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Keith Preston on the politics of COVID, Brian Stelter + much more


It is an epic story of victory, defeat, friendship, betrayal, heroism, cowardice, deep respect, blind hatred, and—above all else—the struggle for survival. It is Joseph Cotto's new book, 'Runaway Masters: A True Story of Slavery, Freedom, Triumph, and Tragedy Beyond 1619 and 1776.' Check it out on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B097SLXC8K/. Like this episode? Donations much appreciated -- no worries about size; it's the thought that counts. Many thanks! https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/CottoGottfried

2hr 15mins

13 Aug 2021

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Brian Stelter Goes Over the Line

The Brian Craig Show

Brian Stelter Goes Over the Line Thank you to our Top Patreon Supporters! Andrew and Connie, Christine, Gary, ETW, Sara, Chuck, Rich, Nick, Pamela, Debbie, Carol. Support the show and become a Patreon Supporters! https://www.patreon.com/realbriancraigshow https://www.brianshirts.com All my LINKS https://linktr.ee/briancraigshow http://briancraigcbd.com/ https://www.shopdelboca.com/

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5 Aug 2021

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Focus On The Issue, Not The Party | Medicare Price Negotiation, Brian Stelter Gets Clowned, Rand Paul vs Fauci, and More

Politically Homeless

This partisan nonsense is poisoning our brains. In The State Of Things, we break down:Medicare Drug Negotiation LegislationBrian Stelter Getting Called OutAfgan Support From USFauci vs Rand PaulCatholic Priest Fired For Being On GrindrIn Something To Think About, I dive into a hypothetical rearrangement of the federal government. Try LMNT Here > drinklmnt.com/WANDERSSupport the show on Patreon > https://www.patreon.com/politicallyhomelessFor more righteous content, find me on;Instagram - @connerwandersYoutube - Conner Moore


22 Jul 2021

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Michael and Ryan talk beer and wine scores, maps, blue jeans; Brian Stelter gets torched on his own show

The Situation with Michael Brown

Ryan discusses the finer points of the Beer Advocate website with Michael, who responds in kind with his take on wine scores. Also, Michael's love of maps is revisited as he answers whether or not a collector should have a map laminated (you shouldn't). Additionally, Michael wants to live his life forever in blue jeans - and doesn't know what to do with all his old pairs still in his collection. Finally, Brian Stelter gets absolutely lit on fire by author Michael Wolff - on Stelter's own television program.


21 Jul 2021

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Hour 2 Brian Stelter, King Of Fake News

Mark Simone

Building collapse. Ed Rollins Interview


28 Jun 2021

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Joe Rogan Calls Out Brian Stelter

Human Genius

Today we go into Joe Rogan calling out Brian Stelter in a recent podcast. We go into a few reasons why Brian Stelters show is failing, and why people are turning away from old media.  email me.  jackrabournrules@gmail.com 


18 Jun 2021

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Michael's trip to Kit Carson County; Brian Stelter throws softballs to Jen Psaki; North Face plot twist about face

The Situation with Michael Brown

Michael recounts his trip to Kit Carson County for a speaking engagement, including his unsuccessful bid to purchase a German chocolate cake at an auction there. In another embarrassing display of faux journalism, Brian Stelter - host of the inaptly named 'Reliable Sources' - fawns over White House press secretary Jen Psaki, leading off with a question about what the media is doing wrong in covering the Biden agenda. North Face forgot something on their trip to the soap box to virtue signal against oil and gas - more than 90% of their products are made from oil and gas.


7 Jun 2021

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Propaganda Sells | #ExposeCNN, Jordan Peterson as Red Skull, Cost Of Vaccines, Brian Stelter's Nonsense, and More Shootings

Politically Homeless

Lot's of nonsense flying around this week.In The State Of Things, we break down Pelosi's insider trader accusations, Project Veritas vs CNN, Jordan Peterson as Red Skull in new Marvel Comics, Biden's Pentagon budget, and Brian Stelter being ridiculous. In Something To Think About, we discuss a cognitive slippery slope that can trap us all.Try LMNT Here > drinklmnt.com/WANDERSSupport the show on Patreon > https://www.patreon.com/politicallyhomelessFor more righteous content, find me on;Instagram - @connerwandersYoutube - Conner Moore

1hr 17mins

14 Apr 2021

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Patrick Nelson & Brian Stelter - October 7, 2020

The Conversation

Patrick Nelson and Brian Stelter speak with Cenk on The Conversation.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Oct 2020

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Brian Stelter

The Interview

Mediaite editor in chief Aidan McLaughlin talks to Brian Stelter about CNN's coverage of the Trump administration and his new book 'Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth'.


3 Sep 2020