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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dave Thornton. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dave Thornton, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dave Thornton. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dave Thornton, often where they are interviewed.

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Making yourself uncomfortable with comedian Dave Thornton, and head of content and author Luke Wallis

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Sometimes we take on more than we can handle and have to figure it out from there. Today I have two guests who have pushed themselves into uncomfortable situations and come out smelling of roses.

Dave Thornton
Dave has built a global reputation for his honest, engaging, whip-smart and damn funny comedy. He’s stormed the world’s three major comedy festivals and, back home, Dave is a hot ticket across the country, filling thousands of seats with a growing army of fans.

Luke Wallis
Luke is a head of content, writer and music tragic. He has written for the TV show Rockwiz, is a published author and has interviewed some of the biggest stars in the world including Mick Jagger, Rihanna and Matt Damon. Most intimidating moment: trying to
put a lapel mic on Keith Richards.

Topics covered:

  1. What is creativity to you?
  2. What inspires you?
  3. Have you ever felt over your head?
  4. How do you overcome that feeling?
  5. What’s a creative highlight in your life?
  6. What’s a right-brain tip to help people be more creative?
  7. Write down the internal monologue of your computer keyboard.

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Jul 07 2020


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Dave Thornton is a big-hearted Aussie comedian that has the rare gift of finding the comedy gold in the every day.

Whether it’s as a guest on ‘The Project’, on a morning radio session or on a national tour spreading his truth – people relate to and connect with Dave Thornton.

We hope you enjoy episode 7 of the Inside Sessions.

Jul 03 2020




NBA Straya
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TV star, comedian & radio host DAVE THORNTON joins the show this week to talk his career, comedy & hoops.... also, Friend of the Show & Recurring Guest Ryan ROWDY Broekhoff GOT SIGNED BY THE SIXERS... AND the NBA released the RE-OPENING schedule for all the teams going to Orlando!! Oh... but also, a bunch of players tested positive for the COVID-19, so yeah. Not great.
ANWYAY - it's an absolute PEARLER of a chat with Dave, covering growing up in Geelong, his love of Hoops and what it was like meeting Gazey AND Mr Cooper!
PLUS, we've got YEAH NAHs, the Top 5 Games On The New Re-Opening Schedule AND an NBA Straya Time Machine back to 2004 for Lakers-Pistons!
Anddddd we touch on the 10-year anniversary of Lebron's THE DECISION + what all the positive tests/players dropping out means...
But, we finish off with a BRAND NEW 'DELLY REVIEW' as 'Delly' reviews the new Will Ferrell movie, EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: THE STORY OF FIRE SAGA.... Neat!
RIGHT! Get around us at -- -- -- ... and if you wanna buy a NBA Straya t-shirt or hoody - SMASH THIS NEW MERCH LINK!!!!
Love ya guts ledges! Stay safe! 🇦🇺🏀💪

Jul 01 2020

1hr 25mins


504 - Dave Thornton & Brett Blake

The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy & Karl
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It's our first all-in-the-same-room episode in AGES with our good mates DAVE THORNTON and BRETT BLAKE! We spend even MORE time getting to the bottom of Capper's new job before talking about Tommy's famous neighbour and Brett's cunning trademarking exploits, but the main event is another long and disgusting story of Chandler's body betraying him in public. You know what to expect, so brace yourself and dive in!

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May 27 2020

2hr 7mins


Flustercuck! New Bonus Podcast Series from Tommy Little. Ep 8: Dave Thornton

Carrie & Tommy Catchup - Hit Network - Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little
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A new bonus podcast series where Tommy sits down with his mates, and some famous Aussies to hear about that time in their past where it all went tits up. When it was all a giant Flustercuck.

In this episode, comedian and Dad of 2 Dave Thornton describes a daddy day care bathing disaster.

May 05 2020



60 - Operating in this New Landscape... with Dave Thornton

Voices of Value
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This week, comedian Dave Thornton joins Peter and Rik (each in their own home office) for a quick chat in these uncertain times.

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Mar 26 2020



#633 - Radio, Kids & Comedy With Dave Thornton

The Daily Talk Show
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Dave Thornton - Comedian, TV and former radio presenter

Dave is one of Australia's most popular comedians and TV presenters, appearing regularly as a co-host on The Project, and on Network Ten’s Hughesy, We Have a Problem.

Dave also spent four years co-hosting Fox FM’s breakfast radio show, Fifi & Dave, alongside Fifi Box.

In 2019, Dave sold out a national tour with his brand-new hour-long show Lean Into It.

On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss: 

- Working in radio
- Helping JJ resign at SCA
- Travel
- How JJ made his way into Dave's set for The Gala
- Kids and schedules
- Comedy sets on cruises
- Our Clubs
- Blowing out on the weekend
- Dave's diet

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The Daily Talk Show is an Australian talk show and daily podcast by Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen. Tommy and Josh chat about life, creativity, business, and relationships — big questions and banter. Regularly visited by guests and gronks! If you watch the show or listen to the podcast, you're part of the Gronk Squad.

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Mar 10 2020

1hr 28mins


TTDT - Mountain Goat & Dave Thornton

That's The Drink Talking
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Episode 7. Proudly Presented by Mountain GoatGuest: Dave Thornton I drink there for I goat. The iconic Melbourne brewery Mountain Goat is this week’s guest brewery. Head Brewer Ian Morgan joins us at the bar to talk us through some of the classic Goat range plus he brings in a special growler full of a wonderful brew only available on tap. Guest Barfly this week is TV host, broadcaster and master arm bender, comedian Dave Thornton. HB and Thornton reminisce about a boozy trip to the Sunshine State and we hear how when the crowd isn't exactly what you wanted it's best to let the drink do the talking.Remember to hit subscribe.

Sep 20 2019

1hr 4mins


62 - Crazy expensive Dates with Dave Thornton

Dating Badly
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This week we have fresh out of the delivery room Dave Thornton!! We ask all the important questions ... like is it ok to just to drop your wife off at the hospital and go have beers!!! We learn about pool births and taking people on expensive dates!!@Brettyblake @kellyfastuca @worstfirstdatespodcast @dave_thorno

Jan 14 2019



24. Dave Thornton - Naked All the Night

The Phone Hacks
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Dave Thornton (The Project) is in the Phone Hacks studio this week for another punishing session of turning phones over and embarrassing content exposure. 

Mike raps about Auschwitz, Dave needs reccomendations for a relationship counsellor and Capper sends his Dad an erotic text. Why are we doing this? 

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Oct 07 2018

1hr 8mins