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How Rosalia Rivera is Breaking the Cycle of Generational Trauma

Empodera Latina

On today’s episode, Rosalia Rivera of AboutConsent joins me to discuss how she challenged cultural norms to allow herself to break the cycle of abuse within her own life. Rosalia Rivera is a consent educator, abuse prevention specialist, sexual literacy advocate, speaker, change agent, and the founder of CONSENTparenting™. She is the host of the AboutCONSENT™ podcast and creator of CONSENTwear™. Rosalia teaches parents, particularly child sexual abuse survivors, how to educate their children on body safety, boundaries, and consent so that they can empower their families to prevent abuse and break intergenerational cycles. Rosalia is on a mission to end child sexual abuse, dismantle shame, and help survivors heal and become thrivers. Be sure to follow Rosalia on social media @consentparenting and to find out more about abuse prevention go to https://www.consentparenting.com/


31 May 2021

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Sex-Positivity: Why learning to set boundaries and sex education matters with Rosalia Rivera

The Good Space with Francesca Phillips

Content Warnings: General discussions of sexual abuse and violence against children. Please check the show notes for more detailed descriptions and take care of yourself. Today, we are going to speak with Rosalia Rivera, a consent educator, abuse prevention specialist, sexual literacy advocate, speaker, and founder of Consent Parenting. She is someone who helps busy parents go from fearful and anxious to confident and empowered about teaching their kids about body safety boundaries and consent to prevent sexual abuse. She is also the host of the AboutCONSENT podcast. Rosalia is on a mission to end child sexual abuse, dismantle shame and help survivors heal and become thrivers. We talk about… [4:13] - About Rosalia’s work[8:29] - Taking back strength from trauma[13:33] - Understanding statistics of abuse[22:25] - Perpetuation of abuse in media[26:24] - Ways survivors cope[32:38] - Adults identifying sexual values[42:47] - How parents can educate their kids[50:47] - Rosalia’s book recs QUOTES “So there’s mental boundaries, physical boundaries, sexual boundaries, spiritual boundaries and we get to say what those boundaries are. So when we're teaching that to kids, we need to know what those are for ourselves.” - Rosalia “Sexuality is such a powerful force, that is part of our humanity that we need to reclaim and it actually gives you so much more power in all other areas of your life. It's almost like reclaiming a part of yourself that you had pushed away and you can now welcome back in and integrate into your whole self.” - Rosalia THIS WEEK’S INTENTION I am empowered to create and set boundaries with full love and total ease. RESOURCES AND LINKS: Order our productivity eBookDM me with thoughts or questions on Instagram Sex Positive Talks to Have with Kids* by Melissa Pintor CarnageySexploitation* by Cindy PierceConversations With A Pedophile* by Amy Hammel-Zabin Listen to AboutCONSENT podcast by Rosalia RiveraLearn more about Rosalia’s work at consentparenting.comFollow Rosalia on Instagram @consentparenting _________ Do you have a spiritual or mindfulness problem that you want me to unpack on an upcoming The Good Space episode? Or an awesome manifesting moment you want to share? Leave a voicemail right now at (917) 719-0867 Join our private Facebook group here _________ FOR FULL SHOW NOTES: Click here _________ LET’S STAY CONNECTED Subscribe: Apple, Spotify, StitcherFollow us on Instagram: click hereGet free weekly emails on spirituality: click hereVisit our website: click here NEW EPISODE EVERY TUESDAY


31 May 2021

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Ep. 87: Rosalia Rivera & Alana Kayfetz

