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19 | Conscious Communication + Reframing Narcissism with Stephanie Churma

Emily The Medium

Stephanie Churma is a Relationship Coach and Educator, CEO and founder of The Good Love Company. GLC is an infusion of behavioural psychology and energetics, she works closely with women and couples on how to truly find and heal themselves, so that they can call in and nourish a good love of their own.In the teaching/coaching space since 2015, Stephanie has helped thousands of women find the courage to love others by loving themselves first.Today on Emily The Medium:How we are all on the narcissism spectrumRedesigning how you feel about yourself to attract in a relationshipChildhood traumas & how your attachment style can changeThe skill of diffusing tension & connecting through communicationKnowing the vision of your relationshipA practice for connecting with your partner Follow Stephanie:IG: @goodloveco Apply to work with Stephanie: goodloveco.comThis show is produced by Soulfire Productions


23 Nov 2020

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062 :: The 6 Different Roles We're Seeing Played Out In The Great Awakening Of 2020 AND How To Know Which Role Is Yours With Stephanie Churma


Welcome back to another episode! In today’s episode, I bring you the one & the only Stephanie Churma of GOOD LOVE CO to dish on allllll things of this Great Awakening of 2020 with me. She gives us the juice on the 5 different roles/players in this simulation that she’s seeing played out, and I add one in that I’m seeing as well. WEBSITE: www.oliviaseline.com // INSTAGRAM: @oliviaseline // MEMBERSHIP EXPERIENCE: www.oliviaseline.com/thecircle Together, we talk about the different phases of this awakening & why it’s VITAL to question the narrative that we’re being served up on a silver platter via the media. We unpack confirmation bias, the ways you can be made to feel “crazy” as you wake up, the reason we’re being pushed into further division & feeling forced to pick a “side,” etc. Let’s just say - WE GO THERE. Connect with Stephanie over on Instagram @goodloveco and her website: www.goodloveco.com. As always, thank you so much for being here today! If you have any follow up Q’s, you can message me on Instagram to include in a future episode and/or unpack it deeper inside the membership experience! I always love hearing from you and how I can support you in this season. ps. Don’t forget to leave a review if you loved it, and share this episode with anyone you feel would benefit from it! I’ll see you here next week! x

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27 Jul 2020

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Stephanie Churma: Good Love Co.

Abundance Hack

In this episode we dive into what it takes to attract Good Love with relationship expert, Stephanie Churma.  We discuss the dating mistakes that stand in the way of unconditional love.  Find more information on Stephanie at https://www.goodloveco.com/ Follow her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/goodloveco/


6 May 2020

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047 :: How To Be Open To Finding Love [or deeper love with your now partner] When You're Independent AF With Resident Love Expert Stephanie Churma


Welcome back to another episode! I am super excited to bring back my incredible friend & fellow love expert, Stephanie Churma of Good Love Co., to answer a common Q that I know many of you have, and a few of you have even messaged me about. Q: “I’ve just realized that because of the toxic relationship between my mom & dad, I’ve actually become TOO independent - and even though I say I want a boyfriend, the thought of having one or even going on a date makes me run for the hills. So how do I ‘get myself ready for a relationship?’ How do I stop being overly independent and be open to finding love?” As always, thank you so much for being here & joining the conversation today! If you have any follow up Q’s, you can message either of us on Instagram to include in a future episode as Stephanie will for suuuuure be back - I mean she is our Resident Love Expert after all! ;) ps. Don’t forget to leave a review if you loved it, and share this episode with anyone you feel would benefit from it! X Connect with Stephanie over on Instagram @goodloveco and in her free Facebook community: GOOD LOVE CO INSIDERS With Stephanie Churma! Connect with me on Instagram @oliviaseline and learn more about my offerings over at www.oliviaseline.com!


8 Apr 2020

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Truth-Telling Confessions Of A Self-Love Romantic With Stephanie Churma

Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast | Business | Success | Motivation | Entrepreneurship with Chris Burns

Stephanie Churma is the CEO of The Good Love Company. Relationship Expert Speaker and Mentor she teaches high performance men and women how to call in love through self discovery.

