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Part 2 | The Power of Political Satire with Artist Enrique Chagoya

The Print Cast

In Part 2 of Nick's interview with Enrique Chagoya, they do a deep dive into his art. They discuss the history of the codex book format, dating back to pre-columbian times, and why it's a relevant format for Chagoya's art. If you recall, it was a lithographic codex that was vandalized in Loveland, Colorado, and we recounted the entire incident in Part 1 of this interview. We go on to talk about appropriation and specifically artists who create art on top of other artists' work. Chagoya calls prints unique multiples, which implies they possess a similar aura like that of unique works of art. The artist shares how he maintains work-life balance, why meditation helps his daily life, and how he keeps going with a busy teaching and art career. 


29 May 2019

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Part 1 | The Power of Political Satire with Artist Enrique Chagoya

The Print Cast

Nick sits down with artist Enrique Chagoya, in Part 1 of a two-part series. Enrique Chagoya is an artist who inverts cultural appropriation in a manner he calls “Reverse Anthropology”.  With a deft wit, his paintings, drawings, prints and codices use “symbols as one would use words in a sentence,” often with hilarious and biting results. At times his art can even arouse misinterpretation, negative press, and even vandalism. Nevertheless he persists and continues to tackle subjects like sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, racism, xenophobia, and pop culture, to name a few. Present in all of his work is humor, thoughtful juxtapositions, and myriad references harkening back to other artists’ work, pop icons, figures of government, and his Mexican heritage. It can be disarming to view his work, where you might be laughing and unsettled at the same time. And that is the power of his art; it is intended not to change minds but provoke conversation and dialog.Chagoya is currently Professor of Art at Stanford University. His work has been shown internationally and is represented in the collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the LA County Museum of Art, the National Museum of American Art, the Des Moines Art Center, the Whitney, MOMA, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Check out his work here.Follow the Print CastSee the show notes here. 


21 May 2019

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Enrique Chagoya: Printmaker: Educator Guide


This Educator Guide corresponds with the "Enrique Chagoya: Printmaker" video from KQED Spark.

7 Jan 2011

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Enrique Chagoya: Printmaker


Visit the studio of satirist and master printmaker Enrique Chagoya, as he takes on a new subject.


22 Dec 2010

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Spark: Enrique Chagoya

KQED: Spark Art Video Podcast

Visit the studio of satirist and master printmaker Enrique Chagoya, as he takes on a new subject. Original air date: March 2004.

6 Jun 2009

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Art Treasures of Nebraska: Enrique Chagoya

The Best of NET (video) | NET Television

In this visually stunning painting, Chagoya cannibalizes imagery from Aztec, American, European, and Asian art to challenge our views about global politics and the exploitation of indigenous people. The result is a thought-provoking experience about multiculturalism. For more information about "Art Treasures of Nebraska," visit http://www.netnebraska.org/extras/nat/.


17 Sep 2007