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Lou Schuler on the Art and Science of Creating Great Content

Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews

I write a lot. Between my books and blog, I’ve written (er, typed) tens of millions of words on various topics ranging from building big guns (biceps) to literal gun rights, from calories and macros to history and religion, from habits and motivation to actually getting smarter, and many excursions everything in between. So it’s not surprising that many people who are interested in writing ask me how to get started, about the writing process, how to get better at it, and how to break into the content creation game. To help address this topic, I invited a veteran expert, Lou Schuler, onto the podcast. In case you’re not familiar with Lou, he’s the Editorial Director of the Personal Trainer Development Center (Jonathan Goodman’s online training coaching company) and an award-winning journalist who’s spent decades writing fitness articles for Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health, as well as his own books, including The New Rules of Lifting series and The Lean Muscle Diet (with Alan Aragon). He’s even delved into the world of fiction, so he’s more than just a health and fitness writing guru. In this podcast, we chat about all things writing, including . . . How writing is different from other content creation Why you probably shouldn't write unless you really enjoy it The important of knowing your audience The value of self-editing (and how to do it) Why writing is hard (and should be) Dealing with drafts and coming back to them with fresh eyes And more . . . So, if you want to learn some key lessons Lou has learned from decades of writing in the fitness space, give this episode a listen! 10:04 - How do you get into the writing business? 46:28 - What does your self editing process look like? 58:10 - Do you tend to sit on something you’ve written and come back to it at a later time? Mentioned on The Show: Lou Schuler's books, blogs, and articles: www.louschuler.com/ Shop Legion Supplements Here: legionathletics.com/shop/ --- Want free workout and meal plans? Download my science-based diet and training templates for men and women: legionathletics.com/text-sign-up/

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18 Nov 2020

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Lou Schuler on Writing, Communication and Media in the Fitness Industry

Physical Preparation Podcast – Robertson Training Systems

Lou Schuler is a journalist, author, presenter, and Editorial Director of the Personal Trainer Development Center. You could say Lou wasn’t the fastest or strongest kid on the block when he was young, but that didn’t stop him from getting into working out when he was 13 years old. His passion for health & fitness became a part of his identity that, later in life, he was able to merge it with his love for the written word. After starting his career in the fitness industry as a Fitness Editor, Lou penned several books on health & fitness, including The New Rules of Lifting and the Testosterone Advantage Plan. Lou joins me today to share his experiences as a fitness writer and editor. He explores how good fitness coaches can connect with their clients through shared experiences and highlights the importance of networking in the fitness industry. He shares his advice to newer coaches on filtering information, especially in social media, and why they shouldn’t focus too much on a narrow niche. And he also reveals the biggest red flags of a coach or fitness guru and explores how a writer can effectively deliver his message to his audience. If you could identify with that person who’s been teased for their weight or athletic ability, it’s going to make your message more powerful. – Lou Schuler This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast: Lou’s background and his career path from journalism school to screenwriting and the publishing industry How Lou transitioned from his first job as a fitness editor to writing his book on health and fitness to his current role as PTDC’s Editorial Director Selling health and fitness to somebody who isn’t interested in them Lou’s advice for up and coming fitness trainers on how to filter information Significant industry shifts Lou has seen over the years and the biggest red flags of a fitness coach The reason new coaches and fitness writers shouldn’t invest their all in too narrow a niche Why Lou welcomes self-publishing online and his observations on the state of media in the fitness industry The importance of building connections and networks in the fitness industry Why Lou still believes that people still like to read and why writing will never go away Lou’s writing process, how he warms up, and what social media platforms lack in terms of conversations Writing for the joy of telling a story and how to connect with your readers Why negative feedback is part of good marketing Connect with Lou: Lou Schuler The Personal Trainer Development Center Book: The New Rules of Lifting Book: Testosterone Advantage Plan Lou Schuler on Twitter Lou Schuler on Instagram Lou Schuler on Facebook Lou Schuler on YouTube Lou Schuler on LinkedIn IFAST University is BACK! Are You In? Are you ready to take your coaching and training career to the next level? If so, you need to find great mentors to guide you along your journey – to help you find the blind spots in your own training programs and improve your skills as a coach. But… mentorship can be expensive, and unfortunately, it’s not always feasible for some budgets. That’s why Bill Hartman and I developed IFAST University, an online curriculum and mentorship program designed exclusively for fitness trainers and coaches. We want to help every trainer and coach in the industry improve their training techniques and write better training programs for their clients. By becoming a member of IFAST University, you’ll receive: Multiple hours of members-only exclusive content Monthly updates and tips to help you improve your skills and programs 1-on-1 Q&A sessions to answer your specific questions Access to our private discussion forum This blend of content and Q&A is specifically designed to help make YOU the best fitness trainer you can be. To learn more or to join IFAST University now, visit https://ifastuniversity.com/ Subscribe, Rate & Share! Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of The Physical Preparation Podcast with Mike Robertson – your one-stop-shop for fitness trainers, coaches, and athletes. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Google Podcasts and leave your honest review. I’d also love to connect via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit our website. And last but not least, please don’t forget to share your favorite episodes with your friends on social media. Thank you! The post Lou Schuler on Writing, Communication and Media in the Fitness Industry appeared first on Robertson Training Systems.