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17 Mar 2020

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Ep. 21 - Getting that Good, Good Love ft. Stephanie Churma

Quantum Creatrix Podcast | Mindset, Money & Manifestation

I absolutely loved my conversation with Stephanie Churma, founder of the Good Love Co. Stephanie Churma is a Relationship Coach, Expert and Speaker & CEO. She mentors powerhouse women on how to call in, and nourish, a good love of their own through self discovery, curiosity and feminine energetic neutrality. In this episode we discuss attracting in your partner based on the energy you put out, looking for validation outside of ourselves, a deep conversation on worthiness and how to manifest that good, good love. This episode was so juicy, I can't wait for you to dive in! Want to connect with Stephanie further? Find her here: facebook.com/groups/271754090131559/?ref=share instagram.com/goodloveco KIKI'S SOCIAL LINKS Msha.ke/namaslaybabe Instagram.com/namaslaybabe Facebook.com/namaslaybabe Facebook.com/groups/namaslaybabes Pinterest.com/namaslaybabe Anchor.fm/namaslaybabe Interested in NLP? Get certified here: http://www.tdnlp.com/t/NLPP?a=833


10 Feb 2020

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The Narcissist with Stephanie Churma

Enlitened: Losing Weight with Melissa Ronda

You can find Stephanie at https://www.facebook.com/goodloveco/


4 Oct 2019

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Destination Freedom

To Find Stephanie: Search Stephanie Churma or “The Good Love Company” on Facebook @goodloveco on instagram Be looking out for her website to drop later this month! In this episode I dive deep into all relationship goodness with Stephanie Churma. Stephanie helps women who have figured out life finally figure out love- Professional industry women who have amazing girlfriends, powerful careers but can’t seem to figure out romantic love. Stephanie is a self-proclaimed former dating disaster turned Relationship Expert and Coach for high achieving women. Listen to hear all about how dating and relationships are all about mindset just as much as anything else, and my personal take on Stephanie’s work in my own dating life!


1 Oct 2019

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#019 Ditching the Toxic Dating Tactics + Attracting Good Love with Relationship Expert Stephanie Churma

VIBES: the podcast

In this episode, I am honoured to interview Stephanie Churma, Relationship expert and founder of the Good Love Company. The wisdom that we share in this episode is next level authentic truth. This episode is cosmic medicine for single women and committed relationships alike. Stephanie's FacebookStephanie's Instagram--Follow Alex on Instagram Follow Alex on Facebook Join VIBES: The Community on Facebook Visit Alex's Website 

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16 Jul 2019

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E10: CHICK CHAT with Relationship Coach "Stephanie Churma" about toxic love, toxic men, and toxic relationships

Become a Podcast Queen

Welcome to the first episode of "Overcoming Narcissistic Relationships with Olivia".  In this episode I talk with Stephanie Churma (Relationship Coach, Expert & Speaker) about her past experiences with toxic men, toxic love and toxic relationships. We delve into how to identify a toxic man, and how to know if you're in a toxic relationship.  Stephanie talks about how we are often trained and lead to believe that WE are the problem, when in reality, this is isn't the case.  We talk about what it is that YOU actually want out of your love life and relationship, how to manifest your ideal man, finding pockets of peace in your recovery, learning to feel compassion for your ex, and how to "bless and release" him from your life. And finally, why you should FEEL through your feelings, and know that NO feeling is final.  *Find Olivia Powell at: FACEBOOK GROUP: "Overcoming Narcissistic Relationships with Olivia"  INSTAGRAM: @overcoming_narcissism YOUTUBE: "Overcoming Narcissistic Relationships with Olivia" *Find Stephanie Churma at: FACEBOOK: Stephanie Churma and 'Good Love Co Insiders' Facebook Group INSTAGRAM: @goodloveco and @stephaniechurma PODCAST: The Good Love Company (on iTunes) WEBSITE: Thegoodlovecompany.com (coming soon)


17 Jun 2019