani, Afghan Ambassador to the US, interviews Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Co-Founder of Global Optimism about her experience working to combat climate change at the international level.


25 Feb 2021

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Jane Fonda & Christiana Figueres: Awakened Action: Transforming Climate & Global Realities (Part 3 of 5)

Upaya Zen Center's Dharma Podcast

In the third session of Awakened Action, Christiana Figures and Jane Fonda, talk about the environment, racism, embodied activism, social justice, and political change. They also discuss individual action within systems, the role of science, and feminine leadership. A discussion stewarded by Heather McTeer Toney is part of this talk. For Series description, please visit […]

1hr 30mins

19 Aug 2020

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Christiana Figueres

Bridges to the Future

Global crises cause big changes and reveal deep structural weaknesses.  In this special interview series from the RSA its chief executive, Matthew Taylor, puts a range of practitioners on the spot - from scholars to business leaders, politicians to journalists - by asking for one big idea to help build effective bridges to our new future. Christiana Figueres is a Costa Rican diplomat and coauthor of  The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate CrisisProduced by Craig Templeton Smith.In this time of global change, strong communities and initiatives that bring people together are more invaluable than ever before. The RSA Fellowship is a global network of problem solvers. We invite you to join our community today to stay connected, inspired and motivated in the months ahead. You can learn more about the Fellowship or start an application by clicking here


17 Jul 2020

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An Optimism Workout with Christiana Figueres

So Hot Right Now

After last week’s lesson from Sir David Attenborough, Lucy and Tom continue their mission to deliver more impact in nature and climate reporting. In this episode they catch up with the planet’s most famous climate diplomat, ‘big hitter’, Christiana Figueres. In 2010 Christiana seemed to rescue climate negotiations from the diplomatic trash-can following disastrous global talks, against all the odds marshalling the world towards the global Paris Treaty. Who better to catch up with as we try to imagine a post pandemic future? And who better to advise us on the right stories to tell to help us get there? From lockdown in her native Costa Rica, Christiana gives us a workout in optimism, weans us off doom laden narratives, and explains how we might set the course of direction to a better future. If you thought you were doomed to spend the next two decades telling stories of constant destruction and untold human misery, this could be the point you set yourself free.Socials:Lucy Siegle:https://twitter.com/lucysieglehttps://www.instagram.com/theseagullTom Mustill:https://www.instagram.com/tommustillhttps://twitter.com/tommustill


3 Jun 2020