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God in Us - Michael Sheridan

Noosa Church God in Us


2 Sep 2021

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Company Culture and Legal Industry Trends with Quovant CEO, Bill Horne, President, Michael Sheridan and Chief Technology Officer, Jon Israelson

CCBJ Perspectives

Quovant’s CEO, Bill Horne, President, Michael Sheridan and Chief Technology Officer, Jon Israelson, sit down for a conversation with host Kristin Calve on the culture of their company, trends in the legal space and their advice to professionals looking to improve technical and business intelligence.


14 Jun 2021

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An Interview with Michael Sheridan, Collegiate Sports

Legally Bond

In this episode of Legally Bond, Kim speaks with Bond collegiate sports attorney Michael Sheridan. Mike shares how he went from being a public defender to working in college sports and offers some tips for anyone interested in making the same career change.


3 May 2021

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A Hunger for the Bread of LIfe - Bishop Michael Sheridan's Pastoral Letter on the Eucharist

Catholic Halos

Bishop Michael Sheridan discusses his December 2020 pastoral letter on the Eucharist titled "A Hunger for the Bread of Life." 


29 Jan 2021

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Michael Sheridan Podcast

“What’s The Story?” With Lloyd Bracken

What a pleasure it was on this episode to chat to Clara GAA Legend - Michael Sheridan about his life as a Player, Chairman and so much more.Thanks for listeningLloydSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/whatsthestory)

1hr 21mins

21 Jan 2021

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EP 77: Interpreting Your Dreams with Michael Sheridan, Dream Analyst

Soul Sister Conversations

Michael Sheridan is Ireland's #1 dream analyst, regularly featured on the Ireland AM TV show. He has appeared on the BBC and countless other premier media outlets. He also hosts, “So, You Think You're Awake?" on KKNW in Seattle.  -- Using the power of dreams, Michael puts people in touch with the life they are meant to be living.  He says you can use the power of your dreams to: discover your life purpose and spiritual gifts, improve your relationships, and restore health.  . He shares how we can interpret our dreams and unlock what they are trying to tell us. -- CONNECT with Michael Sheridan: ▪️URL: https://www.dream-analysis.com ▪️Show Archives: https://www.dream-analysis.com/podcasts ▪️YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SpiritualDreamInterpretation ▪️Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spiritualdreaminterpretation ▪️To Download Michael’s dream symbols dictionary, click here https://www.dream-analysis.com/dictionary/ -- ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ EPISODE GUIDE ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 1:21 How Michael got involved in dream work? 3:43 Michael shares what his spiritual awakening was. 5:31 He started seeing spirits. 7:16 He just started sharing what he was learning with others. He says he became the person he shunned. 8:46 What is a dream? 9:42 Dreams come in an important language...symbols. 10:00 Our Higher Self has everything to gain and everything to lose by what we do in our lives. 12:29 Everyone dreams except people who are in a coma. 13:13 Why have we come here? 13:40 Obstacles are actually our path. We are meant to work through our limitations. 15:03 What is the difference between a nightmare and dream? 16:24 We dream every night even if we don’t remember it. 16:50 Michael gives you techniques to remember dreams. 17:30 Dreams will comment on what happened during that day. 18:53 Do we leave our bodies at night? 20:26 Why do dreams seem so disjointed? 22:28 Once you have dreams and remember them then comes interpreting them. Michael explains how to go about interpreting our dreams. Download Michael’s dictionary of symbols. https://www.dream-analysis.com/dictionary/ 24:33 A lot of dreams are warnings... they tell us what we need to change. Dreams don’t give up on us. 25:40 Everyone has a gift. Dreams will tell us exactly what your gifts are and how you are going to use them. 25:08 We have obligations...things we have agreed to before coming here. 26:23 By using your gifts you are repaying your karmic debts. 26:33 If we don’t use our gifts, when we pass and have our life review, we will realize all the things we didn’t do. 27:43 Michael explains the dreams he had that helped him find his gifts. 30:27 Dreams will even tell you to get out of relationships. 30:46 How can we have a dialogue with our dreams? Michael gives tips on how to do this. 33:13 If we see loved ones in our dreams, Michael explains what that means. 34:36 Michael explains some of the typical dreams we have. 39:20 Michael explains kids dreams. They are often horrific and he explains why that is. 44:25 Your children picked you for all the traits that you have...good and bad. 46:35 There is one entry point into this world...through a woman’s body. A woman is the doorway between this spirit world and the physical world. 47:44 Using dreams to heal health problems. Michael talks about digestive, heart & stroke issues.

