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Building more equitable world through sport - Jessica Smith, Angel City FC

Sports Geek - A look into the world of Sports Marketing, Sports Business and Digital Marketing

Angel City FC's Jessica Smith discusses building a purpose driven revenue model on this Sports Geek episode. She chats with Sean Callanan about how sales and sponsorship can develop outcomes for the bottom line and for a more equitable world. Show notes -  https://sportsgeekhq.com/podcast/jessica-smith-angel-city-fc/


3 Jan 2023

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462 | Sex Work, Burnout, and Boundaries with Jessica Smith

ADHD reWired

In this episode, Eric is joined by Jessica Smith.  Jessica was ‘accidentally’ diagnosed with ADHD at age 25.  At age 27, she became a sex worker - specifically an independent webcam model.  A combination of creativity, tenacity, and luck helped her to grow a successful business and became one of the top webcam models on her cam site.   After spending 5 years in the industry, she unintentionally retired due to social and performance burnout.  Jessica attributes a large part of her entrepreneurial success to her ADHD and is now transitioning towards a career in ADHD coaching and streaming video games in her free time!  Jessica shares how she was diagnosed with ADHD, her experience in school, her thoughts about her own capabilities, and her view on relationships.  You’ll also hear how she heard about sex work and her time as a performer, her reasons for leaving the industry, the importance of community for alleviating shame, and her experience in the coaching groups.  Other Questions/Topics Answered in this Episode: [Timestamps coming soon!] Get ad-free episodes and the full conversation of this episode by becoming a Patron at $5 a month or more at adhdrewired.com/Patreon! - - - Check out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: with Brendan Mahan with Will Curb with MJ Siemens - - - ⭐️ We’re starting our 31st season of ADHD reWired’s Award Winning Online Coaching & Accountability Groups!  It’s your last chance to join because we’re starting this week - go to coachingrewired.com to get registered!


2 Jan 2023

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Championships with Jessica Smith (NZ) and EJ Harnden (CAN)

From The Hack

On this week’s episode of the From the Hack podcast we recap the first-ever Pan-Continental Championships held last week in Caglary. Our firs guest is Jessica Smith whose team earned New Zealand’s first ever invite to the World Women’s Championship after finishing 5th in Calgary, less than two after after being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Our other guest this week is EJ Harnden of Team Gushue who won the men’s event at the Pan-Continantels. Harnden, discusses the even in Calgary and his transition from Team Jacobs to Team Gushue.Facebook Twitter LinkedIn


10 Nov 2022

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Christian Alternatives to Yoga with Jessica Smith

Off The Bench with Heidi St. John

Is yoga harmless? Is it just another form of exercise, or is the strong spiritual component of yoga something Christians should be wary of? Yoga means "to yoke" or to open oneself up and invite in the spirit of yoga. Yoga sutras are a basically a guidebook for divination, which God expressly prohibits in the Bible. Listen in as Jessica Smith makes a strong case for how the poses alone invite spiritual forces into our lives that have no place in the lives of Christ followers. The Bible says, "You shall have no other God's before Me." Let's talk about alternatives to yoga today! SHOW NOTES--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/heidistjohn/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/heidistjohn/support


12 Aug 2022

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Christianity and Yoga: Do They Mix? with Jessica Smith

Off The Bench with Heidi St. John

Should Christianity mix with yoga? Are yoga poses benign if we do them but don't engage in the spiritual practice behind them? This is the question I'm asking my guest, Jessica Smith, who taught yoga for many years. Jessica has a unique perspective and a solid biblical stance on this modern controversy. Yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophical traditions, yet many Christians today are practicing yoga with the belief that yoga's deep ties to Hinduism and Buddhism can be avoided. I will confess, I thought the same thing—but not any longer. Jessica challenged me and opened my eyes to the truth about this topic. Listen in. I pray your heart is blessed and encouraged as you strive to know God in a deeper way and bring Him honor in everything you do. SHOW NOTES --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/heidistjohn/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/heidistjohn/support


11 Aug 2022

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Interview with Jessica Smith (@scarlettsleuth)

