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Kate Taylor: Deviating From The Path is What Makes You Interesting

Who Got Me Here

As Global Head of Recruiting at Notion, Kate has an interesting vantage point on tech career journeys. But her own path is a powerful example of how growth is a jungle gym, not a ladder. Kate launched her career with a cold email to Marc Benioff (at a point when Salesforce had 4,000 employees!) and spent years in sales roles at Salesforce, Dropbox, and Notion, where she rose to become Head of SMB revenue before making a leap into people and recruiting. Kate’s story is full of simple but powerful points on the value of relationships across careers—and she offers priceless advice on how to ask strangers for help. ---I think people often are afraid to reach out to someone up, down, whichever direction they are near you. But at the core, most people I run into, want to help other people or they want to lend a helping hand. Anyone who’s asked me anything on LinkedIn, even if I don't even know them, I'm like sure, why not? Let me help you in some way. I find that's not unique to me asking a favor from someone or reaching out to someone, and not being afraid of what the answer is, and the response. Don't overthink it, just ask someone for help.” - Kate Taylor---Episode Timestamps: *(02:10) - How a cold email to Marc Benioff launched Kate’s carrer*(05:57) - How Kate moved from Salesforce to Dropbox*(07:42) - Why Kate gravitated towards Armando Mann’s leadership style at Dropbox*(11:16) - The importance of having a job that shares your core values*(15:08) - The benefits of building genuine connections and personal relationships*(16:35) - Why you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to people or to ask for help*(19:55) - Being authentic with your ask*(22:08) - How a personal connection with Kate’s intern came full circle to a job at Notion*(29:15) - People love to be remembered ---Sponsor:Who Got Me Here is brought to you by Connect The Dots, mapping professional relationships so you can find the strongest connections to the people and companies you want to reach. Visit ctd.ai to learn more.---Links:Connect with Kate TaylorConnect with Annie RileyLearn more about Connect The Dotswww.caspianstudios.com


26 Oct 2022

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Episode 101: The Awakening Festival with Kate Taylor

The Unbound Writer's Club

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Life Design & Business Empowerment Coach Kate Taylor is hosting and the guest is our very own Nicola Humber. Their conversation focuses on The Awakening festival and the magical sessions The Unbound Press is hosting. The wellbeing event takes place across the weekend of September 24th and 25th; to grab your tickets, head to the link below.In this Episode:Magical women writing transformational booksThe importance of taking time outA platform for women's voicesGiving women the space to own their voices and the ripple effect that has Listening, sharing, and being in community and among empowering voicesLinks Mentioned:UNBOUND and Unbound WritingThe Unbound Writing MastermindThe Unbound Writer’s Club membershipNicola’s free ‘connecting with your book’ visualisationThe Unbound Press Book ClubThe Unbound Book Incubator will be running again in September.Book a chat with Nicola here.Books tickets for The Awakening here.Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook here.Music Credit: Joseph McDade


10 Aug 2022

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Ethical launches with Kate Taylor

Get Rich Slow with Hannah Martin

It’s hard to escape boasts of people building six or even seven-figure businesses, and promising to teach you the sectors behind their success… for a fee. But what’s the truth behind the lottery-sized launches many of these gurus have? How much do they really earn from them (not turnover but actual profit)? And what do you need to do to make that kind of money? To find out, we interviewed Kate Taylor from Big, Bold, Beautiful Life for an episode on Ethical Launches. Listen to find out the truth behind building a six-figure, launch-based business.


13 Jul 2022

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The New York Diaries Part III: What It's Like Being a Fashion Intern in NYC ft. Anna Kate Taylor

Candid x AMDA

This week, Frances brings on a very special guest, Anna Kate Taylor, to talk about what it's actually like being a fashion intern in the big city!

1hr 11mins

8 Jul 2022

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Kate Taylor Did it First - Episode 916

The Great Song Podcast

You surely know big brother James, but have ya met Sister Kate? As unpredictable a career as you could imagine, and as sweet a soul as you could meet, Kate Taylor reunited with an amazing who's who crew in 2021 to release her latest record "Why Wait!" But Kate also was the first to record several well-known favorites, and we're going to dig into a couple on this week's episode. Gilmore Girls, anyone? --- Join us on PATREON for early access, extended interviews, weekly reaction mini-sodes, full bonus shows, and more ways to be part of the show! patreon.com/greatsongpod Visit greatsongpodcast.com for archives, merch, and more! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @greatsongpod, and join the Facebook group at Facebook.com/groups/greatsongpod. The Great Song Podcast is a Tiger Leap Production. Check out the other fine Tiger Leap podcasts like Curio with Dan Buck, Project SSA, and The Punnery. Patreon Producers: Andrea Konarzewski, Ari Marucci, Michael Conley, Peter Mark Campbell, David Steinberg, Randy Hodge, Chaz Bacus, Juan Lopez, Jason Arrowood, Howard Passey, Matt Demecs, Kevin Foley, and Micah Murphy, and Christopher Cudnoski--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/greatsongpod/message


