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Episode 7: Conversation with Gemstone Dealers Laurie and Simon Watt of Mayer and Watt

Beekman New York: Fine Jewelry Conversations

Episode 7: Conversation with Gemstone Dealers Laurie and Simon Watt of Mayer and Watt. Modern day India Jones gem dealers Laurie and Simon Watt discuss what is (and isn't) fair trade in gemstones, when treatments matter and how country of origin affects gemstone value. You can follow in their footsteps and learn about their many adventures in finding and sharing rare and wonderful colored gemstones in Sri Lanka, Burma, Ethiopia and more. Interested listeners can also view footage on the Beekman New York Fine Jewelry Conversations pages on YouTube and Vimeo.Each episode of the series features a conversation between Dr. Sharon Novak, certified gemologist and co-founder of Beekman New York, and an industry expert within the luxury space, highlighting their shared joy and appreciation of fine jewelry. Topics include mixing period jewelry with modern pieces, heritage and craftsmanship of luxury jewelry houses worldwide, certfied natural and phenomenal gems and collecting vintage jewelry.

1hr 50mins

23 Apr 2020

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014 – Beauty Part 2 with Simon Watt

Wonder Cupboard

Imagine a perfect rhino. Done it? Great. Keep it in mind while Elena and Ian are joined by the Level Up Human podcast's Simon Watt, to discuss what we're really doing when we look for beauty in nature. If you liked this episode, subscribing/following means you'll get the next one automatically. We'd love it if you could leave us a review on iTunes too. And if you want to get in touch with us, you can do that at wondercupboard.com.

1hr 9mins

4 Apr 2020

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scientist 40: the science presenter – the ugly animal society – Simon Watt (2013)

scientists at work

Hear about a fun campaign to save the ‘ugly’ animals. Simon Watt of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society tell us that ugly animals face extinction because the cute creatures, like cuddly pandas, “steal all the glory”. He encourages everyone to vote for their favourite ugly animal. Follow-up link: See uglyanimalsoc.com or www.youtube.com/uglyanimal To learn more about Simon Watt, visit www.readysteadyscience.com 07/09/2013 Tagged biology, Chris Creese, conservation, environment, Roger Frost The post scientist 40: the science presenter – the ugly animal society – Simon Watt (2013) appeared first on Roger Frost: science, measuring and automation.


10 Jul 2018

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Ep 19: Simon Watt - World's Worst Parasite

Worst Foot Forward

An episode for smart minds and stern stomachs as we uncover Mother Nature’s dark side. We’re joined by professional science communicator, squid dissector and founder of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, Simon Watt, to talk about the world’s worst parasites. There’s an entire Hammer house of horrors on display, including flies that bewitch cockroaches, cookie cutter sharks and the worst fate ever to befall the Tasmanian Devil since Bugs Bunny got mean. Strengthen your constitution, don’t eat for a while before listening and dive in where even nematode worms fear to tread… Follow us on Twitter: @worstfoot @bazmcstay @benvandervelde @SimonDWatt @LevelUpHuman @UglyAnimal

1hr 2mins

8 May 2017

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64: Ugly Animals (ft. Simon Watt)

Science Mixtape

It's a seminal show this week as we are joined by Simon Watt, founder of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, "raising the profile of some of Mother's Nature's more aesthetically challenged children". Simon shares fascinating facts about his favourite ugly animals, as well as why frogs are every biologist's dream, and how to imitate an insect with just a balloon and a coin. Plus we announce our very own Ugly Animal Science Mixtape Mascot as voted by YOU our listeners! Who will be victorious - the Aye Aye, the Saiga Antelope, the Wart-Biter Cricket, or the Axolotl...?! Mixtape:1. Never Ever Ever Ever Again by Siskiyou2. Ingenue by Atoms For Peace3. Atlas by Battles4. New Slang by The Shins5. Twin Tub Twin (Tunng Remix) by King Creosote6. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy by The Ballina Whalers #science #mixtape #ugly #animals #frogs #ants #axolotl #saiga #cricket #ayeaye


10 Apr 2017

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Simon Watt, Cal Flyn, Martin Gurdon, Baba Israel


Libby Purves meets biologist and stand-up Simon Watt; motoring journalist Martin Gurdon; hip-hop artist Baba Israel and journalist Cal Flyn.Martin Gurdon is a motoring journalist. In his book, An Estate Car Named Desire, he recounts tales of his car-obsessed childhood in the 1960s - a lost world of Ford Anglias, Triumph Heralds and Morris Minors. During his dysfunctional years at boarding school cars were both his salvation and his undoing. An Estate Car Named Desire - A Life on the Road is published by Duckworth Overlook.Baba Israel is a hip-hop artist. He will be performing The Spinning Wheel at the Roundhouse, as part of The Last Word Festival. The multi-media production explores the life of his father Steve Ben Israel, a New York-based poet, jazz musician, activist, stand-up comedian and member of the Sixties performance collective The Living Theatre. The Spinning Wheel is at The Roundhouse, London NW1.Cal Flyn is a journalist whose book, Thicker than Water, tells the story of her great-great-great uncle, Angus McMillan. Mythologized as a dashing explorer and pioneer who left his native Scotland for Australia during the time of the Highland Clearances, he in fact led a number of gruesome massacres of indigenous people. As she traces his footsteps across Australia, Cal asks how a man could commit such terrible acts and considers the concept of intergenerational guilt. Thicker Than Water - History, Secrets and Guilt is published by William Collins.Simon Watt is a biologist, stand-up, writer and broadcaster. His new comedy science podcast, Level Up Human, explores various ways to improve the human condition. Featuring guests from the worlds of comedy and science, the podcast asks whether we will soon be able to edit the human genome with so-called molecular scissors and examines the case for driverless transport and companion robots. Level Up Human launches at the Cheltenham Science Festival.


1 Jun 2016