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Sabrina Fendrick | Essentia Endeavors

Women Leading In Cannabis

Moving our nation towards a values-based economy.  We are living in a time where purpose and politics are becoming just as important to a business's profitability as a label and a price point.   Sabrina Fendrick the CEO of Essentia Endeavors joins Kyra Reed about working with cannabis companies to identify, integrate and amplify their corporate purpose with a customized social impact strategy.Produced by PodConxWomen Leading in Cannabis - https://podconx.com/podcasts/women-leading-in-cannabisKyra Reed - https://podconx.com/guests/kyra-reedSabrina Fendrick - https://podconx.com/guests/sabrina-fendrickEssentia Endeavors - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabrinafendrick/


5 Apr 2022

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Episode 43 – Slow and steady progress in California with Lara DeCaro and Sabrina Fendrick

MJToday Media

Attorney Lara DeCaro and Sabrina Fendrick, Chief Public Affairs Officer at Berkeley Patients Group, join host Jordan Wellington to talk about the state of the California marijuana market. Produced by Shea Gunther.

1hr 32mins

14 Aug 2020

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Ep. 478: Sabrina Fendrick, BPG

Cannabis Economy

The Berkeley Patients Group is the oldest continually operating dispensary in the country, and has historically been a model for how the industry should operate and what corporate social responsibility should look like. Sabrina Fendrick is the Director of Government Affairs for BPG, which means that she is in charge of the policy side of things. Fendrick notes that between January and July of 2018, the entire supply chain had to be restructured, which was difficult because so many temporary licenses were expiring. Because this is the only industry - and California is the only state - that has four agencies regulating one supply chain, there have been lots of extra challenges and limitations present, especially amidst all the changes that occurred last year. Although 2019 hasn't been completely smooth sailing, the regulatory landscape has certainly improved since 2018.


14 Oct 2019

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Ep.310: Sabrina Fendrick, Berkeley Patients Group

Cannabis Economy

On the day that the rules for temporary licenses in California were released Sabrina Fendrick sat down where we put her on the spot to discuss what was happening in real-time. She was bouncing from meeting to meeting with government affairs, regulatory advisory as well as supply partners. In real-time, Sabrina highlighted questions about packaging and labeling wondering if there were going to be grace periods and whether or not the regs would fit together with the trailer bill- which we subsequently learned- there are and they do. Questions do remain around supply chain and the ability to do business with different license types which we’ll cover in the very next episode. Sabrina does note that Lori Ajax has been supportive and transparent and understands the situation at hand.


14 Dec 2017

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Spark the Conversation: Sabrina Fendrick, Berkeley Patients Group

The Ganjapreneur Podcast

Sabrina Fendrick is the Director of Government Affairs for Berkeley Patients Group, a licensed medical cannabis dispensary serving patients throughout the greater Berkeley area.Prior to working at BPG, Sabrina spent seven years at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) in Washington D.C. In 2010, she founded the NORML Women’s Alliance — the first nationwide women’s outreach organization in the cannabis space — and she was a founding advisor for Women Grow. She is a member of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy Advisory Council, sits on the Marijuana Majority Advisory Board, and is a member of the Council for Responsible Cannabis Policy’s National Packaging and Labeling Standards Committee.In this episode of the Spark the Conversation podcast, Sabrina joins host Bianca Green for a discussion at the Emerald Cup about the state of the industry, the history of cannabis activism, and the ongoing push for legalization at local, state, and federal levels of government.Topics covered in this podcast:https://www.ganjapreneur.com/topic/activism/ https://www.ganjapreneur.com/topic/california/For a full transcript: https://www.ganjapreneur.com/spark-conversation-sabrina-fendrick-berkeley-patients-group/Subscribe to our newsletter: https://www.ganjapreneur.com/subscribe/Follow us on socials:Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ganjapreneurFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/ganjapreneurLinkedIn - https://bit.ly/linkedin_gjprTwitter - https://www.twitter.com/ganjapreneurYouTube - http://www.youtube.com/c/ganjapreneurVisit our homepage:https://www.ganjapreneur.com


16 Jun 2017

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Ep.231: Sabrina Fendrick & Andy Bachman

Cannabis Economy

Sabrina Fendrick, Berkeley Patients Group & Andy Bachman, Leafline Sabrina Fendrick returns and shares what’s happening as California establishes it’s regulatory framework. It’s all happening at once with local municipalities outlining what they’re doing along with the state legislature getting to work. Sabrina also provides a bit of background on her history sharing that her parents were both diplomats meaning that her childhood was nomadic to say the least. Andy Bachman then joins us to give us a history lesson on Minnesota cannabis. He shares that the limited qualifying condition list has grown and will soon include PTSD. Andy shares how a guy from a farming family found his way into emergency room medicine and how that provided a perfect background for a career in cannabis.

1hr 2mins

13 Mar 2017

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Episode #73 - Sabrina Fendrick & Victor Pinho, Berkeley Patients Group

Cannabis Economy

In this episode, we sit down with both Sabrina Fendrick and Victor Pinho from the Berkeley Patients Group. The Berkeley Patients Group is a well known and respected name in the cannabis industry, as the longest continuously running medical cannabis dispensary. It was founded by activists Jim McClellan and Debby Goldsberry, as a way to provide quality access to quality medicine for patients, and to this day the core mission remains the same. Sabrina and Victor tell us a little bit about how they wound up at BPG, give us a tour of their facility, and catch us up on everything the BPG has been working on as California looks poised to consider new regulations for their medical marijuana market.


7 Sep 2015