18 May 2022

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A Conversation With Kate Taylor and Leland Sklar

Notes From An Artist

“It takes three bass players to add up to one singer!” Hosts David C. Gross and Tom Semioli converse with singer-songwriter Kate Taylor and her esteemed bassist Leland Sklar. Kate’s new album, aptly titled WHY WAIT! features many of the same players from her iconic 1971 bow SISTER KATE, including producer Peter Asher, drummer Russ Kunkel, guitarist Danny Kortchmar and bassist, humorist, video star Sklar.The Kate Taylor and Leland Sklar Playlist


22 Feb 2022

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I Am Not Defined By Last Week's Episode - feat. Kate Taylor

Soft Revolution

Kate Taylor of the Globe and Mail discusses her latest piece : "Arbitrary shutdowns show that most Canadian leaders don’t value artists."First, Torq and Ali respond to some incredible listener mail and celebrate the end of The Golden Globes.PICKS :Age of Enlightenment 2.0 by Joseph HeathKosemura : MercySPONSORS and HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT:Thank you to Effin' Birds for sponsoring Soft Revolution.JOIN OUR PATREON - Early Access, bonus content and proceeds to the AFC - $4/month

1hr 8mins

11 Jan 2022

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How To Tune Into The Magic Of Yourself, with Kate Taylor

Infinite Receiving

Get ready for this rich conversation. Kate Taylor isn’t your average coach. She is quite literally a magical unicorn.She is a branding and business expert, life coach extraordinaire, magic activator and someone who inspires and motivates me on a daily basis to live a bigger, bolder, more beautiful life. And she’s on a one-woman-mission to help others do the same.Expect disco balls, F bombs and truth bombs.Highlights [03:32] Looking back at breakthroughs and what you hold yourself back by[17:47] The T bomb about the mind and body disconnection[24:20] Finding the bigger mission and the disco ball hearts[41:02] Going beyond the comfort zone and not knowing the payoffQuotes“I can see and feel the vision of their future and then hold the space and ask them the appropriate questions to help them get there.”“When I am at most, in my mission or my purpose, this is me alive. This is me doing what I do. This is me showing up every freaking day. And that's when I am all of me.”“When you are tuned in or wishing to bring your whole self into being, it’s going to take magic, but it's also going to take practical steps to get there.”LinksFind Kate on Instagram Find Kate on FacebookFind Kate onlineYou can read the transcript here.Faith + Action = MiraclesLinks Find Suzy on Instagram Find Suzy on Facebook Find Suzy online Join The Quantum Success Hub on Telegram Faith + Action = Miracles


30 Aug 2021

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S4 EP07 - Writer's Mini Series - Introducing Kate Taylor

The Brave Moment Podcast

This week on The Brave Moment’s Writer’s mini Series, we speak to relationship expert, dating writer of the year and award winning author, Kate Taylor. Kate’s work has featured in prestigious magazines, every British newspaper available and also on Television where Kate has hosted popular series’ such as Sex Tips for Girls. Kate has spoken on GMTV, Loose Women and many other programs. She is the author of 5 books, most notably ‘Not Tonight Mister Right’, which has achieved international success. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the Goddess of the Sensual Word, Kate Taylor. Follow Kate Here: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/lovekatetaylor

1hr 15mins

11 Aug 2021

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How are you showing up in the jobhunting space? With Kate Taylor

The Inside Social Work Podcast

How are you showing up in the job hunting space? With Kate Taylor Founder and managing director of TaylorCare group Kate Taylor,  runs a recruitment agency in community services for 8 years and is a RUOK Ambassador and entrepreneur.  In this episode Kate Taylor shares some of her tips to improve your resume and cover letter. She talks about how all communication you have is part of the first impression. Listen to the episode to find some ways to improve your resume ,cover letter and some tips to make you more employable and a more successful candidate in the jobhunting space In todays interview she answers the following questions How can we make sure our application stands out when applying for jobs?  Why now is ideal time to move jobs post pandemic and restrictions lifting  What are recruiters & employers looking for when shortlisting people’s applications  What support is available with cover letters & cvs  What’s your secret top tip for interviews in community services. Check out our previous interview → Episode 24 you don't get a second chance to make a first impression  attend a Youth Mental Health First Aid training https://thetherapyhub.com.au/youth-mental-health-first-aid/ Future proof your career https://www.taylorcare.com.au/future-proof-your-career


30 May 2021