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Introduction to Get Your Hopes Up with Christy Wright

Get Your Hopes Up with Christy Wright

Get Your Hopes Up is a brand-new podcast by #1 national best-selling author Christy Wright where she tackles common questions about God, teaches scripture and tells hilarious and heart-warming stories that will invite you to get to know God, get closer to him and get your hopes up again.    Subscribe to ‘Get Your Hopes Up’ and start your week with the energy you want and the encouragement you need. The show launches on January 9th. Don’t miss it!


6 Jan 2023

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Rebranded: Stepping Into a New Season :: Christy Wright [SOM Wk 6]

Don't Mom Alone Podcast

What would it take for you to walk away from the most abundant time in your career? From a time that was not only full, but fun, rewarding, and productive?  My guest this week, Christy Wright did just that - walked away from a season of immense abundance in her career, not because of difficult situations but simply because God called her out of it. She says this call was so clear she came to a point where she feared disobedience more than the uncertainty of leaving her career. She followed God into a new season of freedom and work. It's like God called Christy in for a meeting to talk about rebranding - not to change who He had created her to be, but to change her everyday look and her assignments.  We've spent our summer talking through our unique "mom brands" and in our final week of Summer of Mentorship we're hitting on something that will happen to each of us as moms at one point or many - the need to rebrand. To leave behind what worked and was right for that specific time to embrace what God is saying is right for now. Ecclesiastes reminds us there is rhythm and seasons to life and we will walk through transitions in our work and home life. Christy encourages us to courageously cling to God's voice in those times and not let the fear of uncertainty keep us from the rebranding God is walking us through..  Discussion Questions: What stood out to you from the episode?  What current roles help shape your days?  Are you ok with you when you take away what you do? Or, how easily can you separate out who you are from what you do?  Have you gone through a “rebranding” as a mom? Either because of change in circumstance or because your routines weren’t serving you, or for another reason. What was difficult about that time? What was beneficial in that transition? Spend the last 10 minutes of your group time in silence praying and listening and ask God, “Is there anything I need to be freed from?” Connect with Christy Wright:  Website:  https://www.christy-wright.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialChristyWright Instagram:  @ChristyBWright Links Mentioned:   Take Back Your Time : The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance by Christy Wright  How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids: A Practical Guide to Becoming a Calmer, Happier Parent by Carla Naumburg, PhD Related Episodes: Manage Your Life With Guilt-Free Confidence :: Christy Wright [Ep 192] Featured Sponsors:  Thrive Market. Join Thrive Market today and get $80 eighty dollars in free groceries! Go to ThriveMarket.com/DMA. Athletic Greens. Get a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. Visit athleticgreens.com/DMA.  Indeed. Now with Indeed, businesses only pay for quality applications matching the sponsored job description. Visit Indeed.com/DMA to start hiring now.


25 Jul 2022

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From the Vault: Christy Wright - Take Back Your Time: A Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance

SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles

This week's episode features a "from the vault" discussion with Christy Wright.Christy is a #1 national best-selling author,  she’s a personal development expert, and she’s the host of The Christy Wright Show. She’s also the founder of Business Boutique, which equips over 40,000 women business owners to make money doing what they love.Christy and I get to talk about her new book: Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance.   In Take Back Your Time, Christy gives you the method, framework and lessons to help you identify what balance looks like in your specific life. And she uncovers the steps to help you focus on what matters most and achieve your own version of balance. RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODEChristy's book: Take Back Your TimeChristy's site Christy's podcast: The Christy Wright Show


19 Jul 2022

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Christian Mom Culture featuring Christy Wright

Unapologetic with Julia Jeffress Sadler

Is every Christian family supposed to home school? Are women supposed to work outside the home? What parts of Christian mom culture are biblical and what parts are merely opinion? New York Times bestselling author, Christy Wright, and I discuss all this and more on this week’s episode of Unapologetic.  We discuss the tendency to apologize for using our gifts and strengths, rather than boldly embracing them. We also address the importance of affirming others in the roles God has called them to, even if it looks different than what we would do. I can’t wait for you to hear this important discussion, recorded at this year’s National Religious Broadcasters Convention, so be sure to listen in and share the episode with a friend!


20 Apr 2022

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#185: Can I Take Back My Time? With Christy Wright

4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild

Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough time, and you can’t figure out how to get everything done? According to today’s guest, it doesn’t have to be this way! Author and business coach, Christy Wright says finding true life balance is possible. Christy reveals the main reasons we feel out of balance and how to combat that problem. She also lays out the path to balance that anyone can walk in order to ditch distractions and focus on what really matters. SHOW NOTES: 413Podcast.com/185


17 Mar 2022

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Episode 32 - Finding Sanctuary in Your Time | Christy Wright

Finding Sanctuary

Mentioned in this episode: Christy’s new book, Take Back Your Time The Christy Wright Show - YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify Ephesians 3:20 Annie Dillard quote Connect with Christy Wright: Website~Instagram~Facebook~Twitter Connect with Holly: Website~Facebook~Instagram This podcast was produced and edited by Angie Elkins Media Music by Robert Elkins


15 Mar 2022

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PGK-Episode 159: Taking Your Time Back (with guest Christy Wright)

Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker

Women today typically deal with more stress than in past generations, and often struggle to find work/life balance. What is work/life balance? Is it a 50/50 split? How do mothers today juggle all that is required of them? Christy Wright, author of “Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance”, provides tactical steps to create your own version of balance – where you get to decide what’s right for you! Dr. Meg & Guest Christy Wright (Part 1) Guest Christy Wright discusses the underlying narratives that mothers deal with on a regular basis, and provides a new definition of the word, balance. She poses the question, “What if balance isn’t something that you have to do, like a verb; what if it is something you can create in your life – to be able to feel a sense of balance in an out-of-balance world?” Another word for balance can be “peace” – You can be busy, and still be balanced, and at peace. You can be confident in your choices and decisions in how to spend your time. But how is this attained? Christy offers practical insights into what balance is, and provides 5 tactical steps to create your own version of balance in your life – you get to decide what’s right for you! Dr. Meg & Guest Christy Wright (Part 2) Dr. Meg and guest Christy Wright continue their engaging and informative conversation about balance, and how women can take back their time by creating their own balance that works for them. Fight the pressure of the culture that tries to tell you what a “good” mom is. Pinpoint what is stealing your time and energy. Decide what matters and then protect what matters by setting boundaries and saying no, when needed. It’s different for everyone. But the bottom line is: stop applying so much pressure on yourself. Find the balance that works for you, and begin to take back your time! FROM THE PRODUCER Thanks for listening to Episode 159, “Take Back Your Time” and for helping Dr. Meg’s parenting revolution reach more than SIX MILLION downloads! Subscribe, rate, and leave a review for us on iTunes! Get Social with Dr. Meg on Facebook & Instagram @MegMeekerMD Check out Dr. Meg’s parenting resources and tools at www.meekerparenting.com


15 Mar 2022

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Episode 131: “Take Back Your Time” with Christy Wright

Linch With A Leader

In this episode, Mike sits down with author and speaker Christy Wright to walk through principles from her latest book, Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance. Christy is the #1 national best-selling author of Business Boutique, a Certified Business Coach and served as a Ramsey Personality as the host of The Christy Wright Show with Ramsey Solutions for 12 years. Christy has a passion for equipping women with the knowledge and steps they need to successfully run and grow a business. Since 2009, she has spoken to thousands across the country at women's conferences, national business conferences, Fortune 500 companies and her own sold-out live events.


21 Feb 2022

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65: Take Back Your Time With Christy Wright


Today’s episode is one of my favorite topics: how to take back your time. That’s the topic of Christy Wright’s latest book, Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance. In this interview, Christy talks about her definition of balance, five tactical steps to achieve life balance, and how she was handling some hard changes and decisions she was working through at the time. Just this week, Christy announced one of these big changes: after 12 years at Ramsey Solutions, as a Ramsey personality, she is going to be leaving the company. I’m wishing her so much joy and time to slow down and to follow that path she is called to, and I'm grateful she took the time to share with us here, especially for us moms that have to continuously juggle life at home, at work, and in our communities.  Christy’s take on time and balance is not what you’d expect - it’s probably not what you’ve read in other best-selling books or heard from influencers on Instagram. It’s not necessarily popular advice; it’s just real. And while it may not be easy, it’s actionable.  If this episode resonates, we’d love to hear your thoughts over on Instagram @TheAMPLIFYShow!    Mentioned in the episode: Take Back Your Time by Christy Wright Emily’s interview on Christy’s podcast in 2018 Connect with Christy: Twitter Instagram Facebook Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook This episode first appeared at emilyrichett.com/episode-65. 


27 Jan 2022

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How to Plan Your Best Year Ever with Christy Wright

The Secrets of Supermom Show

Christy Wright, best-selling author, host of The Christy Wright Show, and Ramsey Personality joins us as the first guest in The Secrets of Supermom Show podcast series HOW TO PLAN YOUR BEST YEAR EVER. Every day for the first week of 2022, a new guest expert joins host Lori Oberbroeckling to share the secrets, the strategies, and the tools she uses to plan her best year ever. Best-selling authors, CEOs and COOs of million-dollar corporations, women running six-figure side-hustles while working full time, podcasters, bloggers, and more join us to spill it all. You do not want to miss a single episode of this amazing series!Today’s guest, Christy Wright, is the bestselling author of Take Back Your Time: The Guilt Free Guide to Life Balance and is no stranger to feeling guilty while at the same time stretched too thin. As a leader in business and personal development, she has discovered secrets to living a balanced life while planning your best year ever.Christy shares with us…Permission to plan your best year ever and then change your mind or your goal or your intentions as life changes throughout the yearHow to set your intention for your year and cast a visionHow do you know if it is time to motivate yourself, be disciplined, and push through fear or time to change the goal?The importance of the question, “What’s right right now?”How to take a big task and turn it into weekly tasks that go into your calendar as simple actionsWhat you can do to define your version of success and celebrate it!For the show notes and all the links mentioned in today’s episode, head to secretsofsupermom.com/40.Stay connected!www.secretsofsupermom.comSecrets of Supermom on FacebookSecrets of Supermom on Instagram


1 Jan 2022