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Ep 13 | It's All About Mindset, Sales, and Client Attraction with Melissa Lin

Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur

Melissa Lin is a previously successful chemical engineer turned multiple six-figure business coach and business owner. After starting off barely making it, Melissa pushed past her fears and shifted her mindset to fully thrive in her business! Today, she helps other women do the same with their businesses.  In this episode, Melissa and I dive deep into the importance of a healthy mindset in business and the impact your mindset has on your business. Melissa also shares her wealth of knowledge about the sales process - from pitch to follow-up.  In this episode you’ll hear:  The importance of your mindset in your business Steps to shifting your mindset Melissa Lin’s 4 Step Sale Process For all things mentioned in this episode check out the Podcast Blog!


26 May 2021

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5 Years. 5 Lessons. 5 Clients: Sales with Melissa Lin

The Sabrina Philipp Podcast

Without sales, do you have a business?  Selling your offers on social media can feel forceful and sleazy, but it doesn’t have to be!  The key to sales is to deeply believe that you are helping others. In this episode, we talk about all things sales with my client Melissa Lin.  Melissa is a Business…


18 May 2021

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Ep 137: A Week With Melissa Lin

Fierce Business Babe Podcast with Melissa Lin

Today I am going to share with you a behind the scenes of what my week looks like. I am going to be diving into all the day to days in my week from how I batch things in my business throughout the week to what each day of the week usually looks like for me and so much more. Topics we cover include: My Day To Day My Non Negotiables CEO Days  Content Days Coaching Days    And so much more!  Times to check out: (11:17) My Day To Day (15:02) My Non-Negotiables (19:06) CEO Days (21:36) Coaching Days (24:30) Content Days FREEBIES: 4 Step Training to Start & Scale Your Online Coaching Business: https://melissalincoaching.lpages.co/4-steps-to-starting-a-successful-coaching-business Quiz: Your Next Business Strategy: https://www.themelissalin.com/quiz WORK WITH MELISSA: Are you ready to take your online coaching business to the NEXT level? Have you been wanting to start coaching, finally start making a full time income doing what you love? The Fierce Business Academy might be the right fit for you! Head to the link below for more details and to hop on the waitlist! The Fierce Business Academy: https://www.themelissalin.com/academy The 6 Figure Fierce Business Mastermind: https://www.themelissalin.com/mastermind The Caption Capsule https://www.themelissalin.com/captioncapsule Promo Code: PODCAST to save $$$ on The Caption Capsule! Find me on social media for more daily content!  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themelissalin/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melissa.lin.180410 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fiercebusinessbabes/ Fierce Business Academy: https://www.themelissalin.com/academy


10 May 2021

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#43 Evolving your identity in business with Melissa Lin

The Global Phenomenon Podcast | for Online Coaches, Consultants and Solopreneurs

With Melissa Lin, Entrepreneur & Business CoachMELISSA LIN started out as a successful chemical engineer. After shedding her skin a couple of times she is now headed for the 7 figures with her coaching business. Her story of going from corporate role model, to fitness guru, to business coach, is one we can all learn from. If you believe your identity is keeping you stuck where you are, listen to Melissa's story as she navigated leaving her old self behind and embarking in a new journey. After this conversation you will find a new confidence to step into your true calling.We had to cut the episode down, but if you would like to hear the full interview, including how she told her parents she had quit her job (2 months prior!) and her journey through body building and bikini competitions, get access to our UNCUT vault at theglobalphenomenon.com/uncutEpisode links: Visit Melissa Lin's website at themelissalin.com Follow Melissa on instagram at @themelissalin Got a question for the next Q&A segment? Go to The Global Phenomenon website and submit your question!Watch the video version of this episode on The Global Phenomenon YouTube channelJoin the conversation in The Global Phenomenon Facebook GroupContact our team at: info@theglobalphenomenon.comCredits: Music by Jared Lebel Photo by Mira Whiting Photography Voice by Kip Clark


