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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Neha Sangwan. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Neha Sangwan, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Neha Sangwan. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Neha Sangwan, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep. 181 - Dr. Neha Sangwan

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"Everything changed when I could hear the voice of my own heart slightly louder than the voice of others." - Dr. Neha Sangwan

What do you need to heal in your life now to ward off any physical ailments in the future?

How can communication with yourself and others be affecting your physical and mental wellbeing?

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts, CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence as well as internal medicine physician, international speaker, corporate communication expert, and author of the book, TalkRx, Dr. Neha Sangwan, is sharing the answers to those questions and her mission is to improve the way we communicate with each other to avoid breakdowns later on in life.

Not only does she share how healthcare providers can inspire and engage their patients to create meaningful and lasting change in their health, accountability, and personal lives but also how her own burnout helped her focus on her own health as much as she was focusing on her patients’.

Discover how to prep for your next doctor’s appointment by listening to what your body is telling you, coming up with questions you need answers to, not staying silent about your health, and making sure something your provider says actually makes sense and resonates with you.

Learn what small changes you can make today to begin healing from burnout and become a better communicator with yourself and others.

“I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint - and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.” - Oprah Winfrey

Mar 10 2019 · 34mins
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Neha Sangwan, M.D. - Shower of Love Guided Meditation

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Enjoy this deeply relaxing guided meditation with Dr. Neha Sangwan.  Once you are in a comfortable position, settle in to the soothing sounds and voice of Dr. Neha as she guides you through a meditation that will help you tune in with the messages from your body and heart.  As you let go and surrender, you’ll feel a shower of love gently flow through your entire body.  This is the perfect meditation to use when you feel tired or overwhelmed, as this will help you release the weight of the world you’ve been carrying unconsciously.

Feb 17 2019 · 10mins

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Dr. Neha Sangwan on Movement as Medicine

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Dr. Neha Sangwan on Movement as Medicine by Lifestyle of Reverence
Jun 08 2017 · 23mins
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259 Dr. Neha Sangwan, Founder of Intuitive Intelligence & Author of TalkRX

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Dr. Neha Sangwan is the CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, is an internal medicine physician, international speaker and corporate communication expert. Her private practice and corporate consulting focuses on empowering individuals, organizational leaders, and their teams with the tools for clear, effective communication. She addresses the root cause of stress, miscommunication, and interpersonal conflict, often healing chronic conditions such as headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. This Inspired Conversation will bring you new communication skills and insight into your feelings. Learn. Create. Thrive. www.InspiredConversations.net

Feb 28 2017 · 42mins

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034: Dr. Neha Sangwan: 5 Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health and Happiness

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Dr. Neha Sangwan, a dedicated Internal Medicine physician, has practiced medicine for many years in hospitals where patients with life-threatening illnesses, upon their release home, would reveal deep secrets about their health challenges, and what was truly at the root. Her own unique experience with a debilitating condition, and her epiphany that communication (or more accurately - the lack of direct, honest and necessary communication) was at the heart of what ailed her and her patients, she found her calling to become a true communication expert, helping us say what needs to be said in order for health and well-being to be achieved and sustained. Dr. Neha joins Kathy and Mo for a deep and probing conversation about honest communication, why it matters and how it dramatically impacts your health, well-being and your life.

Jun 02 2016 · 49mins
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35 Neha Sangwan - Looking Inward for Your Health

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"When your mouth says yes and your heart says no, you get sick." - Neha Sangwan

Learn more about Hello Freedom at https://terricole.com/35

Feb 29 2016 · 33mins
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Neha Sangwan - Talk Rx—the prescription for honest conversations that will heal your life!

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We rarely notice our style of communication and how we “come across”. Do you say YES when you really mean NO? Do you have time-tested strategies to avoid CONFLICT? About the only time we’re conscious of it is when our relationships break down or become painful. And then we still tend to blame the other person. What are miscommunications costing you in your life? Your relationships? Your money? Yet you yearn for a soothing and peaceful life. Let’s pay attention to how we talk to ourselves, to others, and how in turn our body talks back to us.

Jan 07 2016 · 10mins
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– 30: Talk Rx: A Prescription for Connection, Health & Happiness, Part 2 with Dr. Neha Sangwan

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Welcome to Part 2 of our podcast with Dr. Neha Sangwan.

