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Episode 29: Neel Van Lierop - founder of Inner Compass Cards - Become Addicted to the Magical Moments in Order to Remain Steadfast

Embrace the Pivot with Dr. Cheryl Robinson

Neel Van Lierop has experienced many pivots in her life, which led her to Inner Compass Cards. She created these cards as a way for people to gain clarity on the direction they should take in life and their purpose in life. It’s about trusting yourself, letting go of the control and being the moment. She became addicted to the Magical Moments in her life, which helped her remain steadfast.  You can check the cards out here and follow her on Instagram: @innercompasscards


18 Nov 2020

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44. Neel van Lierop | Follow Your Inner Compass

Magik Vibes

Neel van Lierop is not only an incredible light and soul and teacher, but she also created the Inner Compass Cards, a deck of 49 cards meant to guide you toward daily self-reflection and growth. She believes that if everyone followed their inner compass, the world would be a better, more balanced place.Learn more about Kelsey at http://kelseyjpatel.com Resources:Inner Compass Cards: innercompasscards.comFacebook: fb.me/innercompasscardsInstagram: @innercompasscardsMagik Vibes is a production of Crate Media


13 Apr 2020

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Episode #23 - Following Your Inner Compass With Neel Van Lierop

Conversations With Moon Body Soul

In this episode Kaitee chats with Neel Van Lierop, the creator of Inner Compass Cards. They discuss where she gathered the inspiration for these gorgeous tools,  the process of creating a product and putting it out into the world, her new Love Deck (for all relationships) and how to utilize cards to integrate new habits / themese into your daily life. You can find her decks on innercompasscards.com + on instagram @innnercompasscards


13 Dec 2019

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Neel van Lierop | Discovering your Inner Compass

How to B Podcast

Neel is the founder and creator behind the behind Inner Compass. Here's a peak into who this divine goddess is: "I inspire others to rediscover their paths. I am absolutely convinced that if you follow your own inner compass, it will guide you towards your full potential: the most authentic and effortless version of yourself. After years of struggling, searching and analyzing, I managed to live through many life lessons and truly understand their deeper meaning. This led to a surprisingly free existence and inner peace, but it also gave me the experience of the 49 life themes that became the foundation of the Inner Compass deck. I am only the messenger of universal wisdom which is available for everyone. I simply opened up, so you can do so too. Now, I follow my own path, shine my light and inspire others to do the same. Guiding people to regain their personal power is my life’s passion."  - Neel We Talk about: + She journey as an entrepreneur and creator. + Using her human design to run her business + How you can use cards to help discover what your intuition is trying to share with you + How one simple tool can change your life + From using numbing as a cooping mechanism to creating a life worth living. + Crisis situations that lead her to rediscovering her inner compass. + Physical symptoms are often a result of us not listening and how to over this and see your symptoms as a way to direct you back to your inner compass. + What you are doing right now is assisting you for the next chapter. No matter how far away you may feel from what you want to do be doing or have no idea what you want to do. It is all assisting you. + A mantra to say to yourself if you find yourself judging something or someone. To Follow and get in touch with Neel: Website: http://innercompasscards.com/ Social Links : https://www.linkedin.com/in/neel-van-lierop-8707353/ https://www.instagram.com/innercompasscards/ Follow How to B Podcast on iTunes | Blog | Instagram | Facebook


12 Jul 2019

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Episode 66 : How to receive PHYSICAL FEEDBACK from the soul with Neel van Lierop

Just Bein' Honest

On this Episode, number 66, of the “Just Bein’ Honest” Podcast, I am joined by the creator of the Inner Compass Cards, Neel van Lierop. Neel explains how the Inner Compass Cards reveals how to receive PHYSICAL FEEDBACK from the soul and genuinely be who you are to walk your own path. Neel is an entrepreneur and spiritual motivator based in Amsterdam, Netherlands & LA, US.  From a child, Neel felt the calling to hold space for others. Through years of stumbling, searching and self-analysing, Neel moved through many life lessons and fear and discovered a deeper understanding of herself and others. Neel began to experience a care-free life filled with inner peace and gratitude and she was called to share this energy with everyone. Her newfound knowledge of self would become the foundation for the 49 life-themes of the Inner Compass deck. As a vessel only of universal wisdom, Neel follows her own path and loves guiding people toward regaining their personal power. Inner Compass is her life’s passion. I cannot wait to share Neel’s journey with y’all, and I am 100% certain that you will be able to relate in at least one way or another. Time to dive deep, you just turned on the “Just Bein’ Honest” Podcast. OH OH OH and we have a special GIFT for you - receive a discount on your Inner Compass Cards deck at purchase when you use code "iccten" at checkout! ENJOY!!! —————————— My favorite take away from today’s episode with Neel is that it’s not just pulling a card at random to see a beautiful illustration and blurb. My belief is that when you decide to select a card an immediate “change” is in the workings. This change is coming from pure awareness, the card simply helps you start the journey in integrating it in to mere life lessons. The biggest life lesson of them all? Be who you are and walk your own path. Friends, I hope you all got a lot of value out of this episode today, and thank you so much for hanging out with me. And if you did, please make sure to share this out with your friends and family on social media, and you can tag me @JustBeinHonestKB , I’m so grateful of your support and love to see that. And please make sure to head over to iTunes to SUBSCRIBE to the “Just Bein’ Honest” Podcast, and leave us a rating to let everybody know that the show is fabulous. You have the power to help us bring to you even better content and guests each and every week! And as always I appreciate you so much, until next time, thanks for joining in. ————————————————— Follow ME - "KB" on my journey through LIFE: @JustBeinHonestKB Website - Just Bein' Honest Follow Inner Compass Cards : @InnerCompassCards Website - Inner Compass Cards Kiss Kiss, Hug Hug - Much of Many my little honesters! This is True Food for Thought + I'm Just Bein' Honest... Always. xoxo kb Please SUBSCRIBE to our PODCAST on iTunes and give us a 5 star rating - We would be honored and so grateful. www.JustBeinHonest.com Show Sponsor : BRANCH BASICS Today’s Podcast of the “Just Bein’ Honest” Podcast is brought to you by our friends at Branch Basics – Branch Basics has created a multi-purpose Concentrate that makes cleaning simple, affordable and sustainable - FINALLY ! ! ! Their products are refillable and are significantly less expensive than many similar single-use products on the market. Here’s how to use Branch Basics: Simply dilute The Concentrate with water, and you’ll be ready to tackle any cleaning job around the house - EVEN your dirty laundry - SERIOUSLY! Happy Cleaning folks! If you’d like to try out this magical and non-toxic Concentrate cleaner by Branch Basics, we’d like to offer you a special “JBH” listener gift of 15% OFF all Starter Kits for a limited time, enter "HONEST15" at checkout - simply click on the link in the show notes and you will be guided in the right direction. {Please send me an E-mail for more JBH INSIDER deals!} katherine@justbeinhonest.com


