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Jenny Kovacs

Coal Face Stories

In this episode we welcome Jenny Kovacs, the “Queen of Being Seen”, who a well regarded coach, trainer, businesswoman, and speaker to the podcast. She’s regularly appeared on BBC Radio throughout the UK during the last year, and speaks extensively on the topic of professional visibility. Over the years, she’s worked not only with a […] The post Jenny Kovacs appeared first on Coal Face Stories.

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30 Apr 2021

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[17] How to raise your professional profile and get seen with Jenny Kovacs

That Marketing Strategy Show

Summary:In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Jenny Kovacs, known as "The Queen of Being Seen" and the founder of Jenny Kovacs.She is a well-regarded coach, trainer, businesswoman and speaker and has regularly appeared on BBC Radio throughout the UK. Jenny speaks on the topic of professional visibility internationally. Creator of the Visibility V.I.B.E.S. System, a system that teaches juicy nuggets and easy ways to be more professionally visible. Jenny’s trainings have spanned well known corporate brands, 100's of companies and 1000’s of clients and have been delivered in person and online worldwide.Jenny shares with us the why and the how in creating visibility within your organisation that enables you to sell yourself well. Podcast Shownotes:Jenney shares how she became known as the 'Queen of being seen' [01:01]How to define the term 'visibility' [08:00] Jenny explains her Vibe System [10:01]Why you should know your story [20:15]How video can increase visibility and engagement [24:07]Why you need to do an audit to determine your visibility status  [31:15]Resources mentioned:Get Jenny's exclusive 90-minute "Raise My Profile Call? Apply hereConnect with JennyWebsite: https://www.jennykovacs.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VisibilityVibeLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennykovacs/Connect with meFollow me on:LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosalieaudoin/Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rosaudoin/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rosaudoinTwitter: https://twitter.com/rosalieaudoinVisit my website: https://flatoutsocial.com/Don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from. And a little review on Apple Podcasts would really make me smile. xxSee you in the next episode.


21 Oct 2020

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I Got This 🤗 - Adam + Jenny Kovacs, Sonoma Fitness

I'm Not Gonna Lie

GUESTS: Adam + Jenny Kovacs, Sonoma FitnessThis episode of NGL brought two of the most positive and focused humans into the studio for a visit. Adam and Jenny Kovacs are the founders and operators of Sonoma County's Sonoma Fit clubs. They started that journey with a single cycle club in 2014 and have since expanded to 3 full fitness gyms. With that, their life as a family of 7 has become quite an example of how to do it all!Our conversation was such a good one! At the time of recording, we were all still figuring out what reopening the businesses post-COVID shutdown would look like and the emotions were still running high. The openness and vulnerability shown by this couple were heartening and made this LOOONG happy hour conversation a favorite, for sure!Get to know Adam and Jenny a little more and see a side that I would bet not many get to see often. Business, childhood, family and love...we covered it all!Find out more about Sonoma Fit here:Web: www.sonomafitness.com/IG: @sonomafitFB: @SonomaFitSonomaI'm Not Gonna Lie is hosted by Danielle Stroble with producer Phil Ybarrolaza in Petaluma, CA. This episode was recorded at Keller Street CoWork. https://kellerstreetcowork.com/who-we-are/I'm Not Gonna Lie is a proud member of the Podifornia (podifornia.com) podcast network.

2hr 17mins

12 Jun 2020

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055: Embracing Your Shadows with Jenny Kovacs

The Miracle U with Vince Kramer

Join your host Vince Kramer and his special guest Jenny Kovacs as they talk about shadows that affect us by holding us back, and how to overcome them.


21 Oct 2019

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S2 Ep #3 The Power of Showing Up with Jenny Kovacs

Bravehearts Rising

In this episode of Bravehearts Rising I talk to the warm and wonderful Queen of Being Seen -Jenny Kovacs, Queen of Being Seein. She is a visibility specialist who is passionate about helping others shine their light and have a greater impact. Together we explore showing up in the world as your whole quirky self not just for others but for yourself too, especially when things feel tough. We also talk about your ability to make a difference and what to do if you want to speak up about something but feel scared. This leads us to a conversation about Black Lives Matter. If you're looking for some inspiration and a confidence boost, this episode is for you. Topics discussed include:Feeling deeply as a child [2:50]The ripple effect: everyone has their own version of power.  [21:15]The ‘M’ Word - Jenny’s take on manifestation [30:06]How can you be positive when things are difficult or painful? [35:41]Magic happens when you embrace your oddness [55:00]How to to speak up about something controversial when you feel scared and Jenny’s experience of speaking about the Black LIves Matter movement [56:54]Resources and inspirational people mentioned:Enid Blyton - The Wishing Chair; The Faraway TreeWayne Dyer - I Can See Clearly NowNicky Campbell - BBC Radio 5 LiveMarianne WilliamsonEdwene Gaines - The Four Spiritual Laws of ProsperityAbout Jenny KovacsJenny Kovacs is the creator of the Visibility VIBES System™ The Speaking Out Authentically™ Programme and Presentations That Sell™Jenny has helped thousands of people to stand out and confidently get out there. Working with companies, businesses and individuals alike, Jenny speaks to, trains, and coaches ambitious people and outstanding organisations that are tired of being invisible.Jenny Kovacs shows you key essentials to be seen, heard and noticed; positioning you with credibility as the go to person in your organisation and field, to raise your profile and professional visibility.Fun facts: she used to sell delicious cakes and loves the Prodigy.Website | Queen of Being Seen Facebook Page | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTubeAbout your Host - Lisa PascoeI'm Lisa and I'm an Intuitive Life Coach and Recovering Perfectionist. I am on a mission to help sensitive souls like you to tap into your inner wisdom, and thrive in a noisy, modern world.I live in Southsea with my partner Bekky and our wire-haired sausage dog Henry. I have a penchant for cake, oracle cards and walks in the woods.Stay in touch and receive reminders to be kind to yourself, by signing up here: Nourishing NotesYou can also find me here Website | Instagram | Facebook  

