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127. Hacking your Nervous System for Success with Jenn Pike

Into The Wild

Jenn Pike is a Medical Exercise Specialist and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist specializing in women's health and hormones. She is the best-selling author of three books; The Simplicity Project, The Simplicity Kitchen, and The Simplicity Body. She is the fiercely driven Founder of The Hormone Project, Synced, and The Audacious Woman.  Jenn sits on the Advisory Board for STRONG Fitness Magazine and serves you up weekly doses of education, wisdom, and inspiration on The Simplicity Sessions Podcast which has been in Apple's Top 200 in Health since its debut in September 2018 and her channel Simplicity TV on youtube. As an inspired wife and Mom of two, she understands that true well-being as a woman is a journey to be enjoyed not a struggle to be forced. In this episode you will learn about: How our body makes us ‘sick’ to get our attention How operating from a place of should versus could caused her massive burnout How there is a better way to grow a business without burning out The difference between the fawn (the freeze) versus the fight How we react in a panic is how we react in business It changes everything if your body is 1% off of where you want to go. You have to ask “how good can you feel?” Why women never feel the same way every two days because of hormones and how to understand and appreciate those stages What it means to be a wild woman: Leading yourself first. Trusting that you actually do know. Being bold enough to create the life that you desire. Got a minute? Would love a review! Click here, scroll to the bottom, tap, and give me 5-stars. Then select "Write a Review." Make sure to highlight your favorite bits. Subscribe to level up your business Subscribe here. Connect with Jenn Pike @jennpike Jennpike.com Connect with Renée Warren @renee_warren @we.wild.women www.wewildwomen.com


4 Jul 2022

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Beyond the Practice, with Jenn Pike

Confessions Of An Ex-Therapist

My guest today is Jenn Pike, a Functional Medicine Diagnostic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Medical Exercise, Specialist. She specializes in women’s health and hormones and is the Bestselling Author of The Simplicity Project as well as her two cookbooks: The Simplicity Kitchen and The Simplicity Body. She is the founder of the global and revolutionary women’s health programs The Hormone Project and Synced, and the host of The Simplicity Sessions podcast. These programs are dedicated to teaching women what they should have known about their bodies all along; the incredible abilities, wisdom, and power their bodies hold and how to bring them to life. Her ultimate aim is to inspire you to create more Simplicity and Ease in all you do. In today’s episode, we talk about the woman beyond the practice and what it takes to embrace our personal evolution as an entrepreneur. Connect with my guest: Website:  https://jennpike.com/ Social Media Handles: jennpike Let’s keep in touch :) Get inspired on Instagram: @dr.shyamalakiru  Join the conversation on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theeqlab Are you a high-powered woman who wants to leverage Emotional Intelligence to amplify her success? Check out our global coaching company at www.theeqcode.com 


17 May 2022

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e115. Honoring Your Body's Natural Wisdom Without Losing Your Cool ft. Jenn Pike

Without Losing Your Cool

Hello friends!Today's episode is a juicy one! Today we talk about the fifth vital sign -- your hormones, your period and all that goes along with it! It was an incredible honor to interview the one and only, Jenn Pike. She is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor, and a Medical Exercise Specialist.  Jenn is also a Bestselling author and host of the podcast The Simplicity Sessions. Jenn specializes in women's health + hormones. As an inspired Mom of two, she understands that true well-being is a journey to be enjoyed, NOT a struggle to be forced. Jenn aims to inspire you to cut the B.S, and help you to create more Simplicity and Ease in all you do.If you are new to cycle syncing, living/working/exercising/and nourishing your body in sync with your hormones and menstrual cycle, today's episode is for you! To show you that you are not alone, nor are you "crazy" for having mood swings or cravings or feeling sheer exhaustion during that time of the month. Jenn sheds light on how we can listen to our bodies' natural wisdom, work in sync with the lunar cycle (which, pssst, mimics your hormonal/menstrual cycle), and live a life where we aren't always hustling to get it done, but get the things done in our natural flow, feeling energized and nourished! Take a listen, it's a powerful episode packed with moments that will make you feel seen, wherever you're at.Loved this episode?  I know, me too, friend! Me too! If this episode resonated with you, we'd love to hear from you, say hi on Instagram @shantellebisson, @withoutlosingyourcool, @jennpike and for the love of all things cool, if you have a burning question you'd like answered, go to shantellebisson.com/podcast  and leave us a message for your question to be featured on our upcoming episodes!Share your takeaways on social media and tag us & subscribe+rate+leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and send us a screenshot of your review to be entered to win some cool prizes!Also, ps. Save the Date - May 26th, my newest book Loving Yourself Without Losing Your Cool officially comes out!Until next time friends! Do the hard things, and show up like you mean it! Without Losing Your Cool!