6 May 2019

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#103: INNER COMPASS • how you find your intuition & inspiration / Interview with Neel van Lierop

Prana up your Life. Dein Podcast für mehr Lebensenergie.

Du möchtest deine Intuition stärken und einfach mal dein Gefühl entscheiden lassen? Du möchtest deine Selbstreflektion und deine persönliche Weiterentwicklung auf ein neues Level bringen? Dann bist du in dieser Folge genau richtig. Wir haben Neel - Gründerin der Inner Compass Cards zu Gast in unserem Podcast. In dieser Folge kannst du ihrer Weisheit und ihrer Geschichte folgen und wie sie mit ihrem eigens kreierten Kartenset ihren eigenen Heilungsweg begonnen hat. Wir sprechen über ihre dunklen Stunden und wie sie daraus ihre Stärke und Inspiration gewonnen hat. Neel ist eine unglaubliche Quelle der modernen Spiritualität und das Interview in unseren Augen eine wahre Bereicherung. Hör gern rein - ein kleiner Hinweis: Neel ist Holländerin und das Interview ist auf Englisch. Sie ist jedoch hervorragend zu verstehen :) In dieser Podcastfolge erfährst du:… eine weitere und besondere Art der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung & Selbstreflektion… wie du mit den Inner Compass Cards über dich hinauswachsen kannst…moderne Spiritualität im Alltag…wie Neel es geschafft hat ihre eigene Intuition zu stärken…viel Inspiration einer weisen jungen Frau Shownotes: Du bekommst 15% auf die Inner Compass Cards mit dem Code #pranaupyourlifediscount019 wenn du auf der Seite von https://innercompasscards.com bestellst. Die Crowdfunding Kampagne für die neuen Karten kannst du hier unterstützen: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/innercompassneel/inner-compass-love-cards?ref=project_build Möchtest du dich selbst etwas besser kennenlernen? Wir haben für dich ein kleines Quiz kreiert. Finde jetzt für dich heraus, aus welchen Gründen du isst. Unser Quiz “Welcher emotionale Foodie Typ bist du?” findest du unter www.pranaupyourlife.de/quiz. Du glaubst Ayurveda in dein Leben zu bringen ist unmöglich? Zu dogmatisch? Es scheitert an der Umsetzung? Du möchtest weiterhin flexibel sein und nicht zu viel verzichten? JACKPOT: genau das bekommst du in der JOY FOOD JOURNEY, ayurvedische Ernährung die auch in deinen Alltag passt und du nicht verzichten musst. Im Gegenteil: wir schaffen eine Basis, sodass du dann intuitiv weißt was dir gut tut. Wir haben gerade gestartet und können endlich wieder neue JOY FOODIES aufnehmen, sei dabei - mehr Infos unter www.pranayupyourlife.de/joyfood oder buche dir direkt einen Kennenlerntermin in dem wir über deine Herausforderungen sprechen unter www.pranaupyourlife.de/termin Alle Anfragen an unseren Podcast kannst du gerne direkt an podcast@pranaupyourlife.de stellen. Wir freuen uns auf deine Anregungen, Ideen und Feedback. Wenn du mehr über uns erfahren möchtest: Auf unserer Facebook Fanpage erfährst du mehr über uns, unsere Events und kannst dir viele hilfreiche Tipps für den Alltag holen.Für einen Einblick in die Ayurveda Philosophie, hole dir jetzt unser E-Book ‚Wir lieben Ayurveda. Für mehr Lebensenergie. Für mehr Prana. Für dich.‘ auf unserer Website: www.pranaupyourlife.de/ebook. Hier findest du uns:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pranaupyourlife/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pranaupyourlife/ Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pranaupyourlife/ Webseite: http://www.pranaupyourlife.de Wenn dir diese Folge gefallen hat, dann freuen wir uns sehr über eine Bewertung von dir damit noch viel mehr Leute zu mehr Lebensenergie kommen und diese zusammen mit uns versprühen können. Teile diese Folge gerne mit Freunden, Bekannten, Verwandten, Kollegen und allen denen diese Folge gefallen könnte, damit wir zusammen als Community noch mehr Lebensenergie kreieren können und noch mehr wundervolle Menschen inspirieren können. Sharing is Caring. Und denk immer dran ‚PRANA up YOUR life‘, Happy Mind! Happy Body! Happy Life! Deine Jasmin & Josephine

1hr 1min

2 May 2019