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14 Oct 2019

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046: Embracing Visibility with Jenny Kovacs

The Miracle U with Vince Kramer

Join your host Vince Kramer and his special guest Jenny Kovacs while they talk about the magic and power of becoming visible. Learn how being seen makes a huge impact on business ...


12 Aug 2019

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Follow The Whispers with Jenny Kovacs

The Turning Point Project

Today's conversation is with one of the loveliest women I know, Jenny Kovacs. In this honest and open conversation, Jenny shares the raw moments and subsequent insights that have changed her life.If you've ever felt like you don't have what it takes to trust the whispers when your dreams have been taken away from you, this is a conversation you need to hear.About Jenny KovacsJenny Kovacs shows outstanding people in great businesses how to be visible, make a difference, and stand out to those who are looking to raise their profile.She is the creator of the Visibility VIBES™ system, a tried and tested method that helps businesses, organisations and business owners to promote their strengths through the way they stand out to the people around them, gaining them the profile they desire.Whether it's a meeting, a promotion, or a presentation that's live or online, Jenny's methods will have you seen, heard, and remembered in the best way.Jenny stands out; she has a gift for being remembered and loves helping you to do the same. From million pound Sales Consultant at Thomas Cook, award winning Training Manager in corporate roles spanning travel, sales, customer services, management and financial services to the entrepreneur who stands out, Jenny shines on social media and international stages.After a career spanning 21 years, in training management and sales at companies such as Thomas Cook, Abbey National, Boots, Lehman Brothers. She’s consulted for companies such as Miller Brands and British Telecom, where visibility, being noticed and remembered was important for their success and sales.Jenny left corporate life to work nationally to transfer these skills to entrepreneurship and well known organsations. Most importantly, Jenny loves to share these little known techniques with those aspiring to accomplish more in their professional development, to help them to raise their profile.She does this interactively, while taking the stage live and online to present to audiences big and small.Connect With JennyJenny is a soulful, grounded woman who loves connecting with her fellow humans and sharing her insights generously, every day on Facebook. She has lots of free goodies to help you find and share your voice on her website too.Find her at:The Queen of Being Seen Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/visibilityvibe Jenny's website: www.thequeenofbeingseen.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thequeenofbeingseen Twitter: https://twitter.com/GiftwishLtd Thank you for listening, I hope this episode touched your soul. .......................................I love connecting with lovely people, so if you found this episode useful or have any questions, connect with me over on Instagram, my introvert happy place!https://www.instagram.com/helenrebelloauthor/Become part of our soulful Magical Life Movement at https://www.helenrebello.comAbout Your Host Helen Rebello is an author, intuitive mentor and founder of ‘The Magical Life Membership Circle’. She is on a heart-led mission to help 100,000 women open their hearts so that they find the courage to start living i


21 Jul 2019

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53: Jenny Kovacs, How to Raise Your Visibility

Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Today’s GuestI originally met today's guest, Jenny Kovacs, online. We're both Winning Women ambassadors, and we met through that group. Then she spoke at the July meetup of my own Winning Women group, and I absolutely loved her message. I knew instantly that I needed to share her with my Socially Holistic Podcast listeners. Jenny is known as the Queen of Being Seen, and there's a reason for that! She's all about helping entrepreneurs be more visible.About Jenny KovacsAwarded for her Sales Authenticity and Success, by Lisa Sasevich during her ‘SASSY’ mastermind in Jan 2014 (after only 3 months), Jenny Kovacs specialises in helping you to become even more Visible, she Speaks about and facilitates getting you and your company visible getting you seen and heard. Wherever Jenny has worked and whomever she has worked for and with, Jenny stands out, she has a knack of being remembered and loves helping you to do the same. From a million pound sales consultant at Thomas Cook Direct and an award winning training manager in her corporate roles spanning travel, sales, customer services, management and financial services to an entrepreneur standing out, on social media, international stages and nominated for awards as Life Coach of the Year, Best Newcomer/Mover & Shaker, Trainer & Speaker categories. After a career spanning 19 years, training and selling at companies such as Thomas Cook, The Abbey National, Boots, Lehman Brothers, and British Telecom, where visibility, being, noticed and remembered was important for success and sales, Jenny left the corporate life working in major UK cities to transfer these skills to entrepreneurship while travelling internationally! Most importantly, Jenny loves to share these little known techniques with those aspiring to accomplish their dreams, get out in a bigger way or take the stage live and online to audiences big and small. What You’ll Learn Jenny's top tips for how to be more visible with your business What it means to be visible (and what it doesn't mean) The questions you absolutely need to ask yourself What is sexy segmentation and why you need it How to get over your fears of being visibleInspiring Women in Business Katharine Dever Lisa SasevichConnect With Jenny Website Facebook YouTube Twitter [SHP 53] How to Raise Your Visibility, with Jenny Kovacs http://wp.me/p3QOiq-KP #podcast


28 Jul 2014