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13 Apr 2022

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Let's Weigh in on Hormones and Weight Loss with Jenn Pike Part 2

Weigh In with Gina

In this episode, Gina chats live with hormone educator Jenn Pike. They discuss male hormones, PCOS and weight loss, the birth control pill, and exercise. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 2mins

9 Mar 2022

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003 | Jenn Pike: Awakening, Embracing and Knowing You Aren’t Alone

Soul Inspired Gurl

Dr. Laura welcomes her dear friend and colleague, Jenn Pike, to the show this week. Jenn is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Holistic Lifestyle Expert, Master Hormone Educator, Best Selling Author, and host of the incredible podcast, The Simplicity Sessions. We first get to know Jenn’s journey into wellness and what led her to see the brilliance, vulnerability, and strength in each and every woman she meets. Jenn leads a revolutionary program, The Hormone Project that draws women in from all over the world. From this place of leadership and mentorship, as well as her own personal journey, Jenn teaches the importance of finding what grounds you and building it into a consistent practice. Jenn and Dr. Laura get honest about holding space for other women, why community matters, and how permission to show up exactly as you are in the moment is foundational to living your life and path.   There is laughter and tears in this raw and real episode. What You’ll Hear In This Episode: Jenn helps women create more simplicity and ease in all that they do. She lives and teaches that well-being is a journey to be enjoyed and not a struggle to be endured. Jenn specializes in women’s health and hormones and is also the best-selling author of The Simplicity Project and two cookbooks, The Simplicity Kitchen and The Simplicity Body. How to get out of the mindset that everything must be hard and difficult. As a woman and as a mother means coming to terms with the truth that sometimes you are sacrificing, either for yourself or others - and how to find peace in this. Knowing the one thing that grounds you so that you can come back home to yourself along the way. The courage to show up as you are and not feel guilt about what you can’t or don’t want to do. Finding and living in alignment with your values and what’s true to you. What does it look like to step into your divine feminine? Why there is a tendency for women to be living in their more masculine energy. How the awareness and shift towards a balance are where the sweet spot is. Real talk from both of them about being a mom in this moment — at this time. Quotes: “Women and mothers, they are actually the everyday athletes of life.” — Jenn “We have to clear and make space before we can bring in something new.” — Jenn “We were never meant to do it alone. That’s the illusion.” — Dr. Laura Take Dr. Laura’s Free Quiz! — What’s your Divine Feminine Sovereign Style? This quiz will help to reveal your soul-guided sovereign style so that you can harness your feminine spark with more confidence and courage than ever before. The quiz is quick but the results are epic — potent, robust, and exactly what you’ll need to harness your unique feminine style in a way you’ve never done before. Get ready to speak your truth, walk in your fire, and own your gifts like never before. 10-Week Signature Program for Women: ROOTS + The Sisterhood ROOTS will help you tap into your feminine superpowers and remember who you are, why you are here, and why it matters. This dynamic program walks through intuition, connecting with your inner knowing, healthy boundary-setting, personal core values, finding your voice, speaking your truth, expansion, self-compassion, identity, your future self, and the frequency of your rise. You were never meant to do this alone. Are you ready to do the best work of your life? Doors open to registration on March 23rd 2022. For more info and to join the waitlist for access to early booking bonuses and more: Soulinspiredgurl.mykajabi.com/roots-invitation-page Register for Dr. Laura's free Masterclass: Embodying Your Wise Woman Warrior - Sovereignty, Self-Compassion + Standing In Your Personal Power. Maybe the point of all the "falling away" and "burning til dawn" is to feel truly free -- soul free. The kind where you are sovereign in your being, fully embodying your deep feminine wisdom and having the courage and capacity to step into what's truly meant for you, right here, right now. It's time to walk your path. No more excuses. No more hiding who you are. No more separating yourself from the vision of the life that is calling to you.  3 Pillars 3 Concepts 1 Incredible Conversation Tuesday, March 22nd - live @430 pm PST / 730 pm EST. Replay sent. More info + registration: HERE Continue On Your Journey: Soul Inspired Gurl Dr. Laura: IG | YouTube Jenn Pike: IG | Website | The Simplicity Sessions Giveaway from Jenn: The Simplicity in 7 Detox — Jennpike.com/freedetox Jenn Pike is the founder of the global and revolutionary women’s health programs The Hormone Project, Synced, and her Simplicity Body Movement series. These programs are dedicated to teaching women what they should have known about their bodies all along: the incredible healing abilities, wisdom, and power their bodies hold and how to bring them to life. You can catch her weekly tips and tools on her podcast: The Simplicity Session and her YouTube show Simplicity TV. She sits on the Advisory Board for STRONG Fitness Magazine and contributes to CHCH Morning Live, CTV, Global, CP24, and Breakfast Television.