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3 Jul 2020

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Lou Schuler and Lee Boyce EP 135: The School For Gifted Writers

Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

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1hr 13mins

16 Apr 2020

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14 – Lou Schuler on Fitness & Writing

Scott Abel Fitness Podcast

Mike is joined by Lou Schuler to discuss some of the larger trends in fitness, as well as how to avoid saying the same things over again in fitness writing. Mike wanted to talk to Lou to talk about fitness writing because Lou — an award-wining journalist — has been fitness editor of Men’s Fitness, and, later, Men’s Health, and he’s written a bunch of well-known books in the industry, including the New Rules of Lifting Series with Alwyn Cosgrove, as well as a bunch of others you’d recognize. Mike and Lou also discussed Ruth Engs' Clean Living Movements (read more in this New York Times discussion of Engs' book (http://bit.ly/cln_living) as as well as some relevant history of the Graham cracker at Refinery29 (http://bit.ly/grm_crkr)). – – – If you do have a career in fitness and are looking to grow, be sure to check out the KC Fitness Summit (http://kcfitnesssummit.com/) during the first weekend in May. (Check out the speakers.) Links & Resources The New Rules of Lifting for Life – (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0074VTHIY) theptdc.com – (http://theptdc.com/) kcfitnesssummit.com (http://kcfitnesssummit.com/) louschuler.com The post 14 – Lou Schuler on Fitness & Writing first appeared on Scott Abel Fitness.

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24 Feb 2020

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Lou Schuler EP 103: The F#ckit List

Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

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5 Sep 2019

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492: Better Educators (w/ Lou Schuler)

The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast

Lou Schuler joins Kevin to discuss how we, as an industry, can do a better job educating people seeking fitness and nutrition information, how to be better role models for upcoming fitness professionals, education for those new to the industry and more. Support The FitCast on Patreon. You can also make a one-time or monthly donation via secure PayPal below. Thank you for supporting the production of the shows!

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10 Dec 2018

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TBT - Strength Training Made Simple with Lou Schuler

Open Sky Fitness Podcast

On this week’s #TBT episode of Open Sky Fitness, award-winning journalist,  certified strength and conditioning specialist, and author, Lou Schuler, spoke to Rob about his career and life experiences about getting fit and staying fit for life. Lou has had a career in the fitness journey for more than 20 years and has witnessed major changes and trends in the world of health. Plus we answered some questions from the Open Sky Fitness Podcast Facebook Group including: Should you do cardio before or after lifting? CLICK HERE TO GET 50% OFF ON THE SKY FIT CHALLENGE! Click here to see the original show notes! Please leave us a review at http://openskyfitness.com/review Learn more about the Transition and Sky Fit Challenge Check out the 7 Day Paleo Reset Tune into our upcoming Facebook Live on A Tutorial On How To Kick Out Your Sugar Addiction in our Open Sky Fitness Podcast Facebook Group

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20 Sep 2018

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EP 24 - Lou Schuler: How to Become a Better Writer

RNT Fitness Radio

In today's episode, we sit down with fitness journalist and author of several books on men's health and exercise, Lou Schuler. Listen in as they chat about the demeanors of bodybuilders back in the days. Get some tips on how you could improve your writing skills. Take a peak about Lou's training and nutrition now that he's in his 60s. All these and more when you tune in to today's episode. “Talking to a professional writer about his writing process is like talking to a prostitute about sex.” -Lou Schuler Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes! What do you want to hear from The RNT Fitness Radio? Tell us here! Key Highlights: ⇾ Get to know what drew Lou Schuler into training ⇾ Find out what bodybuilders were like back in the days ⇾ Check out how Lou handles his training and nutrition in his 60's                                                                                                                                                                                              Timestamps: 2:53 - Who is Lou Schuler 12:35 - What drew Lou into training 17:50 - How were the bodybuilder's like back in the days 28:14 - Lou's advice to improve your writing skills 40:28 - What's Lou's favorite book that he has written 47:30 - What's the craziest supplement that Lou has tried 53:40 - How is Lou's training and nutrition now that he is in his 60's 1:01:56 - What would Lou tell himself if he could turn back the clock 1:05:20 - Rapidfire questions  Resources: The Testosterone Advantage Plan The New Rules of Lifting The New Rules of Lifting for Women The South Beach Diet Cookbook The Lean Muscle Diet People Mentioned: Arnold Zchwarzenegger Franco Columbo Mark Zein Lee Haney Dorian Yates Ronnie Coleman Larry Scott Alwyn Cosgrove Connect with Lou Schuler: Facebook Website Follow Akash: Facebook Instagram Follow RNT Fitness:   Facebook Instagram Email

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9 May 2018

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470: State of the Industry 2017 w/ Lou Schuler

The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast

Lou Schuler returns to look at some of the biggest trends in the fitness industry including the increase in interest in longevity. Sponsors:  HealthIQ: An insurance company that helps health-conscious people get special life insurance rates. Like saving money by being a good driver, Health IQ gets you lower rates on life insurance with your health-conscious lifestyle. Go to healthiq.com/fitcast to support the show and learn more.

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15 Jan 2018

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#273 - The Future of Fitness with Lou Schuler

Ben Coomber Radio

What is the future of fitness? See, trends come and go in fitness, but principals don't, but what are these principals? What does the future hold? I interview fitness legend Lou Schuler, author of the book series 'The new rules of lifting'


24 Aug 2017