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110. Be Kind to Yourself with Jody Moore

Happy With Yourself Podcast

Be kind to yourself. Get on my calendar https://calendly.com/believefitness/45--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/becky-smith0/message


20 Apr 2021

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BONUS The "Origin Story" of Jody Moore - Virtual Couch Top 10 Episode Series

The Virtual Couch

Tony begins a series of bonus episodes by airing some of the most downloaded/listened to episodes over the past 4 years of hosting The Virtual Couch podcast. In today's episode, Jody Moore (http://jodymoore.com), Life Coach and host of the Better Than Happy podcast, takes you through her origin story. The Magnetic Marriage Course is a hit! You can sign up now to get in the queue for round 2 by heading to http://tonyoverbay.com/magentic. The course is scheduled to open for sign-ups in the third week of April. Please subscribe to The Virtual Couch YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/TheVirtualCouchPodcast/ and follow The Virtual Couch on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/virtualcouch/ This episode of The Virtual Couch is sponsored by http://betterhelp.com/virtualcouch With the continuing “sheltering” rules that are spreading across the country PLEASE do not think that you can’t continue or begin therapy now. http://betterhelp.com/virtualcouch can put you quickly in touch with licensed mental health professionals who can meet through text, email, or videoconference often as soon as 24-48 hours. And if you use the link http://betterhelp.com/virtualcouch you will receive 10% off your first month of services. Please make your own mental health a priority, http://betterhelp.com/virtualcouch offers affordable counseling, and they even have sliding scale options if your budget is tight. Tony's FREE parenting course, “Tips For Parenting Positively Even In the Not So Positive Times” is available NOW. Just go to https://www.tonyoverbay.com/courses-2/ and sign up today. This course will help you understand why it can be so difficult to communicate with and understand your children. You’ll learn how to keep your buttons hidden, how to genuinely give praise that will truly build inner wealth in your child, teen, or even in your adult children, and you’ll learn how to move from being “the punisher” to being someone your children will want to go to when they need help.Tony's new best-selling book "He's a Porn Addict...Now What? An Expert and a Former Addict Answer Your Questions" is now available on Kindle. https://amzn.to/38mauBoTony Overbay, is the co-author of "He's a Porn Addict...Now What? An Expert and a Former Addict Answer Your Questions" now available on Amazon https://amzn.to/33fk0U4. The book debuted in the number 1 spot in the Sexual Health Recovery category and remains there as the time of this record. The book has received numerous positive reviews from professionals in the mental health and recovery fields.You can learn more about Tony's pornography recovery program The Path Back by visiting http://pathbackrecovery.com And visit http://tonyoverbay.com and sign up to receive updates on upcoming programs, and podcasts.Tony mentioned a product that he used to take out all of the "uh's" and "um's" that, in his words, "must be created by wizards and magic!" because it's that good! To learn more about Descript click here https://descript.com?lmref=v95myQ


1 Apr 2021

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S2 Ep 8: Mind set talk with Jody Moore

The Hope Addiction

Jody Moore is a Master Certified Life Coach who has helped thousands of women and men find ways to live a better, happier, life. Jody is also well known for her podcast "Better Than Happy".I was so honored to have her on the show to discuss a topic I find pretty awesome, Mindset. In our conversation Jody shares what it is she does as a life coach to help people reach sought after emotions and results. I relate how some of the tools she teaches have helped me in recovery from addiction. However, the tools Jody teach can be applied to any aspect in life.If you are interested in learning more about Jody, you can find her coaching program at https://jodymoore.com/or on Instagram @JodymoorecoachingHer podcast - Better Than Happy is here https://jodymoore.com/podcast/Thank you so much to Jody for coming on Mountain Mama Podcast! I hope you all enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 


5 Mar 2021

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Ep. 65 Rewriting Stories of Our Past with Jody Moore

Hi, This Is Heidi

Some of the stories we re-tell of our past keep us stuck and block us from making progress today. Listen as Heidi interviews master certified coach Jody Moore to learn what from our past stories is impacting us today and how to reframe these "hurtful" stories. Learn helpful tools to adjust our lenses of our life and how to make these stories work in our favor. We can be bitter, or better. We can be victims, or heroes. Our choice!


