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Humanize AI - Nicole Alexander & Dr. Lobna Karoui

AI Exponential Thinker

A new Episode of the Serie "Humanize AI" in the unique AI Chanel of Trust "Exponential Trust Times " by AI Exponential Thinker. An Authentic Discussion in Times of Exponential Technologies with - Nicole Alexander , Professor of marketing and technology for New York University (NYU) and analytics Lecturer at Columbia University - Dr. Lobna Karoui , Executive AI Business Leader at Fortune 500  with two decades experience in building AI products and services for millions of users and advising  hundreds of C-suite leaders about digital transformation / Generating values from Technologies - AI. As a philanthropist, she is the president of AI Exponential thinker with a target to inspire and empower 1 Million young boys and girls, horizon 2025, about Trust Technologies and AI Opportunities.  She is an international Speaker and interviewer recognized as an AI Expert by Forbes, Bloomberg and MIT. Follow us and subscribe AI Exponential Thinker, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram or via contact@aiexponentialthinker.com to interact with our Guests, meet great speakers and mentors from great companies such as Amazon, WEF, Harvard and more or via contact@aiexponentialthinker.com to interact with our Guests, meet great speakers and mentors from great companies such as Amazon, WEF, Harvard and more


3 Mar 2021

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E19: How To Follow Thru & Get The Body You Want with Special Guest Nicole Alexander

Heal My Hair Podcast By Host Precious Rutlin, Trichologist

In this episode, Precious is joined by Nicole Alexander, a Nurse Practitioner, and currently the owner and CEO of Health and Weight Loss Solutions. She is also the author of “28 Day Ditch Your Sugar Program”. If you’re not healthy, your life will not be balanced. No matter how rich you are, no matter how many friends you got, no matter how many people love you, your health can kill you. This episode teaches listeners how to really get healthy and take care of your body.  FB: @befitwithnicole IG: nicole_alexander_apn 28 DAY DITCH THE SUGAR PROGRAM Book  https://www.amazon.com/dp/0359758320/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_G35rFb1JCVN42 Website: https://d2bfit.com


13 Oct 2020

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7: Imagining the Past-HNSA2019-In conversation with Nicole Alexander and Ella Carey

Imagining The Past

Imagining the Past’s new season features live recorded sessions from the 2019 HNSA conference brought to you by our host, Greg Johnston. Our seventh episode is a personal history session: In conversation with Nicole Alexander and Ella Carey.  Nicole Alexander writes sweeping epics evoking the grandeur of Australian landscapes, the hardships of rural life, and the turmoil of historic events. Ella Carey introduces her readers to the quiet interconnections through parallel narratives of women living in modern and past times. Both authors draw on the personal to weave tales into a wider historical context. Irina Dunn asks these authors about their writing journeys, the inspiration for their books, and why they draw upon family legend.


16 Aug 2020

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RIDOH Director Dr. Nicole Alexander Scott 7-22-20

The News with Gene Valicenti

Rhode Island Department of Health Director Dr. Nicole Alexander Scott joined Gene to discuss the latest news surround COVID19's impact on RI.


22 Jul 2020

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Nickeil Alexander-Walker's mom Nicole Alexander

Court-side moms

Court-side Moms Wendy speaks with Nicole Alexander, mother of Canadian-born NBA star Nickeil Alexander-Walker, a first round draft pick in 2019 who plays with the New Orleans Pelicans and the aunt of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander a first round draft pick in 2018 who plays with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Many moms can relate to Nickeil’s start in basketball at the age of 2 when his mom bought him his first Fisher-Price Basketball and net. It was the start of a lifelong passion for Nickeil and at a young age, he declared for the draft.   Join us to hear Nicole talk about what it was like for her and her son as she discusses draft night and how hearing her son's name called was the highlight and privilege of her life.  Nicole shares with us stories of the kind young man she's raised and how that kindness has impacted the lives around him.  She also talks about the challenges she’s faced having a son and a nephew that are such public figures and how she's learned to balance the good and the bad of social media.  The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo this coming summer is another highlight of the interview and both Wendy and Nicole talk about their sons’ dream to potentially play for Team Canada.  With Canada having the highest number of NBA players of all time and the most ever for a country outside the United States the moms share their thoughts on our shot at the gold medal and the excitement of being a part of it.


21 Jan 2020

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5: Imagining the Past - Nicole Alexander

Imagining The Past

Our interview with best-selling author Nicole Alexander on writing about rural Australia: the challenges, the research, the histories, and the people.


28 Sep 2019

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8. Sister Spotlight-Nicole Alexander, Dare2BeFit

T.E.A. with Trasetta

In this episode I sit down with Nicole Alexander of Dare2BeFit. Nicole is a Nurse Practitioner and Health and Wellness Coach.  Connect with Nicole www.nicolealexandercoaching.com Facebook: Nicole Alexander - Dare2BeFit Instagram: Dare2BeFit with Nicole --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/trasetta-alexander/support


10 Jun 2019

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249: Major Nicole Alexander | Ballet to the Battleground

Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!

