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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Keren Elazari. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Keren Elazari, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Keren Elazari. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Keren Elazari, often where they are interviewed.

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The Importance of Hackers: Analyst Keren Elazari

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[Sponsored] The development of cyber security is interwoven with the evolution of the hacker community. Keren Elazari, cyber security analyst and senior researcher at the Tel Aviv University Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, educated the world in her 2014 TED talk on the importance of cultivating friendly hackers for the protection of the internet. Today, she researches the most pressing cyber security threats, and how to prevent these breaches.

In this episode, Elazari shares her story of becoming a hacker as a young woman in Israel and speaks of the empowerment she gained through becoming an important player in the global community of hackers. She explains how businesses, organizations, and governments now collaborate with helpful hackers by creating bug bounty programs and other initiatives. Elazari explains tips for what companies should be looking for in way of cyber threats.

Business Lab is hosted by Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, the CEO and publisher of MIT Technology Review. The show is produced by Katherine Gorman, with editorial help from Emily Townsend and Mindy Blodgett. Music by Merlean, from Epidemic Sound.

Aug 01 2019 · 34mins
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From Dystopia to Opportunity: Stories from the Future of Cybersecurity | With Keren Elazari & Amit Elazari

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Because the future of cybersecurity is not about protecting secrets; it’s about our way of life.

In this podcast, we get to know two fantastic women in the cybersecurity community: a friendly hacker and a lawyer, who also happen to be sisters whose individual careers have inspired one another. We hope that they will inspire many young people to pursue their passion and hopefully a career in InfoSec, as a hacker, as a lawyer, as a psychologist, as a researcher, or whatever their dreams may be.

The Future of CyberSecurity as a Way of Life.

Quality role models are what we need in our society nowadays more than ever. Some kids are lucky enough to have a role model in their household, others need to wait for school, and sometimes it can be a book or a movie that sparks the inspiration within them to follow their passion and dreams.

Sometimes, as in Keren’s example, that means using one’s skills and power to manipulate technology in order to bring positive changes in the world.

Inspired by Keren, Amit has followed her sister into the cybersecurity realm and brought her legal experience to the table.

In their keynote presentation, they tell a fascinating story that, through the legal and the hacker perspectives, allows us to see into the future of cybersecurity and predict what it may look like — but with the twist of turning fear, doubt and uncertainty of a dystopian future into hope for what it could be if we come together as a community and make changes now.

Maybe it’s finally time to make that change that so many of us envision when we discuss cultural changes in the way we interact with technology and the way we perceive cybersecurity and privacy in our cyber society.

Maybe we are really getting to that breaking point where technology is driving the need for a new form of social contract where we reset the norms for privacy, identity, morality and the overall use and scope of technology itself.

If in any form or shape you are interested in your cyber future, you should listen to this podcast and, if you can, attend this keynote at RSAC 2019 (or listen to it later).

Because The future of cybersecurity is about our way of life.

Because the future is now.

Listen up.

There is no turning back.

Keren Elazari | Amit Elazari

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Feb 20 2019 · 47mins

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Episode 409: Keren Elazari

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Mar 16 2015 · 45mins
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Security Weekly #409 - Interview with Keren Elazari

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Mar 16 2015 · 1hr 42mins
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Keren Elazari - Empowering Hackers to Create a Positive Impact

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Slides Here: https://defcon.org/images/defcon-22/dc-22-presentations/Elazari/DEFCON-22-Keren-Elazari-Empowering-Hackers-UPDATED.pdf

Empowering Hackers to Create a Positive Impact
Keren Elazari

In March 2014 I spoke at the annual TED conference about why hackers are a vital part of the information age. I claimed that the world actually needs hackers, and that they play an important social, political and technology role. At first I thought I will encounter objection, but I found out I was preaching to the choir. Surprisingly, many of the smart, powerful, rich people at TED thought hackers were just great. Then I realized: I was preaching to the WRONG choir. It’s the hackers who are the change agents, and the only ones who can make a difference when it comes to the future of the net. That’s why this talk will speak to the heart of the hacking community about the practical things hackers can do to create a positive impact on the world. Essentially, it’s about being a good hacker while staying out of jail and making the world a better place – with things like community outreach projects, crypto parties, voluntary red teams, responsible disclosure and stopping the spread of FUD.

Keren has been a key member of the Israeli Cyber Security & Hacking scene for the past 14 years. Since 2000, Keren has been employed with leading Israeli security firms, government organizations, Big 4 and Fortune 500 companies. Keren currently covers emerging security technologies as a security industry research analyst with GigaOM research. In 2014, Keren was invited to speak at the prestigious TED conference about the important social & political role of hackers. In recent years, Keren has been a featured speaker at events like DLD 2013, RSA Conference 2013, WIRED 2012 and the NATO International conference on Cyber Conflict. Keren holds a CISSP security certification, a BA in History and Philosophy of Science and is currently a research fellow and MA candidate with the prestigious Science, Security & Technology workshop at Tel Aviv University. In 2012, Keren held the position of Security Teaching Fellow with Singularity University, a private think tank in Mountain View, California.

Dec 13 2014 ·