4 Nov 2020

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Leader Expectation Pain | An Interview with Jody Moore

Leading Saints Podcast

Jody Moore is a master certified life coach, well known as the host of the Better Than Happy podcast and for her live events and online coaching program, Be Bold. She also has a BA in Communications and an MA in Adult Education along with 15 years of experience as a corporate trainer and leadership coach. Jody and her husband live in Spokane, Washington, and are the parents of four children. Highlights9:00 We hear counsel or advice and immediately see where others could use it.11:10 We have an idea of what the "right way to be" looks like for certain roles that people fill in our lives.12:00 Expectations are premeditated disappointment. We create manuals for others and are disappointed when they don't follow those rules.14:00 We lose our own authority for ourselves when we blame others for our thoughts and emotions; instead we can get to compassion by recognizing they are imperfect people doing their best.15:30 The Atonement has two parts: the saving part, and the strengthening and enabling part; we can access that strengthening and enabling power.17:00 We are punishing ourselves and it doesn't change the other person; we also then unconsciously mirror them and we end up "doing it wrong", and that's what feels terrible.19:30 How to recognize when you default to these negative thoughts: Examine yourself instead of others. What am I doing that might be similar to what they're doing? In what way am I doing the very thing that I'm judging this person for?21:45 Next we start to judge ourselves. Recognize that sometimes we are also imperfect. When we can do that for ourselves, we get better at doing it for other people.23:20 The adversary helps us take the gospel and turn it into part of our manual, and then we judge others by it, driving a wedge between us. We should look at the gospel and counsel for ourselves, not others.27:00 David O. McKay quote: "The purpose of the gospel is to make bad men good and good men better." Susan Easton Black quote: When I go to church, I go to take the sacrament. That part's for me. But everything else, I go there thinking, What am I bringing? What can I give to other people?29:15 Sometimes we take the principle of obedience too far; obedience should not come at the expense of our own integrity and relationship with Jesus Christ.30:10 Be clear about the difference between the gospel and the people. If you want to believe and sustain your leaders, that is enough. The Lord will work with you where you are.31:40 Giving people permission to be themselves. Sometimes we can manipulate people to be what we want, but then they aren't really who they are.33:10 What if our only expectation is that they be themselves?34:25 We can make requests of people, but it becomes a problem when we hang our emotions on whether or not they do it.36:40 We don't need more people who are like us. We need people who think differently than we do.38:00 We can define our own success, keeping our expectations to ourselves and holding ourselves to them because others are outside our control.40:40 When you are the leader, you can start to wonder what others expect of you and become a people pleaser.42:10 We step into our best version of ourselves as leaders when we try to be ourselves instead of trying to live up to the expectations of others.44:00 Managing up: you can make a request of the person above you to try or change things.45:00 Have boundaries and don't allow mistreatment, but don't take it too far and have expectations that diminish the quality of your life and relationships.48:00 If you want to do something differently, do it now, wherever you are. Example story of people asking a farmer about the people in the town. You will find whatever you are looking for.LinksJodyMoore.comBetter Than Happy: Expectation PainLeading Others to be Better Than Happy | An Interview with Jody Moore


31 Oct 2020

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25. Cleaning Up Our Thoughts With Jody Moore

It’s a Clean Lifestyle

Life coach, Jody Moore, joins us today to discuss how to get to a more useful, motivating mental state that serves us better in cleaning up our physical state. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


19 Oct 2020

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62. Retired Police Chief Karen Comstock and Pastor Jody Moore


Police Chief Karen Comstock was Chief of Ryan's department when Ryan first started. She was there at the beginning of his career and at the beginning of BBU. We are forever grateful for her leadership and support of BBU in it's early days! Pastor Jody Moore was a founding member of BBU and a pastor in the local community with a passion for positive change.  -To join our #ITSNEEDED email list: itsneededpodcast.com/email Support our sponsors and use promo code ITSNEEDED for 20% off at checkout! thinlineanthem.com

1hr 19mins

11 Aug 2020

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Jody Moore of the Better Than Happy Podcast Talks Membership Site Communities

The Shane Sams Show

Jody Moore got her start with membership sites in the Flip Your Life community. Now she has her own amazingly successful life coaching membership site and hosts the Better Than Happy Podcast. In this episode you'll learn: 1) how to reach thousands of people 2) how to define your own success and 3) how to establish your sewing and reaping seasons. Listen now to hear how Jody now has more than 4,000 members on membership site!