This Family Tree Podcast

Alex and Shane chat about Shane's experience working outside the home for the first time in a year, the best and worst things about his time away, rapid covid tests, and the success of the DATE NIGHT takeover. Rosalia Rivera of Consent Parenting discusses how to keep children safer with abuse prevention tips, what parents can do to foster body autonomy and the importance of prevention education. Alana Kayfetz describes her journey as the mother of a son with a rare genetic disorder, and how these health complications have impacted her life - both at home, and in the community she has created in her work, The Mom Halo. Listener questions are answered in the mailbag segment, hitting topics like baptizing children, Shane's COVID19 predictions, what not to say to a couple who is trying to conceive, and the laws of attraction and manifestation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  This episode is proudly supported by: The Dove Self Esteem Project is the worlds largest provider of self-esteem education. Dove has partnered with educators around the world to provide evidence-based printable resources to help young girls and boy’s reach their full potential. You can find those at https://bit.ly/36FQxbd Mabel's Labels - visit www.mabelslabels.ca to start creating your very own labels, and use promo code THISFAMILYTREE15 for 15% your order! Hello Bello - for 30% off of your first plant-based diaper and wipes bundle, use promo code THISFAMILYTREE30 or click the following link: https://hellobello.ca/products/diaper-bundle?discount=thisfamilytree30&utm_source=familytree&utm_medium=podcast&utm_campaign=30off (Canadian listeners only). Mini Mioche - use promo code THISFAMILYTREE15 at www.minimioche.com for 15% off of your ethically made, organic, and sustainable kids’ apparel. Bravado Designs - Use promo code THISFAMILYTREE20 for 20% off of what will become your favourite nursing bra at www.bravadodesigns.com, or try their new Everyday Collection (not nursing bras/no clips/for all womxn) at ca.bravadodesigns.com. Seedlip - Go to www.seedlipdrinks.com or www.seedlipdrinks.ca, and use promo code THISFAMILYTREE10 for 10% off the world’s first nonalcoholic spirit! My Brest Friend - Buy the #1 choice of nursing pillow by moms and lactation consultants, at www.buybuybaby.com, www.target.com, www.walmart.com, and www.babylist.com! 

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27 May 2021

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Preventing Abuse In Our Kiddos’ Lives with Sexual Abuse Survivor & Prevention Educator Rosalia Rivera

Fresh Start Family Show

The month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month and because of that Terry and I felt very called to talk about the topic of abuse. I know a lot of the content and information regarding abuse prevention, especially when it comes to prevention for our own families, is framed in really fear stricken ways and causes many of us to want to run from the topic altogether.But families, it is our passion to take these challenging topics head on and remove the fear from them so we can help you build safe & strong family legacies that you are proud of.Our goal is always to empower you to keep your kids safe, not to make you fearful. That is why we sat down with child sexual abuse survivor, and abuse prevent educator, Rosalia Rivera, the founder of ‘Consent Parenting’ … to talk about how to approach the topic of abuse in our homes without instilling fear.Find out more in the show notes: www.freshstartfamilyonline.com/78

1hr 3mins

7 Apr 2021

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Historias de Empoderamiento de la Mujer con Angie Rojo, Emilia Ortega-Jara, LCSW, Pam Covarrubias y Rosalia Rivera

