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Prioritize Your Health with Angela Manuel Davis

Not Almost There

🚴🏽‍♀️Angel Manuel Davis is an international fitness evangelist and motivational coach.  As a former member of the USA Track and Field Team, Angela was a five-time All-American who held world rankings in the 100-meter dash. Angela was also an Olympic Trials semi-finalist, a member of the World Championship team, and a professional runner for Nike. In 2014, Angela appeared on and was a part of the national arena tour. Born into a sports family, Angela’s father Jerry Manuel played, coached, and managed baseball in the MLB. Drive, determination, and a competitive spirit were instilled in Angela from an early age. Angela has been coaching and training private clients for over 15 years. With her motivational message and passion for fitness, Angela created Los Angeles’ most in-demand group cycle class, training influential cultural forces such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, David Beckham, and Kerry Washington. Equally a powerhouse as a fitness coach and motivational speaker leading events across the country, Davis was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Live the Life You Want Tour and Oprah’s 20/20 Vision Tour. Most recently, Angela has taken on the title of AARMY Co-Founder & Chief Motivation Officer.  →IN THIS EPISODE… Joe discusses with Angela her incredible journey in athletics.  From starting as a track star ranked in the top 25 in the world, to pioneering the workout world by coaching with intention and starting AARMY, a dynamic workout lifestyle. Angela gives great advice on how to make fitness a priority as well as how to make it a priority for your children. 🔍 Breakdown with Angela Manuel Davis: Chapter 1 (0:00​) Introducing Angela Manuel Davis Joe introduces Angela. Chapter 2 (2:16) Motivation through movement Being born into an athletic family, Angela grew up with the idea that everyone who moves is an athlete.  By pushing those in her class, Angela can pour in the motivation while they are giving all they can. Chapter 3 (4:32​) Origin story Angela explains how she started incorporating motivation into her classes. She learned from her father the importance of helping people live their best life and put a demand on their potential. Chapter 4 (7:36) The gift within Once Angela left track and field she was teaching cycling and workout classes and started feeling the urge to give words of wisdom and inspiration along with the instruction, and realized she couldn’t suppress it and should suppress it. Chapter 5 (11:11) Pioneer in the workout space Today we see Peloton, but before that there was Angela. She was the first to incorporate inspiration and words of praise into exercise. She develops a coaching relationship versus that of instruction only. Chapter 6 (14:51) Finding gratitude within Angela credits her mom for the importance of gratitude in her life. She explains how to wake up in gratitude, purpose, and how to choose a mindset. Chapter 7 (21:34) Daily ritual Start with why and incorporate that into your day. When you start your day with gratitude and good intentions, it stays with you throughout your day. Chapter 8 (​27:20) Creation of AARMY Starting a new business right before a pandemic caused some problems, but also created some opportunities. AARMY is an amazing online workout community that inspires as much as it pushes you physically. Chapter 9 (33​:32) Community and accountability Find your community. This piece of advice is important to help you with your goals, whether they are for your mind or body. Chapter 10 (39:18) Make the time You have to prioritize your health on the same level as eating and sleeping. You can’t allow yourself the thought of “you don’t have the time.” No one is going to hand good health and fitness to you. Chapter 11 (42:06) Parental advice  Make screen time equal to the amount of physical activity. Also, be sure to listen and encourage their own goals so they can have their best sense of self-esteem.  Chapter 12 (46:37) Speed Round Questions Angela answers some quick questions from her favorite spot in Chicago to her favorite non-important thing to do.  Chapter 13 (50:42) In Closing Joe wraps up this episode and gives you his favorite takeaways. Material Referenced in this interview: →Sign Up for AARMY FREE first month! →AARMY Gear →Grit by Angela Duckworth 📞 Connect with Angela →https://www.aarmy.com/ →https://angelamanueldavis.com/ →https://www.facebook.com/shapewithangela/ →https://twitter.com/shapewithangela?s=20 →https://www.instagram.com/angelamanueldavis/ 👊 To learn more about Not Almost There by visiting this link  → Not Almost There http://notalmostthere.com/​ Connect with Joe on social here: →Instagram https://www.instagram.com/joe_chura/​ →Facebook https://www.facebook.com/notalmostthere/​ →Twitter http://twitter.com/joechura


22 Mar 2021

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Ep. 300 Chief Motivation Officer of our Hearts with Angela Manuel Davis

That's So Retrograde

This week on the show, legendary fitness guide, Angela Manuel Davis joins us for an inspired conversation on the spiritual power of our physical bodies. As co-founder of Aarmy, Angela is on a mission to connect people with their innate power to lead healthy and fulfilled lives through fun and a ferocious commitment to inspiring change from the inside out. PS subscribe to our newsletter and get early access to the new merch collab with FOR DAYS!    Partners include Usual Wines: www.usualwines.com code retrograde Talkspace: www.talkspace.com/retrograde Purely Elizabeth: www.purelyelizabeth.com code retrograde   NEWSLETTER: http://thatssoretrograde.com/   Produced by Dear Media


18 Feb 2021

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"Confidence in Uncertainty"- Angela Manuel Davis- Episode 1- February Series 2021

