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If You’ve Seen a Wedge Used on Tour - It Doesn’t Belong In Your Bag! with Terry Koehler


812: Terry “The Wedge Guy” Koehler has spent his life in pursuit of creating the best wedge for amateur players. In this episode you’ll hear how the average golfer is getting fooled by purchasing wedges that we see on the PGA Tour. Not only do we not hit wedges as precise as the Pros, but their wedges are customized for every golf course they play in competition depending on the course, conditions, bunker sand, etc. Tour Pros precision and accuracy dictates that they can hit the stick from almost any location inside 150 yards, and still get a tremendous amount of spin. Do you do that? If not, then you should listen to this episode, especially if you’re putting new wedges on your holiday wish list! EdisonWedges.comGolf Smarter is your podcast forecaddie! As an entertainment service that enhances your game like a great caddie, we’re now accepting tips on the homepage at GolfSmarter.com. Please show your support so that we can continue to provide weekly, helpful, and entertaining content. Your donation can be as much, or as little as you’d like. It can be a one time offering or your can even do it recurring. Thank you very much. This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 128 our golf sensei, Jamie Zimron introduces us to BLISS Golf in the first of two parts from her award winning video series. Originally published in 2010.


29 Sep 2021

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Afterhours Terry Koehler

Grilling At The Green

Terry Koehler “The Wedge Guy” joins JT in Afterhours to discuss things missed during the show. In 1992 Terry patented the “Koehler Sole” and Terry was just getting started. Golfing from an early age (still a single digit HCP) Terry Koehler learned about feel and the golf club, and has been putting it to good use ever since. Terry is now the Chairman and Director of Innovation for Edison wedges. He explains the company name in the interview. The short game can be the bane of a golfers existence. Terry explains the how and why of the wedge game and what most of us (me included @cowcook57) should remember about the short sticks. Please join us at @Grilling ATG for a really fun and interesting hour about golf, with a little BBQ thrown in for fun.


16 May 2021

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Terry Koehler

Grilling At The Green

A wily veteran would not begin to define the experience Terry Koehler “The Wedge Guy” has in the golf industry. In 1992 Terry patented the “Koehler Sole” and Terry was just getting started. Golfing from an early age (still a single digit HCP) Terry Koehler learned about feel and the golf club, and has been putting it to good use ever since. Terry is now the Chairman and Director of Innovation for Edison wedges. He explains the company name in the interview. The short game can be the bane of a golfers existence. Terry explains the how and why of the wedge game and what most of us (me included @cowcook57) should remember about the short sticks. Please join us at @Grilling ATG for a really fun and interesting hour about golf, with a little BBQ thrown in for fun.


15 May 2021

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Terry Koehler – The Wedge Guy