22 Feb 2021

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Episode 54: Scaling Your Business by Growing Your Team with Melissa Lin

So, Here's the Thing with Laylee Emadi

Welcome to “So, Here’s the Thing!” In this episode, Melissa Lin joins us to discuss how to approach growing your team and scaling your business. Follow along with her step-by-step exercise to deciding what tasks you should outsource first! Melissa Lin is a former successful chemical engineer turned multiple six-figure business coach and business owner. After figuring out powerfulstrategies and shifting her mindset, she went from barely making it to fully thriving in it. Now, she helps other women do the same with their businesses. She’s helped 100+ online FIERCE business owners take their business to the next level. Get to Know Melissa (1:01) When to Start Scaling in Your Business (5:21) What do you do daily? (8:16) Exercise (8:50) Grab a piece of paperDraw a line down and across the middle so you have 4 quadrants.Number them 1-4In box 1, put all of the tasks you love to do and are great at.In box 2, put all of the tasks you like to do and are good at.In box 3, put all of the tasks that you dislike and are good at.In box 4, put all of the tasks that you dislike and are not good at.Box 4 will be the first things you’ll outsource. Try Honeybook for FREE and get 50% OFF your first year. Finding a Great VA (12:11) Interview Process (14:14) Mistakes in Your Hiring Process (16:48) Scaling Based on Needs (22:03) Setting Your Team Members Up for Success (26:01) Melissa’s Unpopular Opinion (29:19) Try Honeybook for FREE and get 50% OFF your first year. Linksthemelissalin.com The post Episode 54: Scaling Your Business by Growing Your Team with Melissa Lin appeared first on Laylee Emadi Photography Blog.


5 Nov 2020

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057 | Stop Being a One Woman Show & Start Scaling Your Business to 10K Months with Melissa Lin

The Power in Purpose

How do you start scaling your business to 10K+ months? It starts with a team. But hiring a team? That’s scary. Plus, it costs A LOT of money (or does it?). I know what you’re thinking: I can’t afford to hire someone to help me, yet. Listen up! Yes you can– and Melissa Lin is on the podcast today to show you how to do it. Melissa Lin is a successful chemical engineer turned multiple six figure business coach and business owner. She’s a business, sales, and content expert in the online space and went from being stuck in her 9-5 to making multiple five figure months and working for her.  Now, she helps other women do the same with their online businesses!  So how can you start and scale YOUR online business to six figures and beyond? Melissa believes you need a team to help support you. It’s time for you to start delegating your work and in this episode, Melissa shows us where to start. On Today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast: Learn how you’ll know if you’re ready to hire your first team member (Melissa’s answer is gonna shock you) The beliefs you need to change in order to start scaling your business with a team.  How to hire your first few team members, who to hire, tasks to start delegating, the interview process, and where to find new team members.  Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast. I want to know -- what was your biggest takeaway? Head to my Instagram to join the conversation! BECOME AN INSIDER: Ready to transform your business? Learn more about WeddingPro Insiders and get a sneak peek at my exclusive mastermind for wedding pros https://weddingproinsiders.com SHOW NOTES: http://www.powerinpurposepodcast.com https://blog.candicecoppola.com/ep35 SHOW SPONSOR: Learn more about Honeybook http://candicecoppola.com/honeybook FREEBIES: Free Business Plan Outline + Guide: https://candicecoppola.com/bizplan Tools I Use to Run My Business: https://candicecoppola.com/tools Goal Setting Workbook: https://candicecoppola.com/goals CONNECT WITH ME: http://instagram.com/candice.coppola http://twitter.com/candice_coppola https://www.facebook.com/thecandicecoppola


22 Sep 2020

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Becoming Business Savvy with Female Founder and Coach Melissa Lin