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7 Mar 2022

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Let's Weigh In on Weight Loss and Hormones with Hormone Educator Jenn Pike

Weigh In with Gina

In this episode, Gina chats live with hormone educator Jenn Pike. They discuss what hormones are, how they can impact weight loss and some practical tips you can do to level up your health and wellness. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 7mins

1 Feb 2022

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#040: The Link Between Adrenal health, Thyroid Function & Hormones with Jenn Pike

Health Babes Podcast

Today on Health Babes, Dr. Campbell meets with Jenn Pike. She is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Medical Exercise Specialist, best selling author of The Simplicity Project and host of The Simplicity Sessions Podcast. Jenn is the founder of The Hormone Project and Synced, an online movement studio based on the phases of their cycle and the moon. Jenn’s core mission is to help educate women on all things health, wellness, and connection to the audacious women they truly are with more simplicity and ease.  Listen as they discuss the connections between adrenal health and thyroid function, how the nervous system plays a role, and what we can do to advocate for our own health by working with practitioners who have our best interest in mind. TOPICS: Meet Jenn Pike (01:21) Connection between adrenals & thyroid function (08:41) Being your own advocate (10:29) The nervous system (14:52) MORE FROM THE HEALTH BABES: Did you know? You have a chance to win 1 of 2 prizes, with a giveaway in every episode! Leave a review to win, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes! Find more from Jenn Pike at jennpike.com Follow Jenn on instagram @jennpike Check out Jenn’s podcast The Simplicity Sessions Sign up for the Simplicity in 7 Detox HERE Find more from Dr. Becky Campbell and Dr. Krystal Hohn at DrBeckyCampbell.com Consult with us one on one HERE Follow Dr. Becky and Dr. Krystal on Instagram @drbeckycampbell and @drkrystalhohn, follow the Health Babes Podcast @healthbabespodcast Find us on Facebook, on Pinterest, and on YouTube Get resources on how best to support your thyroid HERE Wondering if you have histamine intolerance? Take THIS QUIZ and receive a free histamine guide Get answers to your health questions HERE


25 Jan 2022

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Setting Boundaries, Honoring Your Cycle, And Reclaiming Your Feminine Power With Jenn Pike

