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Episode 151 - Ilse Koch: The Bitch of Buchenwald

Murder Metal Mayhem

Pete, Chris, and Joey shred another one with a feature on the German war criminal, Ilse Koch, known as the Bitch of Buchenwald for her reign of terror from 1937 to 1941.  Her horrible crimes are discussed including her penchant for collecting human skin.CK calls in to talk about the German band, Vendetta, plus other heavy metal news.  Pete shares a couple funny stories in mayhem, a new Killer Cage Match, karaoke destruction, and more.Music by Vendetta, Sodom, and Skeleton Pit.Brought to you by Pete Altieri (author).66fuckin6 music by Onslaught.Visit Harold Schecter online and order his books.Order Pete's new book, Creation of Chaos III now!  Download his audiobook on Audible here.Follow Joey's Goremonger page for updates on his music and his distro, FTA Records.Go to Murder Metal Mayhem to listen to our show!Order one of the new MMM shirts with the zombie design from Jeff Gaither!Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel.Join the 666 Club and become a Patreon supporter of the show.  Only $3 a month for bonus content, VIP access, discounts on merch and more!Check out Pete's other podcast on horror, Voice Of Dread.Karaoke by I Kill Karaoke

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9 Sep 2021

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Serialmente: Ilse Koch | La Bruja de Buchenwald

Serialmente | PIA Podcast

A lo largo de esta temporada hemos recorrido las lindes más tenebrosas de los peores monstruos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, la mayoría son hombres, por lo que nos vemos en la obligación de equilibrar la balanza con la historia de una de las peores guardias del Tercer Reich. Una mujer que aprovechó su posición de poder para saciar sus fantasías más abominables.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


25 Aug 2021

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Ep. 201 Ilse Koch

Let Them Fight: A Comedy History Podcast

If you were a fan of ol' Irma Grese, then you're going to love today's subject, Ilse Koch. She went from normal girl with no red flags, to true believer in the Nazi cause. And nothing good happens after somebody becomes a true believer. Now I don't want to give away any of the details of her heinous actions, but I will say that her nickname was "The Bitch of Buchenwald" and it was more than well deserved.


25 May 2021

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T01E: 19 ILSE KOCH, 'La zorra nazi de Buchenwald’

Sopor Enigma Podcast

Ilse Koch ideó lámparas fabricadas con la piel humana de judíos. Mató cerca de 5.000 prisioneros mediante técnicas de tortura medievales--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sopor-enigma-podcast/message


29 Jan 2021

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192 // Human-Skin Lampshades // Bitch of Buchenwald Ilse Koch

Talk Murder To Me

Listen and subscribe to my new podcast, Ghoul, the Life and Crimes of Ed GeinApple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ghoul/id1535142763Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/62ggigYdDaxsmg2npUwfgPIlse Koch quickly became known as the 'Bitch of Buchenwald' due to her cruelty and sadistic nature during her time a the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Ilse Koch became infamous for making human-skin lampshades and human thumb light switches.Read more: https://talkmurder.com/bitch-of-buchenwald/


13 Oct 2020

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Episode 8: Ilse Koch - "heksen fra Buchenwald"


Nazistene står igjen som noen av de verste synderne fra hele verdenshistorien. Deres hatefulle ideologi, ville lede til millioner av dødsfall. I dagens episode, vil vi ta for oss en av de mest forskrudde, sadistiske og ondskapsfulle personene, fra en av historiens mørkeste kapitler. Ilse Koch,ville gjennom sine makabre gjerninger, gjøre seg fortjent til tilnavnet, “heksen fra Buchenwald”.   Episoden er lest av Jim Fossheim og Pernille Radeid, skrevet av Martine Andersen, og produsert av Anders Borgersen for Moderne Media


8 Oct 2020

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#6 - Katherine Knight 'Cannibal Kathy' and Ilse Koch 'The Bitch of Buchenwald'

Best Served Cold

This week Laura takes a dive into the crazy story of Katherine Knight or 'Cannibal Kathy' and the murder of Jon Price. Katherine is Australia's first female murdered to be sentenced to life with no paroleMeanwhile Tama delves into the horrific crimes of Ilse Koch 'The Bitch of Buchenwald' and the dark part she played in history during the Holocaust.NOTE; Our episodes regularly contain discussions of violence, sexual and physical assault. This episode specifically contains mentions of the Holocaust, Third Reich and crimes of the Nazi Party. If you are someone experiencing violence in the home or are struggling day to day, below is a link with various organisations that can helphttps://www.whiteribbon.org.au/find-help/domestic-violence-hotlines/ Join our Patreon crew for additional content@Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/bestservedcold. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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29 May 2020