Golf Yeah

“Those wedge shots hit out on the toe or high in the face that don't go anywhere? They're not your fault." Terry KoehlerChairman / Director of Innovation, Edison GolfPort O'Connor, Texas Terry Koehler is known as “The Wedge Guy” for good reason. In fact, Pope Francis – who plays 4 rounds a week on the Vatican’s private golf course – recently named Terry as the “Patron Saint of Wedge Play.” Unfortunately, his installation ceremony in Rome has been delayed because of the pandemic.But if you dig a little bit deeper into Terry’s background, or are a reader of his hundreds of blog posts, you know that his depth of knowledge regarding the game of golf, and about the golf equipment industry, goes far beyond wedges.If you follow Terry, you know that when it comes to golf, he’s always opinionated and often thought provoking.For example, Terry believes that:The golf courses you play on are often more difficult than the courses that the PGA Tour professionals play on.He believes that the focus on green speed has made the game too hard for the average golfer to score on,He believes you should carry a 4 wood in your bag, andHe believes that if you slow down the transition from your downswing, your ball-striking and distance will improve. (Terry plays to a 3 handicap, so he does have some credibility on swing mechanics.)Over the course of his history in the golf business, the connective tissue in his career path is Terry’s passion for craftsmanship, precision and performance when it comes to golf equipment.So it’s not surprising that Terry came out of retirement in 2018 to create a company with a value proposition based on those three attributes. And also not surprisingly, it’s a company called Edison Golf, that makes Edison™ Forged wedges.Show Highlights: The origins of Terry's interest in exploring how things work, and in craftsmanship.How and why his fascination with wedges began.Why there has been such a consistent lack of innovation in wedge technology.Terry's rationale for making wedges for the average golfer, and why they would not be effective for Tour players.How a renegade brand like Edison, run by a contrarian thinker, intends to break into the mainstream golf equipment market.The rationale and logistics behind Edison’s “Custom Demo Offer."How many wedges, and what lofts, the average golfer should carry.If he had one last round to play, what course he would play on.What he might have done differently over the course of his 30 year career.Terry's most significant source of personal inspiration over the years.Notable Quotes: On how he got started in golf: “I do not remember life before golf. I grew up playing on a 9-hole public golf course in a small town in south Texas, and that where I spent my summer days."On his golf equipment education: “In my early career as a marketer, I spent a lot of time in the "back end" of golf companies, asking them questions like, "Why did you do that to the golf club?" and 'Why does that golf club do this?"On his fascination with wedges: "After testing golf clubs for more than 20 years, I can say that wedges are the most volatile clubs in our bag."On gaining short-game consistency: “For the average golfer who plays once or twice a week, it's easier to manage the flight and roll out of the golf ball around the green by changing your golf club on a shot, rather than trying to change your technique."On how he protects his technology from being copied: "It's going to happen. When Big Bertha was introduced, people laughed at how big it was, but within one season every golf company had a driver the size of Big Bertha. If something comes along that works, it will be copied by everybody, because golf club technology is very hard to protect."On the power of brand name golf clubs: “People trust know brands in any product category. But if you look at where innovation comes from, it's usually from unknown, upstart brands. And that fact has always been inspirational for me."His response to people who question his wedge design: “I doesn't offend me that people have their opinions, but I've been studying wedges for 30 years. It's what I do for a living. I've analyzed 50,000 wedge fitting profiles. If you haven't done that, I think it's pretty difficult to critique what I know with what you think you know."On his meeting Ben Hogan: "He was my childhood idol as a golfer. I've always studied his life and read his books. One of the things Hogan said, when he was asked how he wanted to be remembered was, "I want to be remembered as a gentleman." I got to meet him twice, and he was everything that people said about him. He was polite and a perfectionist."Resources:  Terry Koehler company's website: https://www.edisonwedges.com/

1hr 2mins

12 Oct 2020

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Terry Koehler of Edison Golf - The Wedge Master

3 Under Par - Golf Podcast

Special episode of the 3 Under Par! We were joined by Terry Koehler of Edison Golf. Terry is the wedge master and recetnyl launched Edison Golf where they custom design wedges. This is a great interview where we talk about golf club design, what makes a good wedge and much more! Thank you Terry for coming on the show and go checkout edisonwedges.com #littlwhiteballislife Follow 3 Under Par Here: Social Media: @3underparpod Email: 3underparpod@gmail.com Website: 3underparpodcast.com


5 Oct 2020

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Applying 40 Years Of Golf Entrepreneurship To Innovate Wedge Design - Terry Koehler, Edison Golf

The ModGolf Podcast

“Wedges are the most frustrating performance part of the golf bag. They are finicky and volatile. We’ve done tremendous things to improve drivers, hybrids and putters but wedge design hasn’t changed much in the past 40 years. I set out to change that.” On our first episode of Season 8, Edison Golf Chairman and Director of Innovation Terry Koehler joins us to share how he created a new standard for wedges that appeal to the massive recreational golf market. “Whether you’re a tour player or a 20 handicapper, distance consistency with wedges is the biggest problem and it's caused by the club head design. How do I make wedges a forgiving golf club without sacrificing its precision? That is the question we set out to answer with the creation of Edison Forged Wedges”. Terry's 45 years as an entrepreneur, innovator, writer and creative driver has provided a wealth of experience that led to the creatioon of the Edison Golf Company. Accomplished brand manager, product developer, communications driver and writer, for the last two years Terry has been working on a completely new approach to wedge design and the Edison Forged wedges are now available for purchase. Launched in April 2020, Edison Forged wedges are designed specifically for recreational players, NOT tour professionals and they are unlike anything on the market in spin, launch angle consistency and distance dispersion. Check them out at www.EdisonWedges.com. Check out our extended conversation with Terry on our YouTube Channel and please subscribe and comment while you're there! Want to learn more about all things wedges? Terry provides insight and advice on The Wedge Guy blog. What is Gear Effect on the golf club face? Watch this explainer video to find out >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NceHUbLafOQ Terry talks about the “Smash Factor” - the efficiency of energy transfer in the golf club - and how he set out to equalize Smash Factor around a bigger area around the face of the golf club compared to what every other wedge does”. Find out about what the optimum "Smash Factor Ratio" number is for each club in your bag >> https://blog.trackmangolf.com/smash-factor/ Don't know what Terry is talking about when he mentioned how they test wedge design performance on Iron Byron? This picture should help. Special Guest: Terry Koehler - Chairman / Director of Innovation at Edison Golf Company.


