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[FOUNDERS WEEK] #112 NATE CHECKETTS - How to break through the highs and lows of business with integrity and an open heart

Men of the Hour

This is our 4th Founders Week here on the Men of the Hour podcast and this week Justin is interviewing founders of “better for your” businesses so we can learn how they built their brands, develop their teams and so much more! Whether or not you are or want to be a business owner, the episodes you will hear from this week are second to none as there are elements of thought leadership and inspiring stories we know will add value to you! Nate Checketts is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rhone, a men’s athletic and casual work leisure brand that has really enhanced the experience both for their customers and company culture, through amazing leadership, heart and the purpose for a pursuit larger than one could ever imagine! Rhone creates performance-driven clothing for your active lifestyle. Each piece is designed for versatility and made with integrity to outfit you for an active life lived on your terms. Their promise is to help you move Forever Forward. Host and Executive Producer: Justin Crawford Produced by JUST Media This episode is sponsored by Better & Better. Find out more about this amazing company dedicated to your gut at www.betterandbetter.com and use the code MENOFTHEHOUR20 at checkout for 20% off your first order!


16 Sep 2022

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#073: Rhone - Co-Founder And CEO Nate Checketts

The Jedburgh Podcast

Athleisure is one the fastest growing and most competitive retail segments. The days of suits and tight jeans have passed. Fran Racioppi heads to New York City to sit down with Nate Checketts, Co-Founder and CEO of Rhone.Built on the mantra "we aren't just selling a product, we are selling a lifestyle," Fran and Nate discuss the three pillars of Rhone, building brand loyalty, the importance of intentionality, goals, standards and holding ourselves accountable to metrics. Nate and Rhone are also unrelenting supporters of men's mental health and reducing the stigmas around a man's ability to be open, vulnerable and in need. Fran and Nate dig deep on the importance of being there for each other and accepting that it's ok to not be ok. Plus, Fran sticks around for Rhone’s first Mind and Muscle Event.Learn more about Nate and Rhone at Rhone.com, @rhone and @natechecketts. Read the full episode transcription here and learn more on The Jedburgh Podcast Website. Check out the full video version on YouTube.Highlights: -Fran & Nate sit down in Rhone’s flagship store on 5th Avenue in the Flatiron district of New York City. -Nate shares how competition drives us away from each other. (7:52)-Intention, comfort and quality form the foundation of Rhone’s products and the culture in the company; Nate is the biggest critic and hardest on the products. (10:5)-Nate’s time at the NFL taught him valuable lessons on branding. (15:57)-Fran and Nate discuss the importance of quality, planned longevity of clothing, and why we always pick the same things out of our closets. (32:53)-Fran asks Nate to provide his assessment on the Athleisure industry. (41:05) -Nate credits his parents for instilling in him leadership lessons, hard work and an adherence to standards. (45:10)  -Nate shares his methods to make mental health a toolkit to be used in difficult times. (56:20)Quotes: -“I don’t think my mom believed we had a real business until we opened a store on 5th Avenue.” (3:41)-”Don’t get caught up in the past. Don’t get caught up in the future. But just keep kind of progressing.” (5:56)-“There was a lot of thought and intention behind everything that we do.” (11:40)-”We want to make things in a way that’s perfect for our customer.” (32:19)-“If I give you one of our shorts it’s gonna be the first thing out of your closet every single time.” (34:00)-”The lessons they taught me…I could not function as a leader without the principles that they instilled upon me.” (47:07)-“If you are struggling…the best thing you can do is talk about it with someone.” (52:48)  -”Mental health should be viewed as developing a toolbelt when things get hard.” (56:20)-”Goal setting is the easy part…what’s really really hard is monitoring that.” (1:01:42)Nate’s three daily foundations to success:-Start the day with spirituality and gratitude-Move the body-Journal for mental health and reflectionThis episode is brought to you by Jersey Mike’s, 18A Fitness, and Analytix Solutions

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31 Aug 2022

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011: Forever Forward & Living A Balanced Life with Nate Checketts