The Beyond Resilience Life

Historias de Empoderamiento de la Mujer con Angie Rojo, Emilia Ortega-Jara, LCSW y Rosalia Rivera El episodio de hoy; llamado Historias de Empoderamiento de la Mujer; lo hice principalmente a raíz que estamos celebrando el Mes de Historia de la Mujer y para reconocer el Día Internacional de la Mujer que celebramos el pasado 8 de Marzo. Los invito a que escuchen las historias que mis invitadas y yo les compartimos acerca de las luchas y obstáculos que hemos vivido en nuestras vidas personales y profesionales y como hemos podido sobrellevarlas y salir adelante a pesar de estas. Para conocer mas acerca de Emilia Ortega-Jara, LCSW, puedes visitar su cuenta de Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/corazoncounseling/  y https://yollotlcoaching.com/ o puedes suscribirte a su newsletter (boletín informativo) en  corazoncounseling@gmail.com, donde ella comparte acerca de los programas y eventos que esta organizando y presentando. Para obtener mas información acerca de Rosalia Rivera, educadora de consentimiento y de la prevención del abuso sexual infantil, pueden buscarla en Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/consentparenting/ . Actualmente se encuentra preparando dos libros y su próxima presentación; una charla TEDx acerca de como acabar con la cultura del abuso. Para conocer mas acerca de Pam Covarrubias; coach de negocios intuitiva, terapeuta EFT y podcaster, la pueden seguir en Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/cobiux/  y para suscribirse a sus podcasts o eventos que esta dirigiendo pueden visitar su pagina web: https://shor.by/cobiux Para aprender mas acerca de Angie Rojo, Practicante de hipnosis de Curación Cuántica, Mentora de Amor Propio y podcaster, pueden visitar su Instagram https://www.instagram.com/inspiredwithangie/ donde comparte toda la información acerca de los talleres y eventos que dirige. Por ultimo quiero recordarles acerca del Programa de Mentorías a Futuros terapistas que estoy dirigiendo, si están interesados, pueden suscribirse AQUI Para explicarles un poco mas acerca del programa, los invito a que me acompañen en el Open House que se llevara a cabo mañana, 12 de Marzo @ 11:00 AM PT. No se lo pierdan! https://www.thebeyondresiliencelife.com/mental-health-practitioner-mentorship-program-open-house Mi deseo es que esto les ayude de alguna forma y si tienes alguna pregunta no dudes en contactarme via email o DM. Si le interesa aprender mas de lo que he hablado aquí o en mis episodios pasados te invito a chequear mi comunidad de The Beyond Resilience Life a través de la plataforma The Mighty Network. Para acceder por favor haz click AQUI Para más información acerca del Podcast ‘Viviendo mas Allá de la Resiliencia visítanos en: https://www.instagram.com/thebeyondresiliencelife/ https://www.facebook.com/thebeyondresiliencelife  Contáctanos: info@thebeyondresiliencelife.com Para acceder a nuestra lista de emails: https://www.thebeyondresiliencelife.com/


12 Mar 2021

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Breaking The Silence: Healing Generational Trauma with Rosalia Rivera

The Self-ish Latina Podcast

In this episode, I introduce you to Rosalia Rivera, Founder of Consent Parenting, host of the About Consent Podcast, and creator of Consent Wear. Rosalia teaches parents, particularly child sexual abuse survivors, how to educate their children on body safety, boundaries, and consent so that they can empower their families to prevent abuse and break intergenerational cycles. Rosalia is on a mission to end child sexual abuse, dismantle shame, and help survivors heal and become thrivers. Throughout this episode, you will hear clips from Rosalia discussing the importance of consent as it relates to the parent-to-child physical relationship. Paired with her insight, I begin to discuss some of my own experiences with physical boundaries being crossed. As a parent, it is hard to imagine crossing boundaries with our own family, but as Rosalia points out, it can be in the subtlest of ways in which we connect with our family that can have the biggest impact.


10 Mar 2021

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Women Empowerment Stories with Angie Rojo, Emilia Ortega-Jara, LCSW, Pam Covarrubias and Rosalia Rivera

The Beyond Resilience Life

To honor Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, I wanted to put together this conversation called Women Empowerment Stories. I invite you to listen to today’s episode where my four amazing guests and I share our stories about different struggles in our lives and careers and how we were able to problem-solve and overcome these issues. To learn more about Emilia Ortega-Jara, LCSW, please visit her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/corazoncounseling/  and https://yollotlcoaching.com/ or you can sign up for her newsletter corazoncounseling@gmail.com, where she shares about upcoming events, workshops, and group coaching opportunities. To learn more about Rosalia Rivera, consent educator and abuse prevention specialist, you can find her via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/consentparenting/. She is currently working on two books and preparing her coming up TEDx talk about how to end rape culture. To find out more about Pam Covarrubias; intuitive business coach, EFT practitioner, and podcaster follow her on Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/cobiux/ and to sign up for her podcasts or upcoming events visit: https://shor.by/cobiux To find out more about Angie Rojo, Self-Love Mentor, Wellness Advocate, and podcaster, visit her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/inspiredwithangie/ Lastly, I am hosting a 6-month Mental Health Practitioner Mentorship Program, if you are interested, Sign up here! To learn more about the program join us at an open house on Saturday, March 13th @ 11:00 AM PT, where I will be sharing more about the Mentorship. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via DM or email. If any of this resonates with you or if you meet the criteria please check out The Beyond Resilience Life Community via The Mighty Network. You can join by clicking HERE For more information about ‘The Beyond Resilience Life Podcast’ please visit us @: https://www.instagram.com/thebeyondresiliencelife/ https://www.facebook.com/drlydianagarcia To join our email list please click here: https://www.thebeyondresiliencelife.com/


4 Mar 2021

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Episode 11: Rosalia Rivera – Consent Parenting: Empowering our kids to protect them against abuse

Why is Everyone Yelling?