Get Uplifted

In this episode we talk about finding Confidence in Uncertainty and how to "be strong enough in our body to actually LIVE, not just EXIST”. We talk about being strong enough to live the life we love and continue to show up and rooting it in something of substance. How to look at resolutions differently- reflect on something you’re grateful for instead of thinking of the things you want to change- Posture of Gratitude- not looking at what you don’t have- looking at a positive rather than the negative. Sometimes a negative will get you to the starting line but it won’t drive you to the finish line like a positive mindset of purpose and possibility. Even in uncertainty you can have confidence- knowing you are prepared for this moment! You don’t know who you are until you are put in these situations - Regardless of the anxiety, pain, uncertainty we all have the relentless ability to RISE and PRESERVER! Purpose looks different in each season of our lives and your are prepared for this season! What’s the remix of the gift? You’re not just a one hit wonder. YOU ARE ALL THE THINGS! -Her blend of Sport and Spirituality,   -You were "Created in purpose, on purpose, for a purpose." -Living in purpose. -Change your mind, change your body, change your life. Attach it to something that will take you through to the finish line. -Surrender to the process When you’re willing to sacrifice having everything figured out - Show up in vulnerability, being yourself, and be of service- you will be met. -Taking the spotlight off us and creating a flash light to shine on others and show them the way. -Significance of being of service. -Operating in your gifts and talents -Community is key Having people in your life that are willing to hold up your hands up when you can’t- Thriving in community-  How AARMY shifted to digital over night in the pandemic and held 150 days of free live practices- first brand to go live on Instagram for free creating a global AARMY and connecting with people all over the world.  "Willingness to pivot"- Pivoting in a pandemic Peace surpasses understanding. Encouragement on how to get started in moving your body- Just start!


2 Feb 2021

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Episode 839: Social Club Misfits and Angela Manuel Davis

The RELEVANT Podcast

Today we're joined by one of our favorite hip-hop groups, Social Club Misfits. We talk to them about their new direction, the state of church and of course, their groundbreaking new album. We also have the second installment of our fall wellness segment, presented by UHSM. We talk to fitness guru Angela Manuel Davis about the connection between exercise and spiritual health. Plus, the cast gets into the COVID spike and vaccine news, the new report that divorce rates are at 50-year lows, and yeah, the prophets who are trying to undo their election predictions. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/relevant-podcast/message

1hr 8mins

13 Nov 2020

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047 | Angela Manuel Davis: "What Are You Passionate About?"

Depression Detox Show

International fitness evangelist, motivational coach, and former member of the USA Track and Field Team, Angela Manuel Davis, debuts on the show to discuss how to find YOUR purpose.   You can watch her talk, here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnwdpC0Omk4    Connect with Angela Manuel Davis:    Website https://angelamanueldavis.com   Instagram angelamanueldavishttps://www.instagram.com/angelamanueldavis/?hl=en   Hosted by Malikee Josephs (Pronounced Muh leek Jo seffs)   Follow the show on Instagram at @DepressionDetoxShow.


16 Sep 2020

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Angela Squared Bootcamp w/ Angela Manuel Davis

On One with Angela Rye

Angela is a faithful attendee of Angela Manuel Davis's always packed cycling classes at her new studio, AARMY. It has changed her life, so she is inviting you all to experience the awesomeness of Angela Manuel Davis! She is not just a trainer to some of the biggest names of our time, she is genuinely a purpose doula--ushering us all to our greatest and best selves. Angela (your podcast host) truly does her dope training NO JUSTICE, but when you're as dope as Angela (your trainer)--you shine anyway!


21 May 2020

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Oprah 2020 Vision Tour Talk w/ Angela Manuel Davis - Super Soul Sitdown

Super Soul Sitdown

Are the words that you speak partnering with your intention? Why did you do what you do? Angela Manuel Davis says your why should make you cry! Join Jaimi Alexander and Haley J as we talk the power of intention and being a visionary! Hosted by Haley J and Jaimi Alexander Follow us on http://www.Twitter.com/AfterBuzzTV "Like" Us on http://www.Facebook.com/AfterBuzzTV For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit http://www.AfterBuzzTV.com


28 Apr 2020

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Oprah and Angela Manuel Davis: Your Life in Focus

Super Soul

Former All-American athlete, world-renowned fitness expert and celebrity trainer, Angela Manuel Davis, joins WW presents Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour for a talk in front of a live audience in St. Paul, Minnesota. Angela opens up about a difficult divorce and post-partum depression. Angela explains how she uses her body to helpf fulfill her life’s intention. She shares what wellness means to her, why we should pay attention to the words we say and discusses what she believes is the difference between vision and sight. Angela also leads the audience in what she calls a vision activation exercise.


22 Apr 2020

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Ep 217 - Wellness from the Inside Out with Angela Manuel Davis

The Great Girlfriends Show


6 Nov 2019

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Uncovered with Dr. Laura Berman: Highlights

On this episode of Too Risqué for Radio: The second part of our conversation with Angela Manuel Davis. All about finding purpose. Change from the inside out. Check it out right here!

3 Jan 2019