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Exclusive Interview: The Secret Sauce Behind Crushing Your Goals Revealed, with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky Ep63

A Better Way to Farm Podcast

We are very blessed and proud to have with us in this episode the stars of the show, The Crush, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, to share with us not only their passion for hunting but also their family’s journey, amusing stories, and their competitive advantage to realizing their goals one by one. They practice their passion not only during their outside travels but also inside their Iowa farm. Not only will we be entertained by the outdoor enthusiasts’ power couple, but we are going to learn a lot from them especially in overcoming those fears to come out of our comfort zones. Let’s dive right in and listen to some of their adventure chronicles. Come and join us! 😉 😉 😉 Episode 63 Highlights 01:29 Let’s hear how Lee’s love for hunting got started 🔫 🔫 02:31 but wait! Tiffany’s story is the total opposite of Lee’s ↕ 04:19 Want to hear what they do to stay on top of their game 👈 05:52 Hunting will never grow old for Lee 👌 07:11 …and the kids get to have their share of F-U-N as well 💚 08:15 A good story on running with Murphy, the farm dog 😊 10:32 Curious what their career goals were back in college? Listen here 👂 13:04 “There has to be that passion in order to be successful in anything.”- Rod 👍 13:33 Between then and now, things got easier with social media ⌛ 14:22 Life on the road … 15:12 On avoiding distractions and staying on target ß 16:50 Balancing their passion for hunting with family life ⚖ 19:10 Dealing with critics – how hard can they be ⁉ 21:14 This is why Lee prefers not to have social media 👈 21:41 Rod and Lee’s coincidental encounter with the same deer, for real! 22:23 What kind of neighbours are the Lakoskys? 😊 24:20 The one deer that got away, tune into their story … 27:56 Tiffany’s encounter with a ginormous ape ‼ 30:15 Hunting times before the start of “The Crush” show ß 31:11 Here’s a funny driving story by Tiffany 😉 33:45 Tiffany’s tip on getting out of your comfort zone to pursue something you love 💚 35:05 Lee’s message? Chase that dream! Do something! 38:16 Out-of-the-box thinking, away from people’s expectations is the way to go for these couple 👍 38:46 More on living your passion and being good Christians 💚 40:28 Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Watch them on MOTV or The Outdoor Channel. Thank you for joining us on today’s episode. If you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode, follow us, tune in and share the good news of A Better Way to Farm Podcast 😉 😉 😉 >>On Stitcher https://www.stitcher.com/show/a-better-way-to-farm-podcast >>On Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/a-better-way-to-farm-podcast/id1458253683 >>On Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/0mm3BsoOyX6cm6bYzU8Vqq >>On Podbean https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/zr7gi-8bdf2/A-Better-Way-to-Farm-Podcast >>On Listen Notes https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/a-better-way-to-farm-podcast-karen-fitch-zBkIrVpOwMv/ >>On Podbay https://podbay.fm/p/a-better-way-to-farm-podcast SUBSCRIBE to ensure you’ll never miss an episode! 😉 Would you like to send us a question for this podcast?  Sound out through the comments section! Meet A Better Way to Farm 💚 We’re a multi-generational family business based in Iowa working with farmers across the US. We take a hands-on approach using in depth soil testing, making recommendations down to ounces per acre of micronutrients. 💰 💰 💰 Doing this helps our clients to become more profitable. If this is something your family would be open to, then let’s talk. ➡ ➡   ☎️ ☎️ ☎️ https://confirmsubscription.com/h/d/6E6CC686B44C3977 Power starts with knowledge. For more golden nuggets, follow us in: >>Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abetterwaytofarm Happy listening! We’ll see you at the next one! 😉 Missed the previous episode? Here you go: Ratios to Look At In Your Tissue Testing Ep62 http://abetterwaytofarm.libsyn.com/things-to-consider-during-late-season-tissue-testing-ep62


30 Aug 2021

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Family and Hunting with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky

The Homegrown Experience Podcast

In this episode, Homegrown Experience's very own Austin Musselman and Field Hudnall sit down with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky of the Outdoor Channel's TV show CRUSH with Lee and Tiffany to talk about raising kids in a hunting lifestyle with today's distractions and influences.  Follow Lee and Tiffany at @thecrushtv or online at http://www.thecrush.tv/ Follow us on Instagram @homegrownexperience and find more episodes at www.homegrownexperience.com Other topics include: Raising kids, discipline, sports and other distractions, die-hard Minnesotans, waterfowlers are nuts, don't push your kids too hard to do what you love, love and respect, how Lee & Tiffany met, how Lee and Tiffany introduction to hunting, Tiffany competes and beats the men, Tiffany's big tip to all the guys, the joys and challenges of trade shows, do the right thing… be nice and help others.

