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AMR Origins Series - Episode 10 - John Chen, Daniel Elfenbein, Hart Posen, & Ming zhu Wang

Academy of Management Review Origins Series

***** Article web link:  https://doi.org/10.5465/amr.2019.0119 Welcome to the Academy of Management Review's Origins Series, where we ask, "Where does theory come from?" in order to demystify the theory-building process.  In this interview series, authors of forthcoming AMR articles discuss how they got the ideas for their papers, and share their process for developing new theory in the field of management. In this episode, John Chen, Daniel Elfenbein, Hart Posen, and Ming zhu Wang discuss their paper, "The Problems and Promise of Entrepreneurial Partnerships: Decision Making, Overconfidence, and Learning in Founding Teams."


24 May 2021

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Chambers Talks Episode 7: Business Model Shift to Software with John Chen of BlackBerry

Chambers Talks: A Podcast Series with John Chambers

How do companies adapt when change is thrust upon them? On the next episode of “Chambers Talks: A Podcast Series with John Chambers,” John turns to John Chen, Executive Chairman & CEO of BlackBerry, to answer that very question. Listen for lessons learned about pivoting, changing direction, and how you get employees, stakeholders, and the market to buy-in to a complete business model shift.


5 May 2021

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Navigating the Shift From In-Person to Virtual Meetings | John Chen

You're Doing it Wrong with Mark Henderson Leary

One of the biggest changes in the business world is the shift from in-person meetings to virtual ones. And as with most changes, you'll find people who are hesitant and even outright against these changes. But then we have people who were willing to give it a try in the beginning who are now finding themselves sick and tired of Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting. John Chen, is the author of "Engaging Virtual Meetings" and he truly believes that nobody really hates virtual meetings for the sake of simply hating it. Today, we go over the many personal, emotional and psychological factors that can help revitalize and change people's treatment of virtual meetings and help teams communicate effectively, even if they're miles apart.06:52 - How do we encourage our teams to perform at the highest level if people are starting to systemically reject being virtual.13:30 - There are some people who just don't like change.18:26 - One reason why people don't like virtual conference calls is because they don't like how they look on camera or they don't like the sound of their voice.34:35 - John Chen on his book, "Engaging Virtual Meetings"41:43 - What's the first thing that people should do to create virtual safety.53:52 - The hard stuff is easy; the soft stuff is hard1:02:07 - Put yourself in an environment that you feel good about1:10:04 - Let the inmates run the asylum1:14:00 - What made John Chen write his book on virtual meetings1:29:45 - Winning teams never shut up1:31:59 - John's passionate plea to entrepreneursIf you feel like your teams are not communicating as effectively as they were inside the conference room, John Chen is holding a conference on October 21 on Engaging Virtual Meetings. The conference (which will take place virtually, of course) will go over common reasons why people are objecting and rejecting virtual meetings and the steps they can take to not only make virtual meetings as good as in-person ones, but to make full use of technology to make virtual meetings even better. To register, simply click this link: http://engagingvirtualmeetings.com/conferenceGET IN TOUCH:MARK LEARY:www.linkedin.com/in/markhlearywww.leary.ccJOHN CHEN:www.facebook.com/ceojohnchenwww.linkedin.com/in/ceojohnchenwww.twitter.com/bigkidProduction credit:Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthyArt / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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14 Oct 2020

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175: Engaging Virtual Meetings Mindfully with John Chen

Everyday Mindfulness Show

How many hours a day are you on a video or Zoom meeting? Make the most of that meeting with proper intentional planning. Author of Engaging Virtual Meetings and CEO of Geoteaming John Chen tells us how a little bit of mindfulness can increase the success of online meetings by 10x.


