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Sales Wolves Podcast | Episode 235 | Special Guest: Steve Benson

Sales Wolves Podcast

The underlying enemy of life is not circumstances; it is fear. Fear of the unknown.


18 Aug 2021

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Steve Benson: More Efficient Door to Door Selling

The Michael Brian Show

Steve Benson joins me on the podcast to share how "field" sales has changed due to the pandemic, how they are likely to return and how Badger Maps bridge the gap between technology and door to door selling.We talk about buying psychology and technology and how you can optimise your selling beyond the pandemic!You can find Steven on Linkedin or over on https://www.badgermapping.com/Join the FREE Facebook community for The Ask Mike Show at https://www.facebook.com/groups/theaskmikeshow


5 Jul 2021

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America's #1 Sales coach | Tamara Bunte is interviewed by Steve Benson | How to Multiply Your Deals with Sales Referrals #28

Mastering Sales with America's #1 Sales Coach Tamara Bunte

This interview gives you all the meat!  Learn how to obtain referrals the classy way!  Earn more money and upgrade your sales skills.  Steve Benson with Badger Maps interviews Tamara on how to multiply your deals with sales referrals.  Tune in and enjoy!  


2 Jun 2021

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How to Master Your Sales Presentations with Victor Antonio + Steve Benson, Ep #248

Sales Reinvented

In today's episode of Sales Reinvented, we do a special episode exchange with the Outside Sales Podcast. Steve Benson interviews legendary sales author Victor Antonio. They discuss the importance of the sales presentation process and how to get in front of any objection. Victor talks about the “Hero Story” process and how to gain the confidence of your prospect. This episode is packed with useful information that will help you master your sales presentations. Don’t miss it! Outline of This Episode [1:22] More about Victor Antonio [2:22] Why you need a presentation process [7:16] How to properly uncover objections [11:58] The structure of a great presentation [15:23] The structure of the hero story [21:15] How to sell a similar product [23:37] How to show a prospect social proof [28:41] How to move toward the ask [31:06] Learn to pivot on the fly [33:26] Steve’s “Sales in 60 seconds” segment [35:46] The best way to practice presentations  [38:18] The first step to master sales presentations  [46:28] How to connect with Victor Antonio Why you need a presentation process Victor points out that everyone has a sales process. But somewhere in that process, you have to give a presentation. Most people don’t talk about the fact that there is a process to that presentation. He needs to answer these two questions first:  Who is your audience going to be? What are their pain points?  Before Victor does a keynote or a presentation, he asks his customers to let him talk to salespeople to see what they’re struggling with. They give him the blueprint for what he says from the stage. It’s also important to use their language when he talks to them about their pain. Victor likes to use the iceberg analogy. You can only see 10% of an iceberg, the other 90% is underwater. Most salespeople talk about features, benefits, and advantages. Customers focus on quality, service, and price. Most salespeople don’t look at the unstated or latent needs.  If you understand what’s holding a customer back from a buying decision, you can sell more effectively when you present. You need to find the 90% of issues below the iceberg and address them. Listen to hear Victor and Steve walk through a hypothetical scenario to drive the point home.  How to properly uncover objections Victor recommends getting all of your salespeople together and asking: “What is holding back our customers from buying?” Remove features, benefits, advantages, quality, service, and price from the equation. What’s left? You’ll end up with a laundry list of things holding them back. Which ones come up the most commonly? You can figure out what the latent needs are.  You can then bring these concerns up in a sales presentation proactively before they even come up as an objection. Victor will go into a sales presentation and raise the objection himself. Why? Because when you raise the objection, you control the objection and how you can dispose of it. If the customer brings it up, you’re defending yourself—and less likely to change their mind.  The structure of a great presentation Victor folds a sheet of paper in half four separate times. Once he unfolds it, he’s left with 16 squares. That is how you begin your presentation layout. Each box represents a slide. He chooses what he wants to start with at the beginning to make an impact. By the 3rd or 4th slide, he’s introducing the first objection. If you continue to interlace common objections into your presentation, you’ll feel the resistance lessen.  He notes that the biggest mistake outside salespeople make is that they go in and share who they are, what the agenda is, and background about the company. Then they talk about their mission statement and other businesses they’ve worked with. They’ve spent the first 5–10 minutes talking about themselves. The customers don’t care. Those minutes are the most valuable time you have most—most people waste it. Instead, start by demonstrating that you understand their pain. Spend the 5–10 minutes on them and they’ll be ready to listen to you. How does he work the product and conclusion in using the hero story method? Listen to hear what his structure looks like.  How to move toward the ask You have to guide toward your close. It begins once you present your solution. You’re blocking objections and reducing resistance. As you show something, you look for confirmation. You’re conversing with them. Share how you do things and share insight—information beyond the obvious. When you get “huh” or “I didn’t know that” types of responses, you know you’re doing well in your presentation.  When you get to the end, it’s a natural ask: “We’ve gone through all of these features. Is there any reason we couldn’t start a demo next week to see how this works? You can then look at the data to see if it makes sense.” 63% of salespeople don’t ask for the order or the next stage in the process.  What can you do to pivot on the fly? What’s the best way to practice presentations? How should you practice to master sales presentations? Listen to the whole episode to hear more of Victor’s expert insight! Resources & People Mentioned Victor’s Sales Training Courses Connect with Steve Benson Connect on LinkedIn Follow on Twitter Connect with Victor Antonio Connect on LinkedIn Follow on Twitter More about the Outside Sales Talk Podcast Here at the Outside Sales Podcast, we realized that while there were many sales focused Podcasts out and about, there weren’t any specific to Outside Sales. We wanted to change that. That’s why we created this space where everything is about OUTSIDE SALES. Host Steve Benson, CEO and founder of Badger Maps, talks to industry leaders and experts to learn the strategies and tactics that make them successful in Outside Sales. Hop on to discover practical tips on how to sell at peak performance. Connect With Paul Watts  LinkedIn Twitter Subscribe to SALES REINVENTED Audio Production and Show notes by PODCAST FAST TRACK https://www.podcastfasttrack.com