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20 Nov 2019

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Episode 28: Tiffany Lakosky- Keeping Good Company With A Pack Of Labs

Sporting Dog Talk

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31 Jul 2019

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165 LEE & TIFFANY LAKOSKY - Mach 10, Velvet Bucks, Standing Corn Ground Blinds, and Tree Hinge Tactics

Deer Hunt by Big Buck Registry

Sure, having your first baby might change things a bit, but the corn still needs to grow, the fields need to be seeded, the trees need to be cut, and life going any slower than Mach 10 just wouldn't seem normal. That's how Lee and Tiffany, our guests from Episode 050, like it. Tiffany has pulled back just a bit to take care of their son, but both Lee and Tiffany enjoy a fast paced country life.  They say that when they're not on the road, they're home bodies and you'll never find them at a coffee shop (Lee doesn't drink coffee, and doesn't need to). Lee says that all the work is done by September on his endless acreage of farmed prime hunting land.  In fact, Lee is so meticulous about created amazing deer habitat that his neighbors should thank him.   We go deep with Lee and Tiffany on this show and talk everything from parenting, to hunting standing corn, to how to sneak into a field without detection, to hinge cutting trees for habitat, to building watering holes. Get your notebooks out.  OUR SPONSORS: Morse's Sporting Goods www.MorseSportingGoods.com DEER NEWS: Ted Nugent Receives Top Honors Toledo Metro Parks Informs Council of Kills State Law Makers to Add Tracking Numbers to Ammunition 7 Year Prison Sentence Delivered on Hunting Related Shooting HERE'S WHAT WE DISCUSS: Life Has Changed with a Baby The Work is Done Before September: Time to Hunt Gotta Have Everything Ready Mid August (Except for Disasters) Rain, Wheat, 4 Foot Tall Foxtail, Turnips, and Rape 50% of the Staff are On the Call 500 Acres of Row Crop and Deer Feed Another New Thing All the Time, 50 Things and Zero Done I'm Not Happy if I'm Not Going Mach 10 with My Hair on Fire Ground Blinds and Standing Corn Tactics and Techniques Soy Beans and Rotating Crops Making a Rubbing Post in a Vacant Big Field 24/7 365 for 15 Years - Learning and Effort of Deer Management When is Our Anniversary? A Snake Pit Knowing When a Buck Sheds and Which Deer to Shoot Age, Topped Out, 2 Years in a Row Being Rewarded for Your Game Management  Letting Big Deer Walk and Water Sources Self Made Ponds and Pear Trees, Apples Too Fruit Trees and CRP Fields  Hinge Cutting Tree Strategies, YouTube, Google We Don't Go to the Coffee Shop, We're Home Bodies Small Town Gossip and Neighbors Friends Like the Mayor and Game Wardens and Sheriffs Meeting Neighbors at the Iowa Deer Classic  Red Necks from Iowa 10 Rapid Fire Questions Our APP: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/app Help Support This Show: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/pledge FEEDBACK HOTLINE: 724-613-2825 REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE on iTUNES and Stitcher: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/itunes www.BigBuckRegistry.com/stitcher Want to Know When the Next Big Buck Podcast is Released? Then Join the Club: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/huntmail Submit A Buck: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/mybuck Be a Guest: Guests@BigBuckRegistry.com Share for Share: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/s4s Facebook: www.Facebook.com/bigbuckregistry Twitter: www.twitter.com/bigbuckregistry Feedback:Feedback@BigBuckRegistry.com Also find us on these fine networks:  Blubrry Libsyn TuneIn CREDITS: This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips

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10 Sep 2016

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This Week’s Show – Booner Bucks With Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, Clear Water Bass Tactics and TPWD’s Findings on Lead vs Steel Lethality On Dove

Lone Star Outdoor Show

We get this week's show going by talking clear water bass tactics with longtime guide and renown Texas tournament angler Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours. Winter time usually means clearer water, especially with the influx of invasive zebra mussels on many Texas reservoirs. Fishing clear water presents some issues for bass fisherman this time [...]

