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Real Talk Digital Wellness with Patrick McAndrew

real talk with me

Real Talk with Patrick McAndrew, Digital Wellness Collective Member and Technology Philosopher. Listen to learn Patrick McAndrew journey as an actor, podcaster, and #techphilosopher based in New York City. Patrick has worked as an actor in theatre and film. He most recently held lead roles in the short films, "We Are Here" and "The Eyes of the World." Patrick performs and develops evocative performances and shows, often about #technology's impact on #society. He is particularly interested in using theatre, film, and #media as a #gateway to learning about the #Internet, technology, and #socialmedia's influence on our decisions, habits, and lifestyles. His one-man show, "REEL," which deals with the impact that #excessivetechnology use has on #humanrelationships, was performed Off-Broadway in the United Solo Theatre Festival, the largest solo theatre festival in the world, and featured in the documentary, "#Electronic Crack." He has performed at Carnegie Hall, Theatre Row, and many other venues in NYC and throughout the mid-Atlantic region. In 2019, Patrick launched the #podcast, Relate w/ Patrick McAndrew. In the show, he speaks with top experts in technology, #digitalwellness, ethics, and #artificialintelligence to discover how to cultivate more genuine, #meaningfulrelationships in an age where #technologyisking, anxiety, and isolation are at an all-time high, and the only possible cure for our loneliness is through building relationships and #community while #collaborating and connecting with others. Learn more about Patrick at https://www.patrick-mcandrew.com/about and connect with him online at https://www.instagram.com/patrick.mcandrew/


17 Jan 2021

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Digital Wellness, rebranding a podcast, improving our interviews, & the importance of human connection with Patrick McAndrew

Be On Air

In this episode we are speaking with actor and tech philosopher Patrick McAndrew, host of Relate podcast. We discuss digital wellness and self care in the age of social media, acting and improvisational techniques that will help you improve your interviews, the importance and impact of human connection, and how Patrick is handling his rebrand of his establish podcast.His podcast, Relate, dissects the most important aspect of our lives that create fulfillment and meaning in the age of technology: deep, meaningful, human relationships. We create a sustainably happy life through the relationships we invest in and the memories we build together for years and years to come.Patrick McAndrew, a professional actor and tech philosopher, hosts this captivating podcast, interviewing top experts in tech, entertainment, and business, gathering their takes on what it truly means to connect and relate to one another. Check out Patrick's podcast RelatePatrick McAndrew (patrick-mcandrew.com)Instagram: @patrick.mcandrew, @relatepodcastLinkedIn: (1) Patrick McAndrew | LinkedInOther resources mentioned:Digital Wellness Collective Center for Humane TechnologyConnect with K.Lee and Podcast FarmBook a free strategy session to talk about your podcast:Join the podcast farmers FB group and grow your show!Time Stamps:[00:58] Introducing Patrick McAndrew.[02:03] Patrick's goals.[07:11] How Patrick started with podcasting?[12:17] The importance of establishing a routine.[14:27] How to keep your launching process smoot[17:57] Could improv or acting class help you as a podcast host[24:34] What's an improv[26:09] Difference between improv and acting classes.[29:40] The importance of human connection in todays world.[36:57] How to keep your human spirit alive despite social media and technology[41:53] An important podcasting tip. [45:03] How to contact Patrick


1 Dec 2020

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Episode 015: Seeing People in Their Best Light with Patrick McAndrew

What's Betwixt Us

In this episode of What's Betwixt Us, we are joined by Patrick McAndrew. Patrick is an actor, podcast producer, and tech philosopher who works towards having humanity at the core of all of the projects he pursues. We discuss how acting and improv training helps fuel empathy, the concept of digital wellness, and what it means to be authentic and to create personal brands online.  To learn more about Patrick's work, please visit https://www.patrick-mcandrew.com/. What’s Betwixt Us is powered by zanie, designed to build trust and authentic human connection in remote workspaces. More at zanie.app.

1hr 2mins

2 Nov 2020

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Human Connection with Patrick McAndrew - Episode 1

Evolved Primates

In this episode with Patrick McAndrew, we talk about human relationships. What makes them valuable, what’s important in retaining and growing them and what is their impact on our own mental wellbeing? We also talk about loneliness and ways to deal with it, the impact of technology on our human relationships and Patrick’s experience with human relationships in his professional and personal life.


