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How to Create Innovative Game Designs, with Nick Fortugno

Playmakers - The Game Industry Podcast

Nick Fortugno is an entrepreneur, interactive narrative designer, and game designer based in New York City.  He is a founder and principal of Playmatics, a game development company that has created a variety of digital and real-world experiences for organizations including Pro Publica, Red Bull, AMC (such as the CableFAX award-winning Breaking Bad: The Interrogation), Disney, American Museum of Natural History, the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Red Cross/Red Crescent. Nick has taught game design and interactive narrative design for 15 years at institutions such as Columbia University and the Parsons School of Design and has participated in the construction of game design and immersive storytelling curriculum. You’ll likely want to listen to this episode more than once with topics spanning: Nick’s professional journey from intern to Founder & CCOThe top two lessons Nick learned while keeping his company afloat when other competitors failedThe game-changing principles of game design he’s picked up over the course of his careerFailing up in game design: making and breakingMDA as an approach to game design and how he utilizes this technique What Nick looks for when hiring game designers and producers: what’s taught in school vs. what needs to be cultivated AI in the gaming technology forecast Resources Mentioned:  Connect with Nick on LinkedInConnect with Nick on TwitterLearn more about PlaymaticsCheck out the Come Out and Play Street Games Festival


27 Jul 2021

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PMP#46: “Casual” Games with Diner Dash’s Nick Fortugno

Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast

The famed game designer joins Mark, Erica, and Brian to discuss fundamental questions about gaming and what makes a casual game. We touch on everything from crosswords to Super Meat Boy. For more, visit prettymuchpop.com. Hear bonus content for this episode at patreon.com/prettymuchpop. This podcast is part of the Partially Examined Life network and is curated by openculture.com. Sponsor: Visit sunbasket.com/pretty and use promo code pretty to get $35 off healthy, delicious meal deliveries.


2 Jun 2020

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#002 Nick Fortugno || Hacking Bodies to Design Feelings

The Third Person

Nick Fortugno is interested in making games for those of us who aren't gamers. Why? Because once you consent to entering an immersive narrative world, you are stepping outside the reality you inhabit and opening up the possibility of exploring new ways of being and of relating to yourself, ideas, others and the world. What else allows you to do that??  Among many things, Nick is one of the founders of Come Out and Play, a festival that turns cities into playgrounds.  We talk about physical psychology as a tool for designing bodies for specific emotional outcomes and how urban designers have to choose between designing for what's comfortable for humans vs. what is good for the social fabric of humanity (<-- we choose the latter!). In other words, the question of agency is not a technological one, but primarily a social one.  ++++  This is the second episode in a 5-part series about Designing Wild Bodies and Space. Check back here for explorations - a mix of conversations and nonfiction narrative - first to deconstruct the topic with an Urban Geographer, and next to reimagine it with a Choreographer, a Placemaker, and an Interactive Narrative Designer. Thanks to Brad Clymer for the dope intro music and Lawrence Williams for producing this episode!


24 Feb 2019

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Episode #2 - A conversation with Nick Fortugno

the Playcast

A conversation about about Museums and Wonder, Role Play in real Life, the Future and Internet of Things.


25 Oct 2016

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Excelsior LIVE: Nick Fortugno on storytelling for learning

Excelsior Life

Nick Fortugno is recognized around the world as a leading game designer, narrative and story expert as well as an entrepreneur of digital and real-world games. The chief creative officer of Playmatics joins the podcast to discuss his upcoming presentation at Revolutionary Learning 2016: Storytelling for Learning. Resources


30 Jun 2016