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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Juli Camarin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Juli Camarin, often where they are interviewed.

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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Juli Camarin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Juli Camarin, often where they are interviewed.

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Promises: Prophets // Juli Camarin

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A quick glimpse of 275+ Junior High students worship Jesus and a reminder that "God promises can be trusted."

Dec 12 2019 · 21mins
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Truth After Truth: Adoption - Juli Camarin

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There are some sections of Scripture that stand out as especially powerful and packed with meaning. Romans chapter 8, is one of those sections. Filled with truth after truth and stuffed chock full of grace, hope and freedom in Christ, our teachers look forward to delving into this chapter with you over the next 4 weeks. Join us as we learn about how there is no condemnation or accusation for those who follow Jesus. Learn how the Spirit and Jesus both pray for us. Listen to how our suffering is nothing compared to what God eventually has in store for us. Learn about how there is nothing in all this world that is powerful enough to ever separate us from the love of Christ. And don’t just rely on the teachers … read Romans 8 for yourself! Live in it with us this month and expect your life to be changed.
Nov 10 2019 · 28mins
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Getting Over The Wall - Juli Camarin

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Followers of Jesus across the globe and across the centuries have arranged their lives in certain ways to help them grow closer to God. We need to do the same. And yet we are all unique; each one of us has specific pathways that lead us to growth. As a church, we plan to spend the summer exploring a few important questions related to our spiritual growth:

What does it look like in our ordinary lives to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus?
What kinds of things might we include - or not include - in our lives in order to stay close to God?
How do we rearrange our lives so that we can grow spiritually?
What is the goal of spiritual growth?
Practically, in the midst of our very full lives, how do we make room for the things that deeply connect us to God?

Our hope is that as our teachers pull back the curtain on our lives, we will encourage you to continue to engage in certain actions that help you grow. For some of you, we will encourage you to re-engage things you’ve let slide. And for others, we want to encourage you to start - for the very first time - to rearrange your lives with the intention of growing closer to God right in the midst of our ordinary days.
Jul 28 2019 · 25mins
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Faith + Doubt: The Story of Abraham - Juli Camarin

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Faith + Doubt told through the story of Abraham.
Oct 12 2018 · 23mins
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Rest: Does God Hate Clean Clothes? - Juli Camarin

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We live in a culture that loves to maximize everything! Push the limits as far as possible. And then, push some more. This is our standard operating procedure in nearly every area of our lives.

Work hard. Play hard. Crash hard. Repeat

We are overloaded in every arena of life.We’re like minnows caught in a flash flood of good, successful, even unselfish activity. In many ways, we are victims of progress, which “always gives us more of everything faster and faster.” The problem is - most of us don’t need more and we definitely don’t need it faster. What we need is margin. What we need is rest.

REST. It’s exactly what God so generously offers us in the gift of Sabbath.

This series invites you to step into summer and stop to enjoy the rest of God. We’ll explore and attempt to dispel some of the misconceptions about Sabbath, recall God’s gracious instruction and generous permission to delight in Sabbath, and demonstrate inspiring new ways to open and enjoy one of God’s greatest gifts - the gift of REST.
Jun 26 2018 · 23mins
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God Revealed: Jesus is Fully God & Fully Man - Juli Camarin

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Most of us have heard the story of Jesus’ birth numerous times in our lives. Sometimes we think we know everything there is to know about the biblical Christmas story.

And yet the truth is this story should take our breath away every time we hear it. God loved the world so much that he sent his one and only Son, not to judge and condemn us, but to save us. What kind of amazing grace is this?

This Christmas we want to explore what Jesus’ birth reveals to us about God. The bible tells us that Jesus is the very image of the invisible God. If we want to know what God is like, we look at Jesus. The Creator of the world became a human baby so that we would not be afraid to to approach him, to know him, to learn from him and to worship him.