1hr 21mins

9 Jan 2015

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050 Lee and Tiffany Lakosky | Talking Deer Hunting! | Crush TV

Deer Hunt by Big Buck Registry

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky from The Crush TV are at the top of their game, but it took some time, sweat, WORK, and pain getting there. And, getting to know the right people too. Want to know how they did it? Tiffany and Lee share the WHOLE story with us! It's a true, GREAT American tale you probably have never heard. We're pretty sure you'll learn a thing or two about preparing food plots now for hunting success later too! Lee is a master technician when it comes to deer food.Join Us starting at 5am and all week long on the Big Buck Registry's Big Buck Deer Hunting Podcast! Contact The Big Buck Registry:  REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE on iTUNES: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/itunes Want to Know When the Next Big Buck Podcast is Released? Then Join the Club!: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/huntmail Want to be on this show?  Guests@BigBuckRegistry.com Share for Share- Send us a Direct Message on Facebook or Email: ShareforShare@BigBuckRegistry.com Submit a Buck Picture: Facebook Direct Message or Direct Post www.Facebook.com/bigbuckregistry www.twitter.com/bigbuckregistry Feedback:Feedback@BigBuckRegistry.com  or call 724-613-2825 Also find us on these fine networks: iTunes Sticher Blubrry Libsyn TuneIn Product Links Above Are Part of The Amazon Affiliate Program

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7 Jun 2014

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The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #7: How Lee & Tiffany Lakosky Would Hunt If They Weren’t “Lee & Tiffany”

Wired To Hunt Podcast

In Episode #7 of The Wired To Hunt Podcast we’re chatting with Lee & Tiffany Lakosky of the Outdoor Channel’s “The Crush with Lee & Tiffany“. This isn’t your usual interview with Lee & Tiffany though, in this episode we...See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 20mins

8 May 2014

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Tiffany Lakosky Huntress No.3 HFJ 49 "The Huntresses of Autumn" 5 part series

The Hunt Fish Journal

Welcome Back to Huntresses of Autumn  No.3 Tiffany Lakosky from the Crush. Join Dan, Jerry and myself in this great interview with America's Top Huntress. Tiffany has become an amazing deer hunter and has taken some really nice trophies over the years. Her knowledge of hunting and scent control has given her the ability to connect on the trophies time and time again. Tiffany's Positive disposition is catchy and instantly appealing making this a delightful podcast with our 3rd Huntress. Thank you Tiffany Lakosky for the time spent to do this show!  Remember our sponsors! Hemisphere Coffee Roasters in Mechanicsburg, Ohio contact Paul or Grace at 937-834-3230 " You just can't get a better tasting cup of coffee" 

1hr 15mins

28 Oct 2013

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Lee and Tiffany Lakosky from the Crush HFJ 37

The Hunt Fish Journal

This month we welcome Lee and Tiffany to the Hunt Fish Journal , Lee and Tiffany are America's favorite hunting husband and wife team. In this hour and a half interview, Lee goes over some really great hunting tips for taking good bucks. His passion for the outdoors and the many hours spent planting food plots, running trail cameras and observing deer in their natural habitat has given the couple a keen understanding on how to pattern big bucks. Lee and Tiffany practice shooting at 100 yards!!! Lee points out that this will make you a better shot when it comes to a 40 or 50 yard shot. Lee and Tiffany's down to earth approach is not only appealing but also refreshing as this podcast captures their love of the hunt and delightful personalities.  Thank you Lee and Tiffany for the time spent to do this show! And a special thank you to Linda for all her help on this podcast!!  Remember our sponsors! Hemisphere Coffee Roasters in Mechanicsburg, Ohio contact Paul or Grace at 937-834-3230 " You just can't get a better tasting cup of coffee"  Thank You to our Listeners Greg, Dan and Jerry

1hr 42mins

6 Jun 2013

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Episode 93, Outdoor Forums, Lee & Tiffany Lakosky Interview, Game Bag, Ice Safety, Contest, Live Call In Show

Up North Journal Podcast

Web Forums Too Much Complaining & Attacking Good Forums New Videos From ATA Interview With Lee & Tiffany Lakosky At The 2009 ATA show Mikey's Game Bag Experiment To Show What It Is Like To Go Through The Ice Cold Water Dexterity Phone Interview With UNJ Pro Staffers Chuck Parr, Tim Ford, Mikey and I Ice Emergency Tools Basic Ice Safety Group Tip Up Game For Ice Fishing Contests myhuntingandfishing.com contest UNJ youth essay contest New Live UNJ Call In Show For Saturday Night!

1hr 21mins

19 Jan 2009