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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Josh Scogin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Josh Scogin, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Josh Scogin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Josh Scogin, often where they are interviewed.

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Josh Scogin: Do You Hear Something Beautiful?

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If there is are legends in this scene, Josh Scogin is one of them: frontman of Luti-Kriss, Norma Jean, The Chariot, and ‘68. Josh has played thousands of show, and from what we can all gather from our shared experiences of seeing them, and from scouring the internet, there appears to be not even a single moment in any of those thousands of shows where Josh is ever giving anything less than his whole self.    While the word “passion” can be overused and misunderstood, what people are talking about when they use the word, is what Josh Scogin performing is. If you could bottle that and sell it you’d be a millionaire. I’d define it more like someone powerful being fully invested in the moment in search of something that has intrinsic worth, and in Josh’s own words, it seems that beauty is what he is in search of.


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Norma Jean “Shotgun Message” The Chariot “And Then, Came Then” The Chariot “The City” (Live in Moscow) Starflyer 59 “Minor Keys” Starflyer 59 “Twenty Dollar Bills” Starflyer 59 “I Like Your Photographs” The Chariot “Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Doughlasville” The Chariot “Back to Back” Lightworker “Empyre” Emery “Civil Wars” ’68 “Whether Terrified or Unafraid” (Live in Tennessee)


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May 19 2020 · 1hr 36mins
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#013 - Josh Scogin of '68 & The Chariot

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Josh Scogin is currently the vocalist and guitarist for '68 (releasing a new album later this year). He is also known for being the vocalist for The Chariot, and former vocalist of Norma Jean and Luti-Kriss. Scogin has recorded solo material as A Rose, By Any Other Name, releasing an album in 2010.

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Sep 03 2019 · 1hr 50mins

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Josh Scogin ('68, The Chariot, Norma Jean)

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Episode 92 - Shane sits down with his buddy and '68/The Chariot/ex-Norma Jean frontman Josh Scogin. One of the most critically acclaimed heavy bands of the last decade, The Chariot announced their breakup suddenly in 2013 after a Warped Tour stint where they were arguably as big as ever. Shortly after, Scogin announced his new project '68, a 2 piece band where he now picked up the guitar as well. We talk about the learning curve of becoming a guitar player/singer, looking back on the legacy of The Chariot, touring in Siberia, and the time Silverstein covered The Chariot in their hometown.

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Aug 30 2017 · 1hr 12mins
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Josh Scogin from ‘68/The Chariot/Norma Jean

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Episode 256 - The hits keep on coming! We have Josh Scogin from 68’/The Chariot and Norma Jean on the show today discussing the importance of the live show to him, his family life and the balance he tries to create as well as his lack of business acumen. He really is the epitome of hard work and an artist. I loved this conversation and so will you. Treat your Mom this holiday with AMAZING flowers, a free vase and candy with Bloom That!Who doesn’t want a better smile? Work with SmileDirectClub and you can feel better about your smile and save a ton of $$$! by using the promo code WORDSUse our Amazon Affiliate Code to support the show!

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May 10 2017 · 1hr 14mins

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Episode 192: Josh Scogin of ’68 and The Chariot

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’68 is a guy bashing his drums, while another dude wields a guitar like a percussive weapon while howling into a mic. Josh Scogin (formerly of both The Chariot and Norma Jean) speaks with The Antidote about his new band, ’68.

Nov 19 2015 ·