The Iridescent Podcast

In this episode of season 3, we interview Melissa Lin, businesswoman, sales & content expert. Melissa left her $86k Chemical Engineering career to go all in on her business and now runs her own multiple 6 figure company! And now through The Fierce Business Academy, she helps other women find success with their online businesses! In fact, over the past few years, Melissa has  helped hundreds of women start their online businesses, leave their 9-5’s, increase their monthly business income 2-3 times over, and make more while working less. How can you turn your passion into profit? What are the pitfalls to avoid when starting your own business? What mindsets keep women from succeeding in their careers? How can women take control of their careers during a pandemic? These questions and more will be explored in this latest encouraging and empowering episode.  The Iridescent Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. More about our guest Melissa Lin: For more info, visit www.themelissalin.com Subscribe to Melissa’s podcast The Fierce Business Babe here. Follow Leissa on instagram @themelissalin Check out these Iridescent articles for more career advice:  How I Launched a Business During a Pandemic by Annabelle Evangeline Building the Career You’ve Been Dreaming About: An Interview with Founder & CEO of Thr3efold, Jessica Kelly by Nicole Smithee How to Combat Zoom Fatigue by Savannah Lee Bring Your Team Closer Together During the Pandemic by Courtney Monasch Navigating a Toxic Work Culture Like a Boss by Arabhis Nicholson Check out these bonus Iridescent podcast episodes interviewing other #BossBabes: Freedom & Flexibility in Your Career with Afton Negrea Planning for Success with Tamara Ellison Unlocking Your Potential with Chanel Dokun


21 Sep 2020

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How an Enneagram 2's healthy boundaries led to major success! Melissa Lin

Living Enneagram

Do you struggle with boundaries? So did my guest and Enneagram Type 2, Melissa Lin. Melissa is a podcaster and CEO who helps other entrepreneurs build their businesses. She was only able to get to a successful place in her business by making a change. And guess what that change was? Boundaries! Listen in to hear Melissa’s story of entrepreneurship and how boundaries made her a healthier Type 2. Melissa’s Instagram @themelissalin Melissa's Website Say hi on Instagram @callieammons


14 Jul 2020

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Ep# 103: Increasing Profit Through Upsells, Downsells, and Increasing Your Rates with Melissa Lin

Scaling Up

Who wants more cash flow in their biz?! Melissa Lin joined me on Scaling Up to talk all about increasing profit through upsells, downsells, and increasing your rates (gasp!). These concepts are SO powerful! Truly. I recently walked my Maverick Mastermind members through these exact same concepts as well, and within one week of implementing at least one of them, three separate mavericks reached out to me to share their wins!  50% more profit with each sale that week by utilizing upsells $1,500 more in profit in five days time Turned three No’s into Yes’s after a launch in two days time by utilizing a downsell strategy These strategies are so important! They will add another level of dimension to your business and without a doubt will increase your profit without you having to reinvent the wheel and create a new offer! Do not miss out on this interview! You have the chance to truly change your business by doing the work and implementing the ✨GOLD✨ that’s shared today! www.elizabethhartke.com/podcast/103


13 Jul 2020

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140: Melissa Lin: The End of The "Hustle" & Avoiding Burnout

Her Best F***ing Life Podcast

In this episode we talk with Melissa Lin about Connect with Melissa Lin on Instagram! My newest book is here! NOT SORRY: Living Your Most Confident, Vibrant, & Unapologetic Life is NOW LIVE on Amazon & Kindle!  xx. CLICK HERE to grab your copy! Want to have me on your Podcast, Blog, Group Live, etc!? Email me at: SarahOrdoCoaching@gmail.com POWERFUL WOMAN MERCH IS LIVE HERE!      ^^use the code "PODCASTFAM" for 10% off!  Join the Her Best Fing Life Facebook Group HERE! Buy the Her Best Fing Life Planner & Workbook HERE!   ^^You need her. She's the CUTEST. Connect with me: Instagram YouTube Work with me HERE- 1:1 Mindset Tranformation Coaching Buy my books, read the blog, & lots more at sarahordo.com Interested in SPONSORING upcoming episodes? Email me: SarahOrdoCoaching@Gmail.com


11 Jul 2020