Better with Dr. Stephanie

Women aren't little men. But in our often toxic society, we are made to feel as such, and our powerful feminine energy is being subdued. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and Jenn Pike reveal how to set firm boundaries, honor your cycle, and reclaim your feminine power. They dive into the shame of pregnancy and what it's like to be an audacious woman. You'll get their top tips on creating routines and performing simple grounding exercises to help you stand in your feminine glory. We’d like to thank our sponsors,Athletic Greens - redeem an exclusive offer here: athleticgreens.com/stephanieOrion Red Light Therapy - get 10% off your order with Promo Code “STEPHANIE10” https://www.orionrlt.ca/?ref=StephanieLumen - get $25 off your order with Promo Code “DRSTEPHANIE25” https://www.lumen.me/?fid=1799Ancestral Supplements - Use Promo Code “ASA10” for 10% off any purchase https://shop.ancestralsupplements.com/discount/Tribe10?rfsn=5900205.652074&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=5900205.652074Some of the links above are affiliates which means that making a purchase through them won’t cost you anything - in fact, you get a discount for being a valued listener to the Better! Podcast. We do receive a small commission. This is an easy, free way of supporting the podcast and we thank you for that! Join Betty Breathwork here - https://hellobetty.club/betty-breathwork/ And follow me on social:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.stephanie.estimaFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/betterwithdrstephanie Join the Hello Betty Community here - https://hellobetty.club/membership/ Episode Overview: 5:52 Introduction9:00 Jenn’s Origin Story18:27 How Women Are Not Little Men23:00 Shame of Pregnancy & Periods28:26 Cyclical Living & Honoring Your Cycle39:22 Power & Confidence44:57 Grounding Exercises and Routines50:36 Masculine & Feminine Energy58:46 Setting Boundaries1:01:54 Audacious Woman1:13:55 Conclusion Get yourself a copy of my best-selling book, The Betty Body - https://bettybodybook.comJoin the Hello Betty Community here - https://hellobetty.club/membership/

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25 Oct 2021

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#23 - Cycle Syncing with Jenn Pike

Shift Into Wellness

Today I chat with Jen Pike - Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Medical Exercise Specialist, best selling author, and host of The Simplicity Sessions podcast. Jenn focuses on women's hormone health in her practice and educates through her programs and podcast. Today Jenn talks to us about Cycle Synching - an amazing concept that promotes well-being and comfort for women during all four phases of their cycles.   Jenn educates us on:  - the four phases of a woman's cycle  - you don't have to menstruate to have a cycle!  - how you can adjust your nutrition and exercise routines around your cycle to feel you best - what seed cycling is and it's benefits  - her "Synced" program and what sort of results you can expect from it  Track your period with the help of an app; https://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/g26787041/best-period-tracking-apps/  Find Jenn on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennpike/  Work with Jenn: https://jennpike.com/  Reach out on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/amberpachla/ or email me at amberpachla@yahoo.ca  Work with me! Lose weight and develop life changing health and wellness habits for long term success - book your free 45 minute consultation today! Email or DM me to book.  Interested in Essential Oils? Check out my site and work with me!: my.doterra.com/amberpachla


12 Oct 2021

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S2 | E18: Health, Hormones & Happiness with Jenn Pike

We Go There Podcast

Jenn cuts through the "wellness" BS and shares simple, must-hear tips on how to improve your health, hormones, and happiness.Jenn Pike is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist,Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga & PilatesInstructor and a Medical Exercise Specialist. She is alsoa Bestselling author and host of the podcast The SimplicitySessions. Follow Jenn on Instagram @jennpike & @thesimplicityprojectVisit Jenn’s website www.jennpike.comCheck out Jenn’s blog, podcast, and recipesVisit Jenn’s YouTube channelWork with Jenno Synced Programo Online Movement Membershipo The Hormone Projecto The Audacious Woman For more of We Go There Podcast, please visithttps://www.instagram.com/wegotherepodcast/ on Instagram https://wegotherepodcast.podbean.com/  on the Web*Warning- this podcast is completely unfiltered. If you are around young children, we suggest headphones.**Disclaimer: All opinions of our guests are their own and in no way represent that of Lexi Miles Corrin and or Nikki Bergen.*


27 Jul 2021