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E78: Next Up…The Medlife Crisis - Dr Rohin Francis

Scrubbed In

In this week’s episode we are joined by Dr Francis, the comedic cardiologist who shares with us his story from the very beginning. Francis shares with us his love for comedy and cardiology, why a gap year working in Wimbledon before medical school was so crucial for him and his personal development. We discuss the reality behind why so many doctors undertake PhD’s and the competitive nature of cardiology. Tune in as he shares his role as an interventional cardiologist and shares advice for budding trainees.  Francis shares the story behind his viral YouTube channel that now has more than 350,000 subscribers! We delve into some funny moments from his online presence on Twitter and why he is able to share his real personality without it all being too serious. Hear our thoughts on Gen Z and millennial doctors on social platforms and why it is so important we have hobbies and interests outside of medicine.  Dr Francis Rohin is an interventional cardiology fellow, PhD candidate, occasional comedian and creator of online educational videos, on his YouTube channel, Medlife Crisis.  Learn more about Rohin Twitter - @MedCrisis Instagram - @medcrisis YouTube - MedlifeCrisis www.medlifecrisis.co.uk Learn more about Scrubbed In: Twitter - @ScrubbedIn_ Instagram - @Scrubbedin_ PodCases lets you Step into the shoes of Doctors to experience medicine. Listen to high quality audio cases and reinforce your learning with interactive quizzes.  Download the PodCases Mobile app Now - iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play) www.scrubbedin.co.uk Hello@scrubbedin.co.uk


14 Mar 2021

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Cardiology, Comedy, and COVID-19 with Rohin Francis

Healthcare Unfiltered

Rohin Francis (@MedCrisis), cardiologist in the UK, brings his expertise and unique sense of humor to the show to share how he’s combined comedy with medical education through his Twitter and YouTube presence, how he sifts through the vast expanse of COVID-19 research for data that is useful and legitimate, the apparent inability to have an open scientific debate on Twitter without being chastised or judged for your viewpoints, and so much more. Check out Dr. Francis’ videos at https://www.medlifecrisis.co.uk/.

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12 Jan 2021

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Episode 099: Myocarditis in Asymptomatic COVID-19 Isn't Real with Dr. Rohin Francis

The Paradocs Podcast with Eric Larson

Okay, so today's title to the show is a little provocative. But it's meant to convey the most important takeaway from the discussion. Although there has been a lot of talk over the last few weeks about the occurrence of lingering myocarditis in patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and in athletes who had an asymptomatic infection, it's important that we cut through the hysteria. Even though inflammation or scarring was seen on extremely sensitive cardiac MRI scans - this does not mean that there will be lasting or debilitating heart disease in these people in the future. To explain the controversy, I brought Dr. Rohin Francis onto the show. He is an interventional cardiologist from London who is getting his PhD in cardiac MRI. He runs the Medlife Crisis YouTube page where he goes in depth in this and other controversies in medicine. It is true that one cannot in medicine say anything is definitively true - it is probably safe to say that the findings here suggest that there is nothing special to worry about with myocarditis and COVID-19. One of the most important details that is lost in all the headline writing about myocarditis is that if you are asymptomatic (from a heart standpoint) you don't have myocarditis. We don't have any idea what the clinical significance of the findings on cardiac MRI suggestive of inflammation or scarring are. In fact, these same findings are sometimes present in elite athletes who are without disease or who have recovered from common viruses like a cold. This is not to say that myocarditis or heart failure isn't a problem in those afflicted with COVID-19. That is a real problem and can cause morbidity and mortality. However, it is important to separate those who have this non-clinical finding on a sensitive cardiac scan versus those who had clinical manifestations of heart disease. And although we can't definitively say that there will be no long term consequences from an asymptomatic COVID-19 infection it is probably safe to say that it is very unlikely. Dr. Rohin Francis is an interventional cardiologist and creator of the YouTube Medlife Crisis channel. show notes Episode 099: Current Episode COVID: Where Science Goes to Die: This is the video on MedLife Crisis where Dr. Francis discusses the lack of good science on COVID-19. Medlife Crisis: Dr. Francis' website. Medlife Crisis YouTube Channel: This is the excellent channel that Dr. Francis runs. @MedCrisis: Dr. Francis' twitter feed. Episode 096: Fron Pandemic to Endemic - How COVID-19 Will Get There Episode 095: Is Herd Immunity Here for COVID? Episode 091: COVID, Immunity, and Back to School Episode 090: The history behind Hydroxychloroquine Episode 087: The Deception on the Coronavirus from our Leaders Episode 086: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Ends Samaritans Health Sharing Ministry: This is the ministry we use. Feel free to mention my name if you sign up - not sure if that helps you or not. Top 20 Physicians Podcasts Made Simply Web Site Creations: This is the great, affordable website service that built my wife's podcast site. I cannot recommend this company more to someone looking for creating a website. Always Andy's Mom: Home of my wife, Marcy's, podcast for parents grieving or those looking to help them. YouTube for Paradocs: Here you can watch the video of my late son singing his solo on the Paradocs YouTube page. Patreon - Become a show supporter today and visit my Patreon page for extra bonus material. Every dollar raised goes towards the production and promotion of the show.


