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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for William Prince. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about William Prince, often where they are interviewed.

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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for William Prince. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about William Prince, often where they are interviewed.

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[Full episode] Chelsea Peretti, q This music panel, William Prince, Baaba Maal

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Actor and comedian Chelsea Peretti on her start in comedy, the struggles and triumphs of motherhood, and her first lead role in the feature film. The q This music panel is here: A. Harmony and Erin Ashley join guest host Talia Schlanger to talk about the mixed reaction to Beyonce's visual album, 'Black Is King,' and the 'memeification' of Black women's trauma. William Prince talks about his album that won him this years SOCAN Songwriting Prize in the English category. Singer and guitarist Baaba Maal talks about his life in music and how he's used his sound as a platform for social change.
Aug 07 2020 · 1hr 5mins
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Basic Folk 80 - William Prince

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William Prince grew up with the influence of his father's gospel music, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and a deep love of connecting with family. His parents kept music at the forefront of his young life with performing music around the house and through their DJ business. The house was filled with records and music, so William always felt a strong draw to include it in his life. He also felt a pressure to be successful and able to take care of his family, which lead him to planning a career as a doctor. While that plan fell apart, music scooped him up. He focused on songwriting and performing for over a decade before he released his debut album, Earthly Days. Sadly, right before his album came out, his father passed away. He also ended a serious relationship with the woman who would give birth to his son. All of those major life events certainly impacted the writing for his latest album, Reliever. Even when he had been going through extremely hard times, William said “I had the faith for a better time. That’s all hope really is: borrowing from a time that things will be better." This led him to be more vulnerable in his writing and in many ways put him on the path toward healing.

William is fairly serious and soft-spoken in his answers, but he is so open about his experience. I especially appreciated his willingness to talk about becoming comfortable in his physical body. We also talk about the experience of growing up and attending high school on a reserve. His family moved from Selkirk, Manitoba to The Peguis First Nation when he was 12 years old. There he discovered all this family he had never known before. He has this lovely rhythm to his speech and I totally meant to ask him about it, but forgot in the middle. All I can say is listen to the rhythm in the way he talks and enjoy! Also I'm pleased to mention that for the very first time, William talks about his next album that will be out before the end of this godforsaken year!

Aug 06 2020 · 59mins

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William Prince - Taking His Time to Do It His Way

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We’re sharing the full conversation Mike had a couple of months ago with acclaimed singer-songwriter William Prince, which formed the basis for o...

Jul 29 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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[Full episode] Ricky Gervais, Margaret Atwood, William Prince and more 18/05/2020

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Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais talks about his hit Netflix comedy-drama After Life, the show's complex portrayal of grief, and why he tends to dive "headfirst into taboo subjects." When Margaret Atwood turned 80 last November, she celebrated it with a special extended and wide-ranging conversation with Tom Power, opening up about backwoods adventures, royal encounters and the moment she decided to be a writer. Our screen panellists Kathleen Newman-Bremang and John Semley discuss the future of TV as the pandemic shifts from a crisis situation to the new normal. Singer-songwriter William Prince checks in with us to share how he's been coping with the lockdown, which came right after the release of his latest album, Reliever.
May 18 2020 · 1hr 12mins

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Episode 107: Maya de Vitry, William Prince, Angie Mattson, Norma MacDonald, Hearth, Divahn, Arik Dov, Liam Corcoran, Kory Quinn, GUIGUISUISUI