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La historia macabra de Ilse Koch | Expedientes Paranormales

Expedientes de Esteban Cruz | PIA Podcast

En este episodio de expedientes paranormales, Esteban Cruz nos trae la historia de la ‘zorra de Buchenwald’: ninfómana, sádica y la peor asesina del nazismo No te pierdas Expedientes Paranormales, con las historias más escalofriantes. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


2 Apr 2020

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Cena do Crime

Entre no nosso grupo do Telegram: https://t.me/cenadocrimeOu do Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JsZzyUgRN5s2GH7Ew5KpGTTwitter: @cenadocrimecastInstagram: @cenadocrimepodcast----Nos apoie!Catarse: https://www.catarse.me/ajudeocenadocrimePicpay: https://app.picpay.com/user/cena.crime


21 Feb 2020

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Episode 430: Ilse Koch: The Bitch of Buchenwald

Sofa King Podcast

On this episode of the world Famous Sofa King Podcast, we travel back to World War Two and tell the tale of Ilse Koch, the Bitch of Buchenwald. Everyone knows the names like Dr. Mengele and tales of SS Officers who tortured and murdered the Jews in concentration camps. But this obscure, and truly evil woman, largely escapes the lens of history.Born in Dresden, Germany, Ilse lived in the poverty that faced all of Germany in the aftermath of World War One. This very poverty was what led Hitler to power, by exploiting the desire for Germany to be great again. And Ilse Koch was exactly the type of person Hitler was aiming at. She joined the Nazi Party very early on, and by the time Hitler came to power, she and her husband Karl Koch were rewarded with promotions. Karl became the warden of a prison, and he was so sadistic that the Nazis decided to put him in charge of the construction and daily operation of Buchenwald Concentration Camp during the holocaust.Unlike a lot of German women during the Reich, Ilse was not content to simply sit at home and be a house frau. Instead, she took a job at her husband’s first prison to prepare herself for life in Buchenwald, and once there, she really went off the rails. For one thing, she took money from the Jews as they got off the trains and used it—a lot of it—to build a mansion and massive structure in which she could horseback ride on the premises. She was known to ride around the camp and whip prisoners with her riding crop for a laugh. Oh, and she was also know to do it in skimpy clothes, so if any of the men stared at her, she could have them shot. This behavior went as far as her having servants come to her mansion while she was in a nightie and then killing off any man that looked at her, or lining Jews up in the nude and having any killed who got an erection.But she was just getting started. Apparently, she liked tattoos. She liked them a lot. In fact, she would collect them. From dead Jews. And make lamps for the house and a favorite purse out of them. In fact, she figured out an evil scheme in which the doctors of Buchenwald would conduct experiments to see if people with tattoos were more likely to be criminal and have different physiology. The only way to know was to kill and dissect them. Then, she would have other prisoners skin and tan the dead Jews, so she could have her keepsakes.The things that she and her husband did in the camp were so awful that even the Nazi party said enough. They had both of them arrested and tried. What were the results of the trial? Why did Karl get a much more harsh punishment than Ilse? What did the US and the new West German government do to punish her for war crimes? What happened to all the skin she had gathered? Did she really have shrunken Jew heads  in a glass case? How did she finally die? Listen, laugh, learn.Visit our Sources:https://biographics.org/ilse-koch-biography-the-nazi-bitch-of-buchenwald/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilse_Koch https://www.thevintagenews.com/2018/06/26/ilse-koch/ https://allthatsinteresting.com/ilse-koch http://www.auschwitz.dk/Women/Koch.htm https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-witch-of-buchenwald-is-sentenced-to-prison https://www.ranker.com/list/ilse-koch-concentration-camp-guard/laura-allan http://marcuse.faculty.history.ucsb.edu/classes/33d//projects/naziwomen/ilse.htm https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/ilse-koch https://www.britannica.com/biography/Ilse-Koch

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19 Nov 2019