Dr. Neha Sangwan, CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, is an internal medicine physician, international speaker and corporate communication expert. In her new book, TalkRx, Dr. Neha Sangwan reveals practical yet profound communication tools that will strengthen your relationships, reduce your stress, improve your health, and save you time! Dr. Neha Sangwan was a featured presenter at the 2015 Emerging Women Live Conference.

In today’s episode, Neha and I speak about:

Desire: being able to articulate and get to the core of what we desire
The importance of clarity and the positive expression of what we want
How to change conversations with people who are not clear with their desires and the skills to do it
Vocalizing what we value and acting in alignment with these values
Neha’s 2-Step Decision Making Tool
Rewriting History, the importance of being vulnerable and how “Truth is Always the Answer”
Here is Part 2 of my conversation “Talk Rx: A Prescription for Connection, Health and Happiness” with the honest and wonderful: Dr. Neha Sangwan.
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Chantal Pierrat: OK, welcome back, Neha!

Neha Sangwan: Oh, it’s so good to be here again.

CP: Now, you are visiting your parents right now. What state are you in?

NS: New York.

CP: You’re in New York, OK. Are you on Long Island?

NS: Oh no, I’m in Buffalo. I live right outside New York in Williamsburg, but my parents live in Buffalo. So the whole family’s out.

CP: So this is a perfect opportunity to practice a little TalkRx.

NS: [Laughs] Family is always the perfect opportunity to practice communication skills.

CP: And you have—you said it’s your parents’ wedding anniversary?

NS: Yes, their 50th.

CP: OK, all right. Now’s the time. [Laughs]

NS: That is so true.

CP: Well, in our first part 1, we talked about your five-step process, which I think you call the i-Five?

NS: Yes, the i-Five conversation.

CP: The i-Five conversation. Maybe we should just quickly summarize the five parts, just for the listeners that might be coming in for the first time, even on part 2. And then we can dig into the part 2 of our podcast.

NS: Sure. The whole premise of the i-Five is that it’s five steps to having not just conversations, but honest conversations. And I think that’s where people get a little stuck. So I’ve broken it down into five parts, and the first part is your body. Basically, how our senses help us pick up information from the external world while we are simultaneously getting information from our internal world, like our heart racing, [our] stomach turning, all of that stuff that also is giving us information. And sometimes those two things are not in sync, right? So I’m saying “yes” but my stomach’s dropping. So that’s the body section, which is, how do you take in data from the outside world and inside world and have it sync up, and when it doesn’t, what do you do?

That data takes us to the second part of the i-Five conversation, which is your thoughts. So if I am in room and I’m talking to you, and my eyes tell me that you just get up and leave in the middle of a conversation, that’s data that I would pick up. I’ll make up a thought about it. I’ll decide that it means you’re not feeling well. I’ll decide that it means you don’t like me. I’ll decide all sorts of things. So the second step is around the thoughts we make up once we’ve observed the data from our body.

And then, depending on which thought I believe—if I think that you’re not feeling well, it leads me to step three, which is an emotion. So if I think you’re not feeling well, I might feel an emotion of concern or worry for you, for your health, how you’re feeling. Now, if the thought I made up was that I don’t think you like me or thought that our conversation was very interesting,
Aug 26 2015 · 41mins
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– 29: Talk Rx: A Prescription for Connection, Health & Happiness, Part 1 with Dr. Neha Sangwan

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Today my guest is Dr. Neha Sangwan, CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, internal medicine physician and corporate communication expert. She has written the new book TalkRx: Five Steps to Honest Conversations That Create Connection, Health, and Happiness, in which she reveals practical yet profound communication tools that will strengthen your relationships, reduce your stress, improve your health, and save you time!

In today’s episode, Neha and I speak about:

What she means by interpreting your body and then interpreting your thoughts
The importance of Self-Awareness and how our thoughts teach us more about ourselves than anything else
The 5 components of communication
Anger as a limiting factor in difficult conversations and how to overcome it
Slowing down to speed up: using awareness and understanding to resolve problems in communication quickly
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Aug 10 2015 · 55mins