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26 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Oliver Stone. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Oliver Stone, often where they are interviewed.

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26 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Oliver Stone. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Oliver Stone, often where they are interviewed.

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A Conversation With Oliver Stone

Now What? With Carole Zimmer
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Oliver Stone was known as one of Hollywood's bad boys … the ultimate risk taker. He spent a lot of time in a drug-induced haze and gained a reputation as a conspiracy nut. Stone has also been called one of the great directors of his generation for making films like Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July. On this episode, Oliver Stone talks about movies, drugs, sex and marriage. "Now What?" was produced with the help of Gabe Zimmer, Steve Zimmer and Stephanie Marie Horton. Audio production is by Nick Ciavatta.

Aug 05 2020



Ep. 106: Oliver (feat. Oliver Stone)

Rumble with Michael Moore
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Oliver Stone is one of the most provocative and influential filmmakers in modern times, directing such films as "Salvador," "Platoon," "Born on the Fourth of July," "Wall Street," and writing others such as "Scarface" and "Midnight Express." He and Michael discuss what it was like for Stone to be a student of Martin Scorsese at NYU film school, how Stone once drugged his father with LSD, why Stone might only make documentaries for now on, and the time Oliver invited Michael to the set of "The Doors.” They also discuss the challenges of getting films made that challenge conventional wisdom and whether there is a future for the theatrical experience in America.

Read Oliver Stone's book, "Chasing The Light"

Watch Oliver Stone's documentary series "The Untold History of the United States"

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Aug 03 2020



Oliver Stone's autobiography Chasing the Light

Late Night Live - Full program podcast
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As one of Hollywood's most successful screenwriters and directors, multiple Academy award winning director, Oliver Stone has just penned the first instalment of his autobiography, "Chasing the Light".

Jul 30 2020



LCB Ep. 276 - Top 10 Baseball Movies, Movie Debate: Moneyball vs. Major League, Oliver Stone Interview, and Avatar 2 Delayed For 8th Time

Lights Camera Barstool
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|| 0:00 – Excitement over the new Halo?

|| 6:23 – Review of Taylor Swift’s new album

|| 12:47 – Ad Read #1

|| 13:58 – Every movie is delayed

|| 17:58 – Avatar 2 delayed for the eighth time

|| 22:23 – New Mutants releases opening scene

|| 27:13 – New black suit Superman Snyder Cut clip

|| 31:56 – Pizza and Little Caesars discussion

|| 35:43 – Ad Read #2

|| 37:03 – Jurassic World news, will it really be “epic?”

|| 41:20 – Bill & Ted looks bad and Disney+ & HBO news


|| 1:16:37 – Rest in peace, Regis Philbin

|| 1:21:17 – MOVIE DEBATE 02: Moneyball vs. Major League

|| 1:52:33 – Top 10 Best Baseball Movies

Jul 27 2020

2hr 22mins


#1511 - Oliver Stone

The Joe Rogan Experience
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Oliver Stone is an award-winning director, producer, screenwriter, and author. His memoir Chasing the Light is available on July 21, 2020.

Jul 21 2020

1hr 52mins


On Oliver Stone's "Alexander" w/ Trevor Culley (The History of Persia Podcast)

The Hellenistic Age Podcast
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Though initially a critical failure upon release, subsequent re-cuts of the 2004 "Alexander" film by director Oliver Stone has been more positively received, and it has been praised as one of the most historically accurate films to depict the ancient world thanks to the historical consultant Robin Lane Fox. In this loosely-structured episode, we are joined by Trevor Culley of the "History of Persia Podcast" to give our thoughts on the movie and analyze it from both a technical and (more importantly) a historical perspective.

Title Theme: Seikilos Epitapth with the Lyre of Apollo, played by Lina Palera (

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Feb 17 2020

1hr 2mins


MMP - Episode 12 - Oliver Stone

The Midnight Movie Podcast
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The boys discuss Oliver Stone; Derich is a huge fan, Josh is not, and Evan falls somewhere in between. Learn about the man and his films, hear us chat and argue about it all. Lots of praise for Talk Radio. Hear Evan defend his inexplicable love for Any Given Sunday!

Jan 14 2020

2hr 30mins


#202: Oliver Stone

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Oliver Stone is an Academy Award-winning screenwriter and director known for his work on some of the greatest motion pictures of all time -- including Scarface, Platoon, Wall Street, Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, Natural Born Killers, and Nixon.

We discuss his legendary career, his favorite actors to work with, making movies in today's Hollywood, his interviews with Vladimir Putin, the past few years of Russia hysteria, Julian Assange, Tulsi Gabbard and how the corporate media serves as a megaphone for the military-industrial complex.

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Nov 17 2019



S5E13 Everybody Must Get Stoned: The Films of Oliver Stone

Cinema Chop Shop
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S5E13 Everybody Must Get Stoned: The Films of Oliver Stone - Host "Travages", co-host "Any Given Shawnday", a guest "Hilexander" are a bunch of runts out in the shit where conspiracy theories abound.

Sep 15 2019

1hr 9mins


FMC 071 : Any Given Sunday Co-written and Directed by Oliver Stone

Filmmaker Commentary
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It's difficult to make a believable football film. Especially when the NFL doesn't want to help you. Discover how Oliver Stone was able to make a classic football film given the huge obstacles in his path.

Filmmaker Commentary is Hosted by Reginald Titus Jr.
Co-Hosted by Casey G. Smith

Sep 11 2019