The Better Man Podcast

How do you push yourself and your goals forward while living a balanced life? This episode features Nate Checketts, the Co-Founder and CEO of Rhone, an activewear lifestyle brand founded on the ethos “Forever Forward”; a phrase that perfectly encapsulates what Nate is all about - get up every time you fall and improve and get better each day. Nate does this while making time for the most important thing in his life - his family, and we get into that and much more in this episode. Nate is someone who is creating something much larger than a clothing brand, and is an inspiration for men all around the world. In this episode, we’re talking about some of Nate’s beliefs around mobility, longevity, and long-term health. We discuss the importance of men being vulnerable, how discomfort can make you a better person, and being a great parent and husband while building a successful business. Nate has built a strong community around Rhone by associating the menswear label with issues like mental health, physical recovery, gender equality, and positive masculinity. He believes that long-term health and longevity is about striving for balance and doing different things that bring you joy and happiness. I couldn’t agree more. Key Takeaways with Nate Checketts Be 1% better every day; in fitness, at work, at home. How Nate got into yoga, and how it changed his perception of fitness. How taking care of his physical and mental health makes him a better dad. Sustain mobility and fitness into your 30s and 40s, without killing your body! Ways in which you can improve your life by seeking discomfort. Greatness requires sacrifice, but you don’t need to suffer. How to be present with your children and wife while running several businesses. Perfection is the greatest enemy of progress. Being an athlete is only a small part of being human. Setting goals is great, but do this after! You meditate, and you exercise; there’s a way to do both! The importance of men sharing their emotions and being open. The Man Flow Yoga Members’ Area - 7-Day FREE Trial Want on-demand yoga programs, workouts, tutorials & more? Visit ManFlowYoga.com/join and start your 7-day free trial today.  FREE 7-Day Beginner's Yoga for Men Challenge 15-Minute On-Demand Videos No flexibility, no yoga experience required. Noticeable results – feel better, stronger, and move better. BONUS ACCESS! Exclusive Members-Only workout: Head & Neck Essentials Routine Visit ManFlowYoga.com/7dc to start the challenge today! Connect with Dean Pohlman Facebook YouTube Instagram


9 Jun 2022

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Nate Checketts - Co-Founder and CEO of Rhone

Sports Business Radio Podcast

PODCAST: Nate Checketts - Co-Founder and CEO of Rhone (@Rhone), joins Sports Business Radio for a conversation. it isn't easy starting a company and it’s especially difficult to compete in the crowded menswear category. But Rhone, which launched in 2014, has figured out the void that was in the marketplace for performance driven clothing for men. Nate will share his Founder’s story, why Rhone is much more than just a menswear company and what the future of “athleisure" is. Late NBA Commissioner David Stern was one of Rhone’s early investors and current NBA star Jimmy Butler is a Rhone partner. In our sports business headlines segment, we discuss the NFL QB carousel, Deshaun Watson’s record-setting contract with the Cleveland Browns, a busy MLB hot stove and a thrilling first week of March Madness.Listen to the award-winning Sports Business Radio podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music or at www.sportsbusinessradio.com.Follow Sports Business Radio on Twitter @SBRadio and on Instagram @SportsBusinessRadio.This week’s edition of Sports Business Radio is presented by @UnderdogFantasy. Underdog Fantasy is the Official Gaming Partner of Sports Business Radio and the fastest growing fantasy app ever released with investors that include Mark Cuban, Kevin Durant, Adam Schefter and Jared Goff. The Underdog Fantasy app is available at Underdogfantasy.com, on iOS, and on Android. We’ve got a SPECIAL OFFER FOR SPORTS BUSINESS RADIO LISTENERS: New users get up to $100 matched on their first deposit when they use the code SBR. So download the app at underdogfantasy.com and then enter the promo code SBR to get up to $100 to play with. Sports Business Radio is also brought you by @Rhone. Rhone makes the absolute highest quality, best fitting and most comfortable performance driven clothing for men. Rhone is offering a 15% discount to Sports Business Radio listeners when you enter the promo code SBR15 at checkout.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


22 Mar 2022

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Nate Checketts: How To Be A CEO In 2022

Kreatures Of Habit Podcast

Nate Checketts is the Co-Founder & CEO of Rhone, a men’s performance lifestyle brand founded in 2014. Prior to Rhone, Nate worked for and consulted with some of the biggest technology and entertainment properties in the world including Cisco, The National Football League, Legends, FanVision and Sport Radar. Nate is also an avid entrepreneur who founded and launched 4 companies before the age of 30, including Rhone and Mangia Technologies, whose patents were later acquired by the San Francisco 49ers. In 2020 Nate was selected by the Sports Business Journal to their 2020 list of Forty leaders under Forty. In addition to Rhone, Nate also serves as Chairman of the Board to Beyond Type 1, a non-profit dedicated to the community of those with Type 1 Diabetes. Nate graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Finance. He and his wife Dayna reside in Connecticut with their three young boys, Gabriel, William and Nicholas. In this episode, we chat about what it means to be a CEO in 2022, how to create an amazing family culture, and the best way to ask for help if you are struggling. Head over to kreaturesofhabit.com and enter the promo code KOHPOD20 to receive 20% off your first order.


