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Dennis Chambers - Episode 54 - The ProgCast with Gregg Bendian

The ProgCast With Gregg Bendian

DENNIS CHAMBERS is truly one of drumming's greats. He's worked with Parliament/Funkadelic, John McLaughlin, Santana, Brecker Bros, Mike Stern, and John Scofield to name but a few.  Another fun and informative drummer hang on The ProgCast.

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15 Mar 2022

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Episode 20: Live From My Drum Room With Dennis Chambers! 2-13-21

Live From My Drum Room With John DeChristopher!

My old friend and legendary drummer Dennis Chambers and I discuss his career with P Funk, John Scofield, Steely Dan, Carlos Santana and more! Lots of great and funny stories, including the late great Jeff Porcaro, and his performance at the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert in 1989. Watch all the episodes on my YouTube channel and please subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/c/JohnDeChristopherLiveFromMyDrumRoom https://linktr.ee/live_from_my_drum_room

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3 Aug 2021

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The Modern Drummer Podcast – Narada Michael Walden’s UPBEAT interview with Dennis Chambers Part 2

The Modern Drummer Podcast


29 Jul 2021

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Sarah Hagan Backstage with Dennis Chambers

Sarah Hagan Backstage

Dennis Chambers is not only one of my personal favorite drummers of all time but he is also one of my favorite people of all time! I am so happy to chat with Dennis today about playing with some incredible musicians over the years including Santana, Parliament Funkadelic, Santana, and the list goes on and on. Dennis shares some great stories from his past, and we revisit some of his greatest solos, so come along with me as I catch up with the one and only, the legendary Dennis Chambers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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27 Jul 2021

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The Modern Drummer Podcast – Narada Michael Walden’s UPBEAT interview with Dennis Chambers Part 1

The Modern Drummer Podcast


15 Jul 2021

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A Phone Call With Dennis Chambers

Drumeo Gab Podcast

“That’s old history. Great history. Like I said every now and then I’ll think back on it.  Especially when someone asks about it.” Try Drumeo Edge for free for 7 days Dennis Chambers is involved with Billy Cobham’s “Guide To Stress-Free Drumming” and so for that ongoing event, I was invited to speak with the legend himself. Due to a house fire situation, all of Dennis’ recording gear was offsite which meant that we would need to do this over Zoom. Or did it…? I decided that maybe it would be a vibe to just record a phone call. You know, an old-fashioned phone call! It was amazing. I was sitting out on my hammock on a beautiful sunny day talking to one of my all-time favorite musicians. It turns out that Dennis is funny, charming, and down-to-earth. That made this all the more incredible. Sometimes they say “never meet your heroes”. This was certainly an exception. You will hear about many things in this messy and natural conversation. No notes. No prep. Just a phone call that I will never forget. I hope that you experience this episode like you were listening in on us like a fly on the wall. This episode is as casual as this podcast will ever get. You Will Hear About…. Honestly, there is too much going on here to even begin listing off everything within this conversation. Just as a general overview though, we talked about his dog, his incredible collection of historically important instruments, the house fire, his health scare, playing in a band, and much more. Why Should You Listen? This is Dennis Chambers talking on the phone with me in a funny and memorable conversation. Need I say more? Follow Dennis Instagram Facebook Website Follow ‘Drumeo Gab’ Instagram Facebook YouTube

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11 Jul 2021

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Dennis Chambers A Conversation Part 2

"The Players" Webcast

We hope you will consider showing your support through our Patreon page. This helps to keep the episodes coming. Thank you so much! https://www.patreon.com/theplayerswebcastWhat a blast 💥 it was to talk with the amazing, Dennis Chambers again. So many great stories!The first few minutes are choppy because of a bad internet connection. At about 14:40​, Dennis changed devices and the connection was solid after that. In this conversation, Dennis shares about many things:* what he’s been doing during the pandemic* Up and coming drummers he listening to* Stories about working with the Brecker Brothers, John Scofield, and others* The classic sorry about the phone call he got from Miles Davis offering him gigDennis also takes us on a tour of “the dungeon” where he shows his collection of drums frommany of the drum icons, including Art Blakey, Tony Williams, Papa Jo Jones, Gene Krupa, and others. He also talks about his collection of basses and guitars 🎸 This is history, folks - from an amazing musician and an amazing man with a big heartEnjoy!


18 Mar 2021

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BLOCKED BY JESUS CHRIST! ft. Dennis Chambers

Who's To Say ?

(7:32) CBS sports Analyst Dennis Chambers joins the POD and gives his NBA Finals prediction (16:44) All-Team light skin Roster vs All-Team Dark skin Roster (30:37) Hood Dreams Vs Hoop Dreams (39:12) Jesus Christ would Cross Lebron (51:38) Thot Island (1:02:36) Girl Body builders, How much muscle is too much ? (1:11:08) The Art of the Bully, Public school is a breeding ground for Bullying

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30 Sep 2020

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A Conversation with Dennis Chambers

Karl Sterling Podcast

Legendary musician and drummer, Dennis Chambers discusses many topics in this conversation including racism, success, his experience seeing Tony Williams with Miles Davis in the 1960's, working with John McLaughlin, Carlos Santana, John Scofield, being a team player as a musician, and much more. Thank you, Dennis for sharing your insights and words of wisdom.Be sure to visit his website at: http://www.dennischambers.com

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11 Aug 2020

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564 – Dennis Chambers: Back and better than ever

Drummer's Resource

This episodes originally aired on December 5, 2016 What can be said about Dennis Chambers that hasn’t already been said? He’s a legend in every aspect of the word and ... more The post 564 – Dennis Chambers: Back and better than ever appeared first on Drummer's Resource: Conversations with the world's greatest drummers and music industry pros..

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11 May 2020