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Volleyball's Marta Cvitkovic, Alexis Williams; Men's Soccer HC Bob Butehorn (from Bulls Beat 3-3)

USF Bulls Unlimited Unloaded

Volleyball's Marta Cvitkovic, Alexis Williams; Men's Soccer HC Bob Butehorn (from Bulls Beat 3-3) by USF


3 Mar 2021

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Beyond the Hill Episode 45 - Alexis Williams

Hilltopper Nation

WKU Track & Field sophomore sprinter Alexis Williams discusses returning to action this spring with a strong start, the abrupt end to the 2020 season because of the COVID-19 pandemic, her recruitment process, leading C-USA in multiple events so far this season, her success in the 60-meter dash after an extended break from running it, her favorite event to run, how competition on the team has helped her improve, and her goals for the remainder of the season.


25 Jan 2021

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SCP 17 Alexis Williams and Aloha Glamour

The Shop and Chivalry Podcast

Everyone welcome to one of the most exciting shows I've had the pleasure of hosting. Alexis "Lexi" Williams is an Air Force vet, a former air traffic controller, local community ambassador, advocate for minority business owners, and the owner of Aloha Glamour--recipient of Beyoncé's Bey-good impact fund. Alexis talks with us about her clothing brand, her push to highlight black business in South Mississippi, and her impetus for creating the business in the first place. This was a very meaningful episode for me. Alexis suffered a terrible tragedy. She lost a child, and her pain was unfortunately extended due to people incapable or unwilling to empathize with that loss. She channeled that frustration into motivation. Her daughter would become the lifeblood of purpose for Aloha Glamour where she would find inspiration to combine the rich, vibrant culture of Hawaii, with her roots of a black woman from the south into the image of an "Afrowaiian" Queen that his her daughter. Alexis' work is one of tribute to a daughter lost. She lives through her daughter. Her love manifests a legacy for her daughter--one of energy, color, culture, and confidence. This is not just the legacy of Alexis. Aloha Glamour is the legacy of her daughter as well. Everyone, please welcome, Alexis Williams.

1hr 22mins

24 Jan 2021

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Grief and Recovery with Alexis Williams

The Next Room

Alexis Williams has had a lifelong passion for healing. She suffered a great loss at a very tender age and eventually had to deal with her unresolved grief. She naturally gravitated toward a career in healing and embraced the Grief and Recovery Method. The two women discuss Alexis' thoughts on communication with our loved ones who have crossed and what she feels is next after life on this earthly plane. Alexis feels we need to keep an open mind, get quiet and be willing to explore. So, what exactly is the Grief and Recovery Method? Find out when you tune in on Monday, on The Next Room!

5 Oct 2020

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Believing That You Can Heal Naturally with Alexis Williams

Inspired by HERstory

Today on Inspired by HERstory is Alexis Williams. Alexis is a leader in her field, mother of 2 young kids, and inspires you to believe in yourself for healing. Alexis founded a consulting company after 15 years in corporate America but her path was interpreted when she was diagnosed with early stages of cervical cancer. An unexpected path helped her heal and inspired her to earn a certificate from Cornell in Nutrition. During this episode, Alexis talks more about: How she healed herself with a holistic approach and found herself in a better mind, body, and spirit What her daily routine looked like while healing And how to believe in yourself and honor your needs so you are fully ready to share that same love with others FOLLOW HER JOURNEY: Restorative Consulting LLC: https://restorativeconsulting.org/. Contact about Nutrition: adwilliams1123@gmail.com  FOLLOW MY JOURNEY: Instagram Brand Photography: https://www.instagram.com/kaitlyncassocreations/ Travel Photography: https://www.instagram.com/kaitlyncasso/ Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/inspiredbyherstory/ Website https://www.kaitlyncasso.com/ HONEYBOOK (Save 50% your first year!): http://share.honeybook.com/kaitlyn42938 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kaitlyn-casso/support

1hr 10mins

16 Sep 2020

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Inequality in the tech space, how to troll Trump, and being helpful in the world with Alexis Williams

I'm Over It

On this week's episode of I’m over it I sat down with Alexis Williams, a 19-year-old computer science student at New York University. A little bit more than a month ago, Alexis created PB Resources, an online platform that connects people to BLM focused petitions, organizations, customized emails (which you’ve most likely used in recent weeks to send to your local government officials!), and more. BUT, that’s just one of the MANY things on Alexis’ list of accomplishments. Along with PB Resources, Alexis is also a Koding with Klossy scholar and Microsoft partner.Listen to us talk about inequality in the tech space, how to troll Trump, and being helpful in the world.~*~ Be sure to follow us at @imoveritpodcast and me at @atlantabean ~*~