10 Mar 2022

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Dad the Man

Nate Checketts is the Co-Founder & CEO of Rhone, a men’s performance lifestyle brand founded in 2014. Prior to Rhone, Nate worked for and consulted with some of the biggest technology and entertainment properties in the world including Cisco, The NFL, Legends, FanVision and Sport Radar. Nate is also an avid entrepreneur who founded and launched 4 companies before the age of 30, including Rhone and Mangia Technologies, whose patents were later acquired by the San Francisco 49ers. In 2020 Nate was selected by the Sports Business Journal to their 2020 list of Forty leaders under Forty. In addition to Rhone, Nate also serves as Chairman of the Board to Beyond Type 1, a non-profit dedicated to the community of those with Type 1 Diabetes. Nate carries himself with a calm confidence that is rooted in humility and appreciation and he is one of the most thoughtful and intentional people I’ve ever had the opportunity to speak with. But above it all, he is an incredible man, husband, and father and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have him on the show.Overview of Discussion PointsBringing up the next generation of menLeading with love and leadership, not shameRyan Holiday - “Statue of Responsibility”Nate’s Childhood3rd of 6 childrenbrother Spencer has a very success sports podcast in UtahNate’s Dad, DaveNo tactic to intentionality, sincereWhat made him mad - entitlement, acting better thanParents did a great job on intentionally parenting in a privileged homeNate’s definition of successLiving up to dad’s level of successMarriagehow they metthe role she plays in the familyLesson from mother - “love is a verb”marriage advice - “go to bed angry”FatherhoodFavorite part of being a dad is witnessing his kids developDiscussion about not over programming kids and letting kids be kidsIntentionality of coaching character developmentBeing the person our kids see us asWhat Nate struggles withInferiority complexRelaxingSelf-talkWhat Nate wants his kids to remember about himWhere to follow:RhoneWebsite: www.rhone.comIG: @rhoneNateIG: @natecheckettsLinkedInReferencesRyan Holiday - Statue of Responsibility: https://ryanholiday.net/why-we-need-a-statue-of-responsibilitySpencer Checketts (Nate’s brother) radio show: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-drive-with-spence-checketts/id1476325554VestaBoard: www.vestaboard.comEveryMan: www.vestaboard.com


31 Aug 2021

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Nate Checketts - Co-Founder and CEO of Rhone

The Marketing Playbook with Mark Friedman

Nate Checketts, the Co-Founder and CEO of Rhone, adds his page to the Marketing Playbook. Hear how to follow your heart and pursue your dreams, give it your all, focus on the day-to-day tactics and details, what Nate learned working for the NFL, and tales from growing up with a dad who was an NBA executive. Connect with Nate on LinkedIn and Instagram at @NateChecketts


10 Jun 2021

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Nate Checketts of Rhone Apparel

The Crux

Every once in a while you get a founder who genuinely wants to make an incredible product, just for the sake of doing good things for others and being true to themselves. We have such a guest on today’s show, Nate Checketts, Founder of Rhone Apparel. Nate joins us to talk about the crux moments in his life and the philosophy behind this incredible sports brand of his. Nate gets into the entrepreneurial spirit he had as a child and the successful businesses he started before founding Rhone. He then speaks about how he found a gap in the market for a direct-to-consumer men’s fitness brand that focused on making high-quality products. From there, we talk about some of the ways Nate is building such a strong community around Rhone by associating the label with issues like mental health, gender equality, and healthy masculinity. Our conversation moves to focus on how this authentic approach stems directly from Nathan’s character and personality, and he talks about some of the influences on this, Benjamin Franklin and his parents being major ones. Wrapping up for the day, Nate gets into his biggest motivators, lessons learned, and challenges overcome, recounting a story his dad told him that helps put seemingly big problems into perspective. So for all this and more about building a brand from a place of honesty, integrity, and authenticity, tune in today!


17 May 2021

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Nate Checketts | Continuing Your Success Post Pandemic

Sweat It Out

#098 - Anthony & Josh chat with Co-Founder & CEO of Rhone, Nate Checketts. Nate shares some adjustments he’s made to his routine since the start of the pandemic, lessons he’s learned to help him appreciate his situation given the external circumstances, some thoughts on shifting operations in regard to the continued success of his business, and a few ideas he’s seen work to increase employee drive and satisfaction at Rhone. After, Nate explains how his company was ready for the shift to a remote-focused work experience and what’s in store for Rhone in 2021. You can follow Nate on Instagram @natechecketts and check out his company @Rhone


1 Jan 2021

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Rhone: Nate Checketts

Starting Small

Thank you for tuning into "Starting Small", a podcast about brand development, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the modern world. In this episode, I am joined by Nate Checketts, CEO and Co-founder of Rhone, a men's performance lifestyle brand. Nate attended Brigham Young University in 2004, studying finance, with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Prior to Rhone, Nate worked for for and consulted with some of the biggest technology and entertainment properties in the world including Cisco, The National Football League, FanVision, and Sports Radar.  While working for the National Football League, Nate was introduced to a fabric that seemed to be only used in the women's category of clothing. This realisation led him to fill this void in the men's category, by creating Rhone, the men's active lifestyle brand it is today. Make sure to check out Rhone at: https://www.rhone.com/ Thank you to this episodes sponsor, SUPER NIGHT. SUPER NIGHT offers affordable LED light strips, which you can place to illuminate behind cabinets, tables, entertainment centers, and more. Their strips are easy and quick to install, assuring easy accessibility for correct placement. They offer a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can satisfy all rooms of your home, from your game room to the bedroom. Make sure to check out SUPER NIGHT at https://supernight.cc/ Follow Starting Small: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/startingsmallpod/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Startingsmallpod/?modal=admin_todo_tour LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/cameronnagle


6 Nov 2020