2 Jun 2021

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America's #1 Sales coach| Tamara Bunte - Interviews Steve Benson | Actions Sales Managers Need to Take in Challenging Economic Times|#26

Mastering Sales with America's #1 Sales Coach Tamara Bunte

Actions Sales Managers Need to Take in Challenging Economic Times... Get insight into new ways to manage and inspire sales people to sell more


5 May 2021

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142 - [Interview] The Future of Field Sales with Steve Benson

Modern Sales - B2B Selling Podcast

With so many people shifting from in-person to inside selling, the future of field sales is in question. In this episode, Steve Benson, CEO of BadgerMaps, gives a rundown of what he's seeing with field sales, and how he sees it changing in the future. Steve Benson on LinkedInSteve's company, Badger MapsWant the full transcript? Visit the show notes page on our website:https://servedontsell.com/modern-sales/future-field-sales-badger-maps---Get a daily sales insight sent straight to your inbox:Subscribe to the daily sales insights newsletterDon't miss a single episode:Subscribe on SpotitySubscribe on Apple Podcasts Like what you heard?Help us get the word out by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


10 Feb 2021

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Sick of Zoom? Wait! Your Zoom and virtual skills might give you an edge! -Steve Benson CEO

Get Hired in Medical Sales: Showing you the step by step process to land a high paying sales job.

Steve Benson CEO of Badger Maps www.badgermaps.com and LinkedIn Instructor and business owner is an expert on sales force management. We talk about how companies will have different hiring practices coming out of the pandemic. Now might be the opportunity to demonstrate your Zoom or virtual selling skills. Yes we are all sick of "Zoom", but medical and pharmaceutical sales reps might be stuck with it for a while longer.  Steve's podcast, Outside Sales Talk, is a gold mine for learning what is popular is sales! His expert guest might just be what you need to land and excel in your first sales role! For example: Joanne Black, No More Cold Calling, www.nomorecoldcalling.com Steve's enthusiasm and knowledge is sure to support your efforts to get hired and be successful in medical sales.  After talking to over 100 reps and other experts this year, I have come up with my Three Steps to Get Hired coaching plan Do you need help with your story or resume, help getting interviews and want to learn how to sell yourself in the interview? I can help! my email is mhayes0429@gmail.com and my website is www.gethiredinmedicalsales.com   


25 Jan 2021

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#138: The Challenges of remote selling for sales people and sales managers with Steve Benson