12 Oct 2020

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Be Willing to Say Yes to Something You Didn't Expect - John Chen, Founder, Geoteaming

Rockstar Achievers

We welcome back to the show, John Chen, the virtual leader of Geoteaming! John has spent over 20 years building a successful team building business. When COVID-19 hit, revenues plummeted as his clients began cancelling all  in-person events, his main life-line. What saved Geoteaming from folding under? About John:  John has been virtually meeting for over 35 years, he met on Prodigy, he can juggle 8 screens of information at a time, and he has planned an international conference for 200 for Microsoft. John started Geoteaming 23 years ago and is a recognized thought leader on engaging virtual meetings.  He is the John Wiley and Sons author of “Engaging Virtual Meetings” and “50 Digital Team Building Games”, a top selling business book.  John’s clients learn from his over 35 years of virtual meeting experience.  His work has earned him multiple awards.  More than 230,000 clients across the United States and in countries including Spain, France and Taiwan have experienced breakthrough results. John is the extreme leader of Geoteaming – he climbs mountains, walks on fire, swims with dolphins in the wild, rides Harleys, organizes Super Bowl Suites while meeting with people from around the world from his computer.  john@geoteaming.com (206) 856-8491 http://geoteaming.com/ https://www.facebook.com/geoteaming https://www.linkedin.com/in/ceojohnchen/


2 Sep 2020

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for COVID-19 with Dr. John Chen

New Frontiers in Functional Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is used in all settings in China for COVID19, with preliminary outcome data very, very strong. Indeed, outcome data using TCM for prevention and treatment of SARS Cov1 was equally strong. Listen to one of the most important and timely conversations I’ve had to date on New Frontiers with Dr. John Chen, one of the world’s leading experts in TCM (with western pharma training). Framing TCM in language clear for the Western-trained clinician, and translating the early descriptive language, Dr. Chen (author of the seminal textbooks used in all the TCM training programs in the US) is actively following TCM in China, and shares his experience, insight, and observations with all of us. An incredible, and timely, conversation, worthy of your utmost attention. ~DrKF Dr. Chen, author of the seminal textbooks used in all the TCM training programs in the US is actively following TCM in China


1 Apr 2020

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From Hedge Fund to eCommerce Entrepreneur - Interview with John Chen

The Sound Money Podcast

In this episode, Steve sits down with John Chen a fellow entrepreneur and online business flipper. John tells his story about being at a hedge fund in NYC and applying tactics like "look down before you look up" to buying small businesses. John covers his experience with his first eCommerce venture called Blush & Bar which he sold for six figures. Listen till the end for some amazing tips on how to start your first business.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/soundmoney/support


8 Jan 2020

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John Chen - Geoteaming at GamiCon 2019

The Gamification Quest

John Chen is a Digital Team Building Expert.  He is the CEO of Geoteaming specializing in corporate team building and leadership programs that use technology and adventure, and the Wiley author of "50 Digital Team Building Games”. John has completed over 1,110 team building events with over 100,000 clients. GamiCon 2019 will be held in New Orleans, LA on September 15-17, 2019. This year's conference will culminate with a combined Geoteaming event with the TechLearn19 participants for a team building and networking adventure in the city of New Orleans. www.GamiCon.us The Gamification Quest Podcast Host is Monica Cornetti, CEO of Sententia Gamification (www.SententiaGamification.com)and Gamemaster of GamiCon - The Conference for the Gamification of Learning (www.GamiCon.us)


28 Jul 2019

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Beyond Medicine - #2: John Chen, MD

Beyond with Ben Bobo

Dr. John Chen is a neurologist in Orange, California and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Chapman Global Medical Center and Orange County Global Medical Center. He received his medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Chen accepts several types of health insurance, listed below. He is one of 4 doctors at Chapman Global Medical Center and one of 8 at Orange County Global Medical Center who specialize in Neurology.


19 Apr 2019

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98 - BlackBerry CEO John Chen; Plus, How to Beat Amazon

Fortt Knox

The theme this week is "underdogs." John Chen has history in this department: His parents escaped communist China to Hong Kong, and his father had to work jobs beneath his education level so Chen could have a shot at a better life. At age 17 he came to the United States to finish high school. After he entered the workforce, Chen hit a roadblock. It wasn't common at the time for engineers to get promoted into broader management positions, and he was still growing in his comfort with communicating as a leader in English, his second language.Fast-forward to today, and Chen has been CEO of BlackBerry for five years. He has taken the company from a dying smartphone maker to a stable provider of security and automotive software. And it's not Chen's first turnaround; after becoming CEO of Sybase in 1998, he led a reinvention that saved the company. In all of my years covering Chen, I'd never heard his personal story. For the Fortt Knox 1-on-1 this week, I finally get to the root of why Chen is so comfortable playing the long game when it comes to leadership ... and how it ties back into the sacrifices he saw as an immigrant and the son of refugees.


10 Nov 2018