Rosalia Rivera is a Consent Educator, Sexual Literacy Advocate, Speaker, change agent, founder of CONSENTparenting, host of the AboutCONSENT Podcast, creatrix of CONSENTwear and child sexual abuse survivor turned thriver. In this episode we talk about body boundaries, safe people and safety networks, how to respond to a child who comes to you with information that they may be ashamed to talk with you about, body exploration, giving your kids ownership over their bodies and their decisions and so much more. This episode is perhaps the most important episode I’ve recorded yet. I am so happy to get this information in the hands of more parents and those helping raise kids! Please share it with anyone who you think may benefit from it and reach out to Rosalia on instagram to give her a thank you for this work she’s doing! Photo Cred: Katelyn Malo What we talked about: 3:35- Introduction to Rosalia Rivera and how she got into the work that she does 11:20- The first steps in teaching kids about body awareness and body safety 14:45- How to respond to a child if they come to you with the information that they have been sexually abused 19:15- How to remove a person from a child’s life without the child feeling betrayed for having spoken up 21:35- What a safety network is and how to implement it in your family 26:20- How to handle doctor’s visits, coaches and other people of power in the child’s life and how to empower kids with consent letters 33:10- The importance of giving your child independence for self development 40:10- Teaching kids about self exploration with their body parts 48:10- The difference between being overprotective and proactive 53:45- End of podcast questions Show Notes: Consent Parenting About Consent Podcast Books Recommendations for Kids: Some Secrets should never be Kept – Jayneen Sanders C is for Consent – Eleanor Morrison Amazing You – Gail Saltz It’s not the Stork – Robie Harris Book Recommendations for Adults: Parenting with PTSD – Joyelle Brandt Conversations with a Pediphile – Amy Hammel-Zabin Connect with Rosalia: Consent Parenting on Instagram Connect Us: Why is Everyone Yelling? on Instagram Join our Facebook Group Lindsey on Instagram Lindsey on Twitter

1hr 1min

1 Dec 2020

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Episode 259: Educating Our Children on Body Safety, Boundaries, and Consent with Rosalia Rivera, founder of CONSENTparenting

Super Mamás

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode talks about sexual abuse. We speak to Rosalia Rivera, Consent Educator and founder of CONSENTparenting, about abuse prevention education. She answers our questions about how to talk to our children about boundaries, signs to look for if we suspect abuse, how to empower ourselves & our kids to prevent sexual abuse, and much more. There is a lot of info to unpack this week but the more we talk about it, the safer our kids will be. Stay safe and informed, visit http://cdc.gov for more information on the Coronavirus. * For full notes, visit http://supermamas.com Like us on https://www.facebook.com/supermamaspodcast/ Double tap on https://www.instagram.com/_supermamas/

1hr 9mins

12 Nov 2020

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Why we need to teach consent to our kids now more than ever in a pandemic: Rosalia Rivera of CONSENTparenting

Voices Not Victims

Rosalia Rivera is a passionate consent educator, abuse prevention specialist, sexual literacy advocate, speaker, change agent, and survivor turned thriver. She is the host of AboutCONSENT™, a podcast for survivors and those who support survivors. Rosalia is also the founder of CONSENTparenting™, an online platform with courses, workshops and a membership for adults CSA* survivor parents to learn how to protect their families from abuse. She's also a Latinx mother of three young children and lives in Canada with her husband. Facebook: @Consentparenting Instagram: @Consentparenting  www.consentparenting.com--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/katie846/support


22 Oct 2020