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The great Black music symposium with Angel Bat Dawid, Qur'an Shaheed, Dr Adam Zanolini and Ben LaMar Gay

Music Life

Qur'an Shaheed, Dr Adam Zanolini and Ben LaMar Gay join composer, improviser, clarinetist, and pianist Angel Bat Dawid to discuss the importance of not conforming, the struggle to find money to do what you love doing, recognising what your gifts are, and the experience of being diasporic African and its influence on your music.Qur'an Shaheed is an experimental pianist, poet, singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, whose music blends jazz, neo-soul, RnB and neo-classical. She started her musical career with her mother and grandmother at the age of four, has composed for film, and is a member of Jimetta Rose’s gospel choir The Voices of Creation. Dr Adam Zanolini is a flute player, saxophonist, oboist, percussionist, double bassist, ethnomusicologist, and arts organiser. A pivotal figure in Chicago’s music scene, he’s part of the cross-generational Great Black Music Ensemble, “which fuses the expansive sounds of traditional Black American music with styles from across Africa and its diaspora.” Composer, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, poet and singer Ben LaMar Gay's latest LP is Open Arms to Open Us, released at the end of last year, which blends jazz, blues, R&B, tropicalia, and hip-hop, and explores thermodynamics, rhythm as an inheritance of information, and the idea that improvisation is “the one freedom that we all have access to”.


14 Jan 2022

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#342 – Mike G feat. Lil B, Stealing Sheep and the Radiophonic Workshop, Ben LaMar Gay, Grouper, Disrupt, Lotic - 27 September 2021

Independent Music Podcast

A mellow but extraordinarily varied podcast this week, as we explore some of the latest releases across the musical spectrum. From Japanese folk to ferocious noise rock, stopping off at hip hop, Indonesian avant garde experimentation, roots reggae, and library music. There’s a lot to enjoy on this relatively short – but packed full of goodness – episode of the Independent Music Podcast. Tracklisting Stealing Sheep and the Radiophonic Workshop – Council of Draags pt.I (Fire Records, UK) Disrupt – Setting Out (Zonedog, Germany) Ben LaMar Gay – Sometimes I Forget How Summer Looks On You. (feat. Ohmme) (International Anthem, USA) Tamami Pearl – 竹田の子守唄 (Kashual Plastik, Germany) X’ed Out – Bathe In It (Human Worth, UK) Mike G feat. Lil B – Champion (All City Records, Ireland) Lotic – Emergency (Houndstooth, UK) Aryo Adhianto – Mikr (Divisi62, Indonesia) Grouper – Unclean Mind (Kranky, USA) Danny Red & Jah Disciple – Tell Jah Sorry (Blackboard Jungle, France) Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.


27 Sep 2021

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INBAR Hors-Série I x Ben Lamar Gay x Pascal Nieggenkemper x Sam Pluta x Zutique Prod #12 {Part 2}

INBAR Podcast

Pour ce Hors-série de folie, INBAR s’est entretenu avec les Jazzmen de The Bridge #2.5, Ben LaMar Gay, Pascal Nieggenkemper et Sam Pluta, pour décanter les énergies qui se diffusent lors d’un évènement et celles qui émanent du public.  {Sorry not sorry, English Only} Mini-closing avec Salomé, Mathieu, Maxime et Pierre-Louis, la fine équipe de Zutique ! (0:28): Live de The Bridge #2.5. (54:46): Conversation avec Ben LaMar Gay, Pascal Nieggenkemper et Sam Pluta. (01:11:33): Impressions post-concert et ouverture sur le TRIBU FESTIVAL avec Zutique. En collaboration avec @pointbreak.fr.

1hr 28mins

6 Jul 2021

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Henry Threadgill, Ben LaMar Gay and other great new releases [Mondo Jazz Ep. 26]

Mondo Jazz

This week we check out new releases by some of the most exciting and innovative jazz musicians working today, from established names like Henry Threadgill and Nik Bärtsch to up-and-comers like Ben LaMar Gay. The playlist includes also music by Leni Stern, Mary Halvorson, Rogerio Boccato, John Hollenbeck, Jamie Baum, Matt Penman, and Dan Weiss. A detailed playlist is available at https://spinitron.com/radio/playlist.php?station=rfb&month=May&year=2018&playlist=6764#here

1hr 59mins

21 May 2018

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