2 Jul 2020

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Episode 29 Fun on Purpose with Jody Moore

Smooth Stones

Have you ever felt like you were just waiting around for fun to happen? Or you've felt guilty for having fun after your loss? Or maybe you just wish you were fun like you used to be. Today's episode is diving into all of this, plus we get to hear Jody's experience of miscarriage. Jody Moore is a Master Certified coach with a wonderful program called Be Bold. She coaches moms who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Jody's podcast is what introduced me to life coaching, and for that I will always be grateful.  It is such an honor to be able to share her perspective on FUN with you. Jody is an expert at creating joy and enjoyment during all that life brings us. Her perspective is unique and she shares and teaches so clearly.   I know you will love this episode. To learn more about Jody visit: www.jodymoore.com https://www.instagram.com/jodymoorecoaching/ If you have any questions, let me know here: http://smoothstonescoaching.com/work-with-me If you would like to share your baby's story on the podcast, submit here: http://smoothstonescoaching.com/podcast-submissions For a free 30 minute session, click here to schedule:  http://smoothstonescoaching.com/free_mini Music provided by ZingDog / Pond5 Photo provided by Jody Moore


25 Jun 2020

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Jody Moore (Better Than Happy Podcast) Celebrates 4,000 Members

The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast

We were on a member call a couple of weeks ago. One of our members said, 'hey, someone was talking about you all the other day.' So, we looked up this podcast. It was the Better Than Happy Podcast with Jody Moore. The name sounded familiar. When we listened to this episode that we were mentioned in, and she was just going on about her membership and how she learned about them from us! So, of course we had to talk to her!The 'lowdown' on Jody: Host of the Better Than Happy Podcast Life Coach Has more than 4,000 online members https://jodymoore.com/about/What You'll Learn: You don't have to have a big launch (5:10) How to reach thousands of people (9:35) Your membership site can evolve as you do (11:35) Feeling the weight of leading your members (14:40) Define your own success (18:00) You have to get A done before you can get B (21:40) There is no cap to your potential (25:35) There are sewing seasons and reaping seasons (34:42) How to grow (37:10) Picture the milestone you’re pursuing (42:00) Be a leader - at all times! (44:20)Show NotesJody is a great example of how you really can change your life and others, through the membership model. The membership model allows more people access to Jody's life coaching, and allows her to help more people at the same time. More than 4,000 members, if we're getting technical. But, those members don't even know that she has that big of a following, because her membership, like ours, allows her the ability and freedom to devote her attention where she is needed most.You don’t have to have a big launch.A great way to start is exactly how Jody did! Go ahead and open up your site, lock people (beta members) into that introductory price.Jody also uses a semi-launch strategy. Which means she opens and closes the doors at different prices each month. These are almost like ‘mini launches,’ that help her keep urgency for her membership site. This also helps by keeping her from being overwhelmed by a massive influx of people all at one time. This helps you assist and give your attention to those people that came in when you opened the flood gates this time, deal with that water. Then, next month you can do the same!You can reach thousands of people.Brick by brick your membership site will start scaling and getting wider. Then, you have thousands of people you can reach every day.For Jody, her membership site has 4,000 members. How could she ever talk to that many people? It wouldn’t be possible to do that all at one time!So, Jody uses: A coaching model as a tool to help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. She uses membership calls, classes, every month on a certain topic. She makes these calls to where her members can either join live or replay it later.Then, Jody utilizes live coaching calls or Q+As. She does this by bringing an a member through live call, coaches them, and everybody else gets to hear it. (This is very similar to our podcast interviews), This helps the members with the same issues all get their resolution at the same time!Your membership site can evolve as you do! Curated content Community CoachingThose are the pillars of a successful membership site.Like Jody, her membership site structure changed early on the beginning. For her, a community was not exactly best for her model. And, that’s okay!This brings us to great point - forums or a Facebook group do not make up a community. A football game is a community event. You don’t have to talk to everybody there, you’re just watching the game.You will constantly reinvent yourself and your membership as you both grow. There will be new ways to market yourself, you have to fall in love with the process and progress!Feeling the weight of leading your members.Try to make the membership site feel close and connected for your members.


9 Jun 2020