The OSINT Curious Project

This week, Micah (@WebBreacher) and Christina (@ChristinaLekati) talk with us Jessica Smith (@scarlettsleuth), founder of ClickSafe Intelligence and a volunteer at the National Child Protection Task Force.  We discuss Jessica's work in OSINT and her contributions at the National Child Protection Task Force. Jessica offers her perspective and tips in working against online child exploitation and together with parents to protect children from predators. She also talks to us about her latest venture, ClickSafe Intelligence, which aims to create and deliver relevant, illustrative, and evidence-driven child exploitation prevention and response education to parents, kids and child-safety professionals.  If you are a parent or simply a concerned individual that cares about online safety, this is a great interview to listen to. Links & Resources mentioned in this stream: Jessica's Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/scarlettsleuth National Child Protection Task Force: https://www.ncptf.org/ National Child Protection Task Force Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/NCPTF8 (@ncptf8) ClickSafe Intelligence: https://clicksafeintelligence.com/ ClickSafe Intelligence Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/clicksafeintel (@clicksafeintel) #osint #osintcurious #opensourceintelligence #onlinesafety --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/osintcurious/support


19 Jul 2022

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WWFinHS248 - Jessica Smith (Dyer, 2004)

We Weren't Friends In High School

Jessica came to Wissahickon in 9th grade, and promptly quit playing soccer to get back at her parents for making her move. We talk about bullying for girls, the best *NSYNC member, and how Jessica’s undiagnosed ADD affected her learning. As school went on, Jessica began partying at a different level than everyone else. Jessica talks about how drugs changed who she was, what she lost, and making living amends to repay her family.  Full Video @ youtube.com/REDSHIRTPLAYA Facebook: @WWFINHS IG: @WEWERENTFRIENDSINHIGHSCHOOL


18 Jul 2022

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#08 Jessica Smith - Growing a world-leading healthtech consulting agency with SomX

Founders Keepers

Jessica Smith is the co-founder and CXO of the privately-held innovation and communications agency, SomX, and whose expertise is specifically targeted at healthtech companies. SomX have provided personalised strategy, content and PR for more than 30 healthtech companies to date, including startups at seed stage, Series A and Series B, as well as corporates in healthcare, pharma and health and life insurance.Jessica was a previous Associate Director at global PR and marketing agency, and has broad experience in healthcare communications across NHS, corporate, charity, healthtech and pharma industry clients.Today, we talk about finding Somx’s niche; her experience of being a female founder in the healthtech space and not asking for permission; and her approach to ensuring a good work-life balance for her and her team (with some added guest vocals from her adorable labradoodle). You can find out more about SomX in the following ways:https://www.somx.co.uk/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/somx-healthtech/Instagram: @somx_healthtech/Twitter: @somXhealthtechFind us on:www.founders-keepers.comInstagram: @founderskeepers.podTwitter: @founders_podLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/founders-keepers-podcastGet in touch: hi@founders-keepers.com


15 Jul 2022

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45. Christ and His Mother with Hebrew Scholar Jessica Smith

In Her Image: Finding Heavenly Mother in Scripture, Scholarship, the Arts, & Everyday Life

In this episode, Jessica Smith takes us on a journey through the Bible and other ancient works to highlight how Christ interacted with and followed in the footsteps of his mothers, both earthly and heavenly. She explores the possible connection of Ashera legends to acts Christ imitated during his life. Whether as a polemic to show that he is greater than all previously worshipped gods, or perhaps as a nod to these earlier myths out of respect to his actual Mother in Heaven, Jessica illustrates that there is much to learn from the study of the anciently worshipped goddess Ashera. Jessica extrapolates on the beautiful symbols of motherhood throughout scripture in connection to Christ. She points out literal “Easter” eggs Christ dropped throughout his time on earth that seem to point to the women who influenced Him most. Jessica is on Instagram as @milkmaidshoney. Her YouTube videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rPs4FpJWGI Her podcast, Behold Thy Mother, is found here: https://open.spotify.com/show/5GhL7jv3Lff9L6TkRoRBpz?si=740eb0f8dfe4464b Special thanks to Kristina A. Bishoff for our beautiful new music! Soundtrack composer and long-time listener to In Her Image, Kristina can be found at https://www.kristinaabishoff.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/inherimage/support


17 Apr 2022

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#27 Jessica Smith OAM - Paralympic Swimmer, Speaker, Author, Winner of COSMO 'Women of the Year'.

Fitness Without Filter

This episode we talk about;* How you might train your brain to operate your new electronic hand.* From beating all other kids in the pool at school to the Paralympics by ten years old!* The experience of being an athlete once you're behind closed doors, the hidden pressures and how common eating disorders are amongst athletes.* As a public speaker Jessica began saying what she thought people wanted, then realised she needed to talk about the reality of her experiences. And much more!Find Jessica on: Instagram @jessicasmith27 and @justjessicabooksJessica's illustrated children's book 'Jessica Goes To School' is available on Amazon. ------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Instagram @rpthebodyengineer  Find me online at www.thebodyengineer.training for my recipe books, training and my currently  online programs (more coming soon!):


6 Apr 2022