Nicole Alexander, Major, U.S. Army Special Operations & PROMOTE Co-Founder, was born with grit and determination. As a young girl she always wanted to be doing as much as possible, which led her into the rigors of a “company” of ballerinas. In college she found rowing and pushed herself to the limits, inspired to “find her swing!” Joining the army and then Special Operations she utilized rigorous dedication and discipline to lead groups through unimaginably difficult situations. Now she and Joe discuss the importance of mentorship and working out till you throw up- enjoy! LESSONS Find your swing (rhythm) and who/ what inspires you Work hard with determination- there’s no way around it! Realize “you get to do” these things & that’s a privilege Do it till you throw-up Mentorship is key LINKS www.promoteleadership.org www.goarmysof.com This episode of Spartan Up! is brought to you by Gone Rogue High Protein Chips. 17 grams of protein in one crunchy ounce, and less than 2 carbs. Made from fresh, never frozen chicken, then baked to a crunch and seasoned with bold spices. Take the better way to protein with Gone Rogue High Protein Chips. Visit Amazon.com or goneroguesnacks.com and enter promo code Spartan 25 for 25% off. TIME STAMPS 0:00 Colonel Nye introduces Major Nicole Alexander 0:55 Gone Rogue | promo code: SPARTAN25 1:17 Joe & Nicole Alexander begin with ballet 3:45 a mother’s influence to always do more 5:30 Do you want to be an national champion? 8:55 Joining the army- deployed as a combat engineer 11:00 Joining Special Operations 12:30 Gone Rogue | promo code: SPARTAN25 14:00 Joe & Nicole return from rowing 19:30 PROMOTE - leadership development | mentorship | inclusion & diversity 21:30 Joe, Ret. Colonel Nye, Guest Host Ret. CSM Frank Grippe & Sefra Alexandra discuss the interview 27:45 Gone Rogue | promo code: SPARTAN25 SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpShow YouTube: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpYT Google Play: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpPlay FOLLOW SPARTAN UP: Spartan Up on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/spartanuppodcast/ Spartan Up on Twitter https://twitter.com/SpartanUpPod CREDITS: Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc. Hosts: Joe De Sena, Sefra Alexandra, Col. Nye & Guest Host Ret. CSM Frank Grippe Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty © 2019 Spartan


28 May 2019

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Nicole Alexander – Heartland Storyteller

The Best in Mystery, Romance and Historicals

Nicole Alexander is an acclaimed voice in Australian rural fiction, with her new book Stone Country, her ninth historical novel, hitting the Top Ten best seller lists within days of release.Hi there I’m your host Jenny Wheeler and today Nicole talksabout giving up a career in fashion to become a fourth generation grazier, thevivid and visceral landscapes that give her work such a strong sense of place,and the passionate emotion that drives her characters.Sixthings you’ll learn from this Joys of Binge Reading episode:What it's like being a fourth generation grazierThe power of settingLearning to live well in a man's worldWhy city slickers love country storiesThe writers she admires mostWhat she'd do differently second time aroundWhere to find Nicole Alexander: Website: https://www.nicolealexander.com.au/ Facebook: @AuthorNicoleAlexanderTwitter: @authorNicoleLinked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicole-alexander-45415524 Whatfollows is a "near as" transcript of our conversation, not word forword but pretty close to it, with links to important mentions.Jenny: But now, here’s Nicole. .  Hello there Nicole and welcome to the show, it’s great to have you with us.Jenny: Beginning at the beginning – was there a “Once Upon a Time” moment when you decided you wanted to write fiction??  And if so what was the catalyst for it?Nicole Alexander: telling Australia's "Bush" storiesNicole: [00:00:28] There was a catalyst I guess. I grew upon a rural property surrounded with a lot of readers and storytellers. And myfather used to sit around the dining room table with us and regale us with allthese wonderful stories from the past. Tales that  had come down through the generations.[00:00:49] And one of those stories was about the actual settlement of our property.My great grandfather selected our land in 1893 and he chose a site for the homestead near the banks of a creek in that area. [00:01:04] And in those early days he had some men with him. They spent their time cutting timber and building fences and shepherding the sheep which they'd over-landed from another property to the east. Now we're talking 1893 so as you can imagine the days and nights would have been equally long. And I always imagined that the monotony would have been quite extraordinary. That monotony was apparently only broken by the monthly arrival of the post. The magic of readingA supply rider would arrive on horseback delivering mail and other essential goods to those remoter settlers. And one thing that was delivered to my great grandfather in that first year of settlement was a book, a copy of Alexander Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo.[00:01:54] It arrived wrapped up in brown paper and twine inside a saddle bag on the back of the pack horse. And you know when I think about that year. 1893, and the arrival of that novel, I can just imagine his excitement. I see him radiant, by the light of a flickering candle. Or sitting beneath fat lazy moons and the Bush stretching out around him in this really engulfing silence. That was the story I heard at a very early age.[00:02:30] Andthat's one of the reasons why when I got a little bit older I startedconsidering the possibility of eventually writing about our past or history.Jenny: It sparks the question in my mind. What made your great grandfather go there?  What did he do before he decided to go way out there?Nicole: [00:02:53] Well. my father's side of the familycame from Ireland, and they went across to New Zealand first.Jenny: [00:03:00] But they obviously didn’t stay there.The Australian adventure beginsNicole: [00:03:04] Well, I'm not quite sure why, but they'd heard that there'd been problems with the Maori Wars and the unrest. And I think that there was a little bit of a concern there. A lot of Irish, obviously as you would know,came across to New Zealand.


13 May 2019

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Nicole Alexander

Stories Behind the Story with Better Reading

Nicole Alexander joins Cheryl Akle this week to discuss being a fourth-generation grazier, her writing career, and her latest novel, Stone Country.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


8 May 2019