6 Jul 2020

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Growing Your Business with a Podcast with Alexis Williams

Sarah HQ Podcast

In today's Episode, we dived into how to grow your business online using podcast. As an experienced entrepreneur, Alexis is currently operating several community-based projects and has imprinted her knowledge and influence as Founder/Owner of Chosen Armour Consulting, Junior Billionaires and Co-Owner of 5 Star Nail Salon and Spa located in Downtown Dallas, Texas.  Chosen Armour Consulting and Junior Billionaires were created to be a solution for financially disenfranchised individuals, families, and businesses within our community. The sole purpose is to help obtain, grow, protect and teach financial stability and generational wealth to this and future generations. Supporting our community in becoming self-sufficient including achieving financial independence is the dream.  Chosen Armour Consulting and Junior Billionaires were featured in volume 65/issue 29 July 2019 cover of Dallas Weekly Newspaper and in the May 2019 issue of WORKSHOP APPETIZER as having a vision for creating a close-knit community of Black business owners who share knowledge and resources, as well as support each other in business personally or by being a referral source. Alexis is also a Co-Host on The Terry Price Show Podcast broadcasting on the Fishbowl Network.  Alexis is a results-oriented, strategic thinking leader/consultant who is a certified Tax Professional, Life/Health Insurance Professional and carries 18+ years of Home Health Care Consulting, 14+ years of Title One Funding, 4+ years of Pharmacy Technician, 4+ years of All Lines Adjuster and 2 years of Radio/Podcast expertise that includes a track record of driving innovative projects by producing and implementing strategies and motivating a positive working environment in every project. Alexis has become a motivational trainer and has mastered the art of presentation while building organizations to reach its fullest level of success. Alexis constantly welcomes new projects and delivers creditable and inspiring results by committing to excellence which extends to relationship building, networking, community service and gaining the respect of others on her journey to success. Visit Lexi Williams Website: Mattersoftheheart.now.site  Email: alexismattersoftheheart@gmail.com Get the FREE Knowledge into Cash knowledgeintocash.com 


17 Jun 2020

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Alexis Williams on publishing and believing in yourself

On Design

Alexis Williams is the publisher of modern luxury magazines from the Guardian News & Media. In our conversation Alexis reflects on his career at both the Financial Times and the Guardian News & Media, his love of arts and fashion and their role in our lives. We also discuss the DESIGN magazine - the latest addition to Alexis’ portfolio of modern luxury magazines. Finally, Alexis shares with us his thoughts on the importance of being in the present moment and overcoming your anxieties. Presented by Justyna Green Produced by James Green


10 Jun 2020

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Episode 05. Alexis Williams. Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Pain and Purpose Podcast

Alexis Williams started Aloha Glamour to fill a void when her daughter, Lauren Taylor, was born and shortly thereafter died while she was stationed in Hawaii in 2015.  "To be perfectly honest, everything I saw was in black and white for a long time after my loss.  When I finally started to see a glimpse of color again, I started my business," Alexis says. Alexis initially started Aloha Glamour to keep her daughter's memory alive, but it has since become more than African and Hawaiian apparel.Aloha Glamour is a lifestyle movement that promotes women loving themselves wholeheartedly. Aloha Glamour is a community of women that empower others to use find and use their voice to turn their tragedies into triumphs.Stay connected with Alexis by visiting her website alohaglamour.shop and following her on Instagram. Do you have a powerful story you'd like to share?Be sure to shoot us a DM. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/painandpurpose/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/painandpurpose/support


1 May 2020

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Ep 10 Passing on the Mantle with guest Pastor Alexis Williams

Passing on the Mantle with Pastor Undena

On this episode of Passing on the Mantle, guest Pastor Alexis J. Williams sat down with us to discuss “The First Lady vs The Elect Lady” -Who is she and how does her position impact the family, marriage and the church. All that and more..right here on…Passing On The Mantle with Pastor Undena – Keeping the Foundation and Doctrines of the Church For more information:Facebook: Passing On The Mantle (@ptmu1) Youtube: Passing On The Mantle Instagram: @onptmu Twitter: @OnPTMU Buzzsprout: Passing On The Mantle with Pastor Undena  Vimeo: Passing On The Mantle www.ptmu1.com Support the show (https://ptmu1.com/)


5 Mar 2019