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Revival Town Podcast

S2 EP.14 – Dr. Joe Paris is a passionate communicator and apologist who is committed to helping believers know what they believe and why they believe it.  Joe spent 13 years as a Christian school educator and the past 5 years as a campus pastor for a large multisite church in Dallas, Texas. He recently co-founded the company Christian Care Box which produces care packages specifically designed for Christian college students. This episode is especially helpful for parents of college students and anyone who is struggling with their faith in our increasingly skeptical culture

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31 May 2021

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#28 - The Cable Guy -PG-13 (1996) Guest - Joe Paris

The Midnight Watch Podcast

In the 1990s comedian Jim Carrey could do no wrong. With a string of hits over several years he decided to push his comedy into new areas. The black comedy The Cable Guy was released in 1996 to mixed feelings due to it being ahead of its time. Join hosts Jeremy and Josh along with guest comedian Joe Paris as they discuss the bold direction this movie takes and how it still holds up today.

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25 Feb 2021

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Episode 62: Christianity & Science, Dr. Joe Paris- SOYB Interview

Witty & Gritty

Brooke & Faren continue the mini series about the brain and unlocking the key to peak happiness, thinking, & health. In Switch On Your Brain episode 62, Dr. Joe Paris, we talk about where we talk about how Christianity and science are connected. Join us as we discuss our application points based off of "Switch On Your Brain" by Dr. Caroline Leaf. Episodes 55-62 on the Witty & Gritty Podcast cover this specific mini series.  wittyandgritty.blog Facebook Pinterest Instagram


12 Aug 2020

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5 Challenges to Expanding into Europe with Joe Paris

The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

5 Challenges to Expanding into Europe with Joe Paris Joe Paris and Joe Lynch discuss 5 challenges to expanding into Europe. As an American entrepreneur and recognized expert in operational excellence living in Germany, Joe Paris has unique, first-hand insights into the challenges facing American companies expanding into Europe. About Joe Paris Joe Paris is the founder and CEO of the XONITEK group of companies. Joe has devoted his entire career of over 30 years to helping companies become high-performance organizations. As an international entrepreneur and a sought-after strategist, consultant, mentor, and speaker with engagements around the world – and through the considerable experiences Joe has had, the research he has conducted, and the articles he has written. Joe is a world-recognized thought leader on the subject of operational excellence. About XONITEK  XONITEK is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping companies in their pursuit of achieving operational excellence. XONITEK mostly works with publicly listed firms with international operations or value-chains. Clients typically have a mature continuous improvement program. They aspire to press further to become high-performance organizations with a clear vision, unmistakably communicated, and vigorously pursued. XONITEK consultants are highly capable subject matter experts who are eager to engage, highly communicative, and can help you move quickly from assessment to action. Key Takeaways – 5 Challenges to Expanding into Europe In Joe’s experience the biggest problems American’s companies struggle when expanding into Europe, for the following reasons: Taxation is a major concern when expanding into Europe because you will most likely be doing business in multiple countries, with very different tax codes. American businesspeople who are used to the large US market underestimate the accounting and tax expertise required to do business in the European market. Human resources are very different in Europe. In the USA, most employees are usually “at will” which means they can be released with a minimum of hassle. In Europe, employees are protected by government regulations and employment contracts. As a result, employing people in Europe is more rigid and expensive. Investment capital in Europe tends to be risk-averse and less plentiful compared to the USA. Companies expanding into Europe will need to pay extra attention to how their expansion will be financed. Lack of flexibility is a challenge for US businesspeople who are used to developing plans for the US market. In Joe’s experience, companies expanding into Europe should avoid big investments in real estate, people, and operations until they fully understand the market. Companies are better off entering the market slowly, partnering, and outsourcing to avoid a big investment. Postpone investment until you have a better understanding of the customer, risks, and opportunities. Environmental regulations in Europe are very different and often more stringent than in the USA. For businesspeople interested in European expansion, understanding the environmental impact and country-specific regulations is very important. Bonus challenge! Understanding customs and cultures is sometimes a struggle for companies expanding into Europe. Each country has its own unique culture and customs, which is very different from the US market, which is mostly homogenous. In general, Europeans have more national holidays, vacation days, and sick days. They also value their time off and create boundaries between work and play, which contrasts greatly to the culture of most American businesspeople. Learn More:  Joe Paris XONITEK Operational Excellence Society The Readiness Institute Podcast - The Outliers Inn Related Topics:  4 Pillars to Future-Proofing Your Supply Chain with Yatish Desai The Hidden Solution to Most Supply Chain Problems with Ron Crabtree The Logistics of Logistics Podcast If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a positive review, subscribe, and share it with your friends and colleagues. The Logistics of Logistics Podcast: Google, Apple, Castbox, Spotify, Stitcher, PlayerFM, Tunein, Podbean, Owltail, Libsyn, Overcast


4 Jun 2020

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087 - Fact or Fiction with Apologist Joe Paris

41 Strong

Pastor Chuck Tate and Apologist Joe Paris discuss RESURRECTION: FACT OR FICTION?

4 Apr 2018