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Episode 35 - Pushing Through with Josh Cassidy

Mental Edge Lifestyle Podcast

On this episode, Ryan speaks with Canadian Paralympian and athlete Josh Cassidy, winner of both the London and Boston Marathons. In this episode: Being diagnosed with neuroblastoma at birth and given a very low chance of survival, and how that affected the rest of his life by resulting in paralysis in his legs following remission. How his cancer helped Josh understand the realities of life at an early age, and how to get over some of the obstacles that life throws your way. Growing up in a large family that moved around a lot and how it helped Josh learn to adapt at an early age. Dealing with ignorance and hostility from the children his age, and how his siblings dealt with the difficult questions they were asked about their brother. Feeling compassion for the people who made fun of him. Find the balance between getting support and providing support in his role as the oldest child in the family. The evolution of the feeling of gratitude for the people in your life that support you, your progress, and the little wins in life. The people and events that started steering Josh towards becoming the multi-award winning, record holding Paralympian that he is today. Josh’s career highlights and the achievements of which he is most proud. Getting through rough patches and avoiding getting stuck in the “why me” attitude. Remembering and recognising your successes to get you through coming adversities. Picking yourself up and using your setbacks to fuel your fire. The impact of Covid-19 on Josh as an athlete, on the sporting calendar, and how people like him have adapted to prepare for the future and racing once again. Connect with Josh Cassidy Facebook: Joshua Cassidy Instagram: @joshcassidy84 Twitter: @joshcassidy84 Connect with Mental Edge Lifestyle Web: mentaledge.ca Instagram: @mental_edge_lifestyle Facebook: @MENTALEDGEL


13 May 2021

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40. Josh Cassidy – 3x Paralympian / Champion Racer / Speaker / Artist – Accepting that Failing & Losing Is Just Learning

Behind Greatness by Inspire North

Joshua Cassidy is a 3 x Paralympian and is preparing for his 4th Paralympic games in Tokyo. He is a 31 x racing champion with world record times at the 2012 Boston Marathon. The oldest of 10 children, he spent his first 5 years in hospital fighting a non-congenital cancer – and won. Having a family where affection and love mattered as much as discipline and finding your own way, Josh faced the world with a tenacity unparalleled. Having had mentors who helped him along the way, he found a love and passion for racing, even if he had to bleed internally to prove it. But Josh has another muse and we explore this as well. And we expect that he will be spending the “passion, the dedication and the time” when post-world champion Josh finally retires his racing gear. Website: https://joshcassidy.com/ IG: @joshcassidy84 TW: @JoshCassidy84 FB: JoshCassidy84 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-cassidy-3b55b6194/ Behind Greatness website: www.inspirenorth.com/podcast Behind Greatness IG: inspire_north Behind Greatness TW: inspire_north


3 Feb 2021

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27: (Small Business Made Simple Podcast) How to Set Your Business Apart from the Competition w/ Josh Cassidy

B2B Made Simple: A B2B Marketing Podcast

Does it seem like you have competitors on every corner and it is so hard to stand out in the marketplace? Today on the Small Business Made Simple podcast Josh Cassidy, the owner of Railhouse Restaurant in Waverly, NY explains what you should be doing to get your business to stand out. Josh shares ideas you can implement in your business that have helped make his restaurant one of the most popular in the area.Free Resources Mentioned in Podcast:5 Mistakes You Could Be Making On Your Website (Free PDF Download)Connect with me on social media. I'd love to hear from you! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam1ca/ Instagram: @sammoss5Together by STEAM PHUNK https://soundcloud.com/steamphunk Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Music for Creators https://youtu.be/ya66qIxZQVw


28 Oct 2019

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Episode 84 - 3 time Paralympian Josh Cassidy

Town of Saugeen Shores

Jay and Heather talk to three time Paralympian Josh Cassidy about his local connection, the Gran Fondo and what he has planned for the future.https://joshcassidy.com/ Music provided by bensound.ca


3 Sep 2019

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Josh Cassidy: “There are always people that will doubt us”

Story Untold Podcast

Josh Cassidy stopped listening to others’ doubts years ago. Born with neuroblastoma in his spine and abdomen, and left partially-paralyzed from near-birth, Cassidy has become a three-time Canadian Paralympian and World Record-setting wheelchair athlete. Quite the accomplishment for a kid who faced coin-flip odds over whether he’d live to see his first birthday. “I think it was just over a 50 percent chance [of survival] at the time, so it was very scary for my parents — you know, firstborn son, new parents… I can’t even imagine what that would’ve been like,” says Cassidy, who was born in Ottawa. Growing up using a wheelchair from the very beginning, “it forced me to be innovative with a lot of things at an early age,” he says. It also thickened his skin. “At an early age, kids are very honest,” says Cassidy. “They might ask, they might not. Doesn’t matter. But then when you get to a certain age, there were years when I would have bullying or teasing, or just other kids not understanding. [And] obviously, that has an effect on you.” “There are still people who say ‘you can’t do that.’ It’s something I take as a little bit of fuel [and] put it in my pocket, but not let it take over or bring me down.” – Josh Cassidy Cassidy eventually found his place by high school, around the same time he discovered his school’s track and field team had a wheelchair race. That same year, Canadian Paralympian Jeff Adams won five medals at the 2000 Sydney Games. A love for the sport blossomed. “My first few [races], it was just in my everyday chair — and talk about thickening skin,” he says. All around him, other athletes were in dedicated racing chairs. Still, he held his own. He kept competing, and as his confidence grew, his times improved and the stakes grew higher. He’s never looked back. Eight years after watching Adams at the Sydney Games, Cassidy earned his spot on the Canadian team for Beijing. “That was such an incredible moment: getting my first Team Canada uniform and seeing the [Olympic] torch,” he says. Other incredible moments would follow, highlighted by a first-place finish at the London Marathon in 2010 and a World Record-setting finish at the Boston Marathon in 2012. A Paralympic medal still eludes Cassidy — something that has him training in earnest for another shot at the Tokyo Games in 2020. The doubters remain, although Cassidy seems undeterred. “It never stops,” he says. “There are still people who say ‘you can’t do that.’ It’s something I take as a little bit of fuel [and] put it in my pocket, but not let it take over or bring me down.” After all, he’s beaten the odds before. “Having [those early experiences in the hospital] shape me, it gave me perspective on life, on health,” says Cassidy. “[It just gave me] this desire to do what I want to do in the world.” Visit Josh Cassidy’s website for more on his career and speaking engagements. Photo from joshcassidy.com.


3 Aug 2017

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84 - World Record Wheelchair Racer: Josh Cassidy


Josh Cassidy is a world record holding Wheelchair racer. In 2010, Cassidy won the London Marathon. Oh, but here's the thing, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer in the spine and abdomen weeks after birth. He was given a very low chance of survival but was declared cancer-free after 5 years of remission, but it left his legs partially paralyzed. Did that shit stop him? Nah. Broke the world record for the Boston marathon, a Paralympic podium contender, can do chin-ups while strapped into a wheelchair?!? This week: Our live recording from Movember house in Toronto. We dive into everything from Memories as a one year old, things that you just NEVER say to someone in a wheelchair, the origin of the word handicap and the fact that a man who is partially paralyzed has larger thighs than Jeremie.

1hr 5mins

17 Apr 2017

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Sunday 2014/07/13 - Josh Cassidy

Calvary Chapel Woolacombe Teachings

Hosea 1:1 - 3:5

13 Jul 2014

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Sunday 2014/03/30 - Josh Cassidy

Calvary Chapel Woolacombe Teachings

Galations 4

30 Mar 2014