1hr 9mins

2 Aug 2020

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Dream Analyst Michael Sheridan

Love From The Hyp with Sakura Sutter

Why is it important to interpret your dreams? What do they even mean? Find out on today's “Love From The Hyp” with Ireland’s #1 Dream Analyst Michael Sheridan


16 Jul 2020

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Love From The Hyp 07 - 15 - 20 Michael Sheridan

Alternative Talk- 1150AM KKNW

Why is it important to interpret your dreams? What do they even mean? Find out on today's “Love From The Hyp” with Ireland’s #1 Dream Analyst Michael Sheridan


16 Jul 2020

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How To Interpret ANY Dream With Famous Dream Meaning Expert Michael Sheridan

Lucid Dreaming Podcast By HowToLucid.com

What do your dreams mean? The interpretation of dreams is something that has been very confusing and difficult to understand for a long time. In this episode, I talk to a dream meaning EXPERT (Michael Sheridan) and someone who has been interpreting dreams for YEARS. ✅ GET A DREAM MEANING COURSE (exclusive offer for listeners of this episode from Michael Sheridan): https://www.dream-analysis.com/courses/howtolucid.htm ✅


10 Jun 2020

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Exploring the World of Coffee with Michael Sheridan of Intelligentsia

Unwasted: The Podcast

Most of us drink coffee regularly, but how often do you think about how and where it's grown? To help us understand the complicated intersection of business and agriculture that shapes the world of coffee, we invited Michael Sheridan of Intelligentsia coffee to the podcast. As the sourcing director of Intelligentsia, Michael has visited many of the world's top growing regions and has a unique perspective into the challenges facing the people that grow the coffees many of us know and love. In our chat, we talk about why the coffee market is so volatile for growers yet rarely impacts the price that coffee drinkers pay. We also explore why the direct trade model creates exceptional quality coffee and how fixed coffee pricing can actually be a net positive for coffee growers and buyers alike. Michael explains why surplus is such a persistent problem in the coffee industry, and what a more equitable and sustainable approach to growing coffee can look like. Whether you're a coffee nerd or just an avid drinker looking to learn more about how it's grown, this episode has something informative for you! Show Notes: Intelligentsia coffee's website Michael is a pioneer of the direct trade coffee model, which goes beyond Fair Trade to build up the livelihood of coffee workers year in and year out Michael pointed out that, like all agricultural workers, coffee workers have to negotiate a ton of risk with every harvest. In particular, coffee growers have to contend with climate risk, exchange rate risk, market risk, and price risk.As a perennial tree crop, it takes a while for coffee trees (technically shrubs) to start producing fruit. There is a four-year lag between when folks plant a coffee tree and when it starts bearing fruit. This lag is a large part of why the coffee market is so volatile and prone to surplus. Michael is adamant that since it's so complex in terms of flavor, coffee is much more like wine than it is other agricultural products that are traded as commoditiesMichael recommends brewing coffee at 205F. Less than 190 is too low and more than 205 can scald the coffee. The Speciality Coffee Association puts together educational materials about coffee that Michael recommendsA Chemex can be the gold standard for brewing specialty coffeeFor brewing coffee, Michael is a fan of using an Aero PressThe Borderlands project is seriously inspiringMichael recently started reading more fiction and recommends "The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbara KingsolverMichael's go-to karaoke song would be "Roadhouse Blues" by The DoorsMichael admires Paul Farmer and his work at Partners in HealthCheck out Intelligentsia's blog! 


16 Dec 2019