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Ayahuasca Paranoia: That Time I Nearly Died in the Amazon - Alisha Smith

This is a True Story

“People say that ayahuasca is a truth serum, but I think it’s a fear venom. It drives its viney tendrils deep into the sludge of your soul. It has an arsenal of machinery ready to excavate the shittiest beliefs you hold about yourself. It can make you live your worst nightmares, often in the most creative of ways. And if you’re lucky, it may even kill you.”  Alisha presents her ayahuasca experience. Alisha Smith is an adventure driven personality that creates classes to help you heal and transform. She’s a notable meditation, movement and breathwork guide. Alisha creates transformational guided meditations, breathwork sessions, yoga classes and powerful energy healing techniques to help you on your journey.  Use these links below to practice with Alisha Smith. https://www.instagram.com/alishayoga/ https://linktr.ee/alishayoga https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtPMv6HEYAyNHiUtqV-55fg Don’t forget, if you find any value in this show then please use this link below to Buy Me A Coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/scottdavidson This is a True Story Podcast is found here, https://www.instagram.com/thisisatruestorypodcast/ http://truestorypod.com Scott Davidson is found here, https://www.instagram.com/living_adaptive/ https://linktr.ee/living_adaptive


23 Mar 2021

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Episode 015 SOFA SESH - New Chapters, Asking for Help and Wrapping up Season #1  w/ Alisha Smith and Emma Masters

The Inner Experience with Sam Asser

Alisha Smith is the director of Integral (Aerial Movement Society), an animal flow master instructor and International speaker. She is strategic, ambitious and a pocket rocket of energy. Emma Masters is an international educator and presenter all things group fitness, fitness experience and personalised health. And if you have ever had the pleasure of riding with her in her rhythm cycle classes it is next level. Together they co founded ONE corporate design  Unlocking human potential and helping people understand how they can be better leaders through tapping into your genetic code. Main Points; New chapters that cause fetus position moments, challenges, realisations and why it’s still the most fulfilling.  How to become a better leader through understanding your genes and biology. Wrap up of Season 1 The Inner Experience and what to expect in season 2.  Guest; Alisha Smith @itsalishasmith Emma Masters @ema_masters Podcast Website - https://www.samasser.com/podcast That Feminine Flow 6 week online course - https://www.samasser.com/feminineflow

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16 Jul 2019

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The Journey Towards Mastery with Alisha Smith

This Thing Called Movement

Alisha Smith is a highly-esteemed fitness professional, having worked across a multitude of roles and positions during her 15 years in the field. Currently, she is co-director of Integral, an aerial arts and movement studio in Sydney Australia, while also serving as a Master Instructor for Animal Flow. I am so excited to share this episode featuring Alisha, as she is such a thoughtful individual with so much passion for her craft, always seeking to gain more understanding in how she can be of even better service to her community and the world at large. It’s rare to meet someone who takes such serious consideration of utilizing their passion to help others make significant life changes, and Alisha is one of those special people out there.We discussed the value of the learning process, and how coming into practices as a novice and how being on the journey of developing your mastery is such a rich place to live in and experience, the importance of listening to our bodies and being willing to receive all the information that is being held there, and one of my favorite topics, the importance of tuning into your own curiosity and interests in order to help spark and fuel your movement journey. I enjoyed every moment of this conversation and am so grateful to Alisha for generously sharing her experiences, her passion, and her love for movement with us all!To connect further with Alisha, you can head over to her business website and Instagram account, or follow her on her personal IG listed below:www.integralaerial.com@integralaerial@itsalishasmith Be sure to share this episode with friends if you enjoyed listening, and of course please leave us a review if you liked what you heard!

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5 Apr 2019

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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 006: Let’s Talk Alternative Fitness, with Alisha Smith

Move Daily Health Podcast

Is it possible to get fit and stay healthy without the traditional gym experience? In today's episode, your Move Daily Health Coaches welcome the co-Director of Integral Aerial, Alisha Smith, to explore the world of Alternative Fitness.Alisha's experience in the fitness industry has led her to a very clear conclusion: Fitness has to be personalized. Today we discuss everything from Crossfit to Aerial and Animal Flow to Strongman, and how to make all types of fitness accessible to all populations.Key topics:0:00 - Who is Alisha Smith?3:05 – What is Alternative Fitness?6:15 – Do you need a barbell to get fit and be healthy?7:35 – The importance of personalizing fitness10:45 – How Crossfit has positively impacted Alternative Fitness11:40 – How Integral makes Aerial accessible to all populations15:05 – Why Alisha fell in love with Aerial, and how it has helped shaped her career- Continuous and never-ending improvement & Inclusivity19:30 – Alisha discusses her biggest obstacles as an Entrepreneur21:40 – The importance of outsourcing for small-business owners22:40 – What leadership truly means24:00 – We discuss Dain’s first encounter with aerial silks25:00 – The positive impacts of alternative fitness on young people28:20 – How Integral merges ground-based movement into an Aerials program29:56 – Difference between closed chain and open chain movements, and the value of having a diverse movement diet32:36 – How Animal Flow made Alisha a better Aerialist, and Dain a better Strongman Athlete34:45 – How to make Aerial safe and scalable for anyone… even those who are afraid of heights!39:20 – Alisha’s peak moment as a coach: We all communicate and learn differently41:40 – Why we all benefit when we stop worrying about what others think43:15 – Alisha’s book recommendation:- The One Thing, by Gary Keller44:35 – Alisha’s two non-negotiable self-care tools:- Get outside every day- Move every day46:08 – Alisha’s one piece of advice to help you with your health and well-being48:20 – Alisha’s contact deetsFurther Reading:https://www.movewelldaily.com/why-movement-matters/More about Alisha Smith:With over 14 years of industry experience across a range of hands-on training, development and leadership roles, Alisha is not your average fitness educator and practitioner. For over a decade Alisha held the role of Learning and Development Manager at Australian Fitness Network, where she was responsible for the curriculum development and delivery, and conference programming that has qualified or up-skilled many thousands of new and existing fitness professionals.Alisha is also co-Director of Integral, a ground-breaking movement studio that is at the forefront of aerial instruction in Australia, where she leads a team of superstar movement educators.As evidenced in her work as an Animal Flow Master Instructor, Alisha’s love of sharing intelligent movement, bodyweight exploration, and skill acquisition with kids and adults of all ages and experience levels underpins her dynamic, articulate and encouraging teaching style.An accomplished writer, presenter and mover, Alisha also brings an astute, humorous and authentic approach to her mentoring and speaking work.Connect with Alisha:https://www.integralaerialsilk.comFacebook: Alisha SmithInstagram: @integralaerialInstagram: @itsalishasmithIf you enjoyed our conversation and would like to hear more:Please subscribe to The Move Daily Health Podcast on Stitcher or iTunes.We would also appreciate a review!Thank you and stay tuned for the next episode, dropping on the 1st and 15th of each month!


1 Feb 2019

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