21 Sep 2020

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Terry Koehler, Edison Wedges

Plugged In Golf Podcast

For his combination of decades of experience and willingness to share his unvarnished opinions, Terry Koehler is one of the best guests we've ever had on the Plugged In Golf Podcast.  In this interview, he discusses industry trends, how he created the Edison Wedge [review HERE], how he would fix golf, and much more.


12 Aug 2020

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S1E28 - Edison Wedges! We interview Terry Koehler "The Wedge Guy"

The Bogey Golf Podcast

In this action packed episode Larry recaps his caddying skills! Then we have a great interview with Terry Koehler "The Wedge Guy" about his custom Edison Wedges. Check out www.edisonwedges.com for more info. This episode is sponsored by www.monkeyknifefight.com use the promo code BOGEY all caps to get a $50 match on your first deposit.

2hr 7mins

29 Jul 2020

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On Spec: "The Wedge Show" - Talking wedges and design with Terry Koehler

GolfWRX Radio

This episode is all about wedges, from selecting the right lofts to making sure you have your lie angles dialed in we try and cover it all. Plus for the second part of the show, we have a conversation with Terry Koehler - Director of innovation at Edison Wedges.

1hr 8mins

27 Jul 2020

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The Wedge Guy's Commitment to Building the Best Wedge Ever featuring Terry Koehler of Edison Wedges


750: Terry “The Wedge Guy” Koehler returns to talk about his decades long quest to create the greatest wedge ever made that benefits the average recreational player. According to Terry, Chairman and Director of Innovation for Edison Wedges, wedge technology has not kept up with balls, drivers and irons. Hybrids and fairway metals are relatively new categories of clubs. Yet, today’s wedges look exactly like they did in the 1950s, but the demands are greater than ever. https://youtu.be/9eBXdHkX61I Our next giveaway is for a custom fit Edison Wedge of your choice courtesy of Terry and EdisonWedges.com. Deadline to enter is Sunday, August 9, 2020 at Midnight PDT/3a EDT. Enter at GolfSmarter.com/giveaway2020. Listen for details.Congratulations to Chris Goble of Elkhorn, NE, winner of a dozen Eagle quality, premium used balls of his choice courtesy of TwoGuysWithGolfBalls.com.This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans #66, we offer a rare combination of compelling teacher who also boasts a great story. Christopher Smith set a Speed Golf record in 2005 that he still holds today. He shot 65 in 44 minutes with only 6 clubs! Chris is featured in what was originally episode 154 called “Pick Up The Pace to Pick Up Your Game”How would you like a free copy of Tony Manzoni’s video “The Lost Fundamental”? All you have to do is write a review for Golf Smarter in Apple Podcasts (or where ever you subscribe to Golf Smarter) and forward your comments to @golfsmarter on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or via email to GolfSmarterPodcast@gmail.com.As this week is the opening of the 2020 MLB season, it’s also the start of the fourth season of the Radio Baseball Cards podcast. If you’re a fan of baseball, history, and great stories, you’ll love Radio Baseball Cards. Originally a radio pre-game show in 1987, these 2 minute episodes hosted by Hall of Fame Pitcher Don Drysdale feature the greatest players of the 20th Century sharing moments of their lives in and around the game. We kick off 2020 with Don Baylor talking about the pressure he faced in the 1960s as the first black student in a Texas all-white Jr. High School.


21 Jul 2020