16 Sep 2020

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Ep. 133. Rohin Francis: Britain, COVID, and Race in Medicine

The Accad and Koka Report

Our guest is Rohin Francis, MD. Dr. Francis is a Cardiologist in London, who also hosts a popular YouTube channel. He recently discussed what COVID may tell us about racism in science and medicine (Video in show notes), and comes on the show for a wide ranging discussion on racism in medicine, COVID in Britain, and how minority groups have fared in Britain.GUEST:Rohin Francis MD: Twitter SHOW NOTES:Watch Rohin's video on Racism in Science and Medicine WATCH ON YOUTUBE:Watch the episode on our YouTube channelSUPPORT THE SHOWMake a small donation on our Patreon page on and join our discussion group or receive a free book.

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12 Jul 2020

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Rohin Francis: Britain, COVID, and Race in Medicine


Our guest is Rohin Francis, MD. Dr. Francis is a Cardiologist in London, who also hosts a popular YouTube channel. He recently discussed what COVID may tell us about racism in science and medicine, and comes on the show for a wide ranging discussion on racism in medicine, COVID in Britain, and how minority groups have fared in Britain.SHOW NOTESWatch Rohin’s video on Racism in Science and MedicineWatch the episode on YouTube

12 Jul 2020

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Ep #48: The Coronacast with Dr. Rohin Francis of Medlife Crisis!

The Gentleman Scofflaw Podcast

Dr. Rohin Francis | Medlife Crisis | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookMedlife Crisis Coronavirus Video PlaylistMarch Giveaway!Support the show on PatreonGet some GentScofflaw swagCheck out Phoenix Shaving for the finest shaving accoutrements!


27 Mar 2020

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COVID-19 and the NHS with Rohin Francis


In this episode, Dr Rohin Francis joins us for a conversation on the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, and it's effects on the NHS.Rohin is a practicing Cardiologist and a PhD student at UCL. Through his YouTube channel 'Medlifecrisis', he is actively involved in science communication on the virus.The discussion begins with how hospitals are preparing for the crisis and what the state of doctor morale is at the moment.We also discuss reports that the virus can cause cardiovascular pathology, as well as the government's decision to put the country on lockdown.Rohin's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgRBRE1DUP2w7HTH9j_L4OQTwitter: https://twitter.com/MedCrisis?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor


27 Mar 2020

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Episode 12: Backpack Heart (ft. Rohin Francis)

Why Aren't You A Doctor Yet?

We're joined by Dr Rohin Francis - a cardiologist and PhD student looking at hearts. We talk about the coolest tech in cardiology, how hearts differ across the animal kingdom and how treatment of heart disease might change in the future. Plus we find out how being dead might invalidate your right to having privacy on your phone and Oz plans a murder - for science. You can find Rohin on twitter - @MedCrisis - and on YouTube.  Hana's Highlights Jazmin Scarlett Nikesh Shukla Follow us on social media and send us your questions! Facebook Instagram Twitter Email: whynotadoc@gmail.com #whynotadocSee acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


16 May 2018