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200: Financial Wellness As The Ultimate Self Care With Jessica Moorhouse

The Clever Girls Know Podcast

On today’s episode, our special guest is Jessica Moorhouse and she shares how pursuing financial wellness can be the ultimate self care.Jessica is a money expert, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, speaker, award-winning personal finance blogger and, host of the popular More Money Podcast.Having graduated Simon Fraser University in 2009 with a degree in film, as a way to learn more about personal finance and teach others, Jessica took a left turn and launched her first personal finance blog in December 2011. She then launched the More Money Podcast in 2015 which now has almost 2 million downloads.Since then, she’s been the go-to millennial money expert in Canada, having been quoted in the media hundreds of times in addition to being a regular guest on CTV News’ Mind the Gap panel since 2018. She also gives presentations throughout North America to share her expertise and down-to-earth financial advice and teaches students how to build wealth by investing through her online course Wealth Building Blueprint for Canadians.In her free time, Jessica loves to travel, bake, and read memoirs.WHAT JESSICA DISCUSSED:- Her perspective of self care from a financial point of view- How to balance self care and personal finance without guilt- The best self care investments - Key financial or investing tips for our audience in Canada PLUS MUCH MOREYouTube video on the 10 things I no longer buy: https://youtu.be/49Z6O3vUnIgHOW TO KEEP UP WITH JESSICA:Via her website: https://jessicamoorhouse.comListen to her podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/mo-money-podcast/id996219697Via social media:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jessicaimoorhouseInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessicaimoorhouseTwitter: https://twitter.com/jessi_moorhouseYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jessicamoorhouse1❤ Get the best-selling Clever Girl Finance Books: clevergirlfinance.com/books❤ Get access to 30+ free courses, worksheets, savings challenges, and our favorite banking resources: clevergirlfinance.com/course-packages/❤ Read the Clever Girl Finance Blog: clevergirlfinance.com/blog❤ Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/clevergirlfinance


19 Jul 2021

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292 Season 12 Round-Up & Personal Update - Jessica Moorhouse, Host of the More Money Podcast

More Money Podcast

That’s a wrap on season 12 of the More Money podcast! I can’t believe that I’ve been recording this podcast for 6 years, which leads me to say a HUGE thank you to all my listeners, new and old of this podcast. It’s because of you that I’ve been able to continue to grow in both knowledge and confidence and host amazing guests on each episode. Today’s final episode is a solo one, I wanted to do a round-up of all that was discussed this season, as well as what's new in my business and personal life. I love being able to have an episode where I can just update and chat with all of you about what's been going behind the scenes in my life. I wanted to share how my 2021 has been and some plans I have going forward. I’m looking forward to my summer break and finally being able to see and hug my family and friends in Vancouver. You can always keep up to date with what I’m doing on my or and don't forget I have a channel, which I will still be posting to this summer, so be sure to follow me there. I’ll be back in the fall with brand new episodes, but until then enjoy today’s episode and have a safe (and vaccinated) summer! For full episode show notes visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/292


9 Jul 2021

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Teach Me How To Start Investing My Money, with Jessica Moorhouse

Teach Me How To Adult

Sure, #selfcaresundays are good for the soul, but do you know what else feels good? Financial empowerment. So today we’re talking all things investing with millennial money expert, Jessica Moorhouse. This is one of our most-requested topics and it’s no surprise why. In our recent Instagram poll, 80% of you said that you find investing intimidating — and we totally get that. A lot of us might believe that investing is only for super rich, middle-aged people, but we promise you that is not the case. It is SO key to start investing even the smallest amount while you’re young, so you can reap the benefits of those early investments later on in life. Hello early retirement!And as we learned in this episode, investing isn’t actually *that* complicated, so those who try to make it sound more difficult than it is have some sort of M.O. But we are ready to flip the script on that narrative to start building our financial skillset and investing with confidence!Jessica is a millennial money expert, speaker, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, award-winning blogger, host of the More Money Podcast and founder of the Millennial Money Meetup, a series of empowering personal finance events. Her mission is to teach others how to take control of their lives by taking control of their money and we are here for that! Tune in to hear more about: The basic investing terminology you should knowHow to tell when you’re ready to investThe different types of investments people can buyTypes of investing accounts you should openHow to invest if you don’t have a ton of moneyUnderstanding your risk tolerance and creating a balanced portfolioThe benefits of investing in increments VS going all inThe top 3 things people should look for when investing in a company This episode is brought to you by Dove. Visit teachmehowtoadult.ca/dove for details on how to try a free sample of their Deep Moisture Hand Sanitizer that we can’t stop raving about!Teach Me How To Adult is a podcast that serves up expert interviews, candid experiences and actionable advice on everything you never learned growing up. Follow along as we figure it out together!For show notes and more adulting tips, visit:teachmehowtoadult.caFollow us on the ‘gram:instagram.com/teachmehowtoadultpodcast Follow Gillian:instagram.com/yunggillianaire/Follow Cailyn:instagram.com/cailynmichaan/Follow Jessica:jessicamoorhouse.com/instagram.com/jessicaimoorhouse/More Money Podcast


16 Jun 2021

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Talking Financial Wellbeing with Jessica Moorhouse