Will you join us this Advent season as we ponder afresh this miraculous story?
Dec 10 2017 · 26mins
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Parbles: The Sower of the Seeds - Juli Camarin

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Jesus was the wisest man who ever lived.
Parables - stories Jesus’ told to provoke new thought and new ways of living - were one of the primary ways he imparted truth to the world around him.
He often taught in parables to people who already thought they knew the truth; who already believed they were living “God’s way;” who believed they knew God’s heart and character. It is difficult to teach those who already think they know. Thus, Jesus used arresting stories about everyday life to shock his listeners into seeing God, reality and life in a new way.
The brilliant thing about Jesus’ parables is that though the truths they contain are timeless and deep, most could be understood by the ordinary men and women of his day. At the same time, we can never plumb their depths. However, the purpose of parables was never mere head-knowledge, but always action; always a new way of living in light of who God is and who we are. Parables were (and still are) invitations into life in the Kingdom of God.
We are excited to spend the entire summer exploring the parables of Jesus.
We look forward to asking and answering several questions about each parable:
Why did Jesus teach this parable?
What was the main point?
How did Jesus’ listeners understand it?
How should we understand it?
Jesus did not only die for us; He lived for us, too. His teachings are at the very core of what we believe, and should mark how we live our earthly lives. Their truths are to be imprinted on our hearts.
Jul 03 2017 · 25mins
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The Race: Ask & Receive - Juli Camarin

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The starting line of a marathon... a place of enthusiasm and excitement.
But mid-way through the race, runners start to stumble, falter, even quit.
For many, the lack of appropriate fuel is their downfall.
True in a marathon. True in the Christian life.
The beginning of the journey of following Jesus is full of energy and excitement.
But how do we keep going? How do we finish the race God has marked out for us?
Jesus gives his followers the race plan, the way he wants us to run this race we call life. Some of Jesus’ most powerful and demanding instruction about how he wants us to run. We call it the Sermon on the Mount.
And it begins with Jesus providing us the only fuel that can keep us running - the whole race - with power and joy.
And that fuel is grace.
The grace of Jesus…
It’s not just for the start
It’s not just for the final push to the finish
The grace of Jesus is the only energy source powerful enough to propel us through the beginning, middle, and end of our journey.
Only Jesus’ grace can help us run the race.
Aug 07 2016 · 31mins
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Worthy of the Gospel: No Grumbling - Juli Camarin

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The apostle Paul was the original church planter. He established so many churches in the early days, and much of what we call the New Testament is made up of letters Paul wrote to the churches he started and cared for. His letter to the Philippians is one of these letters.
Paul writes from a jail cell.
Jailed for his Christian faith, he writes to his friends at the church in Philippi and imparts several things:
That he loves them and prays for them
That he is content and even joyful while in jail because he believes his suffering connects him with Jesus, and while imprisoned he has a “captive” audience as he shares the Gospel of Jesus.
That they are to live humbly like Jesus in this world, and therefore, to shine like stars.
That they are to trust in Jesus’ goodness alone, and not in their own religious accomplishments.
That, through Christ, they can be content, at peace, and full of joy no matter what their circumstances might be.
This is Paul’s most joy-filled letter, overflowing with encouragement, tenderness and hope, while at the same time, offering vibrant encouragement to the Philippians and to all Christians to live in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Jesus.
Mar 06 2016 · 27mins
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I•DOL•EYES - Greed: Juli Camarin

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We were created by God to worship him and to love him above all. But in the Garden of Eden, we broke this natural order and started to worship things other than God. This is what the Bible calls idolatry, and in biblical days it involved worshipping self-created gods, or even a statue of wood, stone or gold. Seems silly to us now …

But we are as much idol worshipers as were our ancestors. We just worship different kinds of idols, things like comfort, control, significance and money. Tim Keller defines an idol as “anything more important to you than God, anything that absorbs your heart and imagination more than God, anything you seek to give you what only God can give.”

What is so tricky about modern day idols is that they often start out as good things; gifts from God, even. And then we twist them and elevate them and give them a status they were never meant to have. When this happens, they become very dangerous things indeed because they threaten to displace God from his rightful place.

Idols are dangerous because they promise to fill a hole in us that only God can fill.

Idols always over-promise and under deliver.

And most dangerous of all, when we worship idols, we displace God from the center of our heart and we start to depend on those idols for benefits they can never, ever provide. We miss the beautiful opportunity to solely cling to Christ for all things.

As it says in Jonah 2:8 – Those who cling to worthless idols, forfeit the grace that could be theirs.

If idols are so dangerous, why do we have them in the first place?

How do we begin to recognize when something good has turned into an idol?

And how do we begin to put idols back in their rightful place and give God our whole heart again?

Join us for 4 weeks as we explore this critical topic for Christ followers. Come learn how the Gospel helps us to remove idols from our lives and to fix our eyes on Jesus for all that we want and need!
Nov 16 2015 · 27mins