Better Presentations More Sales Podcast

Steve is the CEO and founder of Badger Maps - a unique system which helps sales people plan their call routes. Steve has his own podcast - Outside Sales talk Podcast and is the President of the Sales Hall of Fame for the San Francisco Bay areaIn this episode Steve shares his thoughts and ideas around the challenges faced by salespeople and sales managersWe discuss how management is adapting and the skills needed right now including negotiation skills, presentation skills, communication skills and technology skills as well as having a mindset that includes a high-energy approach and tenacity to overcome any obstacles and barriers to salesHere are the connections for Steve and Badger Maps:Websites:Badger Maps Website: https://www.badgermapping.com/Outside Sales Talk Podcast: https://www.outsidesalestalk.com/Sales Hall of Fame: https://www.badgermapping.com/sales-hall-of-fame/Steve Social:Linkedin Steve: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenbenson/Instagram - Steve: https://www.instagram.com/stevebensonsf/ or @stevebensonsfSteve Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteveBenson@SteveBensonFaceBook ID - Steve’s: 222080 https://www.facebook.com/benson.steveBadger Social:Linkedin Badger: https://www.linkedin.com/company/badger-mapping-solutions/Instagram Badger: https://www.instagram.com/badgermaps/ or @badgermapsTwitter Badger: @BadgerMapsFaceBook ID - Badger: 207080026089662 https://www.facebook.com/BadgerMaps/


9 Nov 2020

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Leading Your Sales Team Through an Economic Crisis - Outside Sales Talk with Steve Benson

Outside Sales Talk

In this special episode of Outside Sales Talk, our host Steve Benson gets interviewed by Badger Maps CSA, Pien de Meulemeester. Steve discusses what you can do to get your team through this current economic crisis. Here are some topics covered in this episode: Behavior changes sales leaders need to make Adapting your messaging Cost reduction tips Impacts to field sales About the Guest: Steve Benson is the Founder and CEO of Badger Maps, the #1 route planner for field salespeople, and host of the Outside Sales Talk. After receiving his MBA from Stanford, Steve worked in field sales with companies like IBM, Autonomy, and Google, where he was named Google Enterprise’s Top Performing Salesperson in the World in 2009. Steve has also been named one of the Top 40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management. Listen to more episodes of the Outside Sales Talk here and watch the video here! If you love the Outside Sales Talk podcast, you’ll also love Badger’s newsletters!  Our 95,000+ subscribers stay at the top of their game with actionable tips from top sales experts. Are you in? Subscribe to Badger Maps’ newsletters now!


28 Oct 2020

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e017- SELLING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES: THE SECRETS AND STRATEGIES | Ed Bilat with Steve Benson, founder and CEO of Badger Maps

Storytelling for Sales Podcast

Have you been trying to figure out how to navigate selling during this pandemic or you’re struggling with keeping your teams motivated? In this episode, I discussed with Steve how selling has evolved since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and how to pivot, maintain a good relationship with your clients, and sell better.  Steve is the founder and CEO of Badger Maps. After receiving his MBA from Stanford, Steve was Google Enterprise’s Top Sales Executive in 2009. In 2012, Steve founded Badger Maps, a software company that helps Field Sales People optimize their routes and schedules to save time and be on time so they can sell more. Steve is also the host of the Outside Sales Talk podcast where he interviews industry experts on their sales tips.  WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE: How to shift strategy during crisis New ways to empower your team members The right ways to prospect How to maintain a good relationship with your clients The strategic importance of training and coaching in this moment of time SHOW NOTES [00:11] Welcome to this Episode [00:58] Shopify success story [02:38] Welcome Steve Benson [03:13] Updates on Sales, technology, and leadership [04:10] Adapting to the new sales culture [05:09] Building Relationships [05:28] Selling on Zoom vs Face-to-Face [05:38] Communicating in the new normal [06:13] Prospecting challenges [07:18] Adjusting your sales message [07:31] The importance of staying empathetic [10:00]The rise of food delivery and health care organizations [11:01] Challenges facing today's sales leaders [12:18] Re-sizing the sales teams [13:00] Hire now [13:26] The importance of training and coaching aspect [16:04] Leading remotely [19:01] The art of storytelling for Steve [19:57] Steve's Contact info You can connect with Steve on LinkedIn, Twitter and  Instagram. You can keep up with happenings on Badger Maps on their website, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter


24 Sep 2020