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BONUS EPISODE #2 - Build a Kick Ass WEBSITE and Stand Out from the Rest with Casey Crowe Taylor

The Rulebreaker Podcast


22 Feb 2021

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#18 - Random Q+A with Casey Crowe Taylor

The Rulebreaker Podcast

Do you want to know how I got started in wedding photography? How I met my husband? How I found my clients in the early days? OR how I turn failures into success? Welp, then this is the podcast episode for YOU. Just a fun, short episode to kick of 2021 and hopefully we get to know each other better.


27 Jan 2021

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My Relationship with my Body...an in-depth chat with Casey Crowe Taylor

Inside Out Podcast

Who is Casey Crowe Taylor? An excerpt from her : “ALL SEEDS ARE PLANTED IN DARKNESS...In order to understand my journey, we need to go wayyy back to April of 2016. The origin of my business started months before the $200 photography class. You see, the seed of my business was planted in darkness when I miscarried my first pregnancy. In the wake of my grief, I was desperate for distraction, desperate for something to be fun again and because I’d always loved taking pictures, I did a Google search for “affordable photography class”. After some digging, I found an in-person, 3 month class for $200 promising to teach me to shoot in manual. The cherry on top? I could walk there from my apartment. Talk about a sign from the universe. Honestly, I was only looking to up my instagram game.I had no idea when I SAT down for my first class that it would be the first step I took to quit my 9-5, match my corporate salary one year later and lead to a six figure business. One of my favorite parts of ditching my 9-5 is that I get to make my own rules, my own schedule and call my own shots. Oh, and donating my blazers is a feeling I’ll never forget. Now, I want to help people breakthrough their limiting beliefs and create the path to living their dream life - whatever that might look like for you. For me? My dream life is making my own schedule, 4PM happy hours, traveling when we want and spending more time with my Baby Margs and Aussie husband. I can’t wait to be a part of your story. How to find her website to hire her: https://caseycrowetaylor.com/links 📣 Instagram: @caseycrowetaylor


21 Jan 2021

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Casey Crowe Taylor - Be Kind + Gentle to Yourself

That's My Personal Business

Eden is joined by Casey Crowe Taylor- Casey is a mom, wedding photographer and creative entrepreneur. Casey has been making her own rules since 1987 and loves helping aspiring entrepreneurs push past their limiting beliefs and put their dreams into action. Join us as we talk about finding relief in creation, being kind and gentle to yourself, toxic positivity, and much more.  Follow Casey here and learn more about her work and HER new podcast!


7 Sep 2020

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#348: How to Simplify Instagram Marketing - Casey Crowe Taylor

Bokeh - The Photography Podcast

Are you intimidated by the amount of work that goes into marketing on Instagram?In episode 348 of the Bokeh Podcast, Casey Crowe Taylor discusses a few ways to simplify your approach to Instagram marketing in order to make it work for your business! If you're constantly feeling discouraged on Instagram, take a listen to this episode as Casey brings a fresh perspective to the conversation!The Bokeh Podcast is brought to you by Photographer’s Edit: Custom Editing for the Wedding and Portrait Photographer. You can also subscribe to the Bokeh podcast on the Apple podcast app, follow on Spotify, add to your playlist on Stitcher, or listen on Overcast.Customer Experience Principal: It’s not about you, it’s about them. (1:55)Brand Position: (4:33)Personal: Help people see their own unique beauty.Photography: Real people having fun."People buy from you when they feel understood, not when they understand you.” - Dean Graziosi (10:35)Time Technique: (12:06)1. Hydrate and meditate first thing in the morning.2. Take Monday mornings off to do whatever for yourself.Impact of Outsourcing (18:00)Inspiration Outside of Photography: (26:57)Driving with really loud music.Traveling and shooting on film.Book Recommendation: Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein - bit.ly/bp-superattractor (31:58)Why Instagram is a Struggle: (39:17)1. Photographers have a deep emotional connection to work, but it interferes with their marketing (re: validation).2. Photographers rely on the internet to tell them what to do when it comes to posting, so they do it, even if it isn’t quality.How to Get Out of Your Head: Write your caption first, then select the image. (41:32)Misconceptions About the Algorithm: It’s working against you. (45:08)"Instead of doing instagram purely as a marketing tool, remember you’re there to connect with other humans.” (47:12)3 Things Your Should Stop doing on IG: (48:00)1. Stop spontaneous posting and schedule it out.2. Stop using the same 30 hashtags on every single photo.3. Stop describing what is already visible, because you’re duplicating content they’re already seeing. Start adding CTAs to your posts.Grab Casey’s IG Prompt Freebie: bit.ly/bp-caseyigcalWatch Casey’s IGTV on Instagram Mistakes: instagram.com/tv/B4ffuv_hCgwWatch Casey’s IGTV on Instagram Engagement: instagram.com/tv/B7WEhkZlcZpBuilding Community on IG: (57:42)1. Comment back on every comment.2. Every time you get a new follower, go like and comment on their feed. Block spam accounts. Send video/audio DMs to accounts that engage with you.Links:thefindlab.comedmylett.com/podcastsUK Your Perfect Wedding Photographers Survey - bit.ly/bp-ypwpsurveyThe Rule Breaker Podcast - education.caseycrowetaylor.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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9 Mar 2020

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IG Strategies and Super Models with Casey Crowe Taylor

Effed Up Successes

Rachel and Linnie sit down with Casey of Casey Crowe Photography and learn More about her tips and insight into the world of marketing and strategy.Casey dishes on her experience in working with high-profile companies like Victoria’s Secret, Birchbox and Blue Mercury, and shares the knowledge that she learned along the way and has used to shape her successful photography business.Tune in to hear more on project planning, IG marketing and connection strategies along with some hot goss on Casey’s experience with some VS super models.Find Casey Here:WebsiteInstagramNew York Times ArticleFollow Along With Us!WebsiteInstagramFacebookYouTube

1hr 9mins

25 Feb 2020

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Ep 04 | Healing Through Creativity with Casey Crowe Taylor

Yo Loretta | Late Night

Today we're sitting down with the beautifully talented Casey Crowe Taylor, a photographer based in Virginia. Her journey hasn't been an easy one, and Casey has definitely had her ups and downs when it comes to education, motherhood, and her career. But now, she's using her platform to inspire and educate others to live a life they absolutely love.  Read the NYTimes expose here: https://nyti.ms/2TbSvYn Catch up with Casey: @caseycrowetaylor Follow us on Instagram: @thelegaciespodcast Grab 10% off your first order from Cooper's Cask Coffee here: http://bit.ly/2Vg5nPM

1hr 5mins

25 Feb 2020