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Well, I’m not gonna talk about it. But I am gonna talk about this: tornado relief, Never Again Action.   Since we all have more time and there's so much music, I'm doubling up on episodes from now until May!   Here’s the Facebook group I mentioned: Viral Music -- Because Kindness is Contagious
  1. Maya de Vitry -- “Magazine” (How to Break a Fall)
  2. William Prince -- “Reliever” (Reliever)
  3. Angie Mattson -- “Cool Water” (Skeleton Arm)
  4. Norma MacDonald -- “Blue as a Jay” (Burn the Tapes) (old album)
  5. Hearth -- “January” (Single)
  6. Divahn -- “Hamavdil” (Shalhevet)
  7. Arik Dov -- “Phone Call From God” (The Man)
  8. Liam Corcoran -- “Giving Tree” (Giving Tree and Other Songs)
  9. Kory Quinn -- “OxyContin Blues” (The Blueroom)
  10. GUIGUISUISUI -- “Side A (Short Version)” (33 Trees)
All earnings from this month’s podcast will go to tornado relief in Nashville.   Already subscribing to my Patreon and have some extra cash? Join me in fighting back against ICE and freeing 20 detainees from American concentration camps by clicking here. If everyone who listens and/or follows me on Twitter donated $18+ dollars, we can raise $1800.   Send me music via SubmitHub! Send me money via Ko-fi or Patreon.    Find Rachel and her comic via https://linktr.ee/rachel.cholst
Mar 18 2020 · 56mins
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EP 98 | William Prince Interview

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Winnipeg singer, songwriter  William Prince has released his second album Reliever.

How far has he come from the first album Earthly Days and its great single Breathless?

Feature appearance on CBS Saturday Morning.  Feature article in Rolling Stone.

Now touring Europe and America.

While writing the songs, for Reliever,  he lost his Father but became a Dad.

Even though William can trace his heritage back to Chief Peguis he doesn’t want his music to be judged as First nations – just judged as great songs. Period!

Mar 14 2020 · 32mins
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William Prince on 'borrowing from future happiness' to write new album, Reliever

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William Prince's Juno-winning debut, Earthly Days, earned him international attention. His second album, Reliever, was recorded in Nashville and Winnipeg, and he sat down with Rosanna Deerchild to talk about how things have changed.
Mar 01 2020 · 27mins
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William Prince: “Always Have What We Had”

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For a young boy raised on the Peguis First Nation reserve, the prospect of opening for Neil Young one day probably didn’t seem all that attainable. But now that he’s grown up to become Juno-winning songwriter William Prince, who calls Winnipeg (the same place where Young first got started) his home, he’s been there; done that. Prince began contributing to folk rock outfit Indian City in 2012 before going solo on his award-reaping 2015 debut Earthly Days.

On Prince’s upcoming sophomore album, Reliever, he’s tapped into gospel, ’90s gangsta rap, outlaw country, and more to channel the realities of fatherhood, pointed ideals, and the emotions that dart between. Prince reunited with Nashville’s Dave Cobb and Winnipeg’s Scott Nolan to hone Reliever‘s masterful, folkish clarity, and before you reunite with Reliever on its February 7th release date, get a feel for the raw emotion on a yarn – about the importance of Prince’s former partner in his son’s life and vice versa – “Always Have What We Had”.

Jack Anderson

Jan 10 2020 · 5mins
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MOMENT OF TRUTH - William Prince (Feb 25th, 2019)

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William Prince sits down with David Moses on Moment of Truth
Mar 01 2019 · 40mins
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147: William Prince Talks Unique Background, Winning a Juno Award, New Dave Cobb-Produced Album & More

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Jim Casey talks with singer/songwriter William Prince about:

  • growing up on the Peguis reservation in Manitoba, Canada
  • the music he was exposed to on the reservation
  • being influenced by Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson     
  • singing funeral hymns at this father's church
  • traveling to events as part of his parents' DJ service
  • pursuing music as a career after applying to medical school
  • embracing his baritone voice
  • releasing his debut album, Earthy Days, in 2015    
  • winning the Juno Award for Best Contemporary Roots Album
  • connecting with producer Dave Cobb, who is helming his new album
  • visiting Nashville for the first time in 2018
  • what to expect from his new album
  • the re-release of his debut album in the U.S. on May 11 with a new version of his single, "Breathless," produced by Dave Cobb
  • hitting the road this spring and summer 


  • William Prince
  • Jim Casey, NCD editor in chief

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May 10 2018 · 28mins