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Soft Skills Take You From Unprepared to Unstoppable with Elan Divon

With Tamara Ghandour

Imagine for a moment that your mind is like the music playlist on your phone. Yet in this case, you didn't add the songs. They were put there by your parents, siblings, bosses, neighborhood, teachers, etc. As my guest, Elan Divon shared with me, this playlist becomes your beliefs and behaviors, and it's often what leads to self sabotage and limiting beliefs. In this episode Elan and I delve into how to change that playlist, and reach your full potential. We also talk about the relevancy of soft skills in today's marketplace, and the new skills you need to succeed. Also, Elan makes a great point that knowing skills is good, but being able to integrate them into your work is powerful. As Elan says, "your value is in the soft skills." If you haven't heard me rave enough, FocusAtWill is my all time favorite tool to focus, dial up the innovation and improve my work. It's a music app and website. I highly suggest you check it out. Individuals use it, and team's subscribe as well.  As Elan mentioned, Devon Academy works with young leaders and students to improve their soft skills. This couldn't be more essential. Invest in yourself or those you lead.  If you want to reach out to Elan Divon directly, go to his website. There are plenty of good resources there as well.  LaunchStreet website Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment LaunchStreet TV on YouTube Everyday Innovators Masterclass & Academy Innovation is Everybody's Business Book


12 Jul 2021

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Equipping yourself to thrive in this fast-changing world, with Elan Divon

The MindBodyBrain Project

In today's wide-ranging interview, I speak to Harvard-educated Elan Divon, an author, speaker, entrepreneur, podcast host and founder of the Divon Academy - an organisation that prepares professionals and students for success in this age of disruption by teaching critical soft skills - more on this at www.divonacademy.com Over the last decade Elan has translated his passion into helping people of all ages develop their potential. He has worked with CEO’s, business leaders, billionaires, as well as the homeless. He directed a peace camp for Palestinian and Israeli teenagers, traveled the world and  co-founded the Einstein Legacy Project; a global initiative that helps find and empower the world’s next generation of creative minds. Elan is a trailblazer in the field of personal and professional development and his unique 'initiation' philosophy combines learning by doing with habit formation strategies and hacking of mental limitations to unlock human potential.In todays's session, we discuss the negative impact of modern life on critical human skills, the importance of initiation, the impact of technological change on the future workplace and what you can do about it all. Elan also talks about the importance of micro-credentials and shares some great tips for dealing with stress and getting your dream job. Enjoy...For those interested the BETTER YOU PROGRAM, delivered by Paul & Carly Taylor, click the link here  for more info.


11 Jun 2021

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The Backstory, “It started with an Ice cream….” w/ Elan Divon

The Undisruptable

In this introductory episode, host and Divon Academy founder, Elan Divon, will share how a date 20 years ago changed his life, launched an Academy, and initiated this podcast. You’ll also learn about the problem this podcast is here to solve; a problem that professionals and business leaders face, and that holds the key to success in an age of disruption.  Learn more at: http://divonacademy.com/podcast HOST Elan Divon is a Harvard-trained trailblazer in the field of personal and professional development. He is the founder of Divon Academy; an organization that helps professionals and companies unlock their potential and future-proof their business by developing enduring soft skills. Elan has been lauded by influencers such as NBA Board Chairman Larry Tanenbaum and Wellness Guru Deepak Chopra, and has worked over the years with groups ranging from CEO’s and business leaders, to university students, parents and professionals. Elan holds Masters degrees from Harvard and Brandeis Universities where he graduated with distinction, and a BA from Birkbeck College in London. CREDITS The Undisruptable is powered by Divon Academy: an organization that helps professionals and companies unlock their potential and own the future through soft skills development.  Edited by No Troublemakers Media. 


15 Mar 2021

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“How Companies Can Upgrade Employees Performance With Soft Skills” with Elan Divon of Divon Academy

Radio Entrepreneurs

https://www.divonacademy.com/ Title: “How Companies Can Upgrade Employees Performance With Soft Skills”Guest: Elan Divon – Divon AcademyInterviewer: Jeffrey Davis – MAGE LLC ————————————- FOLLOW RADIO ENTREPRENEURS Facebook: Radio Entrepreneurs LinkedIn: Radio Entrepreneurs Twitter: @BizOnTheRadio Instagram: @RadioEntrepreneurs Youtube: Radio Entrepreneurs iTunes: RadioEntrepreneurs Spotify: Radio Entrepreneurs Google Play: Radio Entrepreneurs Stitcher: Radio Entrepreneurs ————————————- Transcript: The post “How Companies Can Upgrade Employees Performance With Soft Skills” with Elan Divon of Divon Academy appeared first on Radio Entrepreneurs.


31 Jul 2020

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Elan Divon

The Drew Marshall Show

Heralded by Deepak Chopra as an emerging spiritual leader for the next generation, Elan Divon is an author, social entrepreneur, speaker and success-coach dedicated to helping people live in accord with their greatest selves.


9 Jun 2018