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Episode 215: The Torture and Murder of Shanda Sharer

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

Shanda Sharer was 12 years old when she met a girl named Amanda. Amanda was already involved in a troubling relationship with a girl named Melinda Loveless and when Amanda and Shanda started hanging out Melinda became even more possessive of Amanda and started threatening Shanda. Melinda would tell anyone who would listen that she was going to kill Shanda someday, but for some reason no one took her seriously. One night Melinda gathered a group of friends including: Lauri Tacket, Hope Rippey and Toni Lawrence. The mission was to trick Shanda into thinking Amanda wanted to see her, but Amanda was not there. Three of the four girls then brutally tortured and murdered 12 year old Shanda Sharer, while one did nothing to stop them. This story is incredibly difficult to get through, but just like all of our cases, deserves to be told so that the memory of Shanda never fades. Books used for researching the case:Cruel Sacrifice by Aphrodite JonesLittle Lost Angel by Michael Quinlan As always, thank you to our sponsors:HelloFresh: Right now, get twelve free meals—including free shipping- when you go to HelloFresh.com/morbid12 and use code morbid12Capsule: To sign up, visit capsule.com to get your prescription hand delivered today—for freeBetterHelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Morbid listeners get 10% off theirfirst month at betterhelp.com/MorbidFirstleaf: Go to TRY Firstleaf.com/morbid to get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 and free shipping!!

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8 Mar 2021

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Kat's True Crime Corner: Shanda Sharer

LGBTQ SRC Auraria Podcast

*** Listener Discretion Advised***  I have a special guest today! Give it a listen! Today, we discuss the case of Shanda Sharer. Shanda was a 12 year old girl with a bright future before her girlfriend's ex-girlfriend decided she wanted revenge. As usual, please take caution in listening if you are sensitive to horrifying and graphic topics. My aim is to try to tell victim's stories as best as I can and represent the case in it's entirety. Also, please recommended cases if you'd like. Our contact information is in the episode! 


21 Feb 2021

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Episode 28- Shanda Sharer

Killer Stories

January 1992- New Albany, Indiana- 12 year old Shanda Sharer is abducted, tortured and killed by 4 teenage girls.I feel like I have done a huge disservice to Shanda and her family. The whole episode I refer to Shanda as Shandra. I wish I had the time to re-record... but the best I can do is admit to my mistake. RIP SHANDA Sharer. https://linktr.ee/killerstoriesSources:https://allthatsinteresting.com/shanda-sharerhttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Shanda_SharerIn Cold Blood: A Daughter's Brutal MurderDr. Phil: Season 9, Episode 159Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/killerstories)


10 Feb 2021

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The Murder of Shanda Sharer

Murder With Me

In this episode, we will discuss the torture and murder of Shanda Sharer that occurred in Southern Indiana. *This case contains the torture and murder of a twelve year old child. Listener discretion is advised*


25 Jan 2021

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Kids killing kids, the Shanda Sharer murder

The Pod Project

Shanda Sharer was just 12 years old when she got mixed up with the wrong crowd of kids at school. Hear her story and what lead a bunch of bullies to end up murdering her.


15 Jan 2021

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S2E23: Shanda Sharer - Follow The Leader

Obscura: A True Crime Podcast

The chilly midwinter morning of 11 January 1992 in southern Indiana was shaping up to be ideal for quail hunting. At around 10:45am on the outskirts of Jefferson Proving Ground just outside the town of Madison, two brothers caught sight of something off the side of Lemon Road as they drove along. The men jumped out of their pickup and walked through an isolated open field toward what looked like a department store mannequin laying on the ground. It was a strange location to stumble upon something so out of place. But as the men moved closer, their confusion turned to horror...Writer: Gemma HarrisContent Warning: Extreme Violence, Sexual AbuseObscura is supported by CBDMDcbdmd.comUse promo code OBSCURA for 25% off your order. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 10mins

9 Sep 2020

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Ep #5 Shanda Sharer - Madison, Indiana

Those Murder Girls Podcast

We are going to take you to Madison, Indiana in 1992, where a horrific crime took the life of middle school student, Shanda Sharer. This crime gripped the nation due to its brutality and young age of the perpetrators. We will be taking you into the minds of young killers, the actions leading up to Shanda’s abduction and murder and the sick love triangle that ended in tragedy. 


21 Aug 2020

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Episode 17 - The Brutal Murder of Shanda Sharer

Stardust Sisters Podcast

In this episode Star walks us through the brutal torture and murder of 12 year old Shanda Sharer. A twisted tale of a middle school love triangle that resulted in the torture and death of young Shanda. So pull up a chair, grab a STIFF drink and some tissues and join us for some convos about what is happening in our cosmos. LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED


8 Aug 2020

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"Mean Girls" The story of Shanda Sharer

The Murder Mafia

A 12 year old girl, abducted, tortured, set on fire and murdered while her high school aged killers eat McDonald's and joke about how she looked like a burnt sausage. A case covered by every media outlet in the country when it happened. Join the Mafia as we look into one of the most baffling and senseless cases yet. The murder of Shanda Sharer.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/themurdermafia)


8 Jul 2020

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Kids Who Kill Part 1: The Murder of Shanda Sharer

Human Monsters

Shanda Sharer was like many 12-year-olds. She was keen on dating and she blossomed as she discovered all its passions. She didn't bargain on becoming part of a lesbian love triangle that left her in a body bag.

3hr 57mins

29 Jun 2020