14 Sep 2020

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CMS2 Interview 6 Patrick McAndrew on the Neuroscience of Learning and Speed Reading

Changing Minds with Owen Fitzpatrick

In this episode, I talk with Patrick McAndrew on how the brain learns and we'll offer you some really great hacks and tips on how to boost your memory and learning spe


26 Mar 2020

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Irish Bellwethers: Patrick McAndrew Will Change the Way You Learn

Bellwether Hub with Jim Frawley

Sometimes I reflect on the massive amounts of ways that I have changed over the past 40 years, and it blows my mind.  30 years ago, I was jazzed by baseball. 20 years ago, I was jazzed by the pub. Now, I’m jazzed about learning and how people read books. I suppose the “coolness” of that journey is fairly subjective, and some might call it maturity, but whatever we call it - it’s quite the journey. In my monthly series highlighting Irish bellwethers, we bring our focus to Patrick McAndrew - founder of The Bowery Common. Patrick is committed to changing the way we learn. I met Patrick through a mutual colleague, and after a cup of coffee all I wanted to do was go off and learn something new. And it wasn’t because of the caffeine.Influencers of change and leaders take many forms, and sometimes they come in the form of a person who questions the way we do things - like learning. Many of us were taught how to learn in a very specific way: in desks, by memorization and routine, and then stepping back and applying it to larger concepts. Patrick argues that it’s backwards. Learning concepts, and then the detail, not only makes learning easier, but keeps it in our longer-term memory. From learning new languages to new skills - focusing on “cognitive development,” rather than just the steps to do something, will fundamentally change how you approach work, learning and the future.I often speak about how the economy and the workplace is changing. We know that job roles are evolving, and the routine work is being replaced by algorithms and technology. For those of us who wish to remain relevant, we have to change the way we approach work and adjust ourselves to think more conceptually - beyond the basic steps in what needs to get done. Businesses are already working full time to stay relevant, so they aren’t going to wait for you to catch up. The responsibility is our own, and as the onus shifts to us to control our own learning and development, it’s time to question how we do that. Patrick has the solution. From the way we read books (sometimes you should read the ending first), to watching a TV show to learn a language (gestures teach as much as grammar), it calls into question many of the habits we have today. It’s unnerving, but exciting, and certainly fun to think about. Patrick McAndrew in action ... Patrick is brilliant, and his interview is great. Give it a listen, and hit up his YouTube channel for more!Patrick McAndrew is the founder of The Bowery Common, a professional development organization that maximizes the mental performance of teams and organizations. Patrick has worked with over 600 professionals from medicine, finance, and academia to sharpen their thinking, better their learning, and deepen their memory. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTh0pC413XlrZNc8VFen8VwLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickmcandrewonline/On the InterWebs: thebowerycommon.com


11 Mar 2020

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Books On Air – The Miracle Before Your Eyes by Rev. Patrick McAndrew


THE MIRACLE BEFORE YOUR EYES by Rev. Patrick McAndrew This book will be a featured selection at the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2017 on October 11 – October 15 in Frankfurt, Germany. The author was the manager of a bustling, chaotic high-end restaurant. The work was stressful and pressure packed. One night, he served a drink to a long-time customer. That one drink would change Patrick’s life path forever. Broken and seeking answers, he was guided to a lakeside on a beautiful summer day. As he sat in silence, he was led down a path of life’s deepest mysteries, which ultimately revealed the miracle right before his eyes. His path of awakening had begun. With willingness and openness, Patrick shares his mystical experiences. As he allows insights to unfold, his mind and heart open to further mystical experiences that weave through the fabric of our lives. Join him on his journey. For ministers and licensed teachers the book could be 18 prewritten lessons based on Universal Principles with new and unique stories that reveal the ways of Spirit in a personal and profound way. It could be the basis for a fall or spring class series. The book is Biblically based and soundly founded on Unity teachings. CHAPTERS INCLUDE: Turning Point Instinct “The Mask” – A Veil of Darkness No Evil: You’ve Got to Be Kidding! Clinging to the Rocks Lessons in Manifestation The Explorer Touched by God Breaking Through Seventy times Seven – Means It’s A Process Life is Like Floating Lost On A Country Road Hold the Oregano Please! Deeper Things The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like An Onion River of Life Five Simple Tools The Kingdom of Heaven is Like a Kite The post Books On Air – The Miracle Before Your Eyes by Rev. Patrick McAndrew appeared first on WebTalkRadio.net.


28 Aug 2017