Not Common Cents

We all feel super stressed and mega depressed about money. If you’re anything like the majority of millennials, chances are that even thinking about money gives you anxiety. But that’s why on today’s episode, we’re talking to Jessica Moorhouse, millennial money expert, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, speaker, award-winning personal finance blogger and host of the popular More Money Podcast. Jessica breaks down all the things millennials should know (but don’t) when it comes to their financial wellness! Want to learn more about the show? Check out our website: https://mailchi.mp/divethru/not-common-cents Follow Naomi on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naomileanage/ Learn more about Jessica on her website: https://jessicamoorhouse.com Or follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessicaimoorhouse/ Download the KOHO App: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/koho-fi... Follow KOHO on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getkoho/ Visit the KOHO Website: https://www.koho.ca/ Not Common Cents is produced in collaboration with DiveThru. Visit our website: www.divethru.com Follow DiveThru on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/letsdivethru/?hl=en Download the DiveThru App: https://go.onelink.me/5wa8/6f7adb47


10 Jun 2021

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How to Grow Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Business with Jessica Moorhouse

Holistic Wealth With Keisha Blair

Jessica Moorhouse How to Grow Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Business with Jessica Moorhouse        In this exciting episode, Jessica Moorhouse, millennial money expert, award-winning blogger, and host of the More Money Podcast, shares tips and strategies on how to grow your blog into a... The post How to Grow Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Business with Jessica Moorhouse appeared first on Institute On Holistic Wealth.


8 Apr 2021

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How to Grow Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Business with Jessica Moorhouse

Holistic Wealth With Keisha Blair

In this exciting episode, Jessica Moorhouse, millennial money expert, award-winning blogger, and host of the More Money Podcast, shares tips and strategies on how to grow your blog into a six-figure business. Jessica’s main passion is personal finance and living a balanced lifestyle. Ever since she discovered the transformative power of financial literacy, her mission has been to teach others how to take control of their lives by taking control of their money.  Jessica has always been very conscious of her relationship with money. She started working at the age of 15 and paid her way through university without any financial assistance (save for a $5,000 student loan in her last year of school). She started her blog as a hobby just to document her financial journey and keep herself accountable it flourished into a six-figure business.  Check out this exciting episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast with Jessica Moorhouse in conversation with Keisha Blair!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/keisha-blair/support


8 Apr 2021

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008. How to talk Money, Financial Freedom and Getting Financially Naked w/ Jessica Moorhouse

Bombshell Brunches's Podcast

Episode Eight - Get Mo’ Money!! We continue on our ‘setting up systems for success’ series with this bombshell money expert who actually leaves you feeling GOOD about your finances. From film into finance, West Coast to East, Jessica Moorhouse shares her journey from being a young starry-eyed graduate to a powerhouse go-to gal for financial freedom. Jessica drops so many great gems throughout this one-hour special, outlining simple, accessible ways to have a healthier relationship with your finances. We talk FIRE, fallacies, financial audits, how to ask for that raise, and what happens when you keep on looking for that dream job. A must-listen episode for all you Bombshells ready to get financially fit and FIERCE! REFERENCES:Website: https://jessicamoorhouse.comTo connect with Jessica:Facebook: click HEREInstagram: click HERETwitter: click HEREYouTube: click HEREPinterest: click HERETo connect with Bombshell Brunches: click HERETo connect with Kristina Lao: click HERETo connect with Raquelle Roodenburg: click HERE


21 Nov 2020

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Creating One Of Canada's Best Personal Finance Podcasts With Jessica Moorhouse, Host Of The Mo' Money Podcast

The New Money Podcast

This week, Nate sits down with Jessica Moorhouse who is the creator and host of the Mo' Money Podcast. With over 1 MILLION downloads and 200+ episodes, Jessica is the real deal! Listen in to hear her really awesome story how she grew the pod to where it is today, how she developed a killer money mindset and grew her personal brand to eventually leave her 9-5!  Jessica can be found at: Podcast: https://jessicamoorhouse.com/podcast Website: https://jessicamoorhouse.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessicaimoorhouse/?hl=en


22 Oct 2020

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Episode #10: Jessica Moorhouse, Financial Influencer

Behind Success

In this episode, I interview Jessica Moorhouse. Jessica is what’s known as a “money expert” having provided valuable content and services for years. She started getting into the finance industry in 2011 and since then has created a brand all by herself. She has her own podcast, “The Mo’Money Podcast, and her blog which has been featured by the media multiple times. She’s been doing this for nearly a decade and knows everything about saving money and how to make the most out of her finances. Her blog is one of the largest in Canada and she has a large audience on almost every social media platform. She does courses, public speaking, and panels. She’s been able to grow her brand to one of the most known names in Canadian finance and it’s because of all the great work and content she provides. We start the podcast by talking about how her interest developed into a career and what that looked like. Then we continue on and talk about how she’s been able to grow her brand and get her face in front of the media. Lastly, we talk about her blog and podcast and how she was able to attract a large audience and make the most out of both. Thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoy it.Newsletter, For Behind The Scenes Access: https://matthewsmillions.ca/newsletterYoutube, For Shorter Clips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBGcfInSsScfTg8EphdbB3AInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/matthewsmillions/Twitter: https://twitter.com/matthewsmilionsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/MatthewssMillionss/Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-nelson-0756b11b3/Support the show (http://matthewsmillions.ca)


28 Sep 2020

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The One About Money... With Millenial Money Expert Jessica Moorhouse

The Papaya Podcast

Does the word “money” make you sweat just a little? Yeah, me too! So today we dive into this realm of personal care by talking about our personal finances and looking at money in a whole new way. From savings, to optimizing our money and how we can use rewards programs like PC Optimum work in our favour! Asking hard questions, and getting tangible, easy to digest answers is what this episode is all about!   You can follow Jessica @Jessicaimoorhouse on IG, listen to her podcast “Mo’ Money Podcast with Jessica Moorhouse” or visit her website at www.jessicamoorhouse.com   Visit www.PcFinancial.ca/Papaya to learn more about the new PC Money Account we discussed today!    *This Episode Is